A Night at the Livermoore Inn Ch. 02

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The taste was the one thing Adam Cabbell kept coming back to. He had gone down on several girls over the previous couple of years and he could certainly taste a unique difference in each of their flavors on his palate afterwards. Tasting his own Mother each time he swallowed or swirled his tongue around his mouth proved to be no different. It was the one thing that kept reminding Adam that everything that’d happened in the rundown motel room was real. As many times as he’d conjured the fantasy of making love to her, to actually see his Mother naked and flat on her back with her legs spread wide to each side of him would have been too much to believe if it wasn’t for the unmistakable taste of her feminine nectar that remained in his mouth.

His eyes somewhat adjusting to the darkness of the room, Adam could see the outline of his Mother’s pale, glistening fingers as they held the rubbery lips of her vagina apart.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he whispered down to her, the deepest and darkest depths of his psyche desperate to hear her answer.

After a long pause Ellen Cabbell finally admitted, “Yes.”

Taking the base of his cock in his right hand, Adam leaned forward and wiped the head of it up and down the puckered bloom of his Mother’s labia, causing her hips and thighs to lurch each time he teased her with it. Dropping the full weight of his manhood on her greasy slit, Adam allowed it to sit there as the heat pulsing from her steaming crotch baked his heavy balls.

After all the years of lusting for her, to have his Mother compliant, if not desperate for him to fuck her, Adam could have easily penetrated her right there. Keeping his cock snug against her steaming snatch as she trembled, sprawled out beside him, Adam instead decided to make her wait.

Leaning down over top of her, Adam nuzzled his lips down on the side of Ellen’s neck, kissing her softly in a circular arc across the front of her throat before bringing his mouth back up to her cheek. Tracing his lips gently to the right, Adam caressed his mouth down on top of her’s until their lips were working together in cautious unison. Wrapping his right hand around Ellen’s left shoulder to hold her tight, Adam’s cock continued to slither and press hard at the slippery gates of her vagina. Feeling her fingernails dig at his bare shoulder as his kisses became more passionate, Adam lowered his right hand until he’d cradled his Mother’s left breast in his open palm.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked again, this time hissing it softly into his Mom’s ear.

“Yes,” Ellen answered much more quickly this time, her whole body side-winding with lust beneath her Son as her reply left her mouth.

“Then reach down… grab it… and help me put it inside you,” Adam said with calm but lurid intent.

Edging his torso on top of her’s until his chest was resting squarely on Ellen’s, Adam could feel the soft weight of his Mother’s breasts underneath him as her erect nipples poked like warm cherries into his bare skin. Her curvy frame gradually wrapping around him, Adam continued to kiss his Mom on the lips until he felt her blindly reach down between his legs and take his waiting erection into her hand. A few seconds later he peered down to see Ellen clutching it, using his bulging penis like a paintbrush to massage every outer inch of her painfully throbbing cunt.

Perching himself up on his left elbow until he had a good view over his Mother’s entire prone body, Adam lovingly rubbed his right hand across her chest as he looked down and marveled at the way his manhood continued to expand in her hand.

“Now… open your legs a little more and help me put it in,” Adam whispered down to her, his face directly above her’s as Ellen’s fingers kneaded hard at the back of his scalp.

Adam had to consciously fight the urge to cum in his Mother’s hand as the softness of her grip enveloped his dick and began tugging it towards the simmering cauldron of her womb. Never before had Adam had so much control with a girl, taking such special care to dam his own lust until he could unleash it more prudently at a time of his choosing. It was as if some primal calling had been unearthed deep within the fabric of his being to please her.

“I love you,” Adam crooned again just before the smooth rounded head of his erect penis collided with the slick and stretched petals of his Mother’s labia.

Ellen’s caress shaky but sure around his cock, Adam twisted his hips forward and watched with carnal delight as the upper third of his manhood disappeared into the very chasm he’d been given life.

Her small hand remained wrapped around Adam’s cock, but now it was sandwiched between her groin and his as their two pelvic bones gracefully edged closer. There was a certain transcendence to the moment for Ellen as she slowly released her grip from Adam’s staff, allowing it to methodically gouge its way deeper inside her.

A slow, almost serene wave of euphoria swept through Ellen anadolu yakası escort until first her back, then her shoulders and head rose from the mattress as the buttery warmth of her pussy welcomed Adam’s penetration.

“YEEEEE… EEESSS… AAAAHHHHH,” Ellen’s voice trickled from her throat, her fingernails now digging hard at her Son’s curly brown hair as he shoved his dick to the hilt inside her.

Using his right hand to paw and massage Ellen’s small white breasts, once his penis was snugly stabbed inside her, Adam then leaned forward and pressed his lips down on each bouncing white orb, first kissing each on the side then dragging his tongue in a slow steady swirl across her cleavage before finally clasping his lips tenderly around the same hard nipples he suckled from as a child.

The indecent potency of it all was not lost on Ellen as she writhed under her Son. Looking down through the burning slits of her eyelids, Ellen could see Adam’s mouth working on her breasts and she could also hear her voice cracking involuntarily each time she felt his tongue twist and twirl around her chubby nipples.

“God yes Baby,” Adam heard his Mother wince, feeling her vaginal muscles squeeze and smother his pounding cock each time he ratcheted the pressure of his mouth over her areolas.

Scooping his left arm under Ellen’s back, Adam pulled his Mother’s chest against his as he rotated his torso up on top of her. Within a few seconds of creating the ideal thrusting angle, the bed below began rocking loudly on its feeble frame as Adam went full bore inside her.

So lost in what he was doing, Adam wouldn’t discover just how much damage his Mom’s fingernails had done to the skin on his back until the hot water of the shower hit it the next morning. Instead, he simply lost himself in the moment and continued to fuck her with a ferocity he never knew he possessed, allowing years worth of bottled up lust to spill free inside the woman that had given him life.

His left arm already supporting Ellen’s back, Adam slipped his right under the base of his Mother’s spine and flexed his hand out to cup her asscheeks as he forced her crotch upwards against his until their pelvic bones were tapping incessantly together.

“UUUHHH… AAHHH… UUHHH… AAAHHHHH,” Ellen groaned over and over, snared now in her Son’s embrace as he rammed his dick in and out of her.

“That’s it… yeah… fuck me back,” Adam moaned softly, measuring his thrusts just right until he was able to match the jerky rhythm of his Mother below. His chest pressed warmly on top of Ellen’s, Adam could also feel his heartbeat synchronizing with her’s as they grinded on the sweat-soaked sheets.

The force of Ellen’s exhales cascaded across Adam’s cheek each time he pressed down on top of her and his determination only hardened when he felt her heels dig hard into the back of his thighs as she wrapped herself completely around him.

“Give it to me please Adam… please don’t stop… please Baby… give it to Momma,” Ellen shamelessly squealed, every bit of depraved lust she’d secretly stored bleeding to the surface as well.

If there was one regret Adam would take away from that evening, it was that he wasn’t paying complete attention to the exact moment he sent the first strand of his hot cum deep between his Mother’s smoldering vaginal walls. Face to face on top of her, Adam had become so swept up in watching the joy etched across her face, he had shocked even himself when he felt wad after wad of his sticky and rich ejaculate fire indiscriminately from his cock until he was grimacing with beautiful but brutal force on top of her.

In the back of his mind, Adam knew his Mother was no longer able to bear children. Somewhere along with way he had made the commitment once inside her to fuck her with complete and utter abandon and he couldn’t help cracking a viciously lurid and satisfied smile when he felt his boiling seed lathering Ellen’s pulsing womb.

Ellen cried and quivered below, the sensation of her Son’s seed sloshing inside her as he continued with his maniacal thrusts sent her over the edge as well, headlong into her second bone jarring orgasm in less than 15 minutes. Adam’s 20 year old cock spewing with rage inside the very place he was conceived, he felt his sperm bubbling around his manhood as Ellen’s vaginal muscles greedily choked him tight, desperate not to let him go.

Gradually, Adam slowed his thrusts before collapsing, first down on top of Ellen before falling off the the right. His dick still inside his Mom as he came to rest beside her, Adam waited patiently for her to collect her senses before reaching down so they could watch together him take hold of his buried penis to remove it from her womb. The residue of their shared lust smeared the expanse of each of their genitals as Adam brushed the shaft of his cum-drenched cock up and down the slit of his Mother’s gaping and used pussy as if to ataşehir escort make it clear to her, if it wasn’t already, just what it was capable of.


It took awhile, but gradually the gravity of everything began to settle in for Emily and Adam. Like two people who had been strapped inside a car that had tumbled endlessly down a ravine, the past half hour had been nothing but a spinning blur for each of them. It was only then as they laid there quietly in bed that Mother and Son were able to start processing what the dreadful fallout might be for so blatantly crossing that most primitive line of decency.

On the surface, Adam couldn’t get over just how similar his Mom felt to several of the other women he’d shared a post coital embrace with. The way her breathing became more and more settled with each passing breath, the way her soft breasts felt resting against his side, even the scent that her body now gave off after she’d given herself completely to him reminded him that at her core, his Mother was just a normal woman. It wasn’t until Adam looked down and surveyed her face however that it hit him with crystal clarity just how different this situation was.

Emily’s brushed her hand tenderly across her Son’s chest without speaking a word, allowing the silence of the moment to bathe them until some sense could be made of it all.

For the better part of a half an hour the two just laid there together, sharing each other’s warmth. Strangely, Adam found himself afraid of falling asleep knowing if he did, at some point he’d wake up and realize it had all been a gloriously perverse dream.

Even though she hadn’t said a word since they’d finished having sex, Adam could sense his Mom was still awake by the way she rested her head on his chest. Silence, he figured, would provide each a chance to replay everything that had happened and perhaps provide a clue where to go next. Looking towards the darkened window, Adam couldn’t help wonder what the morning sunrise would bring. Caressing his fingers smoothly across his Mother’s soft back, for the moment Adam was content to just lay there processing it all.

Just when Adam felt all was calm and his body gradually succumbing to sleep, suddenly he felt his Mother peel away and grab the blanket they’d covered themselves with.

“Oh… God,” he mumbled to himself, that same feeling of unease from earlier returning to his stomach.

.”… Everything alright?” Adam asked as he watched his Mom walk away from the bed with the blanket wrapped around her naked body.

Ellen heard him but didn’t answer, instead she just eased up to the room’s window and peered outside as the late winter storm raged on. Adam remained on the bed, propped up on his right arm, watching her and waiting.

Pushing the curtains apart, Ellen gazed outside but the icy slush falling to the ground served only as a white canvas as she replayed the entire night over and over in her head.

What had just happened between Ellen and her Son had been quite an unfathomable step. But somehow deep in her conscience she knew it wouldn’t define the future of their relationship as much as what would happen next. If they had made an agreement never to speak of this night again and chalk it up to one secret night of bliss then Ellen felt they could resume as close to a normal relationship as possible. If the next step was to move what had happened in that motel room forward, then Ellen feared it would be a genie that would never be put back in the bottle.

In the chilly darkness of the room, Ellen clutched the blanket tight around her bare skin as she stared off into the distance. She’d lost track of how long she had stood there in front of the window but at some point she could feel the weight of Adam’s footsteps approaching from behind. A second later he’d wrapped his arms lovingly around her.

Warmly holding her tight from behind with his chin resting on her right shoulder, Ellen’s body went limp in her Son’s embrace. She kept her gaze trained forward and all she seemed to be able to focus on was an empty pop bottle that had been discarded in the parking lot outside as it gradually became covered with ice. The cap on it had long been twisted off and as Ellen studied it, she could see it was clearly empty.

The genie inside it, too, had been freed never to return.


The palms of Ellen’s hands were freezing. Pressed firmly against the cold pane of glass that separated the motel room from the wintry blast outside, she felt numb down to each wrist even though the rest of her body was now on fire.

When Adam has crept up from behind and slid his hands around her, Ellen felt as if she was going to melt in his arms. They’d stood there for so long, time had really ceased to matter as they stared out at the stark landscape, safely huddled together as chaos seemed to rage around them. Her knees now jelly, ümraniye escort Ellen used her Son’s frame for support as she teetered against him. Goosebumps quickly rose across her entire naked body when Adam reached up and removed the blanket she’d wrapped around herself. Before she could even blink however, he had pressed his naked body tight against hers from behind before wrapping the blanket around them both.

“Is this what you wanted?” Adam asked with delicate curiosity.

“… Yes,” Ellen finally answered after a pause, gazing at her hazy reflection in the glass.

“… For a long time,” she added, electricity sizzling between the bare skin of her back and Adam’s chest.

Hearing that, Adam pressed his lips down on the nape of Ellen’s neck then dragged them softly down the length of her right collarbone. Leaning forward slightly, Adam then tilted his Mother’s head towards him slightly and kissed her flush on the lips. Eight inches taller than her, Adam had to bend somewhat as he passionately massaged his lips over Ellen’s mouth, neck and shoulders for several minutes, the whole time squeezing her bare breasts tenderly in his hands.

Over the years, she’d had given her Son most everything she could. First she’d given him life then sustenance. Then as he grew she gave him support and guidance whenever needed. Earlier that night in the motel room Ellen had given him her trust and finally her body. As Adam’s cock hardened and pressed like a warm log against the small of her back, Ellen knew she was about to give him her body once more, if not the very fabric of her soul.

“Please Baby… take me again,” Ellen begged, her voice this time devoid of any guilt or shame in her admission of want.


So there Ellen was, shockwaves ripping through her body each time Adam pushed forward, her hands pressed tight against the window to hold herself in place, feeling like her Son would fuck her straight through the wall if he pounded her any harder.

Standing directly behind his Mother, his feet spread wide to each side, Adam held her by the waist as he thrust forward with cruel efficiency, his dick knifing through the syrupy remnants he’d already shot inside her an hour earlier.

“OHHHH GOD… OHHH GOD… OHH BABY… UUHHH… AAHHH… MMMAAAHHHHHH,” Adam heard his Mom wail each time he plowed his cock into her, the screeching of her fingers on the cold glass sending shivers down his spine as he showed her no mercy.

Thankfully there wasn’t a soul stirring out in the parking lot at that early morning hour with the weather raging outside. If there had been and that person would have looked closely enough at Room 122, they surely would have come to a halt seeing the look of demonic lust contorting such a plain and pretty female face just inside the window.

Adam sensed correctly that if he let his hands go from his Mother’s hips that she wouldn’t have the strength to stand on her own under his rapid fire assault. He could look down and see the way her feet even struggled to stay on the floor each time he slammed his groin into her rear. While he was staring down he also couldn’t help but notice the copious amounts of frothy white arousal that Ellen’s cunt has seeped out all over his cock each time he pistoned it in and out of her.

“AAHHHH… YEAH… FUCK,” Adam seethed as he worked her over, knowing he could last quite a long time inside her having already shot his initial wad. Also knowing Ellen probably wouldn’t be able to hold out that long in the current position she was in.

Adam could have stayed in that position fucking Ellen until the sun came up the next morning. The thought of other patrons at the motel leaving the next morning without a clue of the debauchery taking place inside filled him with an unbridled sense of accomplishment. As he stared down at his cock sawing in and out of his Mom’s pink and clinging pussy however, another even more debaucherous idea sparkled in Adam’s mind.

Looking down at the way Ellen struggled to maintain her balance as he drove his cock over and over into her, Adam finally slowed his thrusts until he was able to reach under his Mother’s belly and pull her slowly up so that her back was resting against his chest. His cock still wedged inside Ellen’s cunt, Adam kissed her and held her tight, loving the way the soft flesh of her asscheeks felt against his groin.

“Now lift your right leg into the air and put your foot up on the edge of the chair,” Adam whispered softly into her ear, using his own right hand to support the inside of Ellen’s thigh until she’d got her foot in place on the arm rest of the chair beside the window.

Ellen had never been the type of woman to work out regularly. She’d always thought between working the jobs she’d always had, raising a kid and maintaining a household was workout enough. Thankfully she’d been blessed with good genes and was relatively healthy for her age.

Flexibility however wasn’t her strong suit and after everything Adam had put her body through that night, every fiber inside Ellen screamed as her Son raised her right leg up and placed it on the edge of the chair. The glorious sensation of his cock still buried inside her was the only thing that provided enough endorphins for Ellen to get through.

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