A Swinging Carnival

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I close the books. No more buffeting. It’s Friday evening and the whole weekend is ahead of me and it’s carnival, as they say the Preiß´n. The university only calls again on Monday and learning is not the whole life.

I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Arne, I am 22 years old and in my second semester I am studying bioinformatics in Munich. My career aspiration is zoologist and through a friend at the zoo in Munich I have the possibility to combine studies and internship at my place of residence.

At the moment I have no fixed relationship because learning takes all my attention. There is hardly any time for hobbies and my last partner said that if she was less important than my books, then I should go where the pepper grows.

The last One-Night-Stand wasn’t very refreshing either, so only the good and solid German handwork remains. That may be enough for some people, but it’s clearly not enough for me. I can’t do anything with the usual student parties, because there’s only talk about semester work, learning and such crap. And before I get drunk or throw some stuff into myself in order to reach a “higher level of consciousness”, I look for something else.

For some time now I have been the proud owner of a Swingerclub membership card and have spent many an uplifting weekend there in a pleasant atmosphere. Small talk, good entertainment in pleasant company and casual, stress-free sex are an alternative to the usual life.

I look at the calendar of events and hello!

For this weekend a carnival swing in is announced and the regulations sound interesting to you. Full face mask, so that one is not recognized and body painting are desired. Sounds good if you don’t know who your partner will be. Let us be surprised. Then quickly buy the colours and look forward to the next day.


Get up late, have a good breakfast and then go to the bathroom for a shower and shave. I don’t want to appear as a Struwelpeter, so a thorough scraping of my little friend is called for. Even my, uh, sack hair has to believe it; an awkward procedure without help. Although it says in the Bible:

“Paulus wrote to the Corinthians,

Hair on a sack makes you warm in winter!”

But the modern man goes down without, because already my Ex said, she would not like to have a shaving brush in her mouth.

Okay, showered and shaved and then painstakingly in two hours a painting applied, with which one can be seen. The Venetian mask, which actually only hangs as a decoration in my booth, looks good and will be enough for me. I put it on for a trial, but even if you look closely, you can’t see who’s behind it.

Get into your clothes, mask and other utensils in a box and then with my old “Döschewo” (Citroen 2 CV ) to the club, which is a few kilometers outside the city in a small village.

There are already some vehicles in the yard, so I’m not the first. Still in the car I put on the mask and go then to the house. I ring the bell, hold my membership card in front of the camera and get admitted. The host welcomes me and invites me for a cup of coffee.

“There will be a lot going on today,” he says, “most members will be here today and since you don’t know them all yet, you will see a lot of new people. One more thing, the masks have to stay open until three o’clock tomorrow morning, even if it gets warm underneath, only there is unveiling. I am already looking forward to some surprised faces. By the way, the last time Eva inquired about you, you know, the little twist. She seems to yearn for you. She wants to continue the exchange of experiences from the last time with you.”

I sigh.

“Oh God, the woman never gets enough. I was down two days later and that although we were three guys in the end. She sucked us like a vampire.”

Walter laughs: “Then look for a less strenuous one today, but with the masking you can’t know who you’ll catch.”

A young woman with a fantastic mask enters the bar. The headdress seems to be made of white plastic, with sparkling stones and long exotic feathers.

“Looks good,” says Walter.

“Yes, but the girl is too skinny and a little too young for me,” I reply.

“Well, old enough to become a member here. So then Eva does?”

“Just not,” I laugh. “I want to survive the weekend and Eva’s figure can’t conceal a full mask either. I recognize her. So, now I’m going to change and then I’m going into the pleasure.”

The change is quick, it’s just a change of clothes. The fit of the mask is checked, a quick look in the mirror and off into the pleasure. In the big room about 30 people are gathered and camouflaged so well that I don’t recognize anyone except Eva. I make myself invisible as far as possible and move to a small table in the corner.

A dazzlingly painted creature comes floating towards me and asks if she may sit down with me.

“But with pleasure,” I say and take a close look at her.

Ca, 1.70 m tall, long legs, a wide pelvis, narrow hips and a bosom that invites to spoil him.

“Are you new here?” she asks me.

“I’ve bahis firmaları been a member for 3 months,” I reply. “Why?”

“Oh, I was away for a while and I can’t remember your figure.”

She strokes my upper arm and chest with her finger so that I get goose bumps.

“Hmmmh, sensitive and well-built,” she says with a wink, “probably often in the gym?

“No mountaineering”, I answer briefly. I feel like a horse at the cattle market when she values me like that.

“Soooo, then the young man can grab a good grip.” She drives her tongue over her lips with relish. “Would you like to go upstairs with me?”

An interesting woman who knows what she wants.

“Of course, surprise me. Single separee or with spectator and participant?” I want to know.

“The second. I love the unexpected.”

Oha, that could be tingling. Who knows what she likes and who will be involved.

Let’s go into the fight, torero.

On the way to the stairs the little one with the feather mask almost runs me over the pile.

She apologizes stuttering and I mean generously: “But don’t panic and hurry. The weekend has just begun and everyone is still getting something”.

“You stupig idiot!” She hisses at me and runs on.

“Haha, the little one didn’t fall on her mouth, did she?”

“Are we a bad girl today?” I ask her lurking.

“Yes, Daddy, I’m sorry. Will you spank me now?”

“Do you think you deserve it?”

“Yes, for sure. If you give me a big butt kick, I’m sure I’ll be good again. I’ll do anything you want.”

Aha, the lady stands on “submissive” and “little innocent girl”. She can have it gladly.

“So, high with you and no backwords!”

“Yes, Daddy”

My prick is on its way up, which she notices with benevolence.

In a private room I sit down on the sofa and wave it strictly to me.

“Come here and lie down. You know what awaits you!”

I point to my thighs.

With her head lowered she comes to me and lies down as requested. Two bulging ass cheeks shine against me, which invite to the ham knocking.

The first blow, though not very firm, hits the left one. Number two claps his right buttock, which vibrates slightly. A very exciting sight. After each blow I change my ass cheek and slowly they take on a reddish colour. My “victim” moans and sighs and opens her thighs.

At the sight of her juicy pussy with the fleshy labia, which already shine with humidity, my tail begins to press painfully against her abdominal wall.

“Yes, yes, hit me, harder, faster, deeeeeper!” She begins to pant with lust.

A hit on the inside makes her flinch and spread her legs even further.

“Ooooh yaaah,mmmmh, well, go on”, she cheers me on and my flat hand lands on her cunt.

She howls loudly: “More, mooooooorrre, tighter!!”

I am slowly getting hot and I do not know how long I can still hold back. I push her from my thighs, take her head in both hands and push my beat into her expectantly opened mouth. Her lips close around my trunk and she sucks it into her mouth as far as it will go. Too bad, but through her mask I can only see the sparkle of her eyes, but not her facial expression.

The door opens and a tall, sturdily built man with a large cock looks at me questioningly. I nod and he kneels behind my mammal. He spreads her thighs and slowly drives his pipe into her from behind. She holds her breath briefly, moans approvingly with a full mouth and devotes herself to her blowjob again. We synchronize our rhythm and fuck this super horny woman in unison. She masters the Deepthroat perfectly; no coughing or choking interrupts our rocking.

The door opens again and the young woman with the feather mask enters our chamber.

Apparently she has already been successful, because the inside of her thighs shine suspiciously moist.

She sits down in an armchair opposite me and opens her thighs. Her shaved pussy laughs at me and actually whitish drops and threads are still hanging on her labia. With her slender long fingers she strokes her small breasts, whereby surprisingly big nipples straighten up. She lets a quiet groan hear, because our actions do not seem to leave her cold. With one hand she drives herself between the wet pussy lips and sinks two fingers in her love cave.

This sight lets my mastery collapse and with a rutting outcry I shoot my juice into the throat of my horny lollipop who takes everything in herself and does not let a drop escape. At the same time comes her backward Stecher with loud moaning to his orgasm and pumps his sperm with several shots into her pussy.

We hold on to each other and need some time to get our breath back.

With a happy expression on her face, her rear stabber gets up and leaves the room. I stroke her shoulders and her neglected breasts.

“Good daughter,” I whisper to her, “How did you like the lesson?”

“Mmmhh, great Daddy, you taste good. We have to repeat that, what do you mean?”

“The fucking mask prevents me from kissing you or tasting you. Maybe we’ll see each other after kaçak iddaa the unmasking.”

“Maybe, let’s wait and see.”

She rises with my help, embraces my now limp “Hugo” once more and wiggles her insecure legs out. The door closes and I let myself flop back into my sofa to come down again.

Now I do realize that I am not alone. I look at the person opposite me and the excitement is still there.

“Did you have your fun?” I ask her.

She nods, stands up and approaches me.

“I have become quite pointed thereby and would have most gladly taken part.”

“And, why didn’t you?” I want to know.

“The best seats were already occupied,” she laughs, “and the second occupation is not for me. Do you feel like relaxing a little in the whirlpool?”

“If you go, gladly.”

She takes my hand and pulls me behind her.

The water in the whirlpool is pleasantly warm and the air bubbles caress my body. She sits next to me and we hold hands like a young couple in love.

I feel relaxed and comfortable.

Damn, that’s not why I’m here!!

Loving is nice, but fucking is much better!!

That’s why I’m here. And now I’m sitting there in the pool with a woman who’s not my dreamgirl at all and acting like a teenager.

But not with me.

My hand wanders up her arm and from her shoulder to her small bosom. I press it lightly, drive my finger around her areola and notice with satisfaction how her nipple hardens and gets bigger.

She turns her head to me.

She whispers, “Joy killer”.

“Bitch,” I give back.

“I’m not,” she says, leaning against me.

I am insecure.

“Is something wrong?” I ask. “Did I do something wrong or said something wrong?”

“No, no, it’s okay. You just remind me of someone close to me who means a lot to me.”

“The lucky one”, it escapes me, “he knows something about it”.

“Oh, no, just not, he can’t do that either!

“Come lean against me, perhaps I can give you some comfort. Even if I am unfortunately not the one.”

I put her between my legs and she lays her back against my chest. I massage her shoulders and hear her breathing evenly. My curiosity is now woken up.

“What about your dream man. Is he married, or your boss, or am I not allowed to know? Do I look like him?”

She hesitates.

“Well, you have a similar figure to him and move like him. But I haven’t seen him for four years because he was abroad and did an internship there. He wrote me a few times, but I haven’t heard from him since he started studying”.

“Oh, you poor thing, does he know anything about your feelings for him?”

“For heaven’s sake, no. That must not be. We are related.”

Oh dear… That is really a dilemma. I pull them on me and stroke them. My hands go under her armpits and lie down on her breasts. I stroke and squeeze her and she seems to enjoy it.

“Let me spoil you a little,” I whisper into her ear. “Maybe it will help you to ease your grief a little.”

“You charmer, hopefully you don’t just have your own pleasure in mind.”

“Look at me, Sparrow, can those eyes lie?”

“You idiot, how am I supposed to see that under the mask?”

Stupid, I know that expression. Well, there are others who know him, too.

I stroke her further and kiss her neck and work my way up to her ear. When I nibble on her earlobe, she moans violently.

“Ooooh, how good, how beautiful! Go on, go on, yaaaaahhhhh!”

I want to kiss her now, but this damn mask is in the way. What time is it? What? Still so long. Damn, how am I supposed to endure that.

“Kiss me”, she moans and rears up in my arms.

“It is not possible, damn it, only at three”, I curse to myself.

“Can you stand it so long with me?” she asks shyly.

“Only with you, little girl!”

“Grrr, don’t say little girl to me” she hisses at me.

“All right, all right, I just can’t wait to finally see you.”

“Touch me, stroke me, show me that you desire me”, she demands.

My hands glide down her flat stomach, dip into the warm water and approach the magic V.

She spreads her legs and my middle finger dips into her crevice. With the other hand I share her small labia to get to her pleasure centre.

Meanwhile my antenna is fully extended and squeezes into her ass notch. There she feels comfortable.

Her hand comes crawling over my stomach and grabs it. My joy-giver is caught in her hand and has no desire to escape. We both moan at the same time. I lean against the edge of the pool, turn it over and lift it until it stands between my legs. What follows now is full risk.

“Raise your head and then close your eyes,” I ask her, “Don’t look, please don’t, but I must taste you.”

“Go, go, I won’t look, I promise” she begs and spreads her legs far.

In front of me, a cute little, shaved pussy waits for the first kiss. I turn the mask back and press my lips onto the beautiful shell.

What a taste. The warm water of the pool mixes with her juices and creates a very special aroma. My tongue kaçak bahis finds its way and dives deep into her love cave. I lick and suck as if it were the last thing I could do in my life. She begins to tremble and screams her way to climax. Her juices flood my face and my mouth cannot completely absorb her sweet nectar.

Breathing heavily I press my face into her femininity and try to breathe again.

“Don’t look yet, I have to put the mask back on”, I gasp. “So, now it’s working again.”

She goes to her knees and takes my head in her hands.

“What are you doing to me?” she asks. “I just came here to have a little fun and now this.”

“That’s just what the right girl says,” I give her the answer. “I wanted to spend a relaxed and horny weekend and not fall head over heels in love. Shit!!”

She laughs.

“You have also shot yourself into me? Not really, is it? . . . . Oh, my goodness, what have we started?”

She sits on my thighs, has her arms around my neck and looks at me through our masks.

Her touch, harmless as it is, wakes my lodger up again. And when he sees what’s in front of him, he stretches upwards and gently knocks on her door.

She looks down.

“Look at there is still one of our opinions and has longings.”

“How can he also defend himself against this sight?”

“Let’s see if we can do anything for him. You know what comes next. . . Eyes closed and head up.

I obey her and she slides into the pool, lifts up my pool and the next moment I feel my lout being cared for by her lips.

Her tongue drives gently over my glans and caresses her tenderly. Her lips slide along my tail until I bump into her palate at the back. Then she moves slowly back and forth.

I almost go crazy. No one has done it like this before, with so much feeling and devotion. I won’t hold out for long.

I shout “Stop!” and she pauses in shock. “Mask on!”

After she has masked herself again, she asks me astonished: “Why, what’s going on?”

I pull her up to me and say; “I don’t want to come in your mouth now, but the first time right in you, okay?”

She nods violently, reaches down and positions my bulging, expectant tail at her entrance to paradise. Slowly she lets herself slide down and I feel her warm, wet love cave clinging to my sting. A few minutes remain will sit almost motionless; the warm water bubbles around us, caressing our motionless bodies with large bubbles.

She slowly begins to move up and down, only a few inches at a time. She lets her hips circle. I grab it and steer a little against it, because I don’t want to come too fast.

Her movements become more violent and it gets hot for me too. She’s riding at a hell of a pace, as if she’s going through the nags. Our screams are ringing through the pool, no matter what the others may think, now there is no stopping.

Together we reach the climax, which we announce loudly. My dick is clasped by her vagina and flooded with her hot love juice. My sperm shoots into her uterus in huge bursts and if a child comes out, it should be all right with me. I have no regrets.

We cling to each other and I hear her snuffle.

“Don’t cry, dearest, everything will be fine. I love you more than anything.”

“I love you too,” she howls, “but we don’t know each other at all.”

“Anyway, we will get to know each other now. Come on, we’ll go upstairs.”

I help her out of the pool, take a big bath towel and dry her slowly and tenderly. I shower her with kisses until she purrs in comfort.

That’s exactly how she treats me.

I take her on my arms and carry her up into a separate for two. I lay her on the bed and cuddle up to her. Just a few more minutes. The tension rises immeasurably.

Now comes the announcement on the house intercom.

“It is 3 o’clock. DEMASKING!! “

“Shall we?” I ask her.

She nods.

“Okay, back to back and then away with the masks.”

I feel her removing the mask. Also my mask flies through the room.

“Ready, ready?” I ask pressed.

“Yes”, it comes from her. “Go!”

We turn around. . . . . . .

Oh, my goodness, this can’t be, this is really not fair!

She stares at me with big eyes and stammers: “Yes, how. … . m, oh dear. . . . oh dear God!! A R N E!! Arneeeeeeeee!! “

“Lisa, Lisa, tell me it’s not true!!”

My S I S T E R!!

I didn’t exactly flee from home in peace 4 years ago. Too little freedom, too many constraints and too many compromises. My father is a professional officer in the Air Force and was very disappointed that after 4 years I left the military to study and did not pursue the same career path as he did.

Lisa was 15 years old at the time, a permanent nuisance and a little old wise puppet. Since then we have written to each other a few times and talked on the phone a few times. But since my parents didn’t forgive me for moving out, I haven’t been to my parents’ house for all these years. And Lisa and I have changed a lot in all this time. In any case, she was very much to her advantage.

We haven’t seen each other that long and now this. My little sister.

We look at each other. She breathes deeply.

“Did you mean what you said to me earlier?” she asks me and looks me deep into the eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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