A Pee Fetish Story: An Unfair Eviction

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In this part of this pee story trifecta, I discuss how my sex/pee buddy neighbor and I got even with our landlord after he terminated my neighbor’s lease for the pettiest of reasons. It all starts at the beginning of my senior year in college. My girlfriend was out of town with her family and my 20-something nudie neighbor had recently broken up with her latest boyfriend. As both of us were now alone, I went over to her house next door and she let me in for another afternoon of casual sex & pee fun. She told me to get into the bathtub and open my mouth. She emptied her bladder into my mouth and I gulped all her pee down like an ice-cold beer.

I was to pee in her mouth when I had to go, which I did about 20 minutes after she wet my whistles. After some more pee fun, I went home and we went to bed. Little did we know what would hit us like a ton of bricks the next day. After I got back from class, my neighbor met me in the driveway fully clothed. Because she always got naked inside and outside when conversing with me, this struck me as odd. “You have to see this,” she said while handing me a piece of paper. I read it over and to my surprise, it was a notice of eviction for her. I was just as dumbfounded as she was; she was to move out by the next week or face arrest.

I asked her if she asked the landlord for the reason of the eviction, she said she just got off the phone with him. “He said it was a ‘complicated’ reason,” she told me, “He said he was ‘going along’ with it and I should just do the same.” Startled, we went inside to think things over; this was the only time I ever saw her keep her clothes on in the house. Later that night, I remembered the landlord was coming for my rent the next day. Because my classes began later than usual that morning, I thought I would take the opportunity to as him why my neighbor was being evicted myself. The next morning came and when I saw the landlord pull into my driveway, I got my rent check and prepared to meet with him.

He rang my doorbell, I gave him my check and invited him in for coffee. He sat down at my kitchen table and I poured him a cup, all the while thinking how I was gonna ask him about my neighbor’s pending eviction. We started out talking about the usual stuff you discuss over coffee (the weather, our lives, etc.) About 15 minutes into the conversation, I finally asked the landlord: “So, I hear you’re evicting the young lady next door.”

He said: “Oh yeah, it’s a complicated story; I have no choice but to evict her.” That’s exactly what he told my neighbor, but I was determined to get to bottom of it.

“Why is it a complicated story?” I asked.

“Well, keep this under your hat,” he replied, “but my son – who’s about your and her age – asked her out after hearing she broke up with her boyfriend and she turned him down. That’s a high offense to me, pal!”

“Are you dating her actually?” he then asked, “She always talks about you, in a good way.”

I thought if I said I was dating her, she would get off the hook, but then thought saying “Yes” would get me evicted as well; he said her turning his son down was a high offense, what would he think of a “Yes, we’re dating” from me? “No, I got a girlfriend of my own,” I said, “but bursa escort it’s nice to know my neighbor thinks highly of me.”

“Oh, good, good,” the landlord replied. “Well, I gotta run, plenty more checks to collect from my other properties. Sorry for taking a half-hour of your time.” I saw him off and went to class… with a secret dirtier than anything my neighbor and I had done.

The night before, I went to a local store that was open late and bought a digital voice recorder, which I turned on and slipped under my shirt before the landlord arrived. I recorded the whole conversation without him suspecting the slightest and was eager to offload it to my laptop, so I could edit the main section of it and play it for my neighbor. I finally had enough time to edit the audio after an exam. When it was done, I exported it onto my phone for later. After class, I got home and waited for my neighbor to get home. When she did, I met her in the driveway and told her: “Do I have something to show you.” She invited me into her house, where most of her thing had been packed in boxes.

We sat down in the living room and I had her listen to the audio I recorded that morning. “That pig!” she exclaimed after hearing the audio. “I turn down his son and that’s why he wants me out?”

“I thought word of our activities got to him,” I told her. “That was my suspicion.” I then asked her why she wasn’t fighting for her right to live where she was living.

“After yesterday’s conversation on the phone,” she said, “I knew fighting it would be a lost cause. You just can’t get him to change his mind.” It seemed like we had no course of action when she stumbled across one. “I have an idea,” she said. Eager to hear this, I opened my ears.

“Okay, I gotta be out of here by next Friday. Until then, you and I are gonna soak this house as much as possible. You’ll come over every day and we’ll pee all over the place as if we think the toilet is too far away from where we are; in other words, we just don’t want to.”

“I’m in!” I said excitedly, “Should we start tonight?”

“Way ahead of you!” she said as she took her pants off. I did the same and asked where we would pee first. “Follow me!” she said and began walking upstairs. Once we were upstairs, I had an idea as to where she could live after she left but first, we had some business to take care of – pun intended! She led me into the bedroom and had me stand to the right side of the bed, facing her on the left side. “Let me know when you’re ready,” she said.

I simply opened the floodgates and began soaking the bed; she started too. We splashed each other a little and the bed was swimming in our pee when we were done. We had to reload after that, so we went downstairs and began downing all the drinks on hand; water, soda, beer, champagne, simple mixed drinks, whatever we had! About another hour later, we had to go again and she said we were gonna soak the bedroom carpet while standing on the already pee-soaked bed. Our arcs shot across the bedroom and drenched the carpet. It looked like there had been a leak; technically there was… just not from the ceiling.

After that, I had to get home and go to bed for class the next day. She waved me off and said bursa escort bayan she would see me tomorrow. I wondered where we would pee next for the whole day; I even tried – and failed – to hold my pee until I left campus. As I was walking to my car, she called me and said: “Okay, the living room’s next. Come over after you’re done with homework.” I agreed to it and drove home. I finished my homework quicker than I ever had before and immediately went next door. She let me in while naked and said: “Pick a seat,” while pointing to the furniture. I picked the couch and took all my clothes off.

“Okay, I’ll help you wet the couch and then you help me with the chairs and coffee table tonight.” We waited about 20 minutes for me to get desperate enough but once I was, we covered the back and seat of the couch. After we stopped, she sat on the wet couch, got back up and then, sat on the carpet in multiple spots, leaving impressions of her nicely formed ass until it was dry. I decided to follow suit, spotting the carpet with my ass prints where she missed before.

“Nicely done,” she said. “Let’s repeat the process on the chairs and coffee table when we have to pee again. Until then, wanna bang again?”

“Sure,” I said. “Where are we banging tonight?”

“In the hallway next to the living room,” she said while handing me a condom. My cock was hard, so I covered it up and we got busy on the hallway floor. About halfway through, she told me: “Oh, when you’re about to orgasm, pull out of me, take the condom off and shoot your load on the chair closest to us in the living room. I’ll rinse it off later.” I took my time fucking her, getting all my semen ready. As soon as I was about to blow, I immediately got up, removed the condom and shot my cum all over the back of the chair; it looked like a large white bloodstain slowly dripping down. Thoroughly impressed, she had me step aside and aimed her spread pussy at the stain.

She unleashed a huge pee stream that washed the cum stain down onto the cushion. I told her she missed a spot after she finished and washed that little bit down with my pee. After the first chair was soaked, we loaded back up on drinks and got ready to soak the other chair and coffee table. For those, we took turns peeing while spinning in circles. That was a bit harder than I thought it would be, but I pulled it off and left a good amount of coverage. So did she, by spinning on her hands; she told me she was a gymnast in middle school.

With the living room very well soaked, she said: “Mission accomplished, tomorrow is the kitchen.” I said I would meet her again after class and went home.

Over the next few days, we peed all over the kitchen, the dining room, the garage, the basement, and the guest room. We also made it a point to soak the stairs every night. I shot my stream to the top twice one night, joking “They say ‘aim high,’ don’t they?”

Then came the final night before her eviction became mandatory. She told me: “Okay, now we can use the bathroom… but not the toilet.” Knowing exactly what she meant, I led her to the downstairs bathroom, lifted the toilet seat, and then turned away from the toilet to wet down the cabinets and sink. After I did that, she stepped escort bursa in and climbed into the sink, shooting her stream into the sink at first then all around, splashing me a little in the process, but I didn’t mind.

With the first bathroom practically swimming in pee, she loaded back up for the upstairs bathroom. There, she sat down on the floor, bent her legs over herself and sprayed her pee across the bathroom, soaking the rugs. She then had me pee all over the shower and once I was done, we got ready to do the master bathroom. In the master bath, she sat down on the bathtub, spread her legs and peed to the closed toilet and counter. I moved my dick side to side as I peed, covering the floor real well. “Good work,” she said, “We’ll hit this room one more time before calling it a night.” It was then I remembered my idea for her new living arrangements. I wondered what she would think of it.

We finished another round of water, soda, and liquor and were sitting in the kitchen – feeling how the peed there had dried under our bare feet – when I decided to ask if she had found a new place to live. After she said she hadn’t, I gave her my idea: “Why don’t you come live with me then?” Her eyes lit up and before she said her reply, I knew it was a resounding yes. I was just as jubilant as she was and we hugged naked in the kitchen; her pussy hugging my cock in the process.

After a few more minutes, we went back up to the master bathroom for that last hurrah. “Now, we can use the toilet one last time,” she said as she took her seat. She then emptied her bladder; a stream that went on for about a minute. When she was done, she told me: “Now, you pee between my legs into the toilet. It’s okay if you splash my pussy. I figured we could practice how we were gonna pee together at your place.” I stood in front of her and peed in the 6-inch wide space right between her legs, splashing her a little which made her smile. Just like that, our sex and pee exploits in her house were over.

We showered, got dressed and I spent the next few hours moving her things 50 feet down to my house. After all her stuff was moved, she left her keys on the dining room table and we left the house for the final time. The next day, she called the landlord to inform him she had moved out as instructed.

“Thank you,” he said. “And sorry it had to be this way. No hard feelings I hope.”

“None at all!” she replied before hanging up. After our secret “redecorating,” the landlord had plenty of trouble selling the house; it was still for sale when we both moved out of state the following summer. Until we left, we had much more casual sex and pee fun at my place. My favorite one was when she peed on my feet one night in my kitchen to arouse me for sex. After we banged that time, we took another shower, where I peed on her pussy; she returned that favor in the form of peeing on my cock.

We may not live together anymore, but we’re still just as close and hook up for pee play when we can. It’s always fun to unload the contents of our bladders wherever we are at my new place. She and I skinny dip and pee underwater in my pool and the hidden swimming hole behind my house now too. We never uncovered if my neighbor rejecting the landlord’s son was the true motive for her forced eviction. I feel it was our antics with exhibitionist sex and peeing all the while. But it’ll take a lot more than an eviction for us to give up our dirty little secret hobby.

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