A Squire for a Knight

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…

Collin watched with excited expectancy as the parade of knights passed by. Would he be there. he thought? Would Sir Lucas Wainwright of Westburough be among those who would compete today? He examined each one as the went by, hoping to spot the red and gold standard that was Sir Luke’s.

In Collin’s eyes, there were no other knights as handsome as Sir Luke, and it wasn’t hero worship. Young Collin, more than a boy but not yet a man at eighteen, was in love. Although he had never had a lover and was still virginal, he had known he was same-sexed since he was thirteen. it was just something he knew without question.

Collin had watched the knight compete in many combats and had admired him from afar. he hadn’t known, until recently, that the man was same-sexed as well. There had been many beautiful women who had thrown themselves at the knight, only to be promptly turned away. Collin had thought that maybe the knight was of some holy order, until the other day when he had overheard a young man talking in the stables.

The fellow had claimed to have been Sir Luke’s squire, and had whined that he had left the knight because he was tired of the man’s sexual advances. Hell, if i was Sir Luke’s squire, Collin thought to himself, I wouldn’t bitch about his advances, I’d be his bitch. He wanted so much to be the knight’s lover–some way, some how, it didn’t matter, as long as he could be held in the man’s strong arms and be loved forever.

Catching sight of Sir Luke’s standard at last, Collin jumped down from his perch and ran to the jousting grounds. He wanted to be among the first to find an advantageous spot. Maybe he would be lucky today and get a chance at his heart’s desire. he quickly found a perch close to the tents but where he could see the joust tournament, and settled down to wait.

The knights rode onto the grounds atop their great battle steeds in glorious grandure, their standards flapping majestically in the breeze. They paraded around the rails once, then took their places beside their standards that had been planted into the ground in front of their tents. It was a magnificent display and Collin eagerly waited for the tournament to begin.

The knights were paired off for the first round, and the jousting began. Collin watched intently as Sir Luke, in the third pair, lowered his lance and charged. There was something not right with that lance. Collin’s older brother, Jeremy, was a squire and had taught him the ways. that lance was warped. True enough, it broke where it should not have and Sir Luke was nearly un-saddled.

As Sir Luke’s squire brought him a second lance, Collin observed that it, too, was warped. What was going on? Didn’t that fool know his job? Sir Luke could get killed! Again, the knight lowered his lance and charged, again the lance broke where it should not have, and again the knight almost lost his seat.

Collin could see that the third lance was warped as well, and watched in horror as Sir luke was thrown. the knight stood and showed that he was al-right, then removed his helm and tossed it to the ground forcefully. The man was livid as he raged to his tent. A moment later he emerged with squire in tow, flogging him as he went, and tossed him out of the arena. Collin decided that here was his chance, and he jumped down to approach Sir Luke as he returned to his tent.

* * *

Sir Lucas Wainwright slammed his helm down hard to the ground. That was fucking it! No more! He’ll kill the little son-of-a-bitching squire! He stormed off to his jousting tent to wallop the whelp. That had been the third warped lance in a row the little prick had given him today. How was he supposed to compete with an incompetent squire giving him inferior equipment? To make matters worse, this was the sixth damn squire this month.

He found the boy cowering in the back of the tent and hauled him out, beating him soundly. he then tossed him out of the arena, dramatically dusting his hands to show his disapproval. Discussed, he snapped up his helm and headed back to his tent to await the next round. As he neared eryaman escort his tent, however, he was accosted by yet another hopeful youth.

“Excuse me, Sir Luke, but I could squire for you,” the young man who had grabbed his arm offered.

“Go away,” he growled, shaking off the boy’s hold of him, “I’ve had enough of squires today.”

“But I am strong, and I know the ways,” the boy pleaded, “I knew all three of those lances were warped the moment they were handed to you. I know my weapons.”

Luke stopped and turned to examine the boy. He was tall, but not very (Luke towered over him a little), and he was thin, but not gangly. There were some trim muscles on him, no fat, and he

looked healthy. Lucas looked into the boy’s eyes, and saw an honesty there in those baby blues, fringed with long dark lashes on a pretty face topped with a thatch of dark waves.

The knight had a sudden need to control his lust. One of the problems he had had with squires was giving in when they offered and not wanting to give up when they had had enough. If he was to accept this lad’s offer to squire, he would have to watch himself. regardless, the boy would need to prove that he could, in fact, squire.

“What is your name, boy?” he clipped.

“Collin MacThorp, Sir Luke,” the boy answered.

So, he was a MacThorp, huh? Sir Thomas had a MacThorp for a squire, a good lad.

“Okay, Collin MacThorp,” Luke acceded, “I’ll give you a trial today. If you don’t work out, off you go.”

“Yes-sir! Thank you, Sir Luke!” the boy babbled, “You won’t regret it!”

“I had better not,” Luke growled.

The rest of the day was spent pleasantly in competition, and the lad did, in fact, prove his competence and capability. Luke had never had a better squire. The boy didn’t grumble or complain, and almost knew what he wanted before he did himself. this squire was quickly becoming a keeper. Now, if he could only get through the night without trying to bed the lad.

* * *

Collin hadn’t done his best today, a-purpose. He hadn’t wanted to seem too good to be true. Still, Sir Luke had been pleased with his performance of his duties. Collin was now the knight’s squire, and his heart thrilled with joy. he would be close to the man he loved. All he needed to do now was to let him know that he was willing.

But, the knight was making that difficult. He had given Collin a bed roll to sleep outside, while the knight himself would sleep in the tent. How was he supposed to seduce the man that way? Collin laid awake until he was sure the knight had drifted off to sleep, then he quietly crept into the tent.

The knight laid on his back with one strong, muscled arm thrown above his head. he was sleeping in the buff, which pleased Collin immensely. there was just enough room for him to cuddle next to him, so he removed his own clothes, and gently lifted the cover to slip in. he held his breath, then slowly released it when the man did not awaken.

Collin eased into position and aligned his body along the knight’s, touching skin to skin. then he gently laid his head on the man’s shoulder and chest, and draped his arm across his belly, low enough to be near his groin. This was how he wanted the man to see him when he awoke, in an obvious gestured pose.

“And just what do you think you are doing?”

Sir Luke’s voice was low and gravely in his ear, sending a tingle of excitement down his spine. Apparently he had been awake the whole time, and had waited until he had settled before speaking.

“I want to be your lover,” Collin pleaded softly, “Please?”

“You do not know what it is you are asking of me,” the knight rasped.

“I am same-sexed, like you,” Collin countered bravely.

The knight was still, then he reached for Collin’s chin and lifted it to look into his eyes. Collin tried to put everything he felt into them for the man to see. Finally, the knight kissed him, softly at first, then deeper, prying his lips open to thrust in his tongue. Oh, so sweet! Collin reveled in the kiss, savoring it, sincan escort and drew closer, moving his body as sensuously as he knew how, against the man’s own.

The knight wrapped his arms around him, pulled him to be on top, then stroked his back, causing tingling sensations in places he never knew could feel like that before. Collin shivered a little, nervous. This would be his first time and he didn’t want to screw it up. He stroked the knight, taking his cues from him, reciprocating touches and kisses.

The man moved his kisses to Collin’s neck and sucked on his pulse point. Collin shivered with delight, feeling the hardening of his own sex against that of the knight’s already hard and large piece. He tried, awkwardly, to repay in kind, but missed when the man worked his way down and latched onto his nipple. Oooh! Collin arched his back in response to the sensation that move had caused, and inadvertently rubbed his groin against the knight’s.

The man moaned and recaptured his lips, then squeezed and kneaded his butt cheeks. Collin decided that felt good, too, and rubbed more against the knight. He honestly didn’t know what to do and was depending on the man to teach him.

He never expected what happened next. The knight shoved his rod hard into his ass. It hurt a lot, at first, and he whimpered. As the man pumped into him, though, the pain eased and was slowly replaced by the most incredible feeling he had ever felt. It made him rub even harder against the knight’s belly.

The harder and faster the man thrust into him, the harder and faster Collin rubbed against him, and their tongues eloped with fervor. they rocked together thus, Collin’s mind reeling in multiple colors as he climbed higher and higher, rubbing harder and faster, the pain in his ass sending him over the edge until he could bare it no longer.

They climaxed together, their orgasms as one, the knight shouting out in a deep bellow as Collin cried his higher pitched scream. Collin felt as though he had grown wings and taken off in flight, it was that incredible to him. his first time had been good, real good, in spite of being awkward.

He collapsed, panting, atop of the knight, enjoying this thing called the afterglow. Indeed, it was a glowing feeling. As the knight held him gently in his arms, Collin gazed up into his sea-green eyes and smiled. The man smiled back.

“You’ve never done this before, have you?” he asked.

Collin shook his head ‘no’, confirming, “You are my first.”

“Not bad for a first timer,” the knight commended.

“Does that mean I get the job?” Collin teased coquetishly.

The man stilled, frowning, confusing Collin. What was wrong? Without warning, the knight shoved him hard and he landed on the ground with a thud.

“Get out!” the knight shouted.

Collin couldn’t move. Not only was he confused, the man’s reaction frightened him. What did he do wrong?

“Get out!” the man yelled when he didn’t obey,”And don’t ever come back!”

Collin blinked at the tears filling his eyes as his heart twisted in pain. He had been so close, had given himself, his purity, to the knight, and was being rejected. He swallowed hard at the lump in his throat, choking back the sobs that threatened, and stared in shock at the man’s anger.

“I said get out!” the knight repeated forcefully, “I won’t have another squire who thinks he has to sleep with me to keep his job! Go! Now!”

The knight’s words struck him hard, and his heart broke into tiny shards. Was that what the man thought he was doing?

“But…” he tried to explain, but the knight wasn’t listening.

“Out!” he shouted, and threw a boot at him.

Collin scrambled to his feet and ran out of the tent, forgetting his clothes

* * *

Luke was fucking pissed. The boy’s words felt like mockery. How could he have been such a fool to fall for that one, again? he had tired long ago of young men who thought they had to sleep with him in order to be his squire. Angry, he shoved the boy off onto the ground.

“Get out!” he shouted.

The etlik escort boy just stared up at him, unmoving.

“Get out, and don’t ever come back!”

The boy blinked and looked at him like he had suddenly grown horns.

“I said get out!” Luke forced through his teeth, “I won’t have another squire who thinks he has to sleep with me to keep his job! Go! Now!”

The lad’s expression changed then, and Luke couldn’t quite read it.

“But…” the boy started, but Luke didn’t give him the chance.

“Out!” he shouted, and threw his boot, barely missing the boy’s head.

The youth scrambled up, and as he turned to bolt out of the tent, Luke caught the final look in his eyes. That look screamed volumes and took him off guard. if that lo9ok meant what he thought it meant…He didn’t like it. could he have been wrong? Could the lad actually have wanted him? Luke leaped out of the bedding and threw on a pair of trews, then tore out of the tent to look for the boy.

It had started raining at some time while they had been occupied, and the ground was spongy soft with mud. He searched the grounds at a run, and finally found him. He skidded to a stop at the sight of the boy’s naked form, kneeling in the mud. The youth had a dagger, his dagger, poised over his heart.

Luke’s own heart leaped into his throat as he realized what this, and that ‘look’, meant. No! Luke flew across and grabbed the boy’s wrist as it began the downward thrust. Throwing the dagger aside, he pulled the youth into his arms and holding him close and tight. Oh, gods, he thought, he had almost lost the only true lover he had ever had! Luke shook as he knelt, cradling and rocking the sobbing youth.

“I…” the boy looked up at him, faltering, “I did not offer to be your lover so that I could be your squire,” his voice quavered softly, “I offered to be your squire so that I could become your lover.”

Those were the sweetest words Luke had ever heard. He drew the lad closer and kissed him tenderly, then with more passion. He had fallen hard for the youth. There was no other explanation for it. He was in love. He loved this young man, Collin. Such a sweet name, he thought, a dear sweet name.

* * *

Collin knelt in the mud, ready to plunge the knight’s dagger into his heart. Without the man’s love in return, he did not want to live. He had saved himself for his one and only love, and had given him his innocence, only to be rejected. His life wasn’t worth living after that.

As he began the plunge of the dagger into his heart, a strong hand grabbed the dagger and threw it. Then strong arms enveloped him tight to a bare chest. Collin looked up into the knight’s eyes, which were filled with tears. Collin began to sob as Luke shakingly knelt, cradled him in his arms, and rocked him.

“I…” Collin faltered, swallowing. “I did not offer to be your lover so that I could be your squire,” he sobbed softly, “I offered to be your squire so that I could become your lover.”

The knight drew him in closer and kissed him, softly at first, then harder. Collin responded, but remained confused. What did this mean? Did Sir Luke love him after all?

“Oh, Collin,” the man whispered in his ear, “I am so sorry I misunderstood. Would you please forgive me?”

Collin digested the knight’s words. so, it really was just a simple misunderstanding, after all. he nodded ‘yes’ into the knight’s chest. He loved him so much, he could forgive him of almost anything.

“I love you, Collin,” Luke whispered tenderly, caressing him, “I realized that the moment you left.”

Collin wrapped his arms around luke and kissed him, his heart beginning to mend.

“I have always loved you, from the very start,” Collin confessed, “I had saved myself just for you.”

Luke smiled down at him tenderly and Collin knew his heart was whole again, never to be broken a second time by his one and only knight in shining armor.

“I’m so glad you did,” Luke assured him. “You have given me a very precious gift, your self.”

Collin clung to Luke as he lifted him and carried him back to their tent. There would be no more bed-rolls outside. He allowed luke to fuss over him as he cleansed him of the mud and tucked him into the bed with him. After that, Collin took over, and proceeded to show luke what he had learned from their first time together making love.

…And they lived happily ever after.

* * *

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