A Special Gift

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“You look wonderful,” Miriam said, standing as Rebecca approached the table. She kissed her, and gave her a hug. “Married life agrees with you,” she added, holding her new daughter-in-law at arm’s length. Rebecca thought Miriam was fairly beaming at her.

“Thanks, Miriam,” Rebecca answered, smiling a little.

“You know, you can call me Mom, now,” Miriam told her with narrowed eyes, but a good-natured smile.

“We’ve been through that,” Rebecca chided, laughing at the joke that had begun after the engagement. “You’re way too young.”

“I know,” she replied as they sat, “I just like hearing you say how young I am!” Miriam motioned to the waiter, and they ordered wine to start lunch.

“Well, you know you’re a lot younger than my mom,” she finished the practiced routine, inwardly rolling her eyes at the tired joke.

“When I was your age Michael was already four,” Miriam reminded, then changed tracks. “So, was the honeymoon fun?”

Rebecca launched into a story of their island vacation, the sun and sand and weather, the food and dancing and sightseeing and shopping. In the middle the waiter came and took their orders. Miriam listened distractedly, until Rebecca ran out of story.

“Sounds like fun,” she commented as the waiter left, then leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially, “but what about the rest?”

“That was pretty much it,” Rebecca explained, confused. “There isn’t more to tell.”

“You left out the good stuff,” Miriam hissed too loudly. “You know, the hot stuff.” She glanced around them. “You know, the sex,” she added. Her eyebrows lifted in curiosity. “Was it good? Was it hot and steamy?”

“Miriam!” Rebecca blanched, “I can’t talk about that!”

“Oh, sure you can, it’s just us girls,” she replied nonchalantly, and patted Rebecca’s hand tenderly. “After all, you’re a Wilson Woman now, Becky.” She winked conspiratorially as Rebecca winced at the use of her nickname. “We have a tradition to uphold, you know.” She waited, then added, “So, Michael is nice and big, right?”

Rebecca sputtered her wine back into the glass, choking. Miriam offered her a napkin as she coughed and fought for control. Michael certainly was gifted between his legs, she knew, recalling the beautiful slab of manhood he wielded so well. Hell, she was still sore from the poundings he’d given her last night. But she sure wasn’t going to discuss his cock size and prowess with his mother! She settled herself and stared across the table, unbelieving and uncomfortable.

“Miriam, really,” she began, “I don’t think that’s a discussion we should be having here.”

Miriam smiled knowingly. “Of course he is dear; he takes after hid dad,” she grinned, seeming to enjoy the younger woman’s embarrassment. “I haven’t seen it a while, but last time I did, I was so proud,” she added. “Does he use it well?”


“Oh, okay, another time then,” Miriam waved her hand dismissively. “We have more important things to discuss today, anyway,” she said as the lunch arrived. They waited silently and thanked the waiter, Rebecca sighing with gratitude for the interruption. But as soon as he was gone, Miriam scooped her bag up off the floor and fished inside it, extracting a small wrapped gift. “This is for you, from me,” she said, passing the small present across the table.

Rebecca’s mouth dropped open in surprise and not a little bit of relief at the change in direction. She stared motionless at the thin rectangular package in her mother-in-law’s hand; slightly larger than her hand and tightly wrapped in gold foil paper with a red ribbon around it, it seemed to glisten in the dim light, reflecting the flickering glow from the candle on the table.

“Oh, Miriam, you shouldn’t have, I couldn’t,” she began, feeling a swell of emotion and a moistening in her eyes that she didn’t expect, given her lack of of tolerance for Michael’s Mom. “That’s not necessary, really.”

“Oh, but it is, Rebecca; take it,” she answered, motioning with the gift, then placing it on the table and sliding it across to her. “You’re a Wilson Woman now, go ahead; open it.” With trembling hands, Rebecca lifted the box, and murmuring thanks, began sliding the ribbon off, and unwrapping it.

“It’s tradition in the Wilson family,” Miriam explained as Rebecca exposed the black felt box inside. “I always thought I would give it to my daughter, like my mother gave it to me, but we only had Michael,” she trailed off sarıyer escort as Rebecca opened the box.

The gold chain glistened elegantly in the bed of black felt, held in place by a silk ribbon. A small pendant rested in the middle; there was writing on it, unreadable in the dim light. Rebecca slipped it out and held it up, admiring the simple beauty.

“Oh, Miriam, it’s lovely,” she cooed, draping it gently over her wrist, “but really, I couldn’t.”

“But you have to, dear; it’s tradition.” Rebecca looked at her; again there was a conspiratorial smile on her face. “Wilson Women have a responsibility.” She tsk’d, and reached for the gold chain. “Not there, dear. It’s an ankle bracelet,” she said, touching the back of Rebecca’s hand. “On the right ankle.”

“Oh,” she replied, slightly embarrassed, and tried to change the subject. “What does it say?” she asked, holding it near the candle to look.

“Hot,” Miriam replied. “You’re a Hot Wife now; all the Wilson Women are hot wives.”

Rebecca looked at her husband’s mother, confused. “Hot Wife?” She asked. “I don’t understand.”

“I’ll explain it after lunch, while we shop,” she answered, “let’s eat.” But the expression haunted her thoughts all through the meal and inconsequential chatter.

Later, after leaving, they paused outside the restaurant and Miriam motioned to a bench, directing Rebecca to sit. She kneeled on the ground and took Rebecca’s right foot in her lap, motioning for the jewelry. “This is so exciting,” she said as she fastened the bracelet, “when you and Michael got engaged, John, your father in law, went out and bought me a new one.” She looked up, still holding the younger woman’s ankle in her lap. “He’s such a dear; he knew I would want to give this one to you.” She held the foot up for viewing, the small pendant on the outside of the ankle. “It’s beautiful, dear. Do you like it?”

“It’s lovely, Miriam, but,” she put her foot back down and stood. “But what does it mean, Hot Wife?” She faced her mother-in-law with questioning eyes. Miriam slipped her arm in her protégé’s arm.

“Why, sex, dear,” she explained as they walked towards the mall. “All the sex you could want or need, with whoever you want.”

Rebecca felt the flush color her face, but as the words registered, she stammered over her embarrassment of discussing sex with her mother in law. He feet stopped moving and Miriam’s arm slipped from hers as she stood, open-mouthed.

“I know just how you feel dear,” the older woman said, taking the few steps back to her and grasping her small, limp hand. “I was just as shocked when I heard it for the first time, but trust me,” and she leaned in to kiss her cheek, and quickly moved to her ear, nuzzling her, and flicking her tongue at her earlobe. “You are going to enjoy all the cock you want, and maybe some hot pussy, too!” she whispered into her ear.

Despite her shock Rebecca felt a thrill run through her from the words carried on hot breath in her ear. She felt a tug on her hand, felt her feet moving, and realized she was walking again, dumbfounded and disoriented. She remained silent shock as they made their way across the parking lot to the mall entrance, lost in thought, following Miriam’s lead as though a child at her mother’s side. She felt the comforting grip of the mature fingers holding hers, solid and confident, exuding a sensation of trust and safety.

For sure, Michael had a magnificent cock; not a porn star freak weapon, but longer and thicker than any other she had experienced, and he used it to perfection. The memory of their first time, their pre-marital sex, and their lively and wanton honeymoon sex ran through her head as she walked in silence at Rebecca’s side. Before him, sex had been occasionally fun and enjoyable, but since meeting him it had taken on a new dimension. Instead of something she sometimes wanted and often accepted, it had grown to be a desire in her, a need and want, and Michael was there and hard for her as often as she desired. His recovery power and stamina was incredible, and his ejaculations! So strong, so much!

Yes, the sex was outstanding. As they approached Vickie’s the thoughts of it spurred her to want to talk, in defiance of her earlier reticence.

“Miriam,” she asked quietly, “what you said earlier, about Michael. About taking after his dad?”

“Yes, dear,” she replied, stopping the walk and esenyurt escort glancing around. “Here, let’s sit for a moment.” She escorted Rebecca to an empty bench across from Vickie’s and they sat. As she looked around her eyes were drawn to the ankle bracelet, glittering in the bright lights of the mall, and questions began piling up in her head,

“And this bracelet,” she asked, “what did you mean? What is a Hot Wife?” She looked into her mother in laws smiling face. “And what did you mean when you said ‘all I could ever want’? And-“

“Shush, dear, one at a time,” Miriam soothed, patting her hand. “First things first.” She spoke conversationally and easily, as though discussing a recent movie she’d seen. “The Wilson men have a special gift, as I’m sure you’re aware, although you seem still a little shy about discussing it; don’t worry, you’ll come around,” she began. “Michaels father has it, and his father before him. I don’t know how far back it goes, but I know that much, because John’s mother told me about it. They have wonderful, thick cocks and they use them like, oh, dear, like gods, it seems.” Her eyes turned dreamy for a second, and Rebecca saw in her face the expression she had felt in her own face during her honeymoon. “John fucks me into tomorrow, always has, since the day we met, and he still has the same youthful vigor he had when we met.” She squeezed Rebecca’s hand, firmer than was normal, and Rebecca felt her body respond as though it were sexual. “And I was hoping Michael would conduct himself the same way, with his equipment; from your face, I guess he has.” She smiled knowingly. “He’ll make you very happy, for a long time, dear.” Rebecca felt her pussy twitch at the memory, wondering to herself why a conversation about sex with her husband with his mother should arouse her.

“I can tell you that John has never failed to satisfy me in all these years,” she continued, seeming to think nothing of the inappropriate setting and environment. “But you may have noticed a certain, ah, excessive virility in Michael?” Her eyebrows lifted, and Rebecca nodded, feeling that twinge again. “Yes, well, the Wilson men have that. And as much as you may want him all to yourself, Michael, like his father, is too much man for one woman.”

Rebecca gasped. “What? Are you saying that John… That Michael will, will…” She stammered. “Will cheat on me?”

“No, no, dear, not cheat. But he WILL spread it around. And let’s face it, it’s a spectacular cock, right?” Rebecca blushed. “The day will come when all your friends are married and you’ll be so proud you’ll even want to share him with your, ah, shall we say, less fortunate friends.”

“Oh, no, Michael loves me.”

“Of course he does, dear, and John loves me, with all his heart. And he loves to fuck me with his outstanding cock, and he loves when I suck him off, and I love it too. And as much as I have come to REALLY enjoy sex in all its forms because of his spectacular cock, I find it to be always on my mind, as it is on his. And sometimes the opportunity arises, along with his erection, and he treats some lovely young thing, or one of my friends, or whoever is around, to the wonders of his bountiful cock. And Michael, will, too.”


“No buts, Becky; it will happen. And that’s the beauty of being a Wilson Woman, and a Hot Wife. Because YOU get to do the same!”

Rebecca blanched at the thought, and Miriam saw. “Now, don’t get all Puritan, sweetie; I’m not talking about some unsatisfying tryst in the back seat with some teenage boy like in high school. I’m talking about steamy, hot sex, legs up and screaming, pounding mind-blowing orgasms, and all with the men of your choosing, or women, if you lean that way, and let me tell you, if you don’t you should try it. You haven’t had a climax like the one you’ll have when some hot honey is licking your fucked cunt, especially if your man is boning her while she does it. It’s incredible.” She grinned at the discomfort that Rebecca was exhibiting. “Oh, come now, don’t get all bashful. Sex is good, right? It’s fun, and exciting and thrilling and fulfilling. And you can have all you want, in any way you want, with whomever you want, starting today.”

“Today?!” She sputtered. “No, Michael is coming…”

“Honey, Michael is at my sister’s house, treating her and her friend to his lovely cock and tongue, and believe me when I tell you they are returning the favor.” The dismay avrupa yakası escort must have been obvious. “Oh, silly girl, don’t get jealous, he loves you. And you love him. And he loves sex, and so do you. And you’re going to have some, and tonight you and Michael will compare notes and have hot after-sex.” She grinned. “And I get to introduce you to a few of my FWB’s.”

Rebecca’s head was swimming with emotion and images; her husband’s cock inside another woman, Miriam sucking her father in law, Miriam with another woman. Another woman! Her body flushed, then shuddered, then flushed again; she felt hot and confused. She was jealous, angry, aroused, all at once, Miriam’s words repeating in her head. Michaels gift, spreading it around, whoever and whenever, sharing her husband, getting her pussy- no her cunt – licked. Loving sex. FWB’s. what the hell was that?

“How does Michael know about all this?” she blurted, “and what is an FWB’S?”

“Friends with Benefits, sweetie,” Miriam responded with a sly smile. “I’ll introduce you to some of mine tonight, after we get you some appropriate underwear for meeting men.” She patted her knee. “That ankle bracelet will help you meet men, trust me; they’ll know you’re available. You’ll love the attention, believe me. There is nothing like the attraction of desirable men to feed a girls ego.” She sat back. “As for Michael, well, we taught him, of course.”

Rebecca choked on the words. “Taught him?” She gasped. “You mean, like you’re teaching me, now?”

“At first, sure,” Miriam said, shuffling a little closer. “Then later, showing him. Your father in law is a fabulous instructor.” She giggled. “I think I enjoyed the demonstrations as much as Michael!”

“Oh, my God,” she sputtered, “you mean he watched you? Having sex?”

“Of course, dear. Wilson men are born with aptitude. Potential. But skill has to be learned. So we showed him what’s possible, until he understood what to do, and how, and then we made him practice.”

“Practice? What, with women?”

“No, silly, with me!” Rebecca felt her eyes bulge, but Miriam dismissed her concern with a wave of her hand. “What did you think, he was such a great lover without experience? Or that he learned it from those geeky high school girls?” She tsk’d again, and sucked her teeth. “No, he learned from the best, from his dad, and me. That’s why I knew he’d be so good, Becky dear, because he trained with me. Did you think licking cunt comes naturally? I assumed he licked you to incredible orgasms. and after he fucks you, and licks his cum out, and you scream and thrash?” she grinned at her. “Yeah, he’s good at that, isn’t he? And that cock, it should be bronzed. Oh, that boy can fuck like his dad, that’s for sure. I swear; you haven’t lived till you’ve had one of them in your mouth and the other in your cunt. Or even better, one in your cunt and one in your ass.”

“A- ass? In your ass?”

“I guess he hasn’t gotten to that hole yet, huh? Just wait, you’ll love it. And Michael’s really good at ass fucking too, he’s so patient and slow, and he licks you and gets you so hot!”

“Oh, damn, Miriam, he licks your ass?”

“Of course, honey; how else would your lover prepare you for ass fucking? You want him to shove it in you tight and dry?” She snorted a laugh. “He’d tear your poor starfish to shreds!”

Rebecca collapsed against the back of the bench, her legs extended in front of her. Her eyes drifted to the glittering pendant at her ankle. Hot. A Hot Wife. A Wilson Woman. Married to a man with the greatest cock she’d ever had, owned by a man who had fucked his mothers ass at his father’s instruction, hell, double-teamed his own mother WITH his dad, and was currently fucking his aunt and her friend.

“It’s a lot to take in, I know,” Miriam counseled nonchalantly. “But you’ll get used to it quickly. I hooked us up with some hotties for tonight, trust me dear; you’ll love it. But now, let’s get you some nice underthings to show the boys, shall we?” She stood and pulled Rebecca’s hands; she stood, legs shaking a little and trembling with – what? Fear? Anticipation? She was disoriented, unaccustomed to this frank discussion, so far beyond her bounds. So far beyond her imagination. But, she admitted with some trepidation, her imagination was following, and her body was responding. To her astonishment and shame, she was wet and tingling. Was it excitement making her legs weak? She felt her feet move, as if in a dream, following Miriam’s lead.

“You’ve got such a beautiful body, Becky,” she heard through the dream, “I can’t wait to see you in some sexy undies.” She felt a hand at her back, imagined a man, a strange, new man, touching her, leading her. “You’ll have to get naked to try things on. We’ll have to see what happens, eh?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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