A Reward for a Friend

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A few months after the party at James’s house, I got a message from James. He asked if he could come over and talk. He needed a shoulder to lean on. I told him he was welcome to stop by. An hour passed and he knocked on the door. When I opened it I could tell he was visibly upset and had been crying. James was a big guy. He was tall and a bit on the hefty side but, he was more like a squishy teddy bear.

I invited him in and we sat on the couch. He had a rough few weeks. I knew his mother had recently passed and that was really hard for him. She was his best friend. I had the privilege of meeting her and she was a wonderful woman. James had also been dating a cute blonde name Tiffany. James was enamored with her but, I wasn’t. Something about her didn’t sit right with me.

I always thought she was after James for his money and inheritance. He spent a week being completely inconsolable. It was this time that Tiffany decided to make an ultimatum. She wanted to get married. James was not ready and told her it was the wrong time. After hearing that, she dumped him like an unwanted puppy and did everything she could to make him feel terrible.

I hugged him. I my heart ached for the sorrow he had. I did my best to make him feel better. We talked for hours about everything. I told him he was better off without Tiffany. It took him a little while but he soon found himself feeling the same. When I finally got a smile out of him, I asked if he wanted to go out and do something.

We left the house and drove around the city. I asked him if he wanted to go shopping with me and he said why not. First stop was the mall. We hit several stores and I had him pick out places he wanted to go. We visited a few “guy” stores. I think he was impressed that I went with him to a knife store and knew a bit of the different types of blades that were on display. We even found a hobby shop inside the mall. Again, I think I impressed him when I went to the counter to get a part for my radio controlled car.

I winked at the guy at the counter and remarked that he should probably wipe the drool from his face. He laughed and jokingly asked me to marry him. I turned to James and said “Only if my teddy bear is okay with it.” James laughed and said no.

We all laughed. As we left the store, James called me a naughty girl. I looked at him and remarked, “I can’t help if I turn guys on.”

He laughed again. It was great to have my friend back. We headed to the food court and had a quick bite before leaving and heading home.

We got back to my place and continued our hanging out. I had broken out a bottle of wine and some beers. We started talking again about his relationship with that gold digging harpy. A while passed and we were probably both a little tipsy. I told James he deserved someone better than her.

“Someone like you?” He jokingly asked.

I smiled and blushed. I had not thought about it before but yes. “I would blow your mind!” I joked.

“I remember the party.” He said with an eyebrow raised. “And we had another person in that exchange.”

I smiled deviously. “Would you like to see what I can do on my own?” I asked a little tipsy.

He chuckled and nodded his head thinking eskort bayan gorukle I was simply joking. I, however, wasn’t joking. We had been sitting on the couch while we talked and drank. I put my glass down and reached over to his crotch. He jumped a little when I made contact. I could feel that he already had as slight erection. Remembering the night at the party, I rubbed his cock through his pants trying to get his full attention.

It didn’t take much to get him hard. James almost dropped his drink. He tried to stop things thinking he was taking advantage of me since I had been drinking. I looked at him and reminded him that I wasn’t drunk. I asked him if he wanted more. He could only nod.

I stood up and asked him to follow me. We walked to the bed room and I stood before him. I reached up as best as I could to put my arms around his neck. He responded with his arms around my waist and pulled me into him. He stared into my eyes. “We don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to.” He commented.

“I want to James!” I responded. “I am going to make you forget all about that horrible woman.”

Our lips met as he pulled me up to him. His kiss was as sweet as he was. He truly was a teddy bear. More importantly, right now, he was MY teddy bear. I was a little more dominant than I usually was because of his nervousness and worry. I parted our lips with my tongue. We swirled them around together exploring each other’s mouths. His tender kiss reminded me of Melinda or Holly’s kiss. More passionate than most guy’s I had been with.

His hands started to move up and down my back. His kisses kept their tenderness even though his dominant side started to show. One of his hands moved up to my head and caressed me. His fingers ran through my hair turning me on even more. We kissed for what seemed like eternity when he finally broke it.

I moved my hands down and tugged at his shirt. He removed it and tossed it aside. James was a big man. His body was not toned. He was definitely considered overweight. I didn’t care. It made him cuddlier to me. I moved back in for a kiss. Our lips met again and this time it was James tugging at my shirt. I stepped back and let him take it off of me. He tossed it in to the pile with his shirt. I stood there in my favorite purple bra. He reached around and unfastened the clasp setting my C cup breast free.

I tried to move back into him but his hands reached out and began to massage my tits. I gasped as his hands hit my flesh. I was expecting his touch to be on the heavy side. To my surprise, he was just as gentle as his kisses. I started to moan and breathe heavily.

“Oh, James. That is damn good!” I remarked.

He continued to massage my breasts and returned his lips to mine. That kiss nearly made me lose my mind. I broke the kiss wanting more. He released my chest and I moved me hands to his pants. Once again I rubbed his cock through his pants. After a short bit of petting, I reached up and unfastened his pants. I let his pants fall to the floor and hooked his briefs with my fingers. I quickly pulled them down letting his rigid cock spring free.

I grabbed it and lightly stroked it. He moaned a little. I lowered myself to my mudanya escort knees with his cock right in front of me. Opening my mouth I licked the head of his throbbing cock with my tongue. Again he moaned. Taking that as my que, I slowly wrapped my lips around him. I forgotten how thick he was though it was not a problem. I moved my head down his shaft taking as much as I could before moving back up.

“Oh fuck, Robin!” he exclaimed.

I knew he was enjoying it. I began to speed up. I bobbed faster and faster on his cock. The room filled with the slurping sounds of my actions and his slow groaning. This was really turning me on. I soon was aware I too was moaning. That was then, I noticed something that had never happened to me. I was getting wetter just from sucking him. I could start to feel my fluids running down my leg.

After several minutes I released his cock. I needed more than just sucking him. I stood back up and his hands reached out and grabbed my ass. I squealed a little when he squeezed it. His hands moved to the front and unbuttoned my shorts. His hands pulled them and the panties I was wearing down in one quick motion. These too ended up in the pile of our clothes.

He pushed me towards the bed and I climbed up and laid on my back. I was expecting him to go ahead and stick his cock in me. Instead I was surprised when he lowered himself down and planted his lips on my dripping pussy. I gasped violently when his mouth touched me. His tongue found my clit and licked it back and forth. I got wetter and wetter. I squirmed and moaned. “Oh James!” I cried over and over. His tongue moved down and licked the insides of my sex, tasting my juices as they ran from me.

He was amazing! His tongue alternated back and forth between my insides and my clit. This feeling made me thrash even more. Suddenly he hit my clit with his tongue triggering a hard hitting orgasm. It felt like it came from nowhere. I bucked and screamed! “Ohhhhh ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

James released his grasp on my vagina. I gasped for breath. I almost couldn’t think strait. I did have one thought in my mind, I needed that cock of his. James smiled at me. “Did you enjoy that?” he asked.

I nodded, unable to speak. He started to speak again when I abruptly stopped him. “James, baby. Stop talking and fuck me! I need you to fuck me right now!”

He smiled again and I soon felt the head of his cock against me. I moaned and gasped as he pushed his cock into me. I looked up to see my legs on his shoulders as he stood at the end of the bed. He buried his organ deep inside me. I felt wonderful. He began to move in and out of me. I could hear the sound of my wetness on his cock as he slowly built up speed and ferocity. He did not take long to build up to a steady yet wonderful rhythm. My tits bounced up and down as he fucked my needing and wanting pussy.

“Oh God! Robin!” James moaned.

I smiled. “Come on baby! Fuck this good girl’s pussy!” I responded.

“Yes you are a good girl!” He added.

Our dirty talk dissolved into more moaning and groaning. I felt another orgasm starting to build. Several minutes passed and I felt it had stalled. I needed more. I needed bursa evi olan escort to go over the edge. James suddenly stopped. He pulled out and asked me to turn around. I got on my hands and knees and moved up the bed so he could climb on.

I shook my ass at him in an inviting manner. His hands grabbed my hips and I felt his cock against me again ready to reenter my pussy. He slowly put it back inside. After burying it again, he started moving. This time with a little more vigor and ferocity. This got my orgasm building again.

“Fuck James! Fuck me like an animal! Oh God! Yes!” I screamed.

He grunted and began slamming into me. I involuntarily began to slam my ass back in to him as well. I could tell I was about to cum and about to cum hard! The orgasm hit me like a truck. I bucked and thrashed as he continued fucking me.

“James! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck, yes!” I screamed as it hit. His cock was nice and deep.

I was suddenly aware his pace was slowing. His breathing was heavy but not in the about to hit his orgasm kind. As my orgasm calmed I realized what was wrong. James was running out of energy. I had already had two climaxes so I knew that I could hit a third very easily. I stopped James and had him pull out.

I told him to lay on his back. He was unsure and tried to object. I knew he was tired and told him to do it again. “You have performed amazingly. Now it’s my turn to reward my cuddly teddy bear.” I told him

James laid on his back with his cock still erect. I positioned myself above him. I rubbed the head against my slit a few times. I winked at him and asked if he was ready. He was a little confused but soon understood. With his cock pointed at my opening, I slammed down on him. I took his entire length inside me quickly. I almost came from that sudden insertion.

I started by moving my hips forward and back but, soon found myself bouncing up and down on his hard shaft. I was already halfway to a third orgasm when he put his hands on my hips. He began lifting me up and down nearly pulling his cock out of me before slamming it all the way back it.

Again I was crying out. His primal actions made me hotter and hotter. I was aware he was nearing his limit and I was nearing mine. He started to groan and tried to ask me if he could pull out. “Don’t you dare pull out!” I said through my breath. “I am so close!”

My third climax hit me. I threw my head back and screamed. James slammed me down burring his cock firmly inside me as my inner walls contracted. This pushed him over the edge. I could feel his cock spasming as he filled my pussy with his cum. I could feel it sloshing around deep in me. I collapsed on top of James as my climax subsided.

I rolled off of him as his cock popped out of me. He scooped me up in his arms and held me. He kissed my forehead and thanked me. I told him it was his reward for being such a great friend. I propped my head up and told him he could fuck me again when he wanted to. James smiled.

He knew that I wasn’t interested in a serious relationship and was content with that. He chuckled a little. I asked him what was funny. “You were right. I totally forgot about…what’s her name.” He remarked. I laughed.

“I told you I would make sure you forgot.” I responded.

We laid there and fell asleep for a few hours. When we both woke up, we got dressed and headed out to grab something to eat. As I closed the door to the house, James coyly remarked, “Wonder what Melinda is doing tonight.”

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