A Romantic First Date with Liz

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A Romantic First Date with Liz

David was 16 years old and his life had just gotten turned upside down. He had just moved Georgia to Ohio because of his mom had taken a new job there. David had left all his friends and his soccer team to go to a place he knew nothing about. David was an athlete and had the body to match. He had short brown hair and blue eyes.

His first day of school came and he rode the bus to school and walked in being clueless as to where to go. He walking in the school staring at his class schedule looking for the room numbers.

He looked over across the hall and searching through the people to find anything that would give him a clue as where to go. It was then that he saw her. A girl with long brown hair and a great smile was standing talking to another girl. She had short white dress on that was sleeveless and had a pretty lacy pattern on it. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever see. “Maybe”, he thought to himself “that this new school wouldn’t be as bad as he thought.”

Just then a bunch of boys ran through the door knocking David to the side and caused him to drop all his books and papers on the ground. He quickly bend down to pick them up and gather them in his hands and then before he knew it he found himself staring at a great pair of legs. “Do you need some help” he heard a voice say as he looked up he saw the same girl bending down to help him.

“Thanks” David said nervously. “No problem,” she said, “I’m Liz.” “you look new here. Can I help you find your class?” “That would be great” David responded. The two of them walked down the hall and they discovered they had 6th period together. Liz took David to his class and then said “I guess I see you in 6th period”.

6th period came around and David found his way to his class and grabbed a seat in the back close to Liz. She turned and smiled at him and he smiled back at her. “Glad to see you didn’t get lost” she said. “Yeah, me too” he said. “I don’t know anybody here”. Liz said that there was gonna be a bonfire on Friday night at a friend’s house and she suggested that David go and she would introduce him to some of escort izmit her friends. She wrote her name and phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to David. He gave her his phone number too. They discussed plans to meet at the house at certain time.

Friday afternoon came and David got a call from Liz. She was upset because she said her parents weren’t able to take her to the bonfire because they had to go downtown and take care of some business. David was sad he wasn’t going to get to see Liz or go to the bonfire. In desperation David offered to pick her up knowing if would be a long shoot since they didn’t know each other and had never meet her parents. “Really!” Liz exclaimed. “I will ask my parents” and text you back.

Fate would have its way and Liz’s parents agreed to let David drive her there as long as they got to meet him earlier. David drove over to Liz’s house and got out and walked nervously to the door. Liz greeted him at the door and David was stunned by her beauty. She had a pair of shorts on with a pink tank top that had a design around it. David went in and met her parents and was real respectful and used “yes sir” when he was questioned about his driving skills.

Soon after the two headed out the door. David went to the passenger side of his convertible jeep and opened the door for Liz. She was taken back by his move. “Nice car” she commented as she hopped up in the seat.

They headed off to the bonfire. Liz gave him directions while David drove. Liz looked over at his legs and noticed how muscular they were. “Wow do you run or play sports? Liz said trying to fill the awkward speechless moments. “Yeah I play soccer” David replied. I hope I can make the team here. “Are you any good?” Liz asked. “I’m a starter he replied “so I guess I’m ok.” “Cool” Liz said “I’m a started on the Basketball team”. “Oh that’s cool” David said. “I’m horrible at basketball” had said with a laugh.

The two of them got to Liz’s friend’s house and walked to the backyard following the music and voices. The backyard was huge and had a small lake in the middle with a stack of wood ready for lighting later on off to the side. izmit escort Liz saw some of her friends and went over to them and introduced them to David. David and his new friends talked about a lot of things and some of the differences between Georgia and Ohio.

After a while of taking a group decided to play a pickup game of basketball and Liz joined in and encouraged David to play too. She teased him “let’s see what you got David.” David reluctantly agreed to play and as luck would have it he would guard Liz. It wasn’t too long into their game and Liz blew right past him with a quick move and scored. She teased him a little more and David decided to pick up the pace. The ball was passed to her again and David came up to her to try and steal the ball from her. She turned around David reached in with his hands to try and steal the ball. Liz felt his arm against her side, she kinda liked the idea of being that close to this new stranger. His other hand was on her lower back trying to press her. Liz dribbled out and away from David and then turned back in for a layup when David decided to plant his self between her and the goal. Liz didn’t stop and jumped up right before David. Her knee collided with David’s chest and they both feel down with Liz landing half on top of David as the ball dropped in the goal.

David was caught off guard by her skills and a little out of breath from being kneed in the chest. But he didn’t mind having Liz fall on him one bit. She looked at him and smiled. “Are you ok” she asked. “Yeah. Are you?” David said. “I’m fine silly, thanks for breaking my fall.” They both took themselves out of the game to take a break.

“I’m gonna get something to drink” David said to Liz. “Can I get you something?” he asked Liz. They walked over to the table and he poured them some drinks and he handed one to Liz. I guess I need to stick with soccer David said jokingly.

After a while the fire got started and everyone stood around it talking and roasting marshmallows. David put a few on a stick and roasted them. He took one off and offered it to Liz. She took it from his hands and ate it. He felt a tingle izmit kendi evi olan escort go up his spine when their hands touched. David looked over at Liz and saw where she had some on her lips. He told her and she tried to lick it off but didn’t get it. David reached up and got it with his finger and showed it to her. To his surprise she took his fingers and licked it right off his fingers. David felt his heart pound with excitement.

“Thanks for bringing me to the party tonight” Liz said. “Thanks for inviting me” he replied. They noticed a blanket that was empty over by the lake and David asked Liz if she wanted to go sit down on it and talk.

They walked over to it side by side and Liz felt his shoulders next to hers. David brushed off a clean spot for Liz and they sat down together getting to know each other better.

The night got darker and a little cool. David noticed some chill bumps on Liz’s arm and he grabbed her arm and rubbed it. “Your cold, do you want to go closer to the fire” David asked. “A little” she said “but I like where I am now.” David moved a little closer and put his arm around her feeling like she has given him permission to get closer.

David loved the feel of her hair falling on his shoulder with her sitting next to him. Liz leaned her head on his shoulder and David leaned over without thinking and kissed her on the forehead. They looked up at each other and smiled. David moved his hand down from her shoulders and around her side. Liz loved his strong arms around her waist. They laid back together under the stars on the blanket watched the stars looking for shapes. “Maybe if we see a shooting star you can make a wish” David said. “You can too” Liz said with a smile. “I’m pretty sure I have everything I could wish for right now” David replied. Liz turned sideways and put her arm around David and her leg over his. David leaned over to her and feeling the moment he gave her a kiss on the lips. Her lips were soft and moist. It was a brief but gentle kiss. He pulled away just far enough to see if he was ok. Liz looked at him with her big beautiful brown eyes and smiled as she kissed him back. He held Liz on her sides just below her chest and they kissed some more. They had a fun night talking and kissing and didn’t want the night to end.

(To be continued…?)

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