A Playground Ride

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Her eyes stared into him for a while, contemplating the atmosphere around them. They were alone in the dark, in a playground well past the time when children were in their beds. She’s kissed him before but she’s never done more, despite his numerous attempts at touching her. He was always respectful of course, stopping any action if he sensed her discomfort. She was rarely uncomfortable around him, feeling safe within his presence. The sexual desire between them was never something too strong to control.

Yet, today she felt something different. She had a feeling of desire that was more than sexual. Perhaps the single shot of vodka they drank together had something to do with it, or maybe it was her sober lust for him that drove her. They were sitting on a swing when he put his hand on her thigh, dragging it upwards slowly, looking for a red light to stop him or a green light to push him on. It wasn’t long before she was sitting on the very edge of the swing to be as close to him as possible, her skirt unable to cover her bare ass from the cold metal underneath her.

Her lips played with his like two dogs asserting dominance on one another. Fearless, limitless, with no sense of right or wrong and no consideration of the blissful sins they were committing. His hand kept getting higher until he pushed past her skirt and reached her thong where the hand paused and waited. Her first instinct was to push his hand away as this was the first time they got this far, and yet she stopped herself, realizing that the feeling of fear and uncertainty wasn’t there like it usually was. She grinded against his hand for a short while, bursa escort bayan and then decided to take it a bit further. Her knee found the side of the swing he was sitting on and she climbed on top of him, sensing his lust for her before she felt it pressing up her skirt, searching for her depth. His desperate hands, the bulging outline on his pants, and the glint in his eyes all together displayed the hunger in his heart. It was only a matter of time now. Her skirt panties were not thick enough to stop the feeling of his dick on her sex, and she grinded against him wildly, momentarily losing control as he held moved her hips back and forth with his hands.

Her lips left his as they gasped for breath, his hands immediately going for his zipper, preparing for what felt so surely meant to be. He pulled out his length and despite the darkness, it seemed to glow to her eyes, as if she was looking for nothing but that. She looked at him with eyes whimpering with energy and nervousness, unsure if she was willing to lose her virginity despite the long time she had known him for. They were not in a relationship nor were they in love, yet the intimacy between them was so binding and so strong that she knew she would choose this over any love. It was simply powerful enough. She looked at him with silent consent.

No words were needed for this, as they were close enough to understand each other’s emotions. He watched her closely as he lifted her up and pushed his hand closer to her spot. He slipped his fingers in and worked on widening her, just to make sure it wouldn’t hurt more than it had to. He did this for gorukle escort a bit until they both got too impatient, and he slid her panties to the side, easing her down onto himself, her body taking him in deeper and deeper, each inch feeling longer than the one before it. Her body convulsed as she reached his base, waves of euphoria digging into her body, sending shockwaves of pure joy through her chest and into her skull. She froze like that and left him to lift her back up, the friction from him and the inside of her body rolling her eyes back further, the feeling of an orgasm already beginning to rise despite them just beginning.

He raised her up till just before it was about to pop out of her, and then pushed her back down, her muscles pulsating around his shaft, smothering it with sheer lust and desire. He felt her heat emanating into him, the temperature between her legs rising significantly in a short time as her pleasure increased more and more. He brought her down to his waist once more and then used his hips to push into her, taking her upwards into the sky, the swing bobbing slightly with their movements, encouraging them onwards. He started to feel the right rhythm and began thrusting harder, using his hips rather than just his hands to get himself into her and out of her faster and more purposefully. His tip began throbbing inside her and she felt him deeper inside her than she thought possible. His smooth head now barely moving, he could barely control himself as he began wildly going into her, her juices seeping out in the fraction of time between each thrust, his head barely bursa merkez escort bayan able to get out due to its sudden growth. They both stared into each other’s souls, unable to stop, her soft moans getting slightly louder, slightly less soft and less rhythmic. Her breath got weaker and disorganized, and his thrusts became louder. He was silent when it came to these matters but this time he couldn’t contain himself.

His pleasure echoed from his throat, his animalistic pleasure causing animalistic sounds. Growling like a hungry beast, he looked at her with such need that she felt herself grow stronger and larger, like a bigger beast than him who seemed so dependent on her for pleasure. She took control of the moment, her hand pulling his hair ever-so-gently, her lips looking for his neck. She sucked his neck like a vampire needing blood, her other hand now on the small of his back, doing what little she could from that position to push him deeper inside her.

He responded immediately, one of his hands remaining on her ass, permanently grabbing her like he was hanging on, his other hand now reaching for the back of her head as he tilted his own head backwards, moaning with joy at the hickey she was giving him and the imminent orgasm he was about to release. The swing was creaking now, the rust sounding clearly from around the hinges, as the two were nearing their end. Her breath turned to mere gasps as she felt her soul leave her, and with her muscles all contracted and poised and her sex holding him hostage, her orgasm crashed into him, causing his final thrust to end with his own. He came inside her, clueless to the problems this may cause, clueless to everything but the pure love he felt in that moment.

He remained inside her for a while after they were done, processing what they just did. She was more than content to lay in his arms in the meantime, reimagining the events she had just experience.

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