A Restorative Weekend Ch. 03

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He awoke first. They were still in a tangle of limbs, the blanket barely covering them, but Carla’s cottage was warm, and they had both slept deeply. He remembered the night before – the extraordinary experiences that he had shared with Carla, the intimacy they had been able to find in such a short space of time. He watched her as she slept, her dark hair flowing over her shoulders, her tender legs against his.

A pang of guilt hit him in the chest. Michael was meant to be here thinking. He was meant to be here sorting his head out. He was meant to be alone. Yet he felt more fulfilled in this moment than he had in nearly 8 years. Was this simply the thrill of an illicit affair, or something more meaningful? Either way, he was in too far now to worry about that in this moment. He had tasted something he had been hungry for for years, and the thrill of the connection was more than he could possibly ignore. He continued to watch her as the light grew in the room. He had no idea how long he watched her for, but he was lost in Carla’s complexion, the rhythm of her breathing.

She shifted, and the blanket slipped slightly, revealing one of her beautiful breasts to him. He felt his penis begin to stir, and sat up gently. Carla didn’t stir, and he watched her deep breaths once more, her chest rising and falling. Michael leant over her, kneeling between her legs, and kissed her cheek ever so softly.

She murmured something inaudible, and he placed his hands on her shoulders gently. Michael lowered his head and kissed her tiny nipple, then opened his lips ever so slightly, allowing his tongue to explore her. It was perfect. He felt as Carla’s nipple hardened and cupped her breast in his hand. Her areola was darker than he had thought last night, and it contracted as he licked her, puckering slightly. He heard Carla whimper softly as he took her other nipple in his mouth, her hands coming up to his shoulders, her dark eyes opening slowly. Michael looked up to see her staring at him, her sleepy face warm and beautiful.

Michael smiled gently. “Good morning Carla. I hope you slept as well as I did.”

Carla nodded slowly, a broad smile spreading across her face as her head rolled back and Michael sucked most of one her her breasts into his warm mouth. They both enjoyed the slurping sound that his mouth made as her soft flesh resisted his attempt. From that moment, it was a frenzy. Carla was filled with desire for Michael, and he was already rock-hard. They kissed each other with a passion escort that neither had experienced before, their mouths locked in a deep, wet, dance with one another. Her hands clutched his back, his hands held the back of her head. She pushed him back, leaning over him this time, her breasts pressing against his chest, her rock-hard nipples stimulated by the downy hair on Michael’s chest.

She purred as she kissed him, her body between his legs on the sofa that morning. His hands reached down her sides, around her thighs and inwards towards her most private place. He felt the heat of her as his fingers felt the public hair surrounding her engorged labia. He felt her slick and wet, the folds of skin erect and her movements signalling for him that she was ready for him to touch her. Using his index and ring fingers, he parted her lips, his index finger stroking slowly up from her perineum to her clitoris, arousing an animalistic yelp from deep in Clara’s throat.

Clara lifted herself up, reaching down to hold Michael’s erect cock in her hands, and lowered herself slowly onto his member. He groaned deeply as he felt himself enter her vagina, her wetness surrounding him slowly until his entire penis was inside her hot, lithe body. They paused momentarily, looking into one another’s eyes, and the connection in that moment was something extraordinarily intimate.

Clara began to roll her pelvis ever so slightly, and Michael watched as her pussy lips, swollen with desire, moved around his erection. They both heard the gentle slurp of her juices as he found his way even deeper into her, and they both held each other tightly, his chest pressing into her warm bosom. Michael’s hands found their way to her toned, shapely bottom, and he felt her muscles contract as she slowly rose up on him, saw her inner lips emerge from her vagina as she lifted off his cock. She rocked on him for some minutes, steadying herself on his shoulders, her arms up his back. It was the closest she had felt to anyone for many months. their closeness was absolute in that minute, their deep rhythm calm, heavy and full of lust. it felt like they say like that, him inside her, for hours.

At some point, she led him upstairs to the bedroom, to a more comfortable place, to her bed.

“I want you so badly Carla. I haven’t felt this alive for years.”

She didn’t reply, but took him by the hand and lay down on the bed, her face down, a pillow under her pelvis. Michael looked at her, stretched out beneath him and thought escort bayan she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her perfect figure taught and full of energy. He looked at her bottom, beautifully formed, her slender legs, her toned back, her long neck. Running his hands through her raven-like hair, he kissed her earlobes gently, on at a time. He kissed her tenderly all the way down her body, down her spine, her hips, the small of her back, down her legs to her toes. As he looked up, he saw her slit between her legs, glistening in the morning light.

As his kisses traced her inner thighs, he caught her scent, gentle and musty, and felt a strong desire to taste her. Parting the cheeks of her bottom slightly with his hands, he allowed himself access to her vulva. His tongue licked slowly from the below her vagina down to her clitoris, lingering there for a few moments before repeating the same movement, resting his flat tongue on her clit until he felt her movement – a signal to start again. Her breathing deepened, suggesting this was good for her, and he kept this movement going for some time. Then he traced around her labia with his tongue, gently sucking her lips into his mouth, and finally thrusting his tongue into her vagina whilst opening her up with his fingers. She began to groan in time with his movements and he was suddenly aware once more of his own arousal.

Clara felt herself getting close to climax. Michael’s mouth was quite wonderful, and she was ready to cum. She put her fingers down to her clitoris and touched herself rapidly whilst he continued to push his tongue into her. It was only a matter of moments before he heard her grunting, signalling a coming orgasm, and felt the strong muscles at the opening of her vagina contracting around his tongue and fingers.

Michael kneeled up, watching her enjoy her climax. He couldn’t have been more aroused at that moment, or so he thought. Clara turned her head, remaining prone, and whispered to him “I want you inside me”. He was not in a position to refuse, even if he had wanted to, and he quickly guided his huge erection inside Clara’s sopping pussy. They both felt as he pushed hard inside her, her hands still stroking herself face-down, but now on her mound rather than her post-orgasmic clitoris. He held her hips as he thrust deep inside her body, sometimes reaching round to her chest to hold her breasts in his hands. her bottom cushioned his thrusts, and he enjoyed the softness of the sensation on his belly, bayan escort around his cock.

Clara took Michael’s right hand from her buttock and sucked it briefly, before guiding to her anus. “Put a finger inside me Michael” she moaned. “I love feeling something in there when I cum”. His wet finger slid relatively easily inside her relaxed arsehole, and he felt her muscles tense and relax, both around his finger and his cock. He built up a pace gradually. Slow and deep to start with, more thrusting in time. Her pelvis followed his movents and she enjoyed the sensation of being vulnerable to him, submissive almost. Eventually, he was pulling himself almost completely from her soaking pussy each stroke before pushing hard into her. Her yelps and moans grew and grew along with the the wetness on them both, until they both knew she was on the edge of another orgasm.

“Where do you want me to cum?” Asked Michael, desperate for release.

“Cum inside my pussy” came the unexpected answer. “I can’t have you pull out. Keep going – I want to feel your cum inside me. Now!”

Michael didn’t need to be told twice. Looking at her contracting anus around his finger, he thrust deep inside her, feeling her orgasm as he felt his surging inside his body, then inside hers. His cum flowed into Clara’s vagina in rhythmic, violent pulses, and they both shouted as they reached an astonishing high.

Michael collapsed on top of Clara, their sweaty bodies spent. He felt as his penis softened, and her vagina contracted once more, pushing him out gently. He kneeled up, watching a slick of his semen, mixed with Clara’s juices, flow gently from her vagina and onto the bed beneath. She sighed as he placed his hand on her bottom, spooning her and she rolled onto her side. Their post-orgasm slumber was warm and intimate – a feeling that neither had been used to in recent times.

“You’re amazing Clara. You’ve taught me so much this weekend.”

“I’ve learned a lot too, Michael. I’ve never had pleasure like that before. All the others have just been about themselves, but you thought about what I wanted. Next time, you can tell me a bit more – you know, be a bit more open about what you like.”

And with that, the weekend was almost over. Clara’s train back to London was leaving at lunchtime, and Michael had to get back too. They both knew that the last two days were only ever a fantasy, and that this was not the beginning of something bigger. But, whilst it hadn’t been what either was expecting, Michael did return home feeling he had done some thinking, and it did help him to evaluate things, and Clara returned with higher expectations of men in the future. Who knows, perhaps they would meet again someday…

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