A Second Chance at a Happy Ending

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In a secluded house nestled in the piney woods of East Texas two people came together and discovered the reality and joy of loving each other. It was the 1940s and though it’s not always acknowledged certain taboo intimacies did happen . . . probably more frequently than we’d like to admit.


The last couple of months have been a rollercoaster. For the first time since before I was married, I have been truly alone. The one person in this world that I cared for the most had left, leaving me sad, depressed and . . . lost.

One day blurred into the next, but the hurt and pain seem only to magnify. Even now, I sit in our bedroom some nights wondering, ‘what had I done that was so wrong?’

All I ever wanted was to love her, to shelter and protect her, to spend my life with her.


I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a young girl coming up the long dirt road that led from the highway to my front yard. She looked like a child at first. Small, kind of on the thin side, barefoot, long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail and an old worn, discolored dress. She was a pretty girl despite the fact that her complexion now tanned dark from exposure, was covered with a thick layer of road dust. I watched her slowly making her way toward the house, but when I looked away and then looked back she was gone, I didn’t see her.

I went out onto the porch trying to see what direction she might have gone in, but I still didn’t see her. Damn, that was strange; I thought to myself, and just as I turned away, I saw a movement from the corner of my eye. It was her. She was standing there, and then I saw her sort of slump to her knees. I took off running toward her and found her sprawled in the road.

“Are you alright?” I asked, “you alright?” There was no response.

I bent down and leaned over her. She had fainted, probably from exhaustion and the afternoon heat.

Though petite, she was in her late teens and pregnant. Granted it had been awhile since I had been around a pregnant woman, but I could clearly see that her pregnancy was beginning to show. She was perhaps four maybe five months gone. I picked her up, and I carried her into the house and put her down on my bed. She was so fragile, her breathing slow and shallow.


She looked half starved as if she had been out on that road walking for a while. I figured it would be good to get her cleaned up so she could be comfortable. I got a basin of warm soapy water, a towel and came back to the bedside. I hesitantly started istanbul escort removing her clothing trying to be careful, not wanting to startle her in the event she awoke. I slowly unbuttoned the bodice of her dress and marveled at the braless beauty of her high firm tits. Her hard, erect nipples were dark almost brown and surrounded by dark pink areolas that had to measure at least an inch and a half in diameter. I continued to unbutton the skirt of the dress letting it fall open on each side of her. She was naked and on beautiful display. She wore no undergarments, her small but obvious bump attested to her pregnant condition. I let my hand glide lightly over her belly, and I imagined what it had been like for the man (boy?) when he had gotten lucky enough to fill her pussy with his sperm. I felt my dick twitch and knew I was getting an erection, a hard, good one. Disgusted with myself, I knew what was going to happen.

I smiled when I saw her protruding belly button. My eyes trailed downward, and I caught sight of her neatly trimmed and cropped little bush. I always liked a woman with a little “fur” covering her mound, protecting the hidden treasure beneath. I reached down and gently pulled back the hood under which her clitoral bud was sheltered. From the warmth and pressure of my fingers alone, her clit was becoming aroused and begun to swell and harden. I couldn’t help myself, and leaning forward, kissed her moist, warm nub. The heady scent of her femaleness, musk and sweat left me intoxicated, and my cock throbbed and jerked, uncomfortably wanting to be inside her hot pregnant pussy. My fingers inched toward her pussy, and I slipped one inside her and began to stroke in and out until I heard the faintest moan escape her lips. I could feel her becoming wetter and her muscles relaxing as her hips ever so slightly began to hump upward against my hand.

She was so beautiful, innocently sexual, and I doubted she realized how much power she had over men. I glanced at her face, and I knew she was asleep, the expression on her face a half sensual smile that hinted at the dream she was immersed in. I slipped another finger inside her and paused when I heard her gasp, and then slowly exhale a long, barely audible ‘Ohhhhhhh.” With my two middle fingers nestled inside her, I found and gently stroked her g-spot until I felt her lithe young body begin to tremble in the thralls of an orgasm.

I could sense my mounting lust, and I was afraid of what I was inevitably avcılar escort going to do to her. Struggling emotionally to regain control of myself, I pulled my fingers free of her pussy and heard her whimper in protest at their withdrawal.

Reaching for the towel that lay in the now lukewarm water, I wrung it out and began to wipe away the grime and dust from her face and body. The coolness of the towel on her breasts caused her nipples to constrict hard and long like new pencil erasers. Strangely tempted, I encircled her nipples with my mouth and one at a time sucked them. Her eyes fluttered but did not remain open. The stress of her pregnancy, her exhaustion and the lingering effects of the sun all combined to loll her back into a much needed sleep.

I covered her with a light blanket, and quietly left the room, closing the door behind me.

I wasn’t sure what I should do. Call a doctor for her, call the police or just let her sleep it off undisturbed. I decided to do the later and headed into the kitchen to open a can of soup for her to eat if she were hungry when she awoke.

I found a jar of Aloe cream in the medicine cabinet and decided to massage some of it onto her shoulders, arms, and legs when she awoke. By midnight, she hadn’t stirred, and I was more than ready for bed. Before turning in, I took a generous two fingers scoop of the cream and taking my time, I massaged it across her back and on her shoulders, paying particular attention with her forearms, which were sunburned. Taking another scoop of Aloe cream on my fingers, I applied it to her legs massaging in the thick emollient cream. I continued massaging up her legs, her butt, and hips, lastly spreading her legs and massaging her outer and then inner thighs. As I worked my way up her thighs and closer to her center, she whimpered and whined her pleasure as she hesitantly reached between her legs and subconsciously began to masturbate as she dreamed.


Stripping off my clothes I crawled under the covers beside her, telling myself that I was old enough to be her father and that I had no intention of touching this girl ever again. I repeatedly told myself this, even as I took a final scoop of cream, and rubbed it between her pussy lips, and onto my painfully engorged cock.

Straddling her, I opened her legs wider and pushed into her wet, tight pussy. Her eyes flew open in surprise and fright. With my mouth agape and a labored groan coming up from deep inside me, I began stroking into her . . şirinevler escort . I was home.

She look up at me and in a dry, throaty voice simply said, “Daddy, Oh Daddy, I’m sorry,” and began to cry.

“It’s ok sweetheart, don’t cry. Everything is going to be okay now. I put that baby inside you, and we’ll raise him together.” I reassured her. “Don’t cry.”

“Yes, oh yes Daddy . . .” she began as another, stronger orgasm flooded through her body.

The room grew quiet and still as my beautiful little girl lay under me. Over the years, I had taught her to be warm, willing and submissive to my love and male needs. I groaned with satisfaction as she relaxed and her tight sheath began to contract around my thrusting cock trying to grasp it and hold it inside her. I lifted her legs resting them on my shoulders. With long, deep thrusts I gave her my full length until unable to hold back any longer I spewed hot cum deep inside her where one baby already grew.

She had always been eager and compliant until she met that boy who tried to undo everything we had together, and who wanted to take her away from me to prove his manhood.

My wife had run off with someone I thought was my good friend years earlier, abandoning my little girl and me. Over the years, we developed a very close relationship that somehow evolved into a physically intimate one. Neither of us ever regretted what we had . . . we both considered ourselves fortunate to have discovered each other in that way. I think the boy she met, suspected the kind of special relationship we had. When she became pregnant, he thought the baby was his and threatened to reveal our secret to everyone unless she left me for him. I tried to tell her that the boy didn’t love her, that he would end up hurting her. I warned her that when he discovered it was not his child, he would leave her. Unfortunately, my warnings did not deter her. She called me a jealous liar and said she’d never forgive me for the things I had said to her.

“I’m leaving with him,” she had shouted, tears streaming down her cheeks.

We argued. In anger, I called her a slut and I told her to get out and not come back.

I didn’t mean it . . . I could never have meant that.

When I saw her coming down the road this morning, my heart began to pound so loudly I could almost hear it. I had promised myself that if she ever came back, it would be a normal father-daughter relationship, that my wanting sex with her would end; but God help me, just seeing her, touching her belly in which my baby was growing, ignited those old, familiar feelings of physical need.

I want us to live as man and wife, to have more children together. If having that kind of life means we would have to move away and start over then, that’s what we will do. The way I see it, that’s ok, because sometimes in life we do get a second chance at a happy ending.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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