A Stimulating Road Trip

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Road trips can be some of the most boring hours of your life. On the other hand, they could also be some of the most stimulating. About an hour into the longest most boring road trip of my life, I began to get sleepy. The warm sunshine and rocking rhythm of the truck lulled me into a contented doze. As I slipped deeper into the arms of sleep I heard your voice echoing in my mind.

“Eliiiiiiiza.” Your voice caressed my mind and drew me to you.

“Eliiiiiiiza.” I felt your arms close around me from behind and the heat of your hard body at my bare back.

“I missed you.” You cooed, your lips grazing my neck, your warm breath stirring the sensitive skin of my nape as you spoke. I leaned back into the warmth of your chest. Sighing softly, I gave myself up to your teasing lips.

You nibbled a trail of kisses up the nape of my neck and gently sucked my earlobe between your lips. “Baby, I want you so bad.” You rasped into my ear. Your strong hands moved slowly up my body. I could feel the tips of your fingers glide over my soft skin, tracing an invisible line up the sides of my thighs, hips and waist. The gasp of expectation I had been holding burst from my lips as your hands closed over my breasts and your fingers grazed my already stiff, aching nipples. You took them between your fingers, gently rolling and pulling them into rock hard little buds.

Within the circle of your arms you turned me to face you. Looking up into your eyes, I snaked my arms around your neck and pressed my body into yours. The warm pressure of your chest temporarily relieved my aching nipples.

I could feel the hard ridge of your cock against my belly and I ground my hips against it, eliciting a growl from deep in your throat. I could see the flames of desire flaring in your eyes as they locked onto mine. Deliberately your eyes moved down my face, caressing my skin and resting hotly on my lips. My tongue darted out, unconsciously wetting them. Slowly you inclined your head and lowered your lips to touch mine, a gentle caress that weakened my knees. I held on to your body as you deepened the kiss. I felt your teeth nibble my lower lip and your tongue coax my mouth open to slide your tongue against mine.

Our tongues slid, caressed teased and tasted. My body responded to your kiss, humming with pleasure and anticipation. The center of me melted into white hot liquid that pooled between my thighs. I moaned against your hungry mouth and thrust my hips against you, begging for your touch.

I felt the firm nudge of your thigh press between mine. Desire spread from my center in warm waves as I rode your thigh, grinding my aching clit against you.

“Oh, you greedy little girl.” you growled against my ear. “Do you like that?”

A moan was all the answer I could give, followed by a cry of frustration as you withdrew your thigh.

“Not yet Baby, not from that. There are so many other ways I want to make you cum.” You said as your fingers pulled firmly on my nipples then moved down Kıbrıs Escort my body.

Your hand slid between my thighs and pressed firmly into my mound as your whispered “My hands.”

Your fingers slid easily into my already wet slit and over my swollen clit.

“My fingers.” You continued.

Slowly you lifted your slick fingers to your lips and tasted my juices, first delicately licking your fingertips, and then sucking them into your mouth, all the while looking deliberately into my eyes.

“My tongue and mouth.”

Gently you took my hand and placed it around the hard length of your throbbing shaft.

“My cock.” You whispered finally, sending shivers of anticipation through my body.

Through lust hooded eyes I looked down at my hand encircling your cock. Slowly I began to stroke up and down. Your skin was like velvet encasing steel. Your hips moved in rhythm with my slow, long, light strokes. My fingers barely touched your skin. You closed your eyes and leaned back, bracing yourself on the table behind you.

Your breath quickened as I increased my pace and pressure. You released a quiet moan as a small pearl of precum gleamed from the tip, begging me to taste it. I got down on my knees before you, my hand still stroking your heated flesh. You looked down at me, my eyes met yours and held your gaze as I extended my tongue to the tip of your dick and gently lapped the precum from your swollen head.

I grasped your shaft with my hand, feeling you throb beneath my touch. Leaning forward I breathed small, hot puffs of air from your tightened balls to the tip of your hard cock. You moaned and pressed your hips forward, silently begging me to take you into my mouth.

I loved to see you so filled with lust. Your body tight with anticipation, your breath quickened. I wanted to tease you until your body hummed with desire and you felt as though you would burst with need. But my own need to taste the hardened flesh that burned in my hand won out.

I heard you gasp and felt your body shudder as I touched the tip of you to my lips and slowly slid your cock into my mouth. Sweet, hot and hard, you filled my mouth and my senses with a blinding hunger. My tongue swirled around your cock as I drew you deep into my throat. The tangy, musky scent of you aroused my hunger further and I could hold back no longer.

You groaned deep in your throat at the sweet, hot suction surrounding your cock. Up and down I bobbed my head, sometimes just sucking your aching cock head, others, swallowing your entire rigid length. Always touching, licking, sucking and tasting. My hands roamed your body. I felt the firmness of your ass cupped in my hands, kneading and gripping those sweet cheeks. I ran my hands up the taut and straining muscles of your thighs and further to play in silky soft hair on your tummy.

I could feel your balls tighten against your body and knew you were getting close to exploding inside my mouth. The thought of your Kıbrıs Escort Bayan hot cum coating my throat drove me wild and I increased my pace.

“No Baby, not yet.” You managed to whisper as your hands moved to stroke my hair and slow me down. With one last sensuously slow lick up your shaft I stopped and looked up into your eyes. You pulled me to my feet and kissed me sweetly. Then you took my hand and led me to the sumptuously adorned bed my dreaming mind had conjured.

I sunk back against the fluffy soft pillows, feeling the rich fabric caress my bare skin. You covered my body with yours, positioning yourself between my parted thighs and torturing me with the press of your thick hardness against my mound. I rocked my hips in a slow grinding rhythm and groaned as I felt your swollen cock head slide between my slick pussy lips to tease my needy clit. You grasped your shaft and ran your cock up and down my slit. It slid easily from my clit to my hungry, dripping cunt. Teasing me, you pushed just the tip inside, only to withdraw, leaving an empty need in its wake.

“Fuck me!” I begged in a hoarse whisper.

“What do you want baby?” you asked, that teasing tone to your voice that you always get when you know how needy you’ve made me.

“Fuck me!” I cried louder.

“Louder.” You demanded, your thick, hard cock tracing an invisible line between my clit and pussy. The head just barely slipping inside then back to tease my swollen little nub.

“Please! Fuck Me!” I screamed, my hips rocking to the rhythm of your teasing.

“Does my Baby want my big thick cock inside her?” You purred.

“Please.” I whimpered, barely able to catch my breath.

“Please what?” you asked, your voice thick with lust. You give yourself away; I know you need this as much as I do. But, I’m too far gone to care. I need you to fill me.

“Fuck me.” I rasped, looking directly into your eyes. Holding my gaze with the fire in your own, you sank your cock into my dripping cunt. Crying out, I arched my back. I can feel the entire length of you buried deep inside me. My hips thrust involuntarily, trying to take more.

“That’s it Baby, take it all.” You said, as you thrust deep then slowly pull out, leaving just the head. Whimpering, I begged to be filled. You sit back on your knees, and part my thighs wider, still teasing my pussy with your cock head. Wickedly you respond “You want this?”

“Yes!” I whispered, barely able to draw a breath as I felt your finger part my pink pussy lips and slowly circle my clit. I felt your cock head teasing my hungry hole and your hand on my mound, pressing gently while your thumb eases the ache. I looked up to watch you. You seemed spellbound by the sight before you. My pussy muscles tightened around you, trying to pull you deeper. You gasped, and in a barely audible whisper said “God, Liza. I can’t hold back anymore.” You grasped my ankles and threw them over your shoulders. With an animal lust you pounded Escort Kıbrıs into me. Your cock buried to the hilt. Moaning your satisfaction you began the driving rhythm that I needed. Thrusting deep, hard and fast, your hands grasped my hips and pumped harder. I felt you moving, changing positions, I cried out, not wanting to stop.

“Liza Luv, let me take you from behind.” You managed between breaths. I obliged, and eagerly turned over and onto my knees with my ass in the air. I felt your hands grasp my hips, almost too roughly. But I loved the feel of your hands of me. Unexpectantly you slapped my ass, the vibration tingling to my pussy. I cried out and pushed my ass against you.

“Oh I know what you want.” You purred, taking your hard cock into your hand and running the tip along my slit.

“Give it to me.” I begged, grinding my ass against your swollen pole.

“So wet. So juicy.” You cooed. “I just can’t wait to fuck that cunt.” You said as you slid inside me. Moaning, I met your rhythm instantly. I could feel you throb as you pumped my dripping hole. I knew you were close and were waiting for me. Your hands grasped my cheeks, and spread them wide. You could see your big hard dick disappear and reappear, coated in my juices. I reached a hand between my thighs and began furiously working my clit. My pussy was soaked. I could feel the heat build where we were joined. It spread like wildfire through my veins as I stood on the edge of release.

“Cum on my cock.” You rasped. “Baby cum on my cock.” You begged, as you fucked me harder, your balls pulled tight against your body and ready to explode.

And with that, the waves washed over my body. My pussy gripped your cock, my spasms of ecstasy milking it, fucking it, my hips bucking wildly. I filled the air with my screams of passion.

You grasped my hips harder, fingers digging into my tender flesh. Thrusting, pumping and fucking harder, you felt my spasms milk your cock. The sound of your name on my lips, ringing in the air and the feeling my dripping wet pussy cumming, drenching you in juices, pushed you over the edge. Your balls tightened and exploded. Load after load of thick white cum burst from your cock. One squirt deep inside my pulsing pussy, then you pulled out, squirting all over my pussy and ass.

Exhausted, we collapsed onto the bed. Softly you whispered my name into my ear.


“Eliza.” Another voice startled me from my dream, ripping me from your arms. “Eliza your phone is ringing.” My friend Allison, who was currently driving was poking my thigh, trying to wake me.

“What? Huh?” I said groggily.

“Your phone is ringing man…pick it up.” She said laughing at me.

I grabbed my cell from my purse at my feet and just as I was about to answer, the ringing stopped. “Damn. Oh well.” I said settling back into my seat.

“You must have had one hell of a dream Liza. You were tossing and turning and making quite a racket.” Allison commented.

Laughing to myself, remembering my dream I played innocent and said I couldn’t remember. Just then the phone rang again. I picked it up and answered.

“Eliiizzzzaaaa.” You cooed to me from the other end of the line. “How is my Baby?” Instantly I was wet…..and blushing wickedly.

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