A Rose Alone

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One hand delicately turns the knob, the spray of hot water falling from the spout above her small frame suddenly stops. She reaches up that same hand and slowly brushes water droplets from her eyes, dark lashes lifting and fluttering in gentle kisses upon her silken cheeks as she blinks out the left over water enough to turn without stumbling from the shower. Stepping easily, dainty feet silently lift and drop onto the terry towel resting at the base of the shower door. Scuffing her feet lightly she reaches for her light shaded lilac robe and pulls it carefully upon her slim frame. Tying it loosely she leans over the sink and peers at herself in the steamed mirror for a moment before wiping a section clean. Blinking she sighs a little and turns from the bathroom, towel drying her thick brown hair as she walks out into her living room. Steadying herself for another lonely night.

Walking quietly around the room her bare feet barely make a sound upon the smooth wood below her. Dark strands of hair damp and curling brush over her cheeks and neck, almost tickling her bare flesh but she flicks the tresses back with an almost absent gesture of her long fingertips. Carefully tucking the thick darkness behind the smooth curve of her ears she saunters towards the large picture window looking outside. Chocolate brown orbs taking in the lonely and silent stillness of the shadows dancing beyond the clear cool glass. She tips her head a little and her glance rests upon the table top to her right, barely reaching the height of her waist a blue crystalline vase gently rests upon the carefully polished wood. Inside a dark blood red crimson rose stands gloriously straight in its royal beauty.

She plucks the bloom gently from the vase, fingertips carefully wrapped upon the smooth thorn-less stem. One elegant fingertip of the opposite hand reaches out in full stretch and touches the petals, feeling canlı bahis the incredible softness. With a light smile upon her lush lips she brings the flower slowly upwards and lets it kiss upon her flawless brow. Dark eyes slowly closing as she relaxes into the tender touch of coolness upon her slightly heated skin. Gently she twirls the stem, feeling the spin of red petals teasing her flesh and a light shiver of shy pleasure shoots down her delicately curved spine. Goosebumps rising upon her bare skin under the silken thin fabric of her lavender robe. Slowly she moves the petals of the crimson rose lower over the gentle swell and bridge of her nose, feeling the luxurious bloom tease a soft tint of a blush over her high cheekbones. With the blush a sweeping flush gently rises over her bare skin. Her shoulders gleaming in the balmy light of the moonlight flickering through the rustling leaves of the massive trees outside swaying in the building breeze.

The flower rests upon her lush pouting lips and she is reminded of Him, the man from her dreams, when He wishes to be gentle with her body and savor every touch of her. The rose slowly shifts side to side, a light airy kiss, a feathery touch from the sweet smelling bud. Imagining His mouth upon hers and teasing caresses upon her frame causes a gentle sound to arise from the smooth column of her throat. An aching whisper of a desire filled moan fills the cavern of her damp mouth while her body warms steadily, the craving within her for Him increases. A tendril, a curl of passion builds in the pit of her taunt stomach as she realizes glistening nectar covers her silken thighs. Her hand moves upwards slowly and unhooks the loose knot keeping her robe closed, feeling the light material shimmer gently and slide down her curved body to pool at her feet. As the sheer fabric falls, the flower follows the path, slowly tracing over the curve of her delicious and slightly swollen breasts. Their weight full and heavy with lust bahis siteleri and love, their blushed tips gently raised and puckered, proudly tilting towards the sky, aching for the touch of His warm mouth or hands. She moans softly again, her imagination running wild with the last time she dreamt of Him and how they passionately made love throughout the night.

As the images fill her mind her heart begins to quicken in its steady pace, a flying drum beat to the dance her body begins to sway to. Her flared hips slowly move, a careful and graceful flow, matching the molten desire flowing within her veins. Her breath matches the beat of her heart, quick and fast little pants of damp breath as hot as the fire within her that burns for Him. She moves her head slightly, tilting it and feeling the dark stands of her glossy hair spill in a cascading wave over her smooth backside and bare shoulders. Tangling lightly and teasing her sizzling skin further like the imagined knowledgeable touches of her Lover.

Provocatively the rose continues its path, over the dark tips of her full and ample breasts lower to the gentle round of her feminine stomach. She shivers, quivering as she sucks in a breath, using the motion to try and cover the new moan lifting to her lips and pressing for release. The teasing motion of the gentle petals over her flesh causing her own flower to bloom readily in response. Folds soaking in sweet musky-smelling juices. Gradually she lowers the flower, arching backwards slightly in eagerness, expecting the gentle teasing of the kiss of the rose upon her aching flesh. Anticipation is nothing to the shock of pleasure shooting up her spine when she gently teases over her opening. Not fully touching the aching warmth but enough to build a gentle shimmer of natural feminine dew on the scarlet petals. She cries out softly, almost inaudible, day dreaming a teasing caress of her Lover’s full and capable hands over her burning sex.

Slowly the bahis şirketleri pressure is increased, petals flowing up and down along the line of her wet slit. She shivers, knees going weak she lowers slowly like melting butter to the wooden floor landing gently upon her knees. Distance quickly grows between those gentle knobs of bent legs as she parts her thighs wantonly to expose her heated flesh to further teasing. The stroking flower gathering juices continues its brush upon her pouting folds building pressure and twirling slowly to flicker in spinning beauty upon the throbbing femininity. She jerks a little with quick gasps as the motions touches the tightly budded hardness of her clit nestled in the warm crevice of her sex. Playing over it, stimulating it, sending quick jolts up her entire kneeled frame. She leans back her head, tipping her chin upwards and with the power of her mind and the touches of the flower she explodes in a shuddering orgasm.

Juices flow, a silken river of cream dripping from her hot tightness to glisten upon her supple thighs. Covering them and pooling slightly underneath her, she whimpers with parted full lips as her entire body trembles in the intensity of her climax. Breasts rising and falling in quick motions as she heaves heavy and tries to capture her breath, her spine straight and her skin burning. Muscles contracting and milking within her luscious body though there is nothing filling her aching and welcoming frame. She stays stiff a hesitation, waiting until her spasms slow before she relaxes into a soft wilted mass of contentment. Sated for the moment she stretches out and relaxes a hesitation before her languid body slowly shifts with a roll of her hips and she rises, a pleased smile on her face. She steps towards her bedroom slowly, dropping into the plush mattress naked and lazy. Closing her eyes again she melts into the comfort, finding calm in order to rest her tired soul.

The rose sits, beauty in the moonlight, darkened with natural musky juices from the pleasure it gave the lonely woman. A pool of creamy liquid desire lightly settles around it, drying even as the breeze quiets outside under the pale moonlight.

October 23, 2003

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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