A Perfect Match

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Carissa looked down at her newly applied manicure. She spread her smooth, delicate hands wide and worked them with firm pressure down the length of her voluptuous curves. Her skirt lifted as she proceeded to run a finger up towards her slit. Soon her fingers were dancing in her pussy and she was bucking her orgasmic release.

Satisfied, Carissa poured herself a cup of coffee, added some crème liqueur and sat down on a bright red sofa in her modest apartment. She glanced at her “To Do” list. Third on the list was National Nude Day. An idea started to form in her head.

National Nude Day on July 14th was an opportunity for a new life. She knew her curves and beauty were a commodity, but how to best invest was the question. Carissa went over to her wardrobe and looked at the array of colourful clothes she had bought over the years. The styles, colours and patterns that were being developed these days could make a man melt in the presence of a hot woman, and that is exactly what she offered.

While scouring the internet Carissa came upon a link to an exclusive auction to be held on National Nude Day. Details presented, stated that beautifully attired women would be hired and could submit their photo, in the costume they would wear, to the address below. The idea sent a shiver of excitement down her spine.

She was twenty eight years old. She took good care of herself. Eating well, exercising and using her incredible figure to her advantage were areas she excelled at.

Carissa circled her neck with her hand then plucked at her nipples. Her fingers twisted, flicked and played with her nipples roughly, yet again, sending her arousal levels through the roof. Her hands moved down her stomach until her right hand was cupping her pussy. Two fingers circled her clit expertly as she rode her hand to satisfaction.

Carissa couldn’t help herself. She could never help herself. She was insatiable. Sex was just too much fun and produced such wonderful feelings. Why should a person not live a life fulfilled? We know what we want, so let’s enjoy, was her attitude.

Being a seamstress had its advantages. Carissa decided on the bull’s-eye approach. Hone in on what mattered. Her big round sweet tits and round tanned bottom would be beautifully exposed. Being in the auction could offer new opportunities in wealth. Sex was second nature for her. Carissa loved sucking cock. Why not suck rich cock went through her head. Her photo was received with an immediate reply, showing interest. Her costume consisted of light gold, bronze, and dark gold tassels arranged around her big beautiful tits, sexy ass and waxed pussy. She would be extremely fuckable in many different ways. When National Nude Day arrived Carissa stood on the long podium, waiting with anticipation, along with her fellow auction prizes. Each girl had an exquisite quality that made her desirable. A man in an expensive suit walked up and down the line of beauties, then stopped in front of her.

Gage had a mean streak. He enjoyed women as his prey. He pulled and preyed on their emotions, treating them as pawns in his game. It’s what thrilled him. It’s what made him hard. When he saw Carissa he became instantly hard. She was amazing and would look so good tied up in his bedroom or looking up from his cock while he gagged her with it. He knew he wanted her and would pay any price to have her.

Reynold perused the girls from a distance. When his eyes landed on Carissa he knew he had to have her. She was a rare beauty and deserved to be treated and spoiled and fucked like the princess she was. Her features were riveting but it was her eyes that fascinated him. Her eyes were full of wisdom, yet they were very Cleopatra bahis siteleri like in a sultry, sexy way. A “fuck me attitude” was written on her face. It appeared in her mannerisms and in the way her sexy body moved.

Reynold was pissed when he saw that his prize desire was being sought after by the cruel, sadistic millionaire that often frequented the same auctions as he did. Gage was standing in front of Carissa staring at her in an intimidating way. One of two things would likely happen. He might present the winning bid or perhaps share and rescue her as he had done with other women, previously.

He made a mental note to tip off the auctioneer to give him the edge and expedite his winning bid fast. Secretly employed by the auction house, it was Reynolds’s job to rescue the beautiful starlights who craved rich men and didn’t think about the consequences of allowing themselves to be bought.

The women on display at the auctions were typically young, sexy and full of confidence. Gage walked over to two twenty something sexy nymphs on the auction block. He smoothed his moustache, ran a hand through his hair and patted his stomach. It was big from too many indulgences. Gage liked his indulgences. The beauties stood before him as he and other participants perused them. Carissa stood out among the group.

Gage walked over to her and ran his finger over her full lips. While she stood still he ran his fingers over her chin and down her elegant neckline. He then cupped one of her exposed full breasts and squeezed while trapping her nipples between two fingers. It grew between his finger tips. Gage noticed a shiver of excitement flow through her but she didn’t flinch and stood her ground. That was a good sign. He liked them obedient and willing to submit.

He held her gaze while his hand roamed from her tits to her fully exposed round ass. It was hard and tight from a healthy workout regime. He squeezed her ass cheek roughly and then took a broad hand and made a loud sound that made heads turn. Carissa held her ground and didn’t react. The expression on her face remained motionless. Gage decided she would be perfect. He would enjoy controlling her.

Carissa looked in admiration at the first girl up for auction. A barely there, pure white sheer linen draping material covered her tanned toned body. Her wrists and ankles were wrapped and tied with strings hanging. Her nipples were exposed as well as her midriff and long legs. The effect was very pleasing to the eye. Reynold thought for sure Gage would go for her, since she was his type, but it didn’t happen.

When the bidding started Gage watched as the girls went one by one to the excited suitors who were eager to pay for the beauty’s charms. Then finally his prize was open for bidding.

“Twenty thousand!” one of the regulars called out.

“Thirty five!” said another.

When the dollar amount rose past a half million only Reynold and Gage were left in the race. From having danced this dance so many times before the men had reached an agreement many years ago, that when the bidding got out of control, they would share. Share the cost and share the girl that is. Whoever made the S sign first would be entitled to go first.

Reynold was relieved when Gage finally made the sign at five hundred and forty thousand. They would split the cost and split the girl. Reynold liked to go last to repair the damage that was done and set things straight so future auctions wouldn’t be compromised. Gage only knew that Reynold liked to go last and wouldn’t give up.

The limo driver didn’t alter his expression when Carissa arrived escorted by Gage. Her colourful and exotic cat woman costume with cut outs emphasizing canlı bahis siteleri her best features didn’t faze him one bit. From the corner of his eye he could tell she was an exotic treat.

When in the limo Gage kept the screen up so his chauffer could see everything. It was one of the perks of the job.

“You’ve got beautiful long hair babe,” Gage said twirling her hair in his hand.

He kissed her and took her tongue into his mouth holding it there, and then releasing it. She ran her hand through his hair and returned his kiss with equal attraction.

“Spread your legs cunt. I own you.”

Carissa felt excitement race through her. She was wet. Her pussy glistened. Leaning down Gage took one, then the other tit into his mouth. He pulled at her nipple with his teeth upwards. Then he jabbed two fingers roughly into her moist cunt and started aggressively fucking her with his fingers. After a couple of minutes he went for three fingers, stretching her and taking her like the strong Master he was. He watched her come in waves as her gorgeous body bucked to the rhythm of his fingers dancing in her pussy. When she opened her eyes she knew this man was for her and she would do anything he introduced into her world.

The house he lived in was set on a hill behind a huge metal grate that he opened with a remote control. They drove along the circled driveway and stopped. He told the driver to dismiss the staff.

“Make me a drink. It’s over there, and come tell me about yourself!” Gage instructed when they settled into the living room.

She mixed single malt with equal parts water and poured the mix into two glasses. “Lay down on the sex chair and spread your legs wide. I want to see my pussy, and don’t talk, just do exactly what I tell you.”

Carissa couldn’t help but be intrigued. He was handsome and rich and she wanted this. She was ready for this ride.

He was behind her now putting a blind fold over her eyes. She sat in the sex chair and waited. After a while there was a knock on the door. The sound of the door opening and closing followed by numerous footsteps intrigued her. Carissa shivered when she felt six hands with exactor knives stripping away the fabric that covered her soft curves. It happened quickly and left her breathless.

“Spread her legs wider,” she heard from a distance as two hands moved her legs on either side of the chair and fastened them down to the floor so she couldn’t move.

“Pierce her nipples, her tongue, and her labia,” she heard Gage say as she lay helplessly with her gorgeous long legs spread wide apart.

Each of the three artists worked skillfully on the three body piercings. Carissa whimpered and endured the pain as her body was being prepared for the ravishing.

When they were finished Gage said to one of the men, “Tug on her nipple rings!”

Carissa called out.

“Good, she’ll be able to feel extreme sensations,” he said looking at his prey with desire.

“Leave now!”

The door opened and closed. Carissa’s eyes opened wide when Gage stripped. He was a big man, in every way. She became nervous when she thought of his huge cock pushing past her new jewellery to enter her.

Gage moved over top of Carissa and dipped just an inch of his cock inside her playfully.

“Do you want this bitch?” he asked.

“Beg me for it!”

When her efforts seemed weak he pulled on her labia and nipple rings, until she was begging him to fuck her in a wildly seductive voice at a loud volume.

He fucked her, ramming his cock in her so deep she felt her pussy stretch. She was still chained to the floor, a thick blind fold covering her beautiful eyes, when she felt canlı bahis him leave her pussy and challenge her mouth.

“Work that pearl baby!” he said.

The pain from the piercings was overshadowed by the sexual energy Gage brought to the table. She’d never been in the company of such a strong man before and it thrilled her.

Doing her best and ignoring the pain, she used her new tongue piercing along with her hands to stimulate and arouse his cock. Before too long she felt his jizz coat the pearl and slide down her throat. He held his hands around her neck as she swallowed every drop of his cum.

As she tasted his sweet and salty mix she felt the shackles being lifted and the sensation of being turned over.

“Stay there whore, I’m not done with you yet.” A long time went by before he returned. Carissa stayed still and did as she was told. When he returned he was carrying a tray with objects on it.

“I have a little fetish,” he confessed.

She felt her ass being lifted as he slid a pillow underneath her. Not satisfied with the height he slid another pillow under her, raising her ass high in the air.

She saw him reach for a funnel and felt the sting as he inserted the end slowly into her untainted, tight, little ass.

She felt the cool liquid enter her and pool deep inside her. Carissa closed her eyes for a moment and felt something inside her, probing her. It wasn’t a dildo, or a cock and it was very big and solid. He was punching it inside her now creating many wild sensations. Then another object entered her pussy. This one was different. It was long and ribbed. Carissa responded to being double fucked with a loud screaming orgasm.

“Good my Pet, you did so very well,” he said while stroking her hair and cheek as he cooed his approval.

He saw the zucchini and carrot as the carrot that was inside her pussy approached her mouth under his direction.

“See how wet that carrot is? Eat your pussy from it. Do you taste the strawberry massage oil and your juices on that big thick carrot? Tell me how you taste!”

“It tastes delicious Gage. I taste delicious. I can smell strawberries!”

“Good girl,” he said stroking her hair.

He took the funnel out again and poured another liquid inside her. It smelled like chicken soup stock. He took a butt plug and inserted it, then fastened a leash on her. Gage commanded Carissa like she was his dog. Stay, sit, suck, dance and spread were the words he spoke that she responded to.

“Now empty.”

Carissa went to the washroom, removed the butt plug and let the liquid inside her flow. Gage repeated the procedure many more times. Then he used a thicker liquid. Thick, gooey honey entered and filled her slowly.

The doorbell rang reminding Gage of his commitment. Gage went down the stairs to answer the door.

“Hey Reynold, I forgot about you. Sorry, I’m not finished yet. Say, I’ll tell you what, I’ll pay you out.”

“You didn’t hurt her did you?” he asked.

“Hell no!” She’s too much fun.”

“Hey honey,” he called out chuckling, “Reynold is here, tell him you’re okay.”

“I’m okay Reynold,” she called out.

“Let me see her so I know she’s okay!” he said insistently.

“You just want to fuck her, and I can’t say I blame you. You can have her cunt. I get her ass.”

Happy to be off of rescue patrol and suddenly in the middle of threesome, Reynold made his way upstairs to arrive at a very sexy sight. The beautiful nymph he saw earlier was lying on the sex chair with her ass high in the air with honey dripping from her hole.

He slid underneath her and started kissing and fucking Carissa. He felt how tight it became when Gage started fucking her honey laded hole. The men took turns slamming in and out of her. Orgasms all around.

Gage and Reynold became good friends. Carissa and Gage became inseparable. They both loved what each other had to offer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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