A Quickie: The Stairwell, with Him

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Note: All characters in this story are over 18.


It’s risky, I know, but I’m willing to chance it.

Todd might not even show up; I barely know him, after all. He works on the 12th floor, which is mostly financial positions. He could be in accounting perhaps but that doesn’t really seem fitting. Maybe an investor, though he doesn’t tend to dress the part.

Makes no difference either way. He’s hot and he has me in a frenzy.

This morning was not the first time I’ve bumped into Todd. Our company, Blaese Insurance, has a lot of employees but I’ve seen him around a few times, marveled over his gorgeous eyes and his dark shoulder length hair before. I’ve watched his ass while walking behind him and eyed his arm muscles as he carried a couple of filing boxes past.

It is the first time we talked or exchanged numbers though, when we both arrived at the elevator together. The texts started shortly thereafter, innocently at first but by lunchtime they got quite steamy. I’m not really sure how it got as far as it did.

He asked if I’d like to have dinner sometime, perhaps with dessert. I teasingly replied that I like my dessert before dinner, to work up an appetite and all. He shot back with how he would work up my hunger. Next thing I know, we are describing what we would do to each other in such detail that I was beyond hot and bothered.

Maybe it’s been too long since I got laid and I jumped the gun with my messages. Normally I’d make a man wine and dine me before even thinking about putting out. But Not Todd. Not today. If he is half as good with his dick as he is with his words…I’m ready.

“Stairwell, 9th floor,” was the last thing I sent. Konya Escort I’ll feel a fool if he does not come. Worse yet, if he does show up but isn’t feeling as adventurous as I am.

Just as soon as I start to convince myself this was a huge mistake, I hear the door open a few floors above. Todd, rushing down the stairs says “Sorry, I got-“.

I pull him down on top of me, where I sit on a step. “No time for talking,” I advise.

Our mouths connect in a fervid, needful manner. With heavy breaths we convey our desire for one another through our lips, his tongue against my own, our hands scrambling over the others body. Soft whimpers uttering from me as I become needier, wetter, and desperately aroused.

Fumbling over his belt with shaky hands, I’m finally able to unbuckle it. His slacks are all buttons in place of a zipper and the adrenaline is leaving me unable to work them properly. Todd steps back to unbutton himself, freeing his hardness from the stuffy constraints of modern business attire.

He moves up a stair, standing exposed in front of me, the head of his thick cock glistening. I take my tongue to it, tasting him as I hold his shaft in one hand and stroke him with the other.

“Oh, Emilia,” he moans as I take him into my mouth. “You really are a bad little girl, aren’t you?”

“Mm-hmm,” I agree, the sound reverberating over his rigid staff, heightening his pleasure as he moans again.

His hands grab my hair and holds my head in place. “My naughty, naughty girl. Playing when she should be working,” he says with a tsk-tsk as he starts thrusting his dick rapidly into my mouth.

I relax my throat to take him in as deep as I can. Konya Escort Bayan With each plunge he makes I feel my eagerness grow. We have limited time and I need him now.

He pulls my head back from him and I try to catch my breath. It’s no simple task with the excitement of a new lover and the thrill of being caught.

Still holding my head he asks, “Do you want to be a good girl, Emilia?”

“Yes, I do. I want to be your good little girl, Todd,” I play along.

He slowly sinks his hard cock back into my mouth, pushing little by little. “Be a good girl then and take it all.” Going further and further, I almost have his whole length swallowed. He tries to push deeper but I can’t take any more in. He’s throbbing so much I’m about to choke.

“I’ll make a good girl out of you, yet,” he teases, withdrawing quickly then pulling me up to my feet. He reaches up under my skirt, lowers my panties, and whirls me around with his hand pushing down on my back. I prop my upper body with my arms; my knees on the cold, hard stairs.

Even though I was bracing for his force, he rammed his dick into me with such exertion my knees gave out and I lay sprawled across the steps. A satisfying squeal, louder than I would have liked, escapes me as he fills the void in my wet, aching pussy.

“Oh, Todd, fuck me good,” I encourage, the words feeling odd out loud. Being so vocal is out of my comfort zone, but then so is this whole experience. And that sort of talk is what lead us here so I try to keep it going.

“You like that, yeah?” he says softly into my ear, continuing to ravage me from behind, my cunt quivering around his shaft.

I moan in agreement. The Escort Konya sound of us banging echoes within the stairwell, driving me wild.

I try to prop back up a little but the weight of his body keeps me down. He reaches around and lifts my waist up, allowing me to meet his lunges with my own.

His fingers work their way to my clit. He works it furiously, “I want my bad little girl to come all over my dick.” His free hand grabs a handful of my hair, pulling my head back, “Come for me,” he instructs as his mouth connects with mine once again.

The feel of his hot breath against my own along with the woodsy musk scent of his cologne swirl in my head, sending me over the edge. I gasp in ecstasy as he pulls my head back farther, kissing on my neck aggressively.

“Yes,” I pant repeatedly, my pussy contracting over his pulsating rock hard cock as he rams into me one final time. I feel as though I’m melting.

“Fuck,” he lets out in a low continuous grunt, gripping me tightly, filling me with his warmth. I feel some of it slowly dripping out of me as he withdrawals.

Without a moment left to bask in the aftermath, we hear a door open somewhere above. Todd helps me to my feet. My legs are wobbly but I manage to pull my panties up, fix my clothes, and attempt to tame my hair. We hear someone talking, probably on the phone.

“Well, that was fun. Thanks,” I whisper to Todd.

“Thanks? I hope this was more than that. My offer for dinner still stands,” Todd whispers back.

“We’ll see,” I tease, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before heading out of the stairwell. I walk back to my office, watching to see if anyone may have noticed but no one pays me any attention.

I sit at my desk, my panties completely saturated, my pussy sore from Todd. I begin to think my boring days at the office are long gone.

He was right: I am a naughty, naughty girl and I can’t wait to see what kind of fun lies ahead.


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