A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 07

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The reality of my situation in the prison came back to me in that shocking instant as Rocco told me what he was in for. Feeling dizzy I grabbed the bunk bed to keep from fainting. I looked over to him and asked, “You murdered a man for having cyber sex with your wife?”

“Hell man, take it easy, I’m just kidding. Actually he was fucking my wife in real life, I walked in on them and, well I threw him out a window.”

“Damn, how far did he fall?” I asked in amazement.

“It was only a single story house, and the window was open, so he only tore through the screen. He landed out in the grass, but when I went over to the window to look, he must have thought I was coming after him. He got up and ran out into the street, right in front of a garbage truck. It was a real mess.”

“You got arrested for that?”

“Yeah, I blame it on my lawyer, some court appointed geek.”

“Wait a minute,” I said, “did he wear his hair in a braided pony tail…”

“Yeah, big horn rimmed…”

“…glasses, with a bad case of acne.”

“That’s the son of a bitch,” Rocco growled. “Do you know him?”

“Yeah, he’s working on my appeal right now.”

“So he’s the idiot who fucked you up. Hell, he’s been working on my appeal too, for six months now.”

“Damn, it’s taken that long?”

“Justice is slow Jack, but I think I may have delayed it a bit. I had to beat up a couple of guys here, not really my fault, but it delayed things some.”

“So it’s not very safe here.”

“It rus escort is now, for me… and you too little buddy. Once they see you’re with me everyone will treat you right.”

“Wow, I guess I am lucky to get tossed in with you,” I said.

“A little guy like you would need to be real mean not to have a hard time here. Real mean or have a real mean friend. You’ve got a friend who can be real mean when he needs to be.”

Rocco turned out to be a lifesaver for me in those months I was awaiting appeal. We pretty much went everywhere together, so I felt very safe while in prison. Hell, we even visited our so-called lawyer together, who did feel bad about our predicament and was working his inept ass off trying to get thing done.

Sexually, I was happy continuing with the amazing oral sex with him, but Rocco wanted more, so I wanted to give him more. Again, his cock was not enormous like the rest of him, but it was large enough to keep me very concerned. The man was amazingly gentle though, penetrating me with his fingers and then his thumb as he sucked me off. After a while I got used to him penetrating me and told him I thought I was ready for him.

It was a beautiful thing. Rocco made it all so special, making a deal with the guys in the kitchen to slip me an extra dessert. After dinner we walked out in the yard as the sun set behind the barbed wire and fencing. Once in our cell, he gently undressed me, kissing my lips and then descending yenimahalle escort to my nipples. He kneaded my ass as our cocks brushed against each other, all while he licked and sucked my nipples.

When he kneeled in front of me, he kissed my cock and balls before drawing me into his mouth. His head bobbed back and forth as he sucked me to where I was about to come and then he stopped. He then stacked two pillows on his bunk and guided me on top of them.

Somehow he had gotten some lubricant and after letting him watch me lube up his beautiful cock he pushed his finger into me, making sure I was well lubricated too. I was so turned on thinking how that glistening rod was going to penetrate me and fuck me. Rocco reached down and took hold of my cock, stroking it some and then fixing it between the pillows. I wasn’t sure why he did that, but I soon found out.

I whispered, “Okay, I’m ready,” and I felt his hand on my ass, pulling one cheek aside. Then I felt his cock gently brush against me and then it began to push against me.

“Relax,” Rocco said gently and then he pushed forward, slowly pushing the head of his cock inside me.

Feeling myself stretch I tried to relax, fighting the urge to squeeze myself shut. Slowly I opened to him and he went deeper and deeper until he stopped. I could feel him pushing hard against me and then I suddenly opened again to him and he pushed into me all the way.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned, and then pulled out slowly. Not wanting to slip out, he backed out just a bit and then thrust again. He repeated his motion again, this time pulling out a little further.

Soon he had built up to a rhythm and I could feel his balls slapping against mine. When he pushed deep into me, my cock was shoved between the pillows. With my weight on the pillows I felt a surge of pleasure that surged through my ass and then out into my cock. Damn, I don’t know if it was getting fucked in the ass, or the pillows, but I was about to come.

Wanting to hold off until Rocco came, I concentrated on his breathing and as it increased I knew he was getting there too. When he moaned loudly and shoved himself deep inside me, I let myself go, spurting my cum into the pillows as I felt his cock twitching in my ass as he came inside me.

When he finished, he let his weight cover me as he tried to catch his breath. The feeling of him inside me, his weight pushing me down on the bunk was amazing, something I wanted to feel again and again. After a while, my ass pinched his cock out of me and he took some of his weight off me.

I turned onto my back, my flaccid cock pressed onto his stomach as we embraced and kissed. Wrapping my legs around him, I squeezed him as tightly as I could as I whispered, “Oh Rocco that was so good.”

He lifted his head and smiled down at me. “Yeah, you know as pissed off as I was at our lawyer, I am kind of glad he screwed up. We’d have never met otherwise.”

“But it’s about time he got us out of here.”

“Yeah, imagine doing this on a nice bed, with carpeted floors.”

“And without a few hundred inmates and guards listening in.”

We got up and cleaned up at our sink, both thinking of life together on the outside.

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