A Pint of Blood Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – Mrs. Eggleston’s Daughter

I left the basement and that house but I could not keep Mrs. Eggleston out of my head. I constantly thought of her curves. I marvelled at the mystery of flesh that was contained beneath the taut restraints of her tight skirt and bra. The vision of her exposed skin, finally availed to me and waiting eagerly for my kiss and caress filled my every waking moment. Slowly I began to realize that I was never really leaving Mrs. Eggleston. She had me clenched and rolled in her swollen bosom as surely as if she had a leash around my neck.

When she phoned me my heart leapt so high in my throat I thought I would choke.

“Come to me.” Was all she said. I was out the door in seconds.

Candy opened the door and let me inside. She was wearing mesh stockings, lipstick, and nothing else. The eleven inch serpent in my trousers began to twitch. As if reading my mind, Candy looked down at my crotch.

“Very glad to see you again, Donovan,” her voice sounded robotic. I noticed she wasn’t smiling.

“Hi, Candy, good to – “

She had already turned and was leading me into the house.

I followed her up the stairs, marvelling at the swell of her buttocks and sway of her hips as she mounted them. She led me to the end of the upstairs hallway and then knocked at the closed door. Mrs. Eggleston’s voice acquiesced within. Candy opened the door and then quickly stood aside. She would not look at me, instead focusing on the floor in front of her.

I stepped inside the room, briefly noting the bedroom furnishings of a bed and dresser as I struggled to uncover the bedroom for the mess of discarded clothes, books, toiletry items and who-knows-what-else. Soon I forgot the mess as Mrs. Eggleston stood up from where she was sitting on the bed and faced me.

“Thank-you for coming so quickly, my boy,” she said. She was dressed only in a bathrobe – a partially open one at that. I stared helplessly at the sight of the curved underside of her enormous breasts where her bathrobe was slightly parted at the front. She came towards me and I smelled her lavender scent again.

Within seconds my cock was stretching my trousers and she was smiling, trailing her hands over my chest and down my abdomen, causing ripples of uncontrolled tensing in my muscles, like they were all trying to thrust toward her.

Mrs. Eggleston stopped as her eyes locked on my turgid cock swelling against my pants. “Oh! We must not hurt this wonderful instrument.” She reached down and deftly undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants, which promptly plummeted to the floor, leaving my huge meat swaying slightly in the open air.

“Jesus! It’s fucking huge! How the fuck can I use that?” Another woman was in the room. Strangely, I had not noticed her at all as I had oggled Mrs. Eggleston. The other woman hopped off the bed and onto the floor, pointing at my cock as she spoke to Mrs. Eggleston. She was much younger than Mrs. Eggleston. She had pale skin, freckles across her shoulders and cheeks where not obscured by the long mane of blond hair tumbling down her face and back. Her smallish breasts seemed to surge upwards at her bathing suit top with the gravity-defying zest of youth.

Mrs. Eggleston ignored her and turned to me. “I have a client that has very special needs, and can only be tended to by the best.”

“Oh?” I asked, my eyes transfixed istanbul escort on her breasts. “Who’s that?”

Mrs. Eggleston stared at me levely. I waited one long arrogant second before tearing my eyes from her chest and confidently meeting her gaze, emboldened by the weight of the meat between my thighs and the knowledge that she needed it. She needed it for her clients, she said, but I knew – just knew there had to be a part of her that needed it too.

“My daughter.”

I instantly lost the battle of wills contained in our locked gaze. Actually, I completely forgot there was a battle of wills as my eyebrows shot skyward and my eyes rounded into dinner plates.

“Whuh – wha?” I stammered.

“My daughter,” Mrs Eggleston explained, “Is nineteen and has never had sex. She fantasizes about a huge cock like yours every day and I know exactly the person to fulfull that fantasy and finally make her a woman.”

I bit my lip to stop myself from reaching forward and sneaking my hands into the opening of Mrs. Eggleston’s bathrobe, running my hands down her sides, feeling the warmth of her skin and the swell of her glorious hips after the disciplined narrowness of her trim waist.

“No, mom!” Mrs. Eggleston’s daughter interrupted. “I can’t take that! That’s a fucking elephant dick! It’s too fucking big!”

Mrs. Eggleston didn’t even look at her daughter as she replied, still fixated on my cock. “It’s perfect, Gloria. Come and touch it, at least. I know you want to do that much.”

Gloria obliged willingly, plunking onto her knees in front of my big dick. She reached out with her little hands and grabbed at my dick. “Wow,” she breathed as she struggled to wrap two hands around my thick cock. She ran her fingers down the length of my cock, and then leaned forward to tentatively touch her outstretched tongue to my meat. When I felt her mouth on me I gave a small groan to encourage her. Soon she was giving my cock a broadside of kisses, licks and sucks.

“Mom, it won’t work. Look!” Gloria linked her fingers together to form a chain around the base of my cock and then waved my meat in the air.

Mrs Eggleston moved to stand beside me. “Gloria, take off that silly little scrap of a bathing suit and lay back on the bed. I’ve got an idea.”

Gloria obliged and I stared at the completely bare pussy as she spread her narrow thighs for me. I marveled at her concave belly and perky tits.

In another moment I saw nothing but Mrs. Eggleston’s bathrobe as Mrs. Eggleston stood in front of me, her back to me, and then lifted one leg to swing it over my cock. My soaring hopes were soon dashed as I felt her buttocks nestle against my pelvic bone and her arms wrapped around me to cup and squeeze my buttocks. With her straddling my cock so close to my body, a full five inches of my cock still jutted out from her pelvis.

“There my Dear,” Mrs. Eggleston said. “This way you’ll never have to deal with more than half of his giant cock, okay?”

I could feel the heat of Mrs. Eggleston’s pussy on my cock. Her lavendar scent saturated my nostrils. As she straddled me her bathrobe raised up her thighs and exposed her legs. I felt the heat of her skin against my thighs as she slowly rotated her hips, grinding against my stiff shaft.

Gloria spread her lovely thin legs and stared avcılar escort at my abbreviated penis as Mrs. Eggleston nudged me with small pressures of her flexing thighs. Together we lowered the tip of my cock to Gloria’s pussy. Mrs. Eggleston spread the lips and then clamped her thighs around my cock and pulled me forward. I felt warmth on my cockhead and heard Gloria suck in her breath.

I couldn’t hold back now. I ran my hands up under Mrs. Eggleston’s bathrobe, feeling her smooth skin and the generous swell of her hips before they ran into the narrow swoop of her waist. Her hands quickly grabbed mine and pinned them in place against her hips.

“Oh,” Gloria breathed, “give it to me. Give me that big fat cock.”

Mrs. Eggleston squeezed my cock with her thighs and I pushed forward. I could only see Mrs. Eggleston’s back and the mane of black hair that she had finally unleashed and I was in heaven. I smelled deeply as much as I could so I could save her scent in my memory.

My cock pushed against something, and with Mrs. Eggleston’s squeezing encouragement I thrust forward again and suddenly felt hot liquid fire around the head of my cock.

“Unnhhh, wow!” Gloria groaned as the tip of my member, protruding from between her mother’s thighs, inched into her tight pussy. Mrs. Eggleston’s buttocks tightened against my stomach and her thighs clenched tightly on my dick, pulling me forward. I obliged, surging enthusiastically with my hips, imagining I was sinking down to my hilt in the luscious curves of the perfect Mrs. Eggleston.

“Not so fast, stud,” Mrs. Eggleston warned, and pushed back at me to prevent my cock from tearing too deeply into her daughter. I bit my lip and leaned forward, resting my forehead against Mrs. Eggleston’s back, luxuriating in the warmth of her body through the thin fabric of her bathrobe yet wrestling with the agony of not being able to kiss her bare skin or taste the sweat rolling off her heaving body as she impaled her pussy on my cock.

Gloria clamped her legs around the two of us and I felt her hands reach past her mother to grab my buttocks and pull me urgently into her. Mrs. Eggleston backed me away and then pulled us forward, driving my cock into Gloria again and beginning the steady rhythm of fucking that set Gloria screaming.

Despite the power in Mrs. Eggleston’s thighs she was beginning to slip on my cock and I suddenly realized it was because her pussy was drooling excited juices onto my cock. Her bare pussy lips were soaking my member, begging for my cock to slip upwards and penetrate the glorious mistress of the household.

Gloria was cumming, screaming insensible, loud things, but I was entranced by Mrs. Eggleston’s body and heat and scent so close to me. The thought of her being aroused by my cock sent me over the edge and I surged forward, burying my cock into her ass and her daughter, spraying my seed with jolt after jolt of hard orgasms.

With my cum went the power in my legs and I twisted sideways and flopped onto the bed, panting. Mrs. Eggleston stepped away. Her daughter turned away from me on the bed, her legs curled up close to her as she hummed softly to herself in satisfaction.

I missed a glimpse of Mrs. Eggleston’s naked body as she re-tied her bathrobe and turned to leave the room.

“Go down to the basement when you’re şirinevler escort ready, Donovan. Candy will clean you up and then we should talk about what I would like you to do next.”

I picked up my clothes and walked downstairs naked, eager to see Candy again. My cock flopped against my thighs as I descended each step into the basement, leaving sticky strings of pussy juice and cum all over my legs. By the time I reached the basement I was feeling the familiar stiffening in my cock again, thinking of my first encounter with Candy in that same room.

Candy was sitting on the large leather couch in the center of the room, her legs tucked up underneath her, still wearing the fishnets and lipstick I’d seen when she had greeted me at the door. She looked toward me but did not smile.

“What would you like, Donovan?” She asked.

“I…” I was taken aback by her aloofness. We had shared every carnal intimacy, each to her intense satisfaction – I hoped – and yet she was talking as though we had never met and I wasn’t standing before her with my clothes bundled under one arm and my naked dick swinging between my knees right before her eyes.

“I guess I came down because Mrs. Eggleston – ” I began again. She interrupted.

“She’s done with you? She’s finished with you and now she’s sent you here to be cleaned up?”

I fidgeted and suddenly felt cold. “Yeah. I guess.”

Candy grimaced with one side of her mouth and kept her eyes frozen. “Well come here, then.”

I walked over to her, unsure of how close I should approach. Candy stopped me when I was next to the bar counter by getting up from the couch and retrieving a cloth from the sink. She rinsed the cloth and then turned to me.

“Spread ’em,” she said.

I dropped my clothes onto the couch and stood with my feet shoulder-width apart and Candy settled on her knees in front of me, bringing the dripping wet and freezing cold cloth to my skin. I gasped.

Slowly, Candy passed the cloth over my thighs, running it up my right leg and over my belly, across the top of my navel and down my left thigh. As she travelled to the inside of my thigh I felt her other hand run ever so gently over the skin on the back of my thigh, moving slowly and tenderly up to my buttocks. She squeezed and caressed my skin, slowly easing her face forward until her lips rested on my thigh, sending a long tremble through my body.

I stared down at her in fascination as she kissed my thigh once more and then tilted her head up to look at me. She nestled her chin in the crook between my cock and my thigh, locking her gaze onto mine, staring deeply into my eyes with that serious, almost sad expression as her hands carressed my legs.

“You’re amazing,” I whispered.

She finally moved her cloth to stroke my penis, starting at the base and methodically rubbing away the combined juices of Mrs. Eggleston and her daughter. She lovingly cupped my balls in the cloth and wiped them with both hands, apparently oblivious to the thickening shaft beside her chin and cheek.

There was a sound at the stairs behind us, and then the distinct noise of Mrs. Eggleston’s high heels descending. Candy turned her head, her ear pressing against my pubic bone, wrapped her arms around my legs and squeezed me once in a quick hug. Quickly, she stood and stepped to the bar sink, wringing out the cloth as Mrs. Eggleston appeared.

“Well, Donovan,” Mrs. Eggleston said, “all clean?”

I turned toward her, my cumbersome cock half erect from Candy’s sensual touch. I swallowed and cleared my throat.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Good. Candy, you may go. Donovan, we have a lot to talk about. It’s time I was clear with you about what I do and how you can help me.”

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