A Seducer at Sixty Ch. 03

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A Seducer at Sixty – Chapter # 3

Guardian’s Angel

This story is the third in the series about Sekhar, the sixty year old stud. It took a long time coming. I hope you will like it, like you did his two earlier stories.

Life was indeed hectic for the sixty year old Sekhar, pleasuring the middle aged and very passionate Rekha and the young maiden Lakshmi. Even as he enjoyed immensely these affairs, he knew it was too good to last. And it all came to an unexpected and rather abrupt ending when Raghu got promoted and was transferred to Delhi. Rekha’s bank accepted her request for a transfer to Delhi. My good friend Murthy, wisely, chose to move with his son rather than stay alone. Lashmi’s parents soon fixed a matrimonial alliance for her and she was asked to return to her village.

Sekhar managed to have passionate and emotional farewells with both his ladies. It was good in a way for Sekhar, that his wife Sumana returned from USA soon after this and he once again settled down to his sedate life style with Sumana providing him a comfortable home and adequate care. He was being a good boy again and the erotic alliances with Rekha and Lakshmi were soon fond memories only.

One day when Sekhar returned home from work he found Sumana was carrying out a telephone conversation with her dear friend Aarti who lived in Mumbai. The talk ended a few minutes later and Sumana briefed him on the gist of her talk. Aarti and her hubby Ramana were their close friends for a long time. Both families often visited each other and they always stayed in touch.

The Ramanas have a lone child Anupama who was working as a software engineer in Bangalore. Her company had transferred her to their office in our city and the Ramanas wanted to know if Sekhar and Sumana could take her in as a paying guest. They were very keen that Anu (her short name) should stay with them because that would ensure her comfort and safety. Sekhar and Sumana liked the idea as they would have the company of a young and lively Anu of whom they were very fond of and there was no problem for accommodation.

So, Sumana called back her friend and told her they would love to have Anu live with them. Their only condition was that she would stay as their ‘guest’ and not as ‘paying guest’!

Very soon Anu came to live in with them.

Anu was a twenty five year old girl. After graduating with honors in engineering from a prestigious school, she was working with a big MNC as a software engineer. She was a tall, very fair and slim girl with very delicate features, a figure like Sharapova and was very pretty indeed. Had she not chosen to be an engineer, she could have certainly tried her hand at modeling as a profession. She was a very sweet kid and was very much at home with the Sekhars, having known them right from her childhood. She was comfortable in her new surroundings and adjusted very well.

It was a couple of months later that our story begins.

Sumana received a SOS from her daughter in USA asking her to rush there to help at home, as she was deputed to a client site for two months by her inconsiderate company. Sumana told Anu and her mother about this sudden development. Everyone discussed with everyone else and at the end of it all, it was decided that Anu would continue to be their guest and Sumana hired a lady cook who would come in the morning and cook food for them. A maid was already there for other domestic chores.

It was a satisfactory arrangement that worked earlier for them and Sumana felt that it would work equally well now. Also, Anu reportedly told her mom that she was very comfortable at uncle’s place and wouldn’t like to relocate. Thus, Sumana left for USA leaving Sekhar and Anu behind.

They settled down to a comfortable routine. They normally saw each other only in the evenings at dinner. They would chat up for a few minutes, heat up the dinner, eat it, clean up and then she would go to her bed room while he stayed a little longer in the living room to watch TV. She left very early, around seven in the morning, when he was still in the gym working on the treadmill. She drove her own car to work.

As was the norm with MNCs, she had a five day week. Friday evenings, she normally went partying with her friends and returned home late in the night. The apartment was a penthouse and when one reached it by the elevator , one needed to open the entrance door with a key. Sekhar gave her the spare key so that she could come and go on her own. When Sumana was in town, on Saturdays, they usually went out to have dinner. Sekhar and Anu continued that practice.

Thus it was a Friday night and Sekhar went to bed at eleven. Anu hadn’t yet returned but he wasn’t worried. She normally returned around mid night on fridays. He drifted into sleep and it was the ringing of his mobile that woke him up. He was still a little groggy when he answered the phone.

The caller said, “Good evening uncle, I am Sub inspector Satyamurty here. I am your friend Ranganath’s son, sir. Remember me?”

“Hello Satyamurty, ikonbet giriş of course, I remeber, how are you? What is the matter?” Sekhar asked.

“No uncle, nothing serious, there is a young lady here. Says her name is Anupama and you are her uncle. I am just confirming it with you.”

“What happened to her? Is she alright? Was there an accident?” Sekhar shot several questions at a time, very concerned.

“No, uncle, she is fine, she was stopped by us for drunken driving. Don’t worry, sir, I will drive her home and bring her there in a few minutes. I will take care of everything.”

Sekhar was fully awake and concerned now. What the hell? Anu caught for drunken driving!! Well, you never know with kids these days! How lucky for them it was Satyamurty who caught her and not someone else! He has to handle this very carefully, he kept telling himself. His mobile rang again and Satyamurty asked him to come down to the parking lot in a few minutes.

As Sekhar waited there, her Santro Xing came in, driven by Satyamurty who was dressed in civilian clothes and therefore didn’t attract the attention of the security guard at the gate. He got off from the car and briefed Sekhar on what had happened.

Satyamurty and his staff were on a routine check that night and stopped several cars and did breathe analyzer test on ‘suspicious looking’ people. Anupama looked dazed and drunk and so was pulled aside. Luckily for her, the mention of Sekhar’s name and address saved her. Sekhar thanked him profusely and assured him that she would not repeat her mistake again. When he left, Sekhar walked to the car and got into the driving seat.

He drove the car into the reserved slot and parked it there. He got off quickly, walked to the passenger door and opened it for her. Anu, who was silent the whole time, bowed her head down avoiding his eyes as she got off the car and stood unsteadily on her feet. Sekhar put his right arm around her shoulders in a supportive gesture and they walked to the elevator. Once they reached the penthouse and got inside, Anu literally ran to her room closing the door behind her.

Sekhar walked down to the living room and sat on a sofa. He heard Anu rushing to the bathroom and then retching sounds. He knew that he should allow her some time alone and privacy. If he rushed in now to help, she would feel greatly humiliated and hurt. He decided that he would handle the issue with kid gloves and treat it as a minor aberration, quite common at that young age.

After about half an hour, he got up, walked to her bed room door and knocked softly. There was no response. He gently pushed the door open and walked into the room. The light was on and Anu lay sprawled across the bed and in deep slumber. To him she looked literally knocked out. As he walked closer to the bed, he could see that she was sweating profusely and there were dark patches on her shirt and trousers where bits of vomit fell. She looked in great disarray and helpless; like a ragged doll.

Sekhar felt a swell of sympathy for the girl. He could’t leave her to sleep like this in those stinking clothes. She needed to clean up and she was not in a position to do it herself. He had no other option except to do it himself.

He went to the bathroom and came back with a couple of clean towels and a bucket of lukewarm water. He dipped a towel in the water making it just a little damp and set out to first wipe her brows and face clean. He cleaned her chin and the corners of her mouth tenderly, wiping away small specks of vomit and dirt.

Anu was wearing a shirt that had buttons in the front and a trouser. Sekhar knew he had no option but to remove both these garments if he wanted to clean her up. He slowly unbuttoned the shirt with care making sure that his hands were steady and only touched the buttons. As he removed the last button, he held the two halves of the shirt in his hands and opened it out slowly. She was wearing a cream color bra which was holding her small and compact breasts.

Sekhar knew she was a small breasted girl and her breasts were just a little further down her chest than normal. Now, as he looked at them ensconced in her bra, they looked very cute and compact, like small ripe oranges. They tended to be a little conical than a perfect circle and only a small swell was visible above the cups of the bra. Through the thin material of the bra, he could see small perfect circles of areole and her nipples were small too and perfectly shaped.

Sekhar took a damp towel and started wiping her mid riff, her throat and the exposed area above her bra. Her throat was long and perfectly shaped. Her skin was a creamy complexion and as he wiped it clean, he saw it had a glow of its own.

Seeing her thus, he debated whether he should remove the bra. There was no point in cleaning up just a part of her, he told himself; at least the top of her. He looked for any signs of her waking up and found none. Her breathing was even and steady and she was literally out. As she was lying on her back, ikonbet yeni giriş he needed to turn her on her side in order to unhook her bra.

With his right hand he gently held her bare right shoulder and turned her on her side, holding her waist in his left hand to prevent her from turning over completely. Thus, for the first time, his hands came into contact with her bare skin. His fingers felt the satin smoothness of her waist which was both soft and warm to his touch. He had this strong urge to let his hand wander all over her waist and belly but resisted it.

Holding her tenderly on her side, his hand reached for and unhooked the creamy colored bra. As he slowly turned her over on to her back, he gently pulled away her bra from her breasts. He stole a quick glance at the small, compact, tight looking, young breasts with their proud nipples before he started wiping them gently with the wet towel, taking care to see that his hand never touched, even fleetingly, her breasts.

His mind was in turmoil. As he cleaned her breasts, one part of him wanted to reach out, touch, fondle and squeeze those young boobs and feel those pink nipples harden as he rolled them between his thumb and forefinger. Wouldn’t that be heavenly, he thought? No, you are her guardian and you don’t take advantage of an unconscious girl, the other part said.

Soon he finished cleaning her chest and it was time to do the tougher task. Yes, he had to remove her soiled trousers. It was not complicated at all- there was a zip to undo and the trouser was ready to be pulled down. The open trouser revealed the absolutely bewitching sight of her flat, silken smooth bare belly with the very attractive small, circular and deep navel. His eyes stayed glued to that wonderfully erotic sight for a couple of minutes, taking in all the beauty greedily. His eyes went back, repeatedly, to the curve of her waist as it flared into her bottom.

It was now time for the most important task on hand – yes, he had to pull that trouser away from her body and clean her up. Sekhar knew that he could’t do so without touching her. He took another look at the sleeping girl as if confirming to himself that she wouldn’t wake up. Pushing his left hand gently under her and resting it between her shapely hips, he gently pushed her up a little simultaneously easing her trouser down with his right hand.

Once the trouser was down half way on her thighs, he pulled out his left hand from under her. Using both hands, he gently pulled the trouser down all the way to her feet and gently eased it off her body.

There she lay in all her naked glory, clad only a semi-transparent cream colored panties that almost blended with her skin. His breath quickened as he looked closely at the nearly naked body of young Anu. Her thighs were long and slender and had a toned look. They were absolutely silken smooth without any hairs. Her legs were long and shapely, like a fashion model’s legs.

Sekhar looked at her once again, his gaze starting with her beautiful face and travelling south slowly inch by inch, all the way to her shapely and painted toes. He was overcome with a strong desire to touch her young body. She was in deep, drug induced sleep and she wouldn’t know. He would just touch her very tenderly and lovingly and that wouldn’t hurt her at all. Nobody, absolutely nobody would know. Who knows, he may never get such a golden opportunity again, he rationalized.

But first thing first, he started cleaning up her lower body with the wet towels; cleaning her slender thighs and slim legs and the exposed part of her bottom that was outside her panties. Once he finished the cleaning, he sat next to her on the bed and started touching her body.

He let his fingertips brush very lightly against her small breasts and felt their heavenly touch- soft and smooth. A slight application of pressure revealed how incredibly tight her young boobs were! Next, he gently cupped and lightly pressed them, while keeping a constant lookout at her face for any signs of her waking up. She continued to sleep soundly. Emboldened, he gently squeezed her boobs and started caressing her nipples.

Her young nipples responded automatically and they grew hard under the erotic male touch and massaging. They were erect, pink delights that set him on fire. Sekhar was strongly tempted to kiss them but didn’t dare because he wasn’t sure he could stop after that.

Instead he travelled a little down and rubbed her heavenly flat and smooth belly and caressed her navel. He took his own time enjoying the tight and smooth thighs and caressing their entire length with his feathery touch. He finished his erotic touching tour of her body. He walked to her closet and selected a beige colored night robe for her.

As he came back to the bed, a wild thought occurred to him. Why not remove her panties too? His thought process went something like this. When she woke up tomorrow, Anu would realize that she was undressed and cleaned up by Sekhar. How would she react? Considering the ikonbet güvenilirmi events of last evening, she would be scared that Sekhar would report to her parents or at least reprimand her. She would be defensive.

When he does neither, she would be grateful to him for saving her from such a big embarrassment. She would also be grateful to him that he cleaned her up with such tender care (like an uncle) and removed her soiled garments. She had no way of knowing about his ‘touching’ her and probably wouldn’t even think about it. Above all, acute embarrassment will ensure that she would keep totally quiet about last evening.

With such strong reasoning making him doubly confident, Sekhar set out to do something that was not exactly needed…remove her panties.

He was now aroused as his fingers gently got hold of the elastic band of her panties and rolled it down her pert bottom and thighs. At the first sight of her young pussy, his cock literally jumped in his underwear. He pulled her panties down all the way and eased it out.

Her mound had a trimmed, triangular light patch of black pubic hair at the top. At the lower edge were the upper folds of her vagina shrouding her clitoris and further down her vaginal lips and the opening to her Honey Pot. Her nether lips looked absolutely smooth and hairless, obviously waxed with tender care. The opening had that moist and pinkish look that sent waves of passion through him.

After such a visual treat there was no way Sekhar wouldn’t touch her pussy. Ensuring that she was still out, he gently touched her young pussy with his fingers, using his lightest feather touch. As his forefinger touched her pinkish slit tenderly, her nether lips quivered a little. Sekhar’s finger slid a few millimeters into her juicy, hot cunt.

Mustering all his self control, Sekhar pulled out his fingers as if he were scorched.

He quickly took the night robe and maneuvered Anu into it. He took all the soiled clothes to her bathroom and dumped them in her laundry basket. He gently lifted her in his arms and lay her properly on the bed with a pillow under her head. Covering her with a light sheet, he set the AC at a comfortable 25C and the fan at medium speed.

He started walking out of the room when he paused and turned around.

He walked back silently to her bed, looked at her beautiful and innocent face and kissed her very lightly on her forehead, as if bidding her a good night.

Back in his bed, as he closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep, he kept seeing her naked breasts, torso, thighs and her young pussy. His cock was fully erect with lust and desire and recalling the pleasure of fingering that extremely fuckable young pussy of Anu, he masturbated. He ejaculated in big spurts and drifted into sound sleep a little later.


It was past eight next morning when Anu woke up. She was still a little groggy and disoriented when she opened her eyes for a few seconds and shut them again at the invasion of the daylight. The events of last night came in a flood to her mind; like an action replay on the TV screen. The party, the dancing, the normal cocktails and then what? Someone obviously spiked her drink, she was on a high, the dancing got dirtier and she felt uncomfortable with some unwanted touching and bumping.

She ran off to her car and was driving home and then there was that police check. That sub inspector taking charge of her after talking to uncle on mobile and driving her home. Uncle was there waiting in the car park and took her up. Thank God, he didn’t say a word and was very supportive. She remembered rushing to her bathroom and throwing up. Oh, God, what a mess she made and passed out! She must be a wreck!

She got off the bed and walked into the bathroom and looked at the mirror. Fully awake now, she was in for a shock. The bath room was all cleaned up and so was she! She looked at the laundry basket and saw the clothes she wore last evening there. She looked at her own image clad in her night robe and all cleaned up.

Someone had cleaned up the mess in the bathroom, undressed and cleaned her up and dressed her again in her robe while she lay there passed out. Only one person could have done that –uncle Sekhar! At that thought she was flooded with shame. How could she ever look into his eyes again? Her face grew hot and red at the thought of what had happened.

Anu always prided herself that she was a cool person and not too emotional. She thought things out logically, at least most of the time. As she brushed her teeth, she calmed down and thought about it dispassionately.

Did uncle have a choice? They were alone at home and there were no close friends nearby. Even if someone were there, it would have been highly embarrassing for everyone. He couldn’t just leave her to sleep in that pathetic condition she was, could he? He did the right thing and she was grateful for that.

As she stepped under the shower and the hot shower hit her body, she shut her eyes and tried to imagine the scene. Uncle removing her clothes one by one – did he look at her breasts, did he like them or did he think they were too small? More importantly, did he touch them and feel them? Her pulse quickened and her small pink nipples started hardening at these erotic thoughts.

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