A Rapist At 14

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A Rapist At 14

My Dad was a wonderful man always had an encouraging word for you. He would take my sister and me to the park or zoo on the week ends. He was great to be around. Now my mother was something else. Always criticizing finding fault with everything Dad or I did, she bitched about everything. She was always whacking me on the head or cursing at me. A real bitch. My sister who was three years younger was a pain in the ass. She was always telling on me to mom, a real pest. Mom and Dad argued and fought all the time. She would tell him he was no good and couldn’t do anything right. He would tell her she was a worthless bitch and a lousy fuck. That would set her off and she would shout, “Maybe I’m a lousy lay because you’re such a short dicked son of a bitch. This went on constantly she always took it out on me when these things happened. I was angry all the time. I got into several fights at school and even got suspended for three days. You should have heard Mom then telling me I was a worthless piece of shit.

One night when I was ten I heard this loud talking and screaming. I got out of bed and went to investigate. Dad was staggering around in the kitchen drunk. Mom was telling him what a no good bastard he was. He suddenly grabbed her and slammed her down on the kitchen table and tours her night gown off. Mom was very skinny with small tits that were about three inches apart. She had a very large bush of black hair between her legs. She was hitting his chest with her fist. My Dad was a pretty big man 6’3” and weighed about 210lbs. (this I found out later). He dropped his pants and shorts and he took his not so short dick about seven inches and maybe five inches around. I looked at my little three inch dick and wondered if I would ever be that big. Anyway he jammed it between mother’s legs and started running his thing in and out of her hole. She was shouting “DON’T YOU DARE PUT YOUR COCK (I learned a new word) IN ME YOU DRUNKEN SON OF A BITCH.” After about two minutes she stopped shouting at him and threw her legs over his back and started riding his cock like she was afraid it would run away. She kept saying “I hate you for making me want you, you miserable drunken no good cock sucker ahhhhhhh no you bastard I don’t want to cum, no stop it, oh christ don’t stop, oh shit, fuck ahhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuug,” and she seemed to pull herself into him as close as possible. Dad kept on shoving his big cock in and out of her bushy hole. She was sobbing and moaning words I couldn’t hear. It seemed like it would go on forever but then he grabbed her ass and shoved himself at her as hard as he could and I heard him say, Oh yes hmmmmmm. You’re such a bitch but you do have a great cunt. He gave her a couple more strokes and then pulled out of her. He left her lying on the table and went to bed. Mom laid there with her legs spread out and her legs hanging over the table with this white stuff oozing out from between her bush. I got closer and looked between her legs. She had this slit that was wide open and beginning to close with that white cream like stuff still oozing out of that slit.

It went like that for the next two years, fighting constantly and mother continued to berate me on a daily bases. Then just after my twelfth birthday my Dad after a big fight with mother packed his bags and gave both my sister and me a kiss and a hug and said I’m leaving. I love you kids but I can’t stand her anymore and left. He moved to another city when his company transferred him there. I missed him and hated my mother for causing him to leave us. For the next two years my mother verbally and physically abused me. Not sexually but by beating me. When I was fourteen I had grown quite a bit I was 5’ 9” and weighed 155lbs. My dick had grown to six and half inches. My Dad had given me a set of weights on that twelfth birthday, and I was beginning to bulk up. Mom wasn’t beating any longer because I was a great deal bigger than her. She was only about 5’2” and maybe 100lbs. Skinny as a rail and her tits were beginning to sag with her hair always in a bun. However she still continued to berate me. Nothing I did suited her. I was jacking off quiet a bit and had been doing it for about a year. Between it and the weights I kept my sanity.

One afternoon after school I was beating myself off as I usually did when my sister came into my room and saw me. “I’m going to tell Mom I’m going to tell,” and ran into her room and locked the door. I begged her not to tell and that I would buy her an ice cream every day for a week “No I’m going to tell that you were doing something bad and will you get it” Sure enough Mom was hardly in the door when she ran in and shouted I saw Ray (that’s my name) playing with his thingy Mommy. “What are you telling me Sara (that’s her name.) I saw Ray playing with his thing and she demonstrated by using a jacking off motion. Mom came into my room and started slapping my gaziantep escort face and screaming, YOU LITTLE PERVERT, YOU’RE JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER. I grabbed her hands so she couldn’t hit me anymore and shoved her out of my room and locked the door. She was still screaming through the door. JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER YOU SON OF A BITCHEN PERVERT! I turned up my radio so I wouldn’t have to hear her. She finally went a way. I didn’t go to dinner and I lay on my bed hitting the pillow and saying “ Sara you bitch I’m going to make you sorry you did that, over and over.

Two days later my Mom went to her usual weekly Bingo game. She said she would be home between 10:30 and 11:00. It was 7:00 o’clock when she left. I waited a half hour and then I was determined to get my revenge. When I heard my sister taking a bath I pounded on the door. “I have to go to the bathroom,” I said. I’m taking a bath go away. I told her that if she didn’t let me in I was going to go and pee on her bed. “Cover up and unlock the door” I told her. She did and I went in and peed. She was in the tub and had pulled the shower curtain across so all you could see was her head. I could see she was looking at me out of the corner of my eye. When I finished peeing I took a little extra time shaking it so she would get a good look. Then I said, “What are you looking at,” she jerked the curtain closed and I laughed. I picked up her night gown and left.

About ten minutes later I heard her shout, “You ass hole where is my night gown?” On your bed I told her. “ASS HOLE” she screamed and came stomping out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. I hid in her closet and as soon as she came in and reached for her gown I snuck over and locked her door. I was naked and she looked at me wide eyed and said “Wh-what are you doing, why are you naked.” Well you little bitch I told you I would get even with you for telling Mom about my jacking off and now I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. “You wouldn’t dare, I’ll tell Mom. I never said another word. I pushed her on the bed and spread her legs and looked at her little cunt that was just starting to get hair around it. She tried to hit me but I grabbed both her hands and put them behind her back and held them with one hand and I took the other and stuck a finger into her tiny pussy. Boy was she tight. I slipped that finger in and out of her as fast as I could move my arm. I could feel her hymen every time I had my finger all the way in. Her pussy started to lubricate and it became easier to pump her little cunt. I than inserted two fingers and renewed my rapid pumping. She was crying and trying to get away from me. Then she started struggling less and less as my finger flew in and out of her twat. I felt her rear up into my finger and her ass quivered and murmured ohhhhhhh. I new she had had a climax and wondered if it was her first. I figured now was the time so I took my rock hard cock and inserted the head into her pussy. She screamed “ OH RAY YOUR HURTING ME.” I didn’t care, I wanted to hurt her for all the grief she had caused with my mother. I shoved down into her cunt and there was a momentary pause when my dick hit the hymen and then it tore. She screamed again Oh please Ray that hurt so bad and she was really crying hard. I started pushing in and out of her little pee hole almost as fast as I had with my fingers. I leaned down and took her little titties that were just starting to form and sucked one into my mouth and gently bit her nipple. I couldn’t get my cock all the way in only about 2’3rds of my dick. I felt my balls well up and I shot a torrent of cum up into her little pussy. I collapsed on top of her and started kissing her neck, ears and titties.
I tried to kiss her in the mouth but she would have none of it.

We laid like that, her crying and my kissing her all over. My cock which had not completely gone soft was getting hard again so I started pumping in and out of her fuck hole again. This time it was slower and more gentle. After I had been fucking her for about five minutes she lifted her knees up and I went inside about another inch. She put her arms around my neck and said Oh Ray you hurt me real bad but now it feels much better. She was pushing back against my cock and pretty soon I felt her shove her stomach hard into my groin and I felt her quiver and I new she had had another orgasm. I picked up speed and came, loading her little box with more cum. We lay quiet for about a half hour and then I got up to pee. When I got back I could see blood and cum juice on the sheets. I started playing with her little titties and I leaned down and kissed her. There was no resistance now. I put my tongue in her mouth and slid it across the roof of her mouth. She giggled and said “That Tickled. We kissed like that and I got another hard on and I fucked her again. She responded and had a couple of orgasms. She fell asleep and I got up realizing it was almost ten O’clock. Mom came home and went to bed as did I.

The next morning Mom was fixing breakfast and I was sitting at the table having a glass of milk and coffee. Sara came in the kitchen and immediately said, Mom Ray hurt me real bad last night. He put his thingy into my pee-pee hole and he made me bleed and it hurt something awful. She started crying. Mom came at me screaming YOU DIRTY PERVERTED BASTARD. Something snapped in side me and all the hatred I had for her welled up and I grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back like I had done to Sara. I shoved her onto the table spilling my coffee. She was still in her night gown so I lifted it above her waste. I dropped my pants and took my cock and shoved it up her hairy black bush. He cunt was dry but I didn’t care. All the humiliation, and anger in me came flooding out of me. I pounded her as hard as I could trying to hurt her. Because of the previous night and my anger I fucked her for over a half an hour without Cuming. Her pussy became extremely wet and I felt her climax several times. What really pissed me off was when she threw her legs up over my back after I let her hands go, and she whispered, “Oh Ray I hate you for making me like it. She was riding my shaft as if it might go away. She was fucking my cock as much as I was fucking her cunt.

I became angrier because all my hatred was going to waste. My Mom was enjoying being fuck, even if it was her son. In frustration I pulled out of her hot wet pussy and jammed my cock up her ass. She screamed, “Fuck Ray that hurt like hell, stop it now.” I pumped her ass as fast and hard as I could. She was whimpering, “Oh god what is happening to me. It hurts and it feels good all at the same time.” I pulled out and spun her around and jammed my cock back into her ass doggy style. When it came out I saw that I had shit spread all over my cock but I didn’t care; I was getting even for all the remarks and pain she had caused me. She was even shoving her ass back at me and for some reason I could not cum. I fucked that ass until it was raw. I was still mad because no matter how I had tried to hurt both Sara and Mom they ended up liking it. I pulled my dick out and sat her down on the floor. I wiped some of the shit off with the table cloth and shoved my cock at her lips. She opened her mouth and I shoved it in. “Clean and suck my cock you cunt” I said. She didn’t hesitate she started licking off the shit and cum still left on my dick. Sucking the head of it. I push further into her mouth until I could feel the end of it on her tonsils. I pushed more and the head of my dick penetrated her throat and she started choking so I withdrew and she took several deep breaths before I shoved it back in until my balls were on her chin. My hand was on her neck and I could feel the bulge in her throat from my cock.

Sara must have gotten scared at what I was doing to her mother because she ran into the bedroom and locked her door. I pulled out of Moms throat and let her breathe and then shoved it back in and fucked her throat until I came about a minute later. I enjoyed watching her throat constrict, as cum pored out of my dick and down her throat. I pulled out of her mouth and sat down across from her. She was panting and I looked down between her legs where cum was oozing out of her cunt. She got up without saying a word and got a drink of warm water and then went to her bedroom. I just sat there for about an hour before I got up and made me a fried egg sandwich.

About eleven thirty I decided I wasn’t threw with Mom so I went to Moms room and without knocking I walked in. She was lying on her bed still in her night gown. Her legs were propped up and I could see her bushy pussy. “I said I’m going to fuck you again.” Not saying a word she opened up her knees and I crawled between her legs and sunk my cock into her still wet pussy. I fucked her for about five minutes when she threw her legs around me and began to hump my cock. I came to realize that she really did have a nice cunt and when she got hot she could squeeze down and her vulva would wrap around my cock as I fucked. It took me about 20 minutes before I came. I left and went back to the kitchen and fixed me another sandwich. This time it was a ham and cheese. I went to my room and played a game. About four o’clock I started reviewing the events of the day and smiled inwardly. I began to get hard again so I went back to Moms room and walked in. She opened her legs again without a word and I fucked her. Her pussy milked my cock again until I came and went back to my room. About eight O’clock I took a long hot shower. Afterdrying off I walked naked back to Moms Room. When I opened the door she was in bed. She pulled the covers back and I could see she was naked also. She had taken a shower and I soon realized she had douched both her cunt and ass out. I french kissed her. It was the first time I had ever given my mother a kiss, it seemed strange. I placed my hand on her tit and began to massage it. There was little substance to it being as skinny as she was. I rubbed her nipples and soon they puffed out a little more and I took her breast into my mouth. I could almost put the whole thing in because it was so soft and pliable. I ran my tongue over and around her nipple. Her breathing became deeper and faster. I lowered my hand between her legs and massaged her vulva, parting her lips and inserting my finger. I massaged the inside of her pussy and clit. I put my finger into her wet pussy and began finger fucking her using my thumb to stimulate her clit. I soon had two and then three fingers in. Her cunt seemed to be able to expand to whatever size came into that cavern. I folded my thumb and pushed and my whole fist went threw her lips and into her cunt clear to my wrist. She was breathing hard and she moaned as my fist entered. I lifted her ass up and pushed a pillow under her and began to pump my fist in and out of her. Faster and faster I went until my fist was like a jack hammer pumping the inside of her pussy. Right from the beginning she started moaning Oh Ray your making me cum yess son oh right there Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaauuuggggg and then “my god son your doing it again, I can’t believe I’m cummmmmmmmmmming. Then with in minutes she screamed Oh ohmygod OHHH MMYYYYGOD I CAN’T STOP CUMMING and I felt wave after wave of cum soak my fist. She was mumbling incoherently.

Finally my arm began to ache from all that piston action and I slowed down. I opened my forefinger and felt around the bottom of her cunt till I found her cervix and the vaginal fornix. I began to push against it’s small opening. I don’t know if it was because she had a couple of kids or not but it opened up and I shoved my finger to the second knuckle. I felt her suck in her breath and I started fucking her cervix with my finger. Oh christ son your making me feel things I have never felt before, Oh god how can it be, yessssss, shit I’m going to cum again and she screamed iieeeeeeeeee. As her ass began to hump up and down and she was shoving her pussy at my hand. I kept fucking that cervix until I couldn’t move my arm anymore. I flopped down next to her and Moms ass was still twitching ten minutes later. I laid there with the hardest hard-on I had ever had. When her breathing finally got to normal she whispered to my, “fuck me in the ass son but do it gently. I turned her on her side and entered her ass easily because she had douched her ass with water and oil. I fucked her like that for over an hour slow and easy, slow an easy. I began increasing my speed as I felt my balls finally begin to show some life. I unloaded a great amount of sticky cum way up in the depths of her ass cavity. We laid like that with my cock up her ass until she fell asleep. I kissed her on the neck and slowly withdrew from her ass. I got up and went into the bathroom and washed my dick with soap and water and went to bed.

I woke up and felt Sara crawl into bed with me it was four in the morning. She put her arms around me and said “please Ray don’t hurt me like last night.” I said “No Sara I’ll never hurt you again. From now on I will make you feel good. I scooted down and took her little breast into my mouth and sucked rolling my tongue around and over her little nipples. I slid my hand between her legs and put a finger into her pussy and slowly finger fucked her using my thumb to rub and manipulate her little clittie. Sara whispered, “Oh Ray that feels so good, I’ve never had such feelings.” I know honey and it’s only going to get better. As soon as I felt her wetness I slid down between her legs and kissed her little mound running my tongue up and down her slit. I penetrated her hole with my tongue and began to suck and lick her pussy and clit. She was shoving her pelvic bone hard against mine. She was Cuming about every two or three minuets moaning and telling me when she was Cuming. I moved back up her body and french kissed her. Then I slid my cock into her tight little vagina and fucked it nice and slow causing her to have several orgasms. After about forty minuets I felt that sensation in my balls and I exploded against the back walls of her tight little cunt.

Until after my graduation I fucked Sara every morning and Mom every night. I drank a lot of milk and ate yogurt to keep my balls oiled for action. Mom loved being fisted and Sara loved me to eat her pussy. Both Sara and Mom filled out.. Mom gained some weight and her tits filled back up and she let her hair down and was pleasant to look at. Sara was a woman by the time she was fourteen with full well rounded 36C cup tits and an ass that was absolutely fantastic. I liked to take credit for that ass because of my fucking it. Mom’s ass was still rather flat but it could take all I have to give.

(In the next chapter I will tell you about the things I did away from home.)
All rights reserved to the Author

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