A New Life Ch. 01

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A special thankyou to HeyAll for your valuable feedback and editing skills. Both your time and assistance are very much appreciated.

Friday Night — Week 1

It all seemed to start when my sister moved in.

My name is Tracey and I’m your classic boring 23-year-old wife. Married to my husband Matt for 2 years. My sister, Justine, moved in a month ago when she broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. She’s 22 and very similar to me. We are both five eight, slim brunettes with large breasts and blue eyes. We are so similar that on many occasions we’ve even been mistaken for twins. Our similarities pretty much end on the physical though. Whereas I’m quite submissive in my nature my sister is quite dominant, even though she is younger than me.

Anyway, the three of us were all relaxing on a Friday night. Watching a movie after dinner and having a few glasses of wine. The movie was just the type I liked. What the guys like to call a chick flick. Both my sister and I were enjoying it but we both started to drift off after a long week at work. I got drowsy and my eyes began to close. The next thing I knew Matt was waking both of us up saying it was time for bed. Matt and I headed upstairs. We said goodnight to Justine on the way up and went off to bed. I got ready for bed, but by the time I’d jumped under the covers with Matt I felt much more awake. Matt was propped up on the headboard, I leant back onto his chest and lay between his legs and started talking.

“You know I had the weirdest dream while I dozed off watching that movie.”

“Tell me about it,” Matt said.

It was a bit embarrassing. I’d never had a dream like this and both Matt and my sex life was pretty vanilla. So, I didn’t know how to start. As I lay back on Matt’s chest I opened up and began to tell him.

“Well it was very odd. I dreamt that you were lying in bed naked. I could picture you, just like now, laying here, except on top of the covers. Completely naked. Justine was talking to me.”

“Whoa,” Matt said, “Justine? Your sister Justine?”

“Yeah. She was talking to me. Saying she was going to help our relationship. She had a black gift box in front of her with a red ribbon wrapped around it and she was motioning me towards it. She said; ‘open it. It’s for you.’ I opened it up and looked in. It was so strange. Bizarre. There was what I thought was a dog collar and lead. I said to Justine; ‘but we don’t have a puppy’. Justine said ‘it’s not for a puppy. It’s for you. You need to learn how to be a pet for your husband.’ I looked back up at her and she had transformed into something else. She was now dressed in a white shirt, black leather corset, black skirt and thigh high stiletto boots. It was so strange.”

Matt shot back, “That’s very hot. Very kinky. But also, very hot.”

“Hot? She’s my sister Matt!”

“I know,” Matt said, “but still very hot.”

He’d started reaching around me. Cuddling up to me. Pinching my nipple with his left hand. Rubbing my clit with his right. I didn’t really mind the attention at all while I spoke to him. But this was really fuck off kinky and it was so strange to be getting off to it! I couldn’t believe I was telling him this. Our love life had always been missionary position, vanilla sex, once a month. At the same time, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting by talking to Matt about a dream of my sister being involved in our sex life. He kept pinching my nipple. Rubbing my clit.

He whispered in my ear; “You would look so hot in a dog collar.”

I just kept talking. I seemed to be mesmerised by my own story.

“Justine said to me, ‘you need to put your collar on, I’m going to present you to your husband’.

I couldn’t believe it but the next thing I knew I had the collar on. My hair up in a ponytail (which I never do) and my sister had me naked on a leash.

Justine said, ‘down on your hands and knees slut. I’m taking you in to present you to your master.’ Matt, I can’t believe it, but I didn’t hesitate to obey her.”

Matt was rubbing my clit faster and faster. Pinching and stretching my nipple at the same time.

“Tell me more.” Matt said, “Were you looking up at your sister’s breasts?”

“Yes,” I said, a little too breathless and quickly. “They looked so gorgeous being pushed up by her corset.” I could hardly think. Matt was rubbing my clit. Pinching my nipple and asking me to tell him more. It was just so wrong, so kinky, so hot.

Matt asked me, “What happened when your sister led you into our bedroom?”

“You were laying on the bed. Naked. Stroking your cock. Justine told me I was there to serve you. To pleasure you. To perform for you. I was crawling forward as she led me in, naked, on my hands and knees. She grasped my ponytail and pushed my head forward towards your cock. Oh my god Matt. It was so wrong. All I could think was I wanted my sister to feed me your cock. It was so wrong, so kinky, but god so hot.”

Matt kept rubbing my clit and I could feel his cock kadıköy escort rock hard on my back throbbing as I went into more detail about my dream. The more I spoke about my dream, the more turned on I was getting. And the more taboo it was, the more I seemed to like it.

“Justine pushed my mouth down onto your cock and said; ‘devour it slut, gag on master’s cock and look him in the eyes while you do it’. I did as I was told, and you watched as Justine controlled me. Guiding my head up and down on your cock by my ponytail. My eyes looked up as I was deep throating your cock and I watched as Justine leant in and kissed you. Justine looked down at me, smiling, and said; ‘Hands clasped behind your back while you service master’s cock, slave’. Matt, it was so wrong. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting. Having my sister talk to me this way. In front of you.”

Matt smiled at me, obviously enjoying my story and said; “But you loved it didn’t you babe. You loved being a cock hungry slut for your sister? Your domme and your master? Tell me you did.”

“Yes,” was my simple reply as my eyes rolled back in my head. I was thinking of how wonderful it would be to be controlled. To be a slave. How wrong this was. How taboo.

“My god Matt. I came in my dream as my sister forced me to suck your cock and she kissed you. It was so wrong, so kinky, so taboo, so hot. Keep rubbing my clit babe, I can’t stop thinking about that. My sister controlling me. Feeding me your cock and stroking it as it slides in and out of my mouth. Watching her kiss you. So wrong, so taboo. Fuuuuck Matt. I’m so close to cumming. Tell me how you’d like to kiss Justine. How you’d like her to dominate me, make me your fuck doll.”

Matt smiled and said; “Yes babe. It’s so hot kissing your sister while you suck my cock. You’re getting off on the depravity of it aren’t you? She’s controlling you. Guiding you. And you love it. I’m going to make you kiss her next.’

“Oh, fuck Matt I’m cumming. It’s so wrong as you’re watching me kiss my sister. I love it! I want to be her submissive, her slave. I want her to spank me, whip me, control me. Dominate me for your pleasure. So wrong, so taboo, so hot. God Matt, I’m cumming again.”

I fell back on the bed spent. My breathing was heavy and laboured as I recovered from multiple orgasms. I felt my clit throbbing as I pictured my sister in leather.

“God Tracey, I can’t believe how you came. That was not what we usually do. Maybe you need to go shopping with your sister tomorrow and pick up that collar and leash.”

As I came down from my high, I couldn’t help but reply to Matt; “That’s so wrong. But if that’s what master wants; I will obey.” Then I giggled, snuggled into Matt and drifted off to sleep.

As I slept, I kept having flashes of my sister in different outfits. Leather. Latex. Holding whips and floggers. Justine was smiling at me, holding pegs and what looked like nipple clamps on silver chains in her hands.

Saturday Morning

I was up early and was going over the events of the night before. What had I been thinking telling Matt a fantasy like that? I know it turned him on but what guy doesn’t get turned on by thoughts of a threesome? God how could I use my sister in a fantasy like that? Why would I choose my sister to add to my twisted fantasy?

“Morning gorgeous,” Matt said as he came up behind me wrapping his arms around me. “I really enjoyed last night,” he whispered int my ear.

“I did too. But that was so wrong including my sister in that fantasy.”

“Nothing wrong with that at all. Like you said it’s just a fantasy. Just a silly dream you had.”

That made me feel better and I smiled.

“Hey lovebirds.” My sister came downstairs wrapped in a short red silk robe.

Oh my god, she looked so hot. I blushed when I thought this. Why did I think that?

“So, what are you guys up to today?” Justine asked.

“Matt’s heading off to golf and I’m just catching up with some things around the house. What about you?”

“Just catching up with a girlfriend. I’ll be back for dinner though.”

We finished up breakfast and Matt and Justine headed out. I spent the morning doing some chores round the house. I broke for a bit of lunch and started going down the rabbit warren of google.

I was looking at images of women in bondage gear. Women restrained. Women tied up. Women being flogged. Women being whipped.

When had I typed that search in? It was past five. Where had the afternoon gone? I cleared my browser history and got up to have a stretch. Wow was I was feeling horny!

Saturday Night

Not long after my weird google search Matt got back home and then Justine arrived not long after. Before I knew it, we had finished dinner and were settled in watching a movie again. Matt was so good at picking these. Another rom com for the three of us!

I was naked and stretched üsküdar escort out on a rack. Justine standing beside me smiling with a leather whip in her hand. Was she going to use it on me? Her sister? She stepped back, raised the whip and brought it down across my breasts. My back arched up and I moaned in pleasure. She raised it and it came down across my breasts again. I loved the feeling of it. I’d never realised pain could be so pleasurable. She was whipping me now over and over. The pleasure was unbearable. I was going to come.

“Wake up babe. Movies over. Let’s get to bed,” Matt was saying as he shook both Justine and me awake.

When we got upstairs, I was wide awake again. Matt closed the bedroom door and I just attacked him. Tearing his clothes off. I was kissing down his chest. Grasping his cock. Licking it and enjoying the hardness against my tongue.

He pulled me up by my hair and said, “Tell me.”

“I was dreaming again.”

“Tell me.”

“It was just a dream.”

“Tell me.”

“She was there again.”

“Tell me who was there.”

“It was Justine. My sister. She had me tied to a rack and was whipping me. God, I loved it. I was going to cum, but you woke me up.”

“What do you want?” Matt said.

“Your cock Matt. I need your cock.”

I dragged him down onto the bed and we fucked like animals. I came over and over. I don’t remember when but at some point, we stopped and fell asleep.

Sunday Morning

I was first up again making some coffee. I felt arms wrap around my waist from behind.

“Hey lover,” I said.

“Hey sis!” and Justine’s laughter rang out.

I turned around and Justine was smiling at me. Wrapped in the same short red silk robe again. “Someone was a bit noisy last night,” Justine said with a smirk on her face. She still had her arms wrapped around me when I turned. Our waists were pushing together, and I felt her mound push against mine. God it was so naughty. So, forbidden.

“Yes, I ah, I ah, Matt and I kept watching a movie after we went to bed.”

“Well it must have been one hot movie; those porn stars were really going at it. Could have sworn it sounded like you though?'” Justine was smirking at me as she said this.

I blushed and felt my face burn bright red. I looked down at the floor. Justine still had one arm wrapped around my waist and she pulled me into her. Pushing our breasts together. God, my nipples were rock hard and so were hers. Justine put her finger under my chin and tilted my face back up to her;

“Oh sorry. Did I upset my little pet by teasing her?”

Without realising it Justine had hit on my first dream. Being made a pet by her. I blushed even deeper and looked down. Oh god, Justine’s robe was flared open and I was looking straight at her breasts. They were so rounded, so perfect. Her nipples rock hard. Just at that moment Matt walked in and said; “Ladies. How are we both on this lovely morning?”

I looked up at Justine and then over at Matt; “Fine. I’m going to have a shower,” and I took off upstairs. We spent the rest of the day pottering around the house and getting ready for work the next day.

Sunday Night

We were watching one of Matt’s movie choices again. I was so happy I’d married him. Matt always knew just what I needed.

“Tell me.” Matt said.

“My sister was wearing a leather harness with a strap-on. She was training me how to deepthroat cock so I could pleasure you correctly.”

“Show me.” Matt said.

I was on my knees. Naked. Hands behind my back. Deepthroating Matt’s cock.

Monday Night

Such a good movie again. So nice to snuggle up between my husband and my sister.

“Tell me.” Matt said.

“My sister is training me to be your fuck doll.”

“Show me.” Matt said.

My hands are tied by rope to a ring in our bedroom ceiling. I’m wearing stilettos and Matt is fucking me from behind. God it feels good. I wish Justine was here to watch so she could see how well she’s been training me.

Tuesday Night

Another movie and Matt picked well again.

“Tell me.” Matt said.

“My sister. My mistress. Has said I should offer my ass to you. Take me master.”

“Show me.” Matt said.

I was tied to our bed. Naked. Face down. Matt’s cock, lubricated by my mouth, entered my virgin ass. God it felt good. Tight. But so warm and full.

Wednesday Night

So nice to snuggle up against my sister while Matt gets the movie ready.

“Tell me.” Matt said.

“I’m your fuck toy master. Your pleasure is all I desire.'”

“Show me.” Matt said.

Thursday Night

Another movie. How good is my husband!

“Tell me.” Matt said.

“Master. I am your sex slave. Control me.”

“Show me.” Matt said.

Friday Night — Week 6

The last month tuzla escort and a half seemed to have flown by. Justine and I have been working out together daily and I feel so fit and healthy. Friday night finally! So good to have the work week over again and relax with my sister and husband. Watching a movie and not having to worry about getting up early.

Everything had become dreamy again. Matt and I were in our bedroom and I was lying on the bed, Matt standing over me. I rose up off the bed and smiled at Matt, “Would Master like his slave clean shaven?”

Matt smiled at me and said “I’d prefer my slave and her domme both clean shaven. Make it happen.”

My head bowed in the affirmative and I walked into our ensuite to shower and shave myself. My thoughts had just become so wrong, so kinky, so taboo, but oh so hot. When I finished in the shower and came out to get changed Matt was gone. Laid out on the bed was my black silk robe, some thigh high black stockings and a black lingerie set that I kept for special occasions. The underwear was crotchless with a matching shelf bra. A pair of black stilettos had also been left at the foot of the bed. I knew this meant Master (I love how that rolls off my tongue) wanted me to present myself to my sister, my domme, my mistress, in this sexy outfit. I put everything on with the robe loosely tied over the top. There would be ample room for me to lean over and allow my breasts to be on display for my sister, my mistress.

I was drifting back downstairs. Justine and Matt were sitting on the lounge. I stood in front of them and dropped my robe to the floor.

“You look gorgeous,” Justine said.

I leaned over to Justine and she had a clear view of my breasts. “It’s all for you and my Master, Mistress.” My nipples felt so erect. When I straightened back up Justine was staring at me with a lustful smile on her face.

“I’m clean shaven for you Mistress. May I shave your pussy also?” My pussy throbbed as I said this.

“Yes slave, you may.”

I took Justine’s hand and began leading her upstairs. In the bathroom I undressed her, Mistress should not have to do this. I caressed her body as I knelt down on a towel on the floor. I looked at her pussy, it was damp with a well-manicured bush. I began shaving and once complete started applying oil to the smooth skin. Looking over I saw Matt, my Master, standing naked and watching. His cock strong and erect. Justine looked over at Matt as well, then back at me and said;

‘Your role is to pleasure your master’s cock with your mouth every morning. Do you understand slave?’

“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

Matt was waking Justine and me up. Movie night was over. He led us upstairs and we said goodnight to Justine.

“Tell me,” Matt said.

“It was Justine again. You asked me to shave myself and then commanded me to shave my mistress.”

“Show me.” My master said.

I walked into the bathroom and began shaving while Matt watched, stroking his cock.

Saturday Morning

I woke up early, really refreshed but I couldn’t stop thinking about what we had done last night and the kinky dream I had told Matt about. I was getting turned on again just thinking about it. I leaned over and saw Matt had his morning wood. I decided I’d please master (I giggled at that thought) by waking him up with a blowjob. God his cock felt good sliding up and down my throat. Matt’s eyes fluttered open and I withdraw my mouth off his cock but kept stroking it with my hand.

“Does master like his morning service?” I asked. “Mistress Justine demanded her slave perform this every morning.” I couldn’t believe I had just introduced my sister to this kink again and that I had also taken on the role of slave/submissive so quickly and so easily. It just seemed natural, so right. Even though it was so wrong, so kinky, so taboo, but oh so hot. My mouth devoured master’s cock again, I felt it throb and I let the cum spurt down my throat. This was another first for me, I’d never swallowed Matts cum before, I’d rarely ever let him even cum in my mouth. It had just always seemed too dirty but now dirty just felt right. Master deserved this servitude from his slave.

Saturday Morning Continued

I was up early and had breakfast ready for Matt and Justine. They both walked down looking half asleep. Matt in his pyjama bottoms and no top. Justine in her red silk gown and nothing underneath again I suspect.

“Coffees up — help yourself.”

“Thanks sis.”

“Thanks babe,” Matt said yawning.

“Well sleepy-heads why don’t you both sit down and let me serve you. It looks like you two could both use a slave today,” I said winking and smiling at Matt. “Seems like you two didn’t sleep well? I know Matt’s reason, what about yours sis?”

“Oh, I was tossing and turning all night, I kept having really vivid dreams, nice dreams but just so bizarre. I’ll have to tell you about them sometime.” Justine smiled mischievously and looked me straight in the eyes when she said this.

“So, Matt you’re off to golf today. Jus, what are you up to?”

“I need to catch up with a girlfriend. I’ve been helping her with some training, and I want to make sure she’s staying disciplined.” Justine again gave me this impish smile and looked me straight in the eyes as she said this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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