A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 03

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A full month had passed since the night where, thanks to missing a train, Alexandria Rowe had ended up meeting the woman of her fantasies, Zabina Vitelli. A lot had happen in that month. Well actually they had spent most of the first week getting to know each other a lot better, but in the following days a lot had happened. Zabina had persuaded Alex to take time off from her job to move in to her apartment in Santa Monica. The large condo looked out across Venice Beach and to Alex who had spent most of her life on the beach it was perfect. They spent days rearranging the apartment and shopping, while their evenings were spent strolling on the beach or eating out at Zabi’s favourite restaurants before returning to their ‘pleasure den’ as it was now called.

It was now Friday and the anniversary of their first real meeting. Alex was putting in an hour on the running machine that had been positioned by a large sliding door on to the balcony. From here she could train while looking out over the sea, and if she was lucky looking out at Zabi sunbathing. Today however she was focused on her distance and time.

“Two minutes.” Zabi called out from behind her.

Alex gritted her teeth trying to focus. Which wasn’t easy as she was naked except for running shoes and Zabi was stood directly behind her wearing those delicious thigh length leather boots and a particularly nasty riding crop which would spank her across the behind if she failed to hit her distance mark by quarter hour limit was up.

This had been Zabi’s idea on how to get Alex fit enough to surf. Which Alex knew was rubbish, she was already fitter than she was when she surfed regularly. She was fairly sure it was an excuse to get her to work out in the nude. Not that she would have refused to do that if asked, but the game pleased Zabi and Alex would do anything to please her.


The crop struck her backside loudly and Alex yelped in pain.

“Hey.” She cried out indignantly. “I hit the target.”

“Oops, sorry my mistake.”


Alex yelped again.

“That was to punish me for getting it wrong.”

“How can you spanking me be a punishment for you?” Alex questioned, panting a little with the effort of the running and the arousal that was beginning to expand through her body.

A particularly sexy giggle came from behind her.

“Do you know just how much torture it is watching you getting hot?”


Another yelp of pain. This time laced with pleasure.

Alex smiled to herself. In the past weeks they had begun to learn exactly what excited the other, either by accident or through some of the bizarre tests and experiments Zabina had devised. So she was very aware that Zabi would be more enjoying the moment rather than feeling tortured. Just as much as Zabi would know that the supposed punishment would shortly have a very detrimental effect on her ability to run. Alex forced herself to focus on the beach a few hundred yards away and stepped her pace up a little determined not to miss the next fifteen minute target.

The tip of the crop gently rubbed against the damp mound between her legs.

Alex missed a stride but recovered almost immediately.

“Your self-control is improving.” Zabi said lightly. “I was wondering if we should make it a little harder. Maybe make you run in the chastity belt while I control the vibrators.”

This time it took a few seconds longer to regain her stride.

Zabi had been wearing a chastity belt when they first met with a vibrating egg locked inside her. Alex had asked what it was like and Zabi had promised to let her find out one day. So far that hadn’t happened, but the thought of her running while Zabi tormented her front and back entrances was seriously effecting her focus.

“Fifteen seconds.”


Alex glanced at the timer. She could do this.


She hit the target distance with around three seconds to spare.

Perspiration was dripping off her as the running machine wound down to a stop, her heart was pounding and breathing ragged. As she stepped down Zabi wrapped a large towel around her shoulders.

“I knew you could do it.” Zabi said, her voice brimming with pride.

“I think I need a shower.” Alex managed to pant.

“You need to warm down first baby. Let me help.”

Zabina gently helped the exhausted Alex to her feet and led her to the sauna, where she eased her down on to a massage mat.

Alex moaned softly as soft hands removed her running shoes and even softer lips touched her leg.

“Close your eyes and relax my beautiful one. You deserve it.” Zabi’s voice whispered in her ear.

Strong fingers began to rub her left leg, beginning with her foot and travelling up her calf, only pausing to apply more oil.

Alex let herself drift on the sea of contentment as the dark haired Italian eased the tension out of her muscles. She winced slightly as Zabi began to work on the muscle around the leg she had injured güvenilir bahis three years ago, then gasping as those same strong fingers teased the skin of her inner thighs. Alex was fairly sure that she had indeed ascended to Heaven that night when Zabi had taken her to the Ascension club. This moment was like lying on a warm cloud while being massaged by a divine dark haired Angel with tattoos and body piercings.

Even though Alex didn’t have any tattoos, she did have a thing for women with skin art, and Zabina’s tattoo was a work of beauty. It began as a strand of dark green and grey ivy wound around her left ankle that slowly curled around her leg. Just above the knee it merged with the stem of a rose and the depiction of the two plants climbed further up and around. On her thigh precisely drawn thorns had drawn realistic scratches that oozed delicate drops of blood. The single stem split, one branched across the small of her back to terminate in a black blossom at the very base of her spine, while the other stem carried up her torso and back to end in a single flower on her neck. Alex being a graphic artist, knew that the tattoo was indeed a real work of art of the highest quality. Every inch was flawless. Although everything about Zabina was flawless.

“Turn over my beauty.” The Angel whispered.

Alex obliged. This part of the warm down was her favourite. The backs of her legs, bottom and lower back just seemed to be linked to pleasure spot somehow. And to make matters worse Zabina knew full well just how sensitive she could get.

The stroking began on her calves again easing upwards to the back of her knees. Agonisingly Zabi knew just how much oil to use to let her hands move freely while still retaining enough skin on skin contact to lift Alex’s arousal. From there Zabi moved on to the thighs easing the tightness out of her hamstrings while letting her finger nails trace lines along her inner thigh. Every now and then Alex give a light moan of pleasure as fingers would brush against the skin of her bottom or travel the extra few millimetres up her leg to nudge her sex. By the time the hands and finger nails had reached Alex’s very sensitive backside she was already climbing towards the leading edge of the climax wave.

“I love your body.” Zabina told her as a finger nail ran down the length of her spine and between the cheeks of her bottom bringing forth a squeal. “You are the only person I know who can regularly reach climax with hardly any internal touching.”

Alex had drifted out of the sea of contentment and was now a castaway on the ocean of arousal. The hands worked her shoulders and back and every few seconds the nails would lightly drag down her back or along her sides and across her bottom.

A gentle pull on her hips raised her in to a kneeling position and Alex felt Zabi’s knees slide between her own legs forcing them slightly apart, the slightly moist touch of Zabi’s sex made contact against the very sensitive skin of her bottom. She let out a long contented moan as the hands flowed across her back and round to gently pull on her nipples.

“Do you remember when I took you shopping?” Zabi asked is a husky whisper.

Alex smiled happily. “How could I forget?”

Zabi had insisted taking Alex out to buy her some new clothes, after a lot of protesting Alex had relented saying that she would try on a few items and maybe purchase something for herself, but she wasn’t going to let Zabi pay for anything.

When they arrived at a very expensive boutique in Beverly Hills, Alex doubted she could afford the cheapest item let alone an entire outfit, but Zabi bustled her in to a changing room and said she would choose some items for her to try on. Zabi had instructed her to undress and she would bring some items for her to try. To begin with Alex had been reluctant, but Zabi’s studded eyebrow arched slightly with an insistent stare. Alex wasn’t sure if Zabi did it on purpose, but for some reason that simple facial movement made her feel very week willed.

Unfortunately for Alex once she had stripped Zabi had taken the clothes she had been wearing leaving her naked in the changing room. The mischievous tormentor had teased Alex by saying she would go for lunch leaving her there unless she accepted everything Zabi purchased for her. One thing had led to another and while she was on the verge of a rather wild orgasm she had relented and agreed to accept the gifts. It wasn’t until later Alex found out that the boutique was owned by Zabina’s family.

A gentle finger ran down the length of her labia snapping her out of her reverie as she cried out.

“Hush now Alex, let’s see how long you can resist me.”

Alex bit her lip trying to keep silent. She knew the Zabi was going to take her as high as possible while not letting her actually climax just to see if she could stay silent. They had played this game with each other several times before and oddly she always outlasted Zabi. Alex had a good idea it was because while Zabi enjoyed güvenilir bahis siteleri dominating, she got even more aroused being dominated by Alex. Life was odd that way, just when you think you have everything worked out, it throws you a curve ball in the shape of a five foot eight Mediterranean Switch and everything you thought you knew turns on its head.

A soft caress ran across her bottom and very slowly traced a fine line between her cheeks sending a stimulating ripple the length of her spine.

Inwardly Alex screamed for more.

The caress reversed its direction and ran down between her legs and back along her labia to flick her clitoris.

Every muscle in Alex’s body contracted as she let out a loud pant. She felt the steel piercings in Zabi’s nipples brush against her back as a delicate tongue tickled her ear and neck. Her body was now trembling as she fought against the rising surge.

“I think I will cook you breakfast in bed again tomorrow.”

The voice was very close to her ear and her breath trigger more stimuli within Alex’s body, as more memories flooded in to her head. The smell of bacon and coffee floating through the bedroom rousing her from sleep after that first night together. Zabina entering the room carrying a tray loaded with breakfast and wearing a tiny lace apron in the shape of a heart. It began at the nipple line and was long enough to just cover her pelvic region. Alex had blushed furiously at the sight and Zabi had performed a tantalisingly slow pirouette while sticking out her very pert bottom. Since then they had taken turns cooking breakfast each morning, Zabi would wear the minute apron and Alex would wear a totally sheer Kimono, each dressing to please the other.

“I think I will wear my boots and a rather nice leather bustier I found yesterday.” Zabina told her as she gently slid her fingers into Alex.

Fireworks went off inside Alex’s body. She had told Zabi that she had fantasied about making love while Zabi wore her leather boots, and that the feel of leather against her skin really drove her wild. Now Zabi used those thoughts to push Alex out of the gentle ocean of arousal and far it to a storm of climax as she worked on her pleasure nub.

Unable to hold out any longer Alex burst in to glorious sexual release. She cried out loudly, the noise echoing in the steamy sauna, as Zabi carried her far past a point she thought possible. Her fingernails dug gouges in to the massage mat she was kneeling on as she writhed and thrashed under the hands of the dark angel until she was released from her torment.

Tears stung Alex’s eyes as she pulled Zabina closer, their limbs entwining.

“I’m never letting you go.” Alex whispered.

“I’m glad.” Came the reply. “It would be very inconvenient to have to hide all your clothes to keep you here.”

Although the words were said in jest, Alex detected the hint of craving in the others voice that spoke of the desperate need to feel genuine love.

The two women cuddled closely letting their desires drain away, each so captivated by the other that anything outside of the apartment was unimportant to the point of nonexistence.


Alex looked at her reflection in the full length mirror. The person staring back at her was close to a stranger. Gone was unkempt tousled blonde hair, replaced by a short straight cut Zabi had chosen from a picture of Scarlett Johansson’s latest movie. Her normal plain trouser suit was history. Now she wore a short and elegant designer dress in sheer black with emerald green embroidery that covered everything that needed covering and very little else. The outfit was finished off with the ankle boots she had fallen in love with that first night of meeting Zabi. Very subtle shades of makeup highlighted her eyes and touched her lips.

If the old Alex had met the new one, she would have though her very hot.

“You look good enough to eat.” Zabi said as she came to stand next to her.

The woman in the reflection was joined by Zabina. The all too familiar black hair gleamed and the buzzed sides of her head turned Alex’s legs to jelly. Zabi’s dress was very similar to Alex’s only with golden embroidery in a slightly different pattern. This had been Zabi’s idea, different enough to be unique, but similar enough to emphasise they were together. At Alex’s request she was wearing the thigh length boots.

“Only if you’re dessert.” Alex replied, her stomach beginning to warm up for its gymnastic routine.

A hand brushed against her bare thigh and run upwards under the material of the dress to stroke her bottom, causing Alex to tense involuntarily.

Zabi let out a contented sigh “And no underwear.”

Red touched Alex’s face. The lack of underwear was also due to Zabi, who rarely wore any and constantly teased Alex about it.

“Are you ready for this?” Zabi asked.

Alex took a deep breath and nodded.

“Are you sure, there are plenty of places we can go to.”

“No, iddaa siteleri we agreed tonight we would go to the club and descend. It’s only nerves about not knowing what to expect.”

Alex had been fairly relentless in her questions about the lower levels of the Ascension club and Zabi had been fairly closed in her responses. Just saying that it was something different. Then Zabi had asked if she would like to experience it on their anniversary and initially Alex had jumped at the chance. Now the trepidation was nibbling at her fragile confidence.

“Don’t worry. It will be different to anything you have seen before and afterwards you will see the world in a different way. You will be fine as I will be by your side always.”

A smile broke through the nerves. “Now and forever?”

A nod. “Now and forever.”

Alex kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Let’s do it.”


Heels clicked their way from the limousine that had dropped them outside the plain looking building that housed the Ascension club.

Alex closed her eyes once more remembering that noise from a month ago, or a life time it now seemed. Already her skin was tingling as her nervous energy fuelled her inner fires. She squeezed Zabi’s hand seeking reassurance, and was rewarded with a return squeeze and a light kiss on the cheek.

“Just remember, you are with me and there is nothing to be afraid of. Walk in like you own the place.”

Alex managed a half laugh. “That’s easy for you to say. You nearly do.”

The maddeningly sexy giggle lifted her spirits.

“I never really thought of it like that.”

With a confidence she barely had a hold on they breezed past the usual muscle-in-a-suit by the door who greeted them both with a smile and a nod. They bypassed the door marked Paradiso, that Alex knew led to the music area of the club and approached the door labelled Purgatorio.

Zabi passed her bracelet across the access pad and the door clicked open.

“This is the intermediate level.” Zabi told Alex as the moved through the door. “If you have the correct access pass there are doors to Paradiso and Inferno from this level. It is a little more diverse than what you’re used to and you will see things that will surprise you. But other than that it is fairly tame.”

The hall way they had entered was decorated expensively. Reproduction paintings hung on the walls and muted light illuminated their path as the corridor inclined downwards.

To the left of the next door was a row of small lockers similar to a safety deposit box. Zabina selected one and withdrew two items, passing one of them to Alex.

“We don’t really need these, but it is part of the dress code.” Zabi said as she slipped a delicate looking mask on to her face. It was a simple design made from black lace and velvet that covered the area around her eyes. It did nothing to hide her identity but it did look oddly erotic.

Shrugging and feeling a little less worried than she was, Alex slipped the mask over her face and tied the velvet ties at the back of her head.

A slight whimper eased out of Zabi. “Mio Dio. If you knew just how sexy you look now.”

Inwardly Alex noted the tremor in her voice and made a mental note to keep hold of the mask when they left.

They opened the door in to Purgatorio.

Alex had to admit she was surprised. She wasn’t really sure what she had expected, but she was fairly sure it wasn’t what lay ahead of her.

The room was spacious, and more like a dance hall from a 1930’s film. Numerous tables were laid out around the perimeter with people in evening wear enjoying meals. The far end of the room held stage with a piano quintet playing classical music. The walls and ceilings were ornately decorated in a deco style while the lighting was fairy muted but not too dark.

“Not what I was expecting.” Alex said trying not to sound disappointed.

A tall elegant looking Maitre’d left his position to one side of the door.

“Good evening ladies.” He greeted, his accent heavily French. “Mademoiselle Vitelli, would you like your normal table?”

“Yes thank you Andre.” Zabi replied.

Andre turned and gestured and a slim fair haired girl bustled over. She was wearing a tiny apron similar to the one Zabina had worn to serve Alex’s breakfast, a plain white mask and nothing else.

The young woman curtsied. “Mistresses.” She greeted. “My Name is Beatrice and I will be your guide through Purgatorio tonight.”

Alex tore her eyes off the waitress and looked around the room again. The people dining were being waited on by young men and women wearing practically nothing. Just aprons and masks. The women in the quintet were completely naked apart from the obligatory masks and their instruments.

As Beatrice led the pair towards a table, Alex began to notice more oddities. The room was split in to three sections. The left being served by women similar to Beatrice, the right by young muscle bound men and the centre by a variation of partly dressed men and women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

They arrived at their table and were seated next to each other by Beatrice.

“What would Mistresses like to drink?” She asked offering a wine list.

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