A Night Out

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We’re on a crowded dance floor. The music is loud. So loud that trying to talk is useless. We are surrounded by people; our bodies being jostled by the crowd. Colored lights flash and pulse in time to the music with a beat so heavy that you can feel it. It’s hot. Your chest glistens with sweat and you catch me staring at your tits; you smile to yourself. You look fucking hot and you know it; your low cut top and short skirt showing off your amazing body.

My hands are on your hips and your hands play across my chest as we dance. You turn away from me and move your body back against mine, grinding on me. You feel my hands back on your hips and I roughly pull you back against my body. You wiggle a little, knowing that your ass is pressed against my cock and gasp out loud when you feel that I’m rock hard beneath my jeans! As the crowd dances around us, you grind your ass back against me again. I pull your hips back even more insistently and you feel my dick pressing against the small of your back. My strong arms wrap around you, and my hands are moving over your body.

From your face, down to your hips, it feels like my hands are everywhere. While my one hand is brushing over your tits, quickly pinching your nipples, the other is hooking a finger into the waist of your skirt and deftly pressing on your clit through the material. Lost in the music, the movements, and my body; your eyes start to close and you tilt your head back. Your lips part and you moan slightly before suddenly remembering where you are. Your eyes snap open and you look quickly around, but nobody is paying any attention, they’re all lost in their own worlds.

You reach behind you and feel for my cock. It’s easy enough to find. You move your hand up my inner thigh and feel my balls through my jeans. Right above them is the base of my rock hard shaft. You pinch it through the denim and start to move your hand up it. Your hand slides up my shaft till you feel the button on my jeans. You realize that I have pulled the head of my cock out of the waist of my jeans and it is bare under my t-shirt! You clamp your hand over it and spin around, chest heaving with barely contained desire. You look up in my eyes and see me staring down at you with an animal hunger in my eyes. “I need you right now.” I growl, and I put both my hands on your ass and slam you forward against me, my cock poking you in the stomach.

You see my eyes dart around the crowded room and I suddenly take off, heading for a dark corner, pushing through the seemingly solid wall of people and pulling you along behind me by the wrist. You’re not exactly sure what I have in mind, but your pussy tingles and you can feel your panties getting damp just thinking about it.

The outer edges of the room are much less crowded and much, much darker. The pulsing, colored lights of the dance floor do not shine here, and there are a few tables and chairs scattered about for weary dancers to rest. My grip on your hand tightens and I pull you forward and past me, turning you as I do so that you’re facing me. I look into your eyes for a second, before using my body to push you back against the wall; kissing you hard on the mouth. I take your face in my hands, gently holding your head; a strange contrast to Rize Escort the urgency of the kiss. Your body melts against mine as my lips force yours apart, my tongue snaking into your mouth to meet your own, dancing like the crowd of people just behind me.

My hands now move down your body; over your tits, down your flat stomach and around to the small of your back. My hands continue moving down, and I flip up the back of your skirt. Grabbing your ass hard, I lift you off of the ground. Completely lost in the moment, you wrap your legs around my waist and lock your feet behind me as I press your back harder against the wall, holding you up. You can feel my cock pressing against your pussy now, with just your panties and my jeans between them. You automatically start rocking your hips, rubbing your aching pussy against my thick, solid dick. I pull my mouth away from yours and you absently notice that you’re gasping for breath. I start kissing along your jaw, and you can feel my hot breath rolling down your neck. My lips are soon to follow, as I kiss my way down the side of your throat, sucking and pinching your skin between my lips as I go. My mouth feels amazing and you gasp out loud, putting both your hands on my head, pulling me to you.

I take the hint and start sucking harder on your neck, moving my way down to your collar bone. I scrape my teeth up to your shoulder and you feel me bite down. And instant flush of heat makes your shoulder burn and you groan, pushing your pussy more insistently into my cock. You can’t take it anymore. You can’t wait one more minute to feel me inside of you. Pulling my head back away from your neck, you look at me and say the two words I’ve been waiting to hear all night.

“Fuck. Me.”

I lean back slightly and loosen my hold on your ass. You unlock your ankles from behind me and I lower you to the ground. My cock feels like it’s about to explode as I take you by the hand once more and lead you along the wall towards a door in the corner. We burst through the door and into a small, dimly lit bathroom.

Graffiti covers the walls and the stall, featuring everything from gang signs to phone numbers. You turn to me, give me a wicked smile, pull your shirt off over your head and drop to your knees in front of me. My crotch now right in front of your face, you push my t-shirt up my stomach and look at my cock sticking out of my jeans. The head so big and round, you can’t wait to feel it in your mouth.

Never taking your eyes off it, you unbutton my fly and slowly unzip my pants; revealing inch after inch of my cock. Finally, it falls free and hangs there in front of you, pointing right at your face. I look down at you, my cock aching for your touch as you stare at my dick for a long moment. Just as I’m about to beg, you mercifully wrap your fingers around the thick base and pop the head into your mouth.

Your mouth feels so fucking good, I’m afraid I might shoot my load straight down your throat right now, but I take a deep breath and pull myself together. Now I can relax and enjoy you. You look so hot on your knees in front of me. Your head bobbing on my dick, making slurping sounds as your spit runs down my shaft and over your fingers. You squeeze the base of Rize Escort Bayan my rod hard and start to stroke up and down in time with your mouth. You hear me groan long and low and you feel my cock twitching in your mouth. Obviously, you’re doing a good job. Now you open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. Still holding my cock by the base, you slap the head of my dick on your tongue and see my body stiffen up as a sudden bolt of pleasure shoots through me.

I take my cock out of your hand and start slapping you harder with it. First on your tongue, then on your cheek. You straighten up a little and pull your tits out of your bra, offering them to me. I rub the tip of my dick all around your nipples. You spit on my cock, lubing it up, so it slides more easily, and I slap the fat head on your rock hard nipples.

Suddenly I stop playing with your tits, grab you by the shoulders and pull you roughly to your feet. I lean down and again start kissing your neck again. Your hand immediately finds my cock and you start stroking feverishly as my kissing turns to sucking. I’m sucking hard on the soft spot where your neck meets your collar bone, and you know that you will have a mark in the morning. Right now though, you don’t care. You cry out, both hands working my cock now. You feel the vibrations as I groan loudly into your neck. You’ve done it. I can’t hold off any longer. I forcefully spin you around, with one hand on the back of your neck and one hand on your waist; I push down and bend you over the sink. Finally.

The party rages on outside the door. You can hear the music, the people, you can feel the bass, but they might as well be a million miles away. You reach out and grip the edges of the sink while, holding your hips in my hands, I kneel on the floor behind you. Pushing your skirt up around your waist, I hook my fingers into the waist of your panties and peel them slowly off of you. The material is literally dripping wet all around your pussy, and as they come down I start planting hot, wet kisses all over your ass, lightly biting my way down to your ass hole.

You reach back with one hand and spread yourself wide for me as I lick and tongue your beautiful ass for a minute before continuing on to your pussy. Now you feel my hot tongue pressing on your clit and you cry out, rolling your hips to offer me a better angle at your sweet pussy. I’m licking your clit from behind in long, broad strokes. After a minute I start jabbing my tongue wildly into your sopping wet hole. You feel my tongue probing inside you; wriggling and twisting as deep as I can get it and you start gently rocking back to meet my thrusts.

I reach down and start to stroke my cock while I eat your pussy. Your thighs shine with your juices and I use them to lube up my shaft. Finally, stroking my rock hard member, I stand up behind you and you feel me rubbing the head of my cock up and down your slit. I nudge the tip just inside your pussy, but before I can do anything else, you slam yourself back onto my cock.

Now you’ve had me inside you before, but something about tonight.. the club, the teasing, the way you pushed so violently back onto my dick makes you scream out in pain and pleasure. You hear me gasp in surprise Escort Rize and in pleasure as you slide your tight wet pussy down over my entire cock. There is a fraction of a second where we both catch our breath, before I start fucking you.

There is nothing gentle about this fuck. I slam my cock into you hard and fast. Pushing a little deeper with every thrust. My fingers are digging into your hips as I pull you back onto my rod, only to push you back off of it. I reach down and with a pinch, unclasp your bra, letting your tits fall free. I reach underneath you and grab them, pinching your nipples hard between my fingers while I bang you. Your pussy is so tight! You’re crying out now as I grunt and groan and slam you harder and faster. I stand up straight, reach down, and grab a fistful of hair. I pull your hair hard back towards me jerking your head up.

Your face is just inches from the mirror and you look into it to see me staring right back at you. You see a wild fire in my eyes as I ram my cock into you over and over and over again. I can see that same animal instinct in your eyes too. Your face is contorted with pleasure and we’re both crying out loudly now. There is no way the people outside can’t hear us, but we only get louder. Faster. Harder. Wetter. Deeper.

I feel your pussy getting tighter around my dick, and I know that you’re about to cum, so I let go of your hair and I slap your ass hard. Immediately I see a red outline where my hand hit you, and you can feel the stinging burn wide across your ass cheek. You feel your orgasm building up inside of you like water behind a damn. You’re trying to hold out, making it last as long as possible, but finally you scream out loud that you’re cumming.

Your body convulses and your pussy clenches down around my dick. Waves of pleasure rock through you spreading out from your pussy to every single cell in your body your knees go weak and I find myself holding you up as you continue to cry out, your voice hoarse and throaty. Your pussy is so tight around me, I tell you I’m gonna cum too! I tell you I want to cum in your mouth and you immediately drop to your knees.

My cock is slick with your cum, and my fist is pumping furiously up and down my long shaft. You open your mouth wide and I push the head of my cock deep into your throat. You gag slightly as my whole body suddenly tenses up and I cry out. A thick rope of white hot cum shoots into your mouth, splashing across your tongue and into the back of your throat. Followed by another. And another. My breath is loud and ragged and I’m still groaning loudly as my cock jerks and spasms in your mouth. You take it in your hand and continue to stroke it; squeezing tight, wanting to milk out every last drop of cum.

Your mouth is overflowing and you can feel my hot juice dripping off your chin and running down your chest, over your tits and stomach. You close your mouth and swallow my load, licking your lips and looking up at me. The look in my eyes is that of pure satisfaction. You stand up in front of me and kiss my chest, my cock slowly softening in your hand. I take some paper towels from the dispenser and gently wipe the cum off of your stomach, while you use your fingers to eat up the cum on your tits. You wriggle your skirt back down as I pull my jeans on and we pick our shirts up off the floor. We leave the bathroom with huge smiles on our faces, our fingers entwined. We can’t wait to get home and clean up. Good thing the shower is big enough for two….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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