A Stranger’s Voice

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I was sitting alone at home when the phone rang, I pick it up and said hello, the voice on the other end ask to talk to a Miss Playware, well I told him that she was not here at the time, could I take message. I wasn’t going to tell him no one live here by that name. He said he’d call back at midnight and that he’d tell her then what he wanted. I went about my business, getting house work done then fix dinner and ate alone. I had put the call out of my mind, when the phone rang at midnight.

“Hello, no I am sorry but you must have been given the wrong number she doesn’t live here. “I told him. His vice was real deep as deep as the singer Berry White. The more he talk the more I wanted him to talk. My body was tingling, my nipples were getting hard, and tight, and my pussy was getting wet, all from his voice. I forgot he was talking, till he ask me if we could talk awhile, he really needed to talk to someone. I told him that I was a 30 year old lady with out a man in my live at the moment, so I would like to talk to him, beside his voice was great. We talk about the weather and a lot of other general stuff. Everything from what our favorite color was to what food we like the best. We talk some about the people we’ve dated, and what we like most in bed. We said our good nights around 3 in the morning. I drifted off to sleep.

Three weeks later around midnight the phone rings again. I pick it up thinking it was my sister, who was to call earlier, but it was him again. ” Hello honey its me again, I hope you don’t mind, but I needed to hear your voice again. ” he said. “Hi, I don’t mind at all I love your voice” I told him. He told me that our talk got him through some rough times in the last three weeks. Although sleeping was hard he hasn’t got much sleep lately. Would you mind if we talk a little more openly about some things” he asked. I told him I didn’t mind at all. He ask me where I was in the house. I told him I was in my bedroom, laying on my bed. He ask me what I was wearing. I told him that I was wearing a pair of flannel PJ’S and it was colder than hell here where I live.

He ask me if I was wearing pj’s, I told yes. He laugh and told me that if he was there I would be wearing something sexy. I told him that I wouldn’t be wearing anything at all if he was here. “If I was there what would you do?” he asked. “Well if you were here with me. I would watching you undress or I would undress you. I would run my hands all over your body, feeling every inch of you, I kiss your lips, and slowly move down to your chest, tasting your body, when I find your nipples, I’d lick them, running circles around your çağlayan escort nipples, sucking them in gentle at first, then a little harder. When I hear you moan I’d move down more licking and kissing my way down. My hands find your cock. It’s hard, hot, and ready, I run my hands up and down the length of your cock.

My hands cup your balls squeezing them, while I lick a taste of your cock, I love the taste, so I slide your cock head in my mouth sucking gently. I suck your cock in til I mouth hits your balls, wow your down my throat, and I feel you coming. I swallow all of your cum, and lick you clean and hard again. “she said. I listened and all I heard was heavy breathing and him moaning, then nothing. I ask him if he was alright. “Mmmm I’m find I couldn’t help myself I was stroking my self listening to you and I was getting really hot and I jerk my self off. ” he told me.

“I must have got you really hot then, It’s your turn, what would you do if you were here?” I asked.

“Yes you did get me sooo hot, Mmmm I would lay you down on that bed, my hands would start on your face, holding your face while I kiss you, I would tongue fuck your mouth, while my hands move to cup your tits, squeezing them. I move my mouth down to those beautiful titties. My tongue would lick your nipples, one at a time, sucking them in my hot mouth. Taking my time with both nipples, each getting harder. When I hear you cry out, I’ll move down kissing, and licking my way down. I spread your legs wide, as I settle my mouth on your pussy lips sucking them in, running my tongue in and out. I can hear you moaning and groaning, telling me to stop, can’t take any more, but I wont stop I want you to come in my mouth. I slip my tongue in, using my tongue to fuck your sweet juicy pussy. You grab my head and scream you coming, I drink it all up. That what I’d do to you if I was there with you. “he said. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never touch my self like that before. I was so horny that I told him I wish he was here with me. We talk some more and he told me he’d call me again soon, and hung up. I sleep good.

The next month I had to work nights, so I didn’t get home till after 4 in the morning. I missed his voice. Tonight would be my last night working, when I got home I found the red light blinking on the phone. I hit the play button and to my surprise I heard his voice. “Hello baby, I’m in town call me if you want to see me I’ll be in town all weekend. PLEASE CALL ME. ” he said. I couldn’t believe he was here. I grab the phone and dial the number, and his voice was there. I çapa escort told him how to get to my place and also told I’d leave the key under the mat I was heading to the shower. I was still in the shower when he got here.

As I was stepping out of the shower, I heard him. “Mmmm, you look better than I thought you would look. If I don’t leave right now I’ll take you right now. I want to take you out to eat first. “He said. I finish drying off and slip on my thin strap black dress. As I look in the mirror, I saw panty lines so I took off my panties. I slip on my shoes and went out to the living room. He turn as I walk into the room He whistle. “Your one hot, sexy lady. Where have you been all my life.” he said.

“You’re not so bad your self, in fact your even better than I thought you’d look. Your taller and much bigger.” I told him. He told me that he was probably the biggest man I ever meet. “he said. We left to go to dinner. then we walk on the beach for a while, and went back to my place. We dance to some Barry White music. As we dance I unbutton his shirt, drop it to the floor. He pull my dress up and drop it on the floor. He gasp, and stop dancing, look down at me.

“I thought I’d be more comfortable without any under things on. Do you like? “I said. “Oh my yes I like, I like very much” he said. I went for his belt buckle, unbuckled and pull off the belt. As I unzip his pants, I felt his hands on my tits, squeezing them. “Mmmmm”I moaned. I slide his pants down, letting them drop to floor. ” Oh my your so huge” I said. “Yes I am, more to please you with my dear”he said. I was so hot that I wasn’t sure if we would make it to the bedroom, when he pick me up. I wrap my legs around his hips and felt him take hold his cock and put it in, and I felt him slide up inside my pussy.

He move us over to the couch, and bent me over and he was pounding me into the couch. “Oh yes, fuck me. . . . . . harder. . . faster. . . . oooohhhhhhhh I’mmmmm. . . . ccccoooommmmiiinnngggggg!” I screamed. He pick me and ask me where was the bed. I told him and he carry me there and gently layed me down all while keeping his cock inside me. When I layed back he slowly move his cock to he was almost out of me then he’d slam back in me. Over and over he slammed my pussy, until I felt him stiffen up and I felt him exploded. “Your one hot fuck baby, and we are not even close to being finish, if we ever are. “he told me. He pulled me into his arms and we fell asleep like that.

The next morning I woke up to find him eating my pussy. I have no idea how long he was at it, cennet mahallesi escort but my orgasm hit me hard. “Now that I’ve had my breakfast, lets go cook something for you. “he said. “No way its my turn. Lay back and relax, I’m going to have my breakfast right now” I told him. I wrap my hands around his huge cock and ran my hands up and down the length of his cock. I figure he was at least 10 or 12 inches long and at least 6 inches around, and I was going to get as much of him down my throat as I can. I lick the drop of cum that was laying on the tip of his cock head. I kiss and lick the all over the length of him and had him moaning for more. His hands on my head I let him guide my head over his cock head and I open my mouth and slide down on his cock.

He was trying not to move his hips. I move my hands to his hips, and squeezed his ass cheeks and pull him to me till I had all his cock down my throat. I felt him swell and explored in my mouth. I swallowed all of his cum. When I lifted my head up I saw that he had his close, so I got up and straddle his hips and grab his cock and slide down, wrapping my pussy around his cock. “Oh baby, ride my cock baby, ride me hard. “he groaned. He reach up and squeezed my titties, pushing them together and pinching my nipples. I screamed and fell forward bracing my hands on each side of his head.

“Oh baby, you like when I do that, come closer so I can have a taste. ” he said. “Oh yes baby fuck me. . . . . ride daddy’s big prick. . . . . . thats it. . . . yes grind your hips. . . . . oh babbbbbyyyyy. . . . . . . I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum. . . . . . . . . . . OH. . . BABYYYYY. . . HERE IT COMES. . . . . . . . I’mmmm comminggggggggg” he screamed. When we came back to earth the phone was ringing. I reach over to answer it, and then handed the phone to him. When hung up he told me that was his work he has to go back to the main office there was an emergency. He told me he didn’t want to go, but he would be back and he’d make sure one would know how to reach him.

He called every night telling me that he can’t wait to get back to me. I told him that I hope it was soon, cause I was so fucking horny, that I was going crazy. Two days later he called and told me that a limo would pick me up and take me to the airport to meet him. As I was waiting for him I went to the bathroom and took off my underwear and bra and stuffed them in my purse, went out to wait for him. We hug and kiss and then got into the limo. 10 minutes into the ride I couldn’t wait any longer I reach over and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard and ready.

I put him in my mouth and suck his cock until he explored in my mouth. ” Damn baby couldn’t you wait till we got home. “he said with a laugh. “No I can’t and you something else I want you inside me right now. ” I told him as I straddle his cock and push my pussy down on him. He grab my hips and push and pull me back and forth till we came together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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