A Not So Prim , Proper Wife Ch. 03

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The story so far…

A dedicated wife has cheated on her husband, with a black man who has seduced her. This black man is a highly-placed administrator in the school district she teaches high school students in. Caught in the bedroom, the husband has had a bad reaction, and his wife, in her attempt to satisfy her husband, got herself looking seductively pretty the next evening, only to wind up the victim of a nonconsensual sexual act with a third man. To make matters worse, the husband’s job is now in peril, and he is forced to be leaving town for a business trip that is make-or-break for his career. In a bit of fury, the husband, Dan, beat the rapist up, and then, to establish himself as the leader of their marriage, subjected his wife, Tessa, to anal sex. There is another player in this, a neighbor named Roberto, a man whose impact is yet to be felt. We pick up the story as Dan has left in a hurry on a Sunday for his flight, leaving his wife to pick up the day, and ponder her actions.

The Author does recommend that new readers read Chapters 1 and 2, for a fuller description and detail on the history of the characters. Also, as a reminder, this story is being written specifically at the request of a friend of the Author, so the storyline and content are aimed at that request. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely unintentional and coincidental.

As always, constructive comments are welcome, and anything else is subject to deletion. That aside, the Author hopes that you enjoy her fictional work…


“What’s this?” Tessa muttered to herself. She had managed to make her way to the front of her house, her body aching in new ways, her body roughly violated by two men in anger in a three-hour period the night before. She walked with a slight hitch, her rear-end very sore. Her husband had not been gentle in taking his wife, and she took him all the way. During her morning toileting, she took a moment to examine herself with a second mirror, and discovered some dried blood in her nether region. Indeed, her husband had been harsh, but she supposed he deserved it. She had cheated on him with yet another man the day before that, even though it had been rape…

Being raped had been giving her some mixed emotions. Naturally submissive, she felt it her place to acquiesce to the needs of her husband, and at work, to be a proper wife and represent her husband well as he was the head of the house. She dressed fashionably, and held a pleasant demeanor at work, despite the day she might be having, and went out of her way to be a good wife. It was almost as if she longed to live in the 1950’s, or at least, the 1950’s as represented on old TV programs.

Being forced to please another man conflicted her. Ofi had seduced her, certainly, and she had wondered, and still pondered, if she had not been drunk, would he have forced himself upon her? If so, would she have resisted? She certainly lacked the strength of be able to forcibly deny a man, she was not interested in self-defense training, or even owning a firearm. To Tessa, it was her husband’s responsibility to protect her, and that meant her heart, her body, and her love. Had he let her down? Had she let him down by making herself alluring to other men, without being at her husband ‘s side to protect her? But was it her duty to be pleasing to a man, simply because he was dominant, and she wasn’t? If she was pleasing, did it represent her husband in a good way, as well? It might not be proper, but it might also reflect better on him that she had been dutiful to her place?

What about the pleasure of sex? There was no use denying it, but Ofi and her attacker had both given her pleasure, a pleasure a man can make a woman feel. Ofi, on one hand, was actually a superior lover to her husband. He was better equipped, and he had a way about him that made him stronger, and more in control. Andre, like Ofi, hadn’t asked for sex, he simply took it. He had similarly been more of a sexual man than her husband. He lacked the skill, and finesse of a more mature lover, but what he lacked in maturity, he made up for in vigor. Both men had made her climax, though in different ways, and for different reasons. It had left her so confused about how she felt. How she felt about herself, her husband, her marriage, and sex in general.

As she mused these things, it made her miss her parents, who were both killed in a car accident, hit by a drunk driver as they crossed the street in front of their house. Tessa didn’t witness it, but the sounds would forever haunt her, from the age of 17. A nice cup of tea, and a long talk with her mom would do her wonders, and perhaps soothe her fears, yet it would never be.

She had showered and given her body a more careful look-over as well. She was covered in bruises on her breasts, the hard grip of Andre on her breasts marking her where each finger pad had held her soft skin, as well as other bruises, including her neck, which kurtköy bayan escortlar had a slight redness, along with two distinct purple marks, where she had been marked by a strong suckling and biting. The hickeys would be hard to cover, as well, given their placement high on her neck, at her jaw-line. Between Andre and Ofi, both men knew how to mark a woman up. Looking down, her labia were still a touch red as well, and sore from the hard use both men had given her. Ofi had at least aroused her. Andre simply raped her, and she had not even close to ready for a man, his hard black rod simply invaded her like a battering ram, making her matron-hood sore on the inside. Her back and rear had some scratches from the picnic table as well, and as a result she was just in pain everywhere.

Blow-drying her long auburn hair, she bent forward at the waist, letting the long tendrils fall towards the carpet, as the blow-dryer whirred loudly; her hands working automatically as she also contemplated the emotional pain. She was exposing herself to the bedroom glass door, letting any passersby to view her most intimate area, as if offering her body to them, but no one was in the backyard.

She was finding her marriage in an uncomfortable state. She loved her man, her Daniel, but did he still love her? She was pretty certain of that, but given his most recent actions, did he respect her? What would he be like when he came home in a few days. No, make that a week, she realized. He had mentioned the trip might be extended. This was going to be an agonizing time. She stood to start brushing her hair.

Then there was Ofi. It was obvious what he wanted, and what he thought. He wanted her to give him babies, and by his words, lots of them. He was also in a power position over her at work. She could try and go to the HR department, but the employees there were notoriously weak, and were more pro-district and risk-averse internally. Lawsuits could be dealt with. Internal issues could result in terminations, and that was fearsome to them. This was compounded because of the attention her project had garnered, and the fact her boss, the principal was very much in favor of it, and he was using it as a political tool for improving his own status, given that his boss liked it as well. The fact that Ofi was his boss had some unknown consequences, and she had no idea what the next day, Monday, would bring.

Applying her subdued makeup, for no proper woman went without being at her best, she pondered Andre , who was the last on her list. Obviously the youth, even though he was eighteen, had some childhood issues, and was basically a teen thug. She knew a lot about him from others, though, including teachers. His disciplinary file was long and distinguished, with bullying, fighting, theft, robbery, sexual misconduct against other students, and even drug use and sales in his history. There were even rumors he was entering a street gang, if he had not already. She was unsure of what would happen next. Daniel had beaten him pretty badly, it looked like, though she could not be sure, for it was dark when she last saw him lying like a crumpled heap on the ground.

She grunted at that thought. It had been the most dominant thing her husband had ever done, to defend her honor like that, though it had, in fact, been too late. She was carrying the semen of two men in her. Well, three, actually, but Daniel’s didn’t count. She was never going to get pregnant from anal sex. Ofi, and Andre, however, had a chance, though a remote one. Later in the week would be a more fertile time. She’d have to talk with her husband about going on the pill, since they had discussed children, and had started the initial planning for a family. She simply didn’t know which way to proceed, and she would definitely take her husband’s direction on this. It was what good wives did.


Nude, bruised, and sore, she then made her way into the kitchen to get a bite to eat. She was actually quite hungry, having not eaten the night before. Some eggs and toast were quickly plated, and she used the remote to click on the TV, as she sat at the kitchen table, watching idly the Sunday morning news shows. It was then she heard a heavy thunk at the front door, a sound she recognized instantly. The newspaper was delivered by some anonymous paper-person, someone she never had even met, and couldn’t remember seeing. But when it hit the door, there was no mistaking the Sunday paper. It weighed a ton, and hit like a hammer.

Dusting her fingers of toast-crumbs, she started towards the front door, only to remember she was still naked. Turning about, she slowly, and sorely stepped back into the bedroom to pull on her silky baby-pink satin robe, the one she regularly wore for her husband, to be enticing to him. It was cut at mid-thigh, or maybe even higher, and light as a feather. In the right, or wrong, light, one could almost see her aureoles and the patch kurtköy escort of her landing strip. With the sash having been misplaced one night in a torrid time culminating on the carpet in front of the fireplace, Tessa had to hold the front closed, as she went to the front door, unlocking it and then twisting the knob to open. Leaning forward, she peered outside, beyond the portico.

The morning was warm, as late Springs often were, and she didn’t see anyone. Of course someone could be walking up the street from the far side of her house, but it was a risk she chose to take. Stepping gingerly, the soreness not from her feet, but the rest of her body, she made her way to the newspaper, the heavy roll banded closed like a log. Bending low, she reached for it, having to use both hands to gather it against her body. Bent at the waist, the hem risen to expose her moistness, and the front of her robe floating open, that was when Roberto chose as the perfect moment to exit his own house, his front door facing Tessa’s. It was impossible for him to not get a full view of her luscious body, bruises, marks, and all, as Tessa bent over, only to gasp loudly as she realized she had been caught in the open. Not a thing a prim and proper wife would allow to happen!

Of course, Roberto had been waiting, perhaps patiently, perhaps not, for this very opportunity to look upon the dazzling figure of the carrot-topped wife, as she rose to her full height, hugging the newspaper now with both hands, her gaping robe exposing her fur to her neighbor.

“Roberto!” she exclaimed, as she tried vainly to cover up. “I’m so sorry! Please forgive me!” She was nearly panicked, having given so lewd of a display to her neighbor, when in fact he had orchestrated this.

He had, in fact, learned of her morning routine, and would be watching from behind the blinds of his living room, to spy on the buxom woman. Often times as not, it was his neighbor Daniel who came out, usually in a long robe and some sort of pajama bottoms. But on those rare occasions when Fate handed him a gift, it was Tessa, dressed similarly, bending to pick up the paper, and he would get a look at her from behind. But today, today was a special day indeed. He had been given a glance, actually a full look-over of the woman’s nudity, and it began to have an impact. His erection began to tingle almost immediately.

“Think nothing of it, Tessa.” He replied jovially, almost as if he was enjoying her embarrassment, which he actually was. “This will be the brightest part of my day, and I promise you, it will be our secret.” He said with a smile. He then took another step out, and held his partially filled trash bag out, as if to be coincidentally doing a house chore.

“Thank you, Roberto, and I do so apologize” she spoke softly, blue eyes darting about to make sure at least it was only her neighbor getting an eyeful. She then started to dart back into the house, her steps still stilted from the pain, as Roberto stopped her.

“Tessa, I think you are forgetting something.” And he gave his head a nod to the concrete pad, to a spot hidden from the front door view of her home.

“What’s this?” Tessa muttered to herself. Looking down, she saw the long, golden cardboard box, and out of habit started to bent to pick it up too, shafting her hand to hold the paper roll to her chest, as she tried to use her free arm to collect the box. Doing so proved fatal to her modesty, and as Roberto paused in mid-stride to enjoy the tantalizing view, he was given an even greater look at her body, seeing the marks, the bruises, and everything else. For all her efforts to remain concealed, she might as well have stepped into his house naked and spun on her toes for him.

Finally able to scoop up both parcels, she left her robe floating open behind her, and exposing her ass as she was consumed with the desire to run and hide back behind closed doors. “Thank you, Roberto!” she called out, not looking back, as she then closed the front door, certain she was embarrassed, if not humiliated, and yet having given the heavy-set man a thrill he would remember for months. She was becoming more and more of his daydreams and self-pleasuring fantasies.

Tessa slammed the door and then leaned back against it, cursing silently, for she would not utter an improper oath publicly, it was neither lady-like, nor proper. She dropped the paper, and held onto the box, collecting her breath and wits before stepping slowly to the kitchen, curious about when her husband had time to order flowers, or based on his attitude towards her, his desire.

“To My New Wife…” she gasped as she read the card. Her pale skin lost even more color, as she realized instantly who sent them. They were gorgeous, of course, easily over one-hundred dollars’ worth of rich, red long-stemmed roses in perfect bloom. It didn’t take a genius to figure out who they had come from.

Tapping the card against her lips, the robe kurtköy escort bayanlar draped open from her shoulders, her ample breasts holding them open to the glass back sliding door, and the entire backyard, her blue eyes went vacant as she thought and pondered how to deal with this. It simply would not do to be a bitch about it, as she would not be disrespectful to the man. Her upbringing forbade it, and she didn’t want to embarrass her husband any more than she already had. But she had to end it, and end it now. She went to her bedroom, albeit slowly, for her ache was still real. She had a passing thought of why men loved to hurt their women in getting sexual satisfaction. In Daniel, she could understand his desire to hurt her. To her mind, she deserved it, but Ofi, and Andre? They were rough lovers, bruising her and making her endure their passion. If she was sore afterwards, she doubted they gave a whit about it.

Reaching for her phone, she swiped it on with her thumb and rose her brows to discover she had a few text messages. Two were from Dan, one giving his progress in boarding his flight, and the other reminding her that they still needed to talk, and that he hoped their marriage would be able to survive, and that he was worried about his job. The third was from Ofi, and she read it with trepidation. Scanning the words, she felt her heart beating hard.

“I hope you have found the flowers by now, my new wife. Monday morning, I go to the Kenyan consulate to start making the arrangements for our triumphant return to our homeland. I will see you later this week.”

Tessa dropped her phone on the bed and shook her head, her hands fingers trembling a little. She had planned to cancel the program she had been working on, sacrificing the students in order to save herself from any more encounters with Ofi. Ofi, however, had other plans, starting early Monday morning.

Tessa lay on the bed, her silky robe and satin sheets allowing her to slide easily to the center, and burrowing under the covers until she was snuggled and warm. While contemplating her situation, she drifted off to sleep.

“Andre! What are you doing in here?” she shrieked incredulously. She was startled awake in her bed, finding the naked, rough thug under her sheets with her, his hand already cupping her heat as she was molested to consciousness.

“Shh! Shhh! Quiet, woman! Your husband is in the next room!” he hissed, ensuring her silence by simply covering her mouth with his dark palm.

With her robe splayed open under the sheets, she was fully exposed to his touch, if not his eyes. That was made obvious to her when she felt his finger starting to slide up and down her slit, teasing her petals, allowing them to be caressed, and her body reacting by sensing blood to them, engorging them as her furrow began to lubricate. His other hand slid to her breast, fingers again covering her boob, and squeezing, as his rough palm rubbing her nipples, the friction making them react by growing harder, and more erect, until his very mauling made her feel searing pleasure, which made her tunnel lubricate even more.

His digit then pressed into her, and she arched her back, a soft moan escaping her lips, which made her eyes dart to the closed bedroom door, should her husband over hear her and barge in. Andre’s finger, however did just that, and pressed onward, and inward, until it was sweeping her sweet spot, his thumb teasing her pearl to hardness. Now she was writhing under his touch, helpless to him, as she found herself surrendering. After so long of little to no sexual contact, in two days she had been with three men, and it had awakened the needs of old, when she would attack her husband out of need, when he walked in the front door, or even in the garage before the garage was closed. She would hike her skirt up, and bend low for him, or start rubbing herself up and down his body, the satin lingerie she was wearing helping tease her husband, much like the satin sheets were doing to her now.

“Noooo.. Andre… Pleaasse stoppp” she moaned, only to end her plea by emitting her tongue to lewdly kiss her tormentor, a kiss that was so similarly returned, his spit invading her mouth as he slid between her legs. She tried to close her thighs, but he already had one leg in-between, and there was no use trying to deny him. In fact, it made it so much easier to submit to him, as he used his other knee to pry her knees apart, and with that, open her gates to his lecherous pole. A black pole so hot and throbbing, it was already dripping his pre-cum onto the sheets.

She groaned loudly into his mouth as his kiss muffled the loud proof of her body’s granting admission of his cock to her tight pussy, the landing strip acting as a directional arrow to her matronly love.

She began to lift her knees higher as he entered her, his thrusts firm, but short, using the head of his cock like a battering ram to decimate her defenses, and open her clenching walls, until he had full penetration to her body, a long, black cock in a white, soft garden. The silky covers slid down the mating pair as he thrust in her, his kiss breaking from her lips to delve into her neck, softly kissing and nibbling as he thrust in her, the soft mews of her voice encouraging her erstwhile lover to continue.

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