A Teaser Taken

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She was being a real flirt was Amelia, this tall, lithe, long legged, black haired 24 year old friend of my step-daughter.

The summer dress she was wearing was extremely short and extremely sheer and the way she was leaning back against the kitchen island, a scant four feet from my position against the opposite worktop, only helped to show how little she was wearing.

Every couple of minutes she plucked at her dress, either tugging at the hem or smoothing it down: she was either nervous or teasing, either way both movements only helped to accentuate just how hard her nipples were. From the look in her eyes I felt it was the latter, in which case she was being that flirt.

I had stayed behind to do some decorating whilst the rest of the family had gone away for a girly long weekend when, midway through this Saturday morning, on the pretext of seeing her friend, Amelia had called round wearing this dress and her bright red lipstick.

I’d answered the doorbell and explained their trip but she had lingered so, in a mad impetuous moment, I had invited her in for a coffee.

And here we were! She chattering away and me hearing nothing she said, coffee lying untouched.

Then, midway through one of her seemingly random sentences, after a particularly long smooth and tug, I look directly into her eyes, her voice slows to a stop and she returns the stare; my eyes break away from hers and trail down, over a nose that has a slight ski slope to it that she hates but I find extremely attractive, a slightly open mouth showing perfectly white teeth, her long tanned neck; from there my eyes begin to wander, no real cleavage as her breasts are quite small, but this actually suits her athletic body, a hint of the darker skin of her nipples showing through the whiteness of her dress, slender arms, hands resting either side of her on the worktop, long muscular legs, down to her bare feet. Back up again, lingering here and there, the whiteness of her panties showing through, a pulse at her throat, a slight tinge of pink now appearing on her face, back to her eyes.

‘Turn around!’

She blinked, ‘Sorry?’

In a firmer tone, ‘Turn around!’

After a very slight pause she turns her back to me. From the back, her dress is just as form hugging, her body just as tight: backs of those long legs disappearing under her dress, no sign of those knickers, small tight butt perfectly outlined, open backed dress split by her ponytailed hair, narrow waist flaring out to wide shoulders, not usually my body type but how could I resist?

Stepping closer I touch my fingertips to her wrists, slowly I stroke up her arms, taking in how soft yet firm her faintly trembling skin is, following the contours as one muscle ends and another begins, up onto her shoulders, over the tendons of her long neck, brush back down taking the straps of her dress with me, ease them off her shoulders, down her arms, the dress catches briefly on her nipples then gravity takes over and, almost in slow motion, it falls to the floor. My hands continue without pause to gently take hold of her’s and place them flat on the cool marble surface; then, leaning to her left ear, I whisper ‘don’t move’.

A half step back and I look down; the body that has been uncovered takes my breath away! The long shapely legs sweep up to meet her tight bum without a crease or blemish; the crisp white string or her panties appears from between her buttocks and joins the waistband that disappears round her slender hips. Her waist pinches in then her long back flares up to her shoulders, her ponytail of hair reaching way down towards her waist.

My fingers retrace their path up her arms, the faintest of contact with the tips of my fingers, over her shoulders, up onto her neck, round the side of her face stroking up to her forehead and over the top of her tightly pulled back hair, brushing eskort görükle my fingers down I tease the elasticated band from her ponytail to let her hair fall free. I push through her hair and my fingers swirl slowly up and down her back, from her buttocks to her shoulders, her head drops forward as she absorbs the sensations flickering through her.

Without any real thought or direction my fingertips trail out to the sides of her waist, hook into the waistband of her panties and slip them down, pull them from between her thighs and down her legs.

I slide them all the way down until I’m on one knee at her feet and, lifting each foot in turn, I remove both her dress and panties; then, starting at her feet, I begin to stroke my way back up; her ankles, calves, soft skin at the back of her knees, backs of her thighs, continuing up following the tight lines of her muscles.

As ripples of tension and excitement flicker through her body I pause at the top of her thighs and, for a teasing moment, a finger probes forward until I feel her heat, ease back and trace the line up between her buttocks, hand swirls over the gorgeous, tight globe, down and joins the other hand, they both trace swirling patterns, round and round, occasionally pushing between her cheeks then up onto her hips.

I stand and at the same time quickly pull my tee shirt off and, after flicking the button open, let my shorts drop to the floor and kick them away, now we’re both naked!

I step slightly to one side and gently lay my right hand in the small of her back, slowly stroke down, follow the gentle rise onto the warm, firm, soft skin of her buttock. Fingers dip in and out across to its twin and back again. Palm making small circles then…..crack! With the flat of my hand I smack her once then immediately stroke her, her head pops up flicking her hair back, she gasps and gives a jump!

I smile, slide across to the other cheek, small circles…..crack! And stroke. Another gasp.

Her buttocks are so firm there’s barely a quiver each time I spank her but the skin quickly takes on a gorgeous pink glow.

Back to the first, Crack! And again, Crack! Five times on each cheek, a gasp from her each time, and they each become flushed a deep red and feel hot to the touch. She’s shivering now, sticking her bum out as if to meet my hand.

After the last, I stroke back and forth between each cheek, calming the stinging. My hand slows to a stop, fingertips resting in the crease between her buttocks, slide down, slipping under her between her thighs, the intermittent ripples suddenly become constant as her head drops forward.

I move and stand against her, barely touching; my erect cock resting against the cheek of her arse, can feel the heat of the spanking.

I push in and the tip of my middle finger strokes across her anus then her perineum, presses once, moves on, reaches her pussy, red hot and soaking wet, slides between her swollen lips, starts to rub back and forth.

My left hand slips from her hip round onto her flat stomach, thumb dips into her tummy button as it passes, can feel the fluttering in her tummy; hand drops down between her thighs, she’s totally smooth, not a trace of hair; feel the contours of her pussy, hooded clit, puffy lips, middle finger slips into her, meets its opposite number; both fingers thrust; once, twice, she groans, squirms. Other fingers slip in and out of the wet folds and creases of her.

Left hand moves up, explores further, finds her clit, the instant I touch it it pops out, a tiny hard button.

Index finger of my right hand sinks into her, joins the middle finger. Very tight! Slowly push into her as far as I can reach, her muscles grip my fingers and she pushes down against me groaning aloud. Gently I rub her clit, no real pressure just tiny circles one way then the other. Her breathing kestel escort quickens through her open mouth, eyes squeezed tight shut.

My fingers massage the walls of her pussy, pushing in and out, rubbing up and down, twisting back and forth, hand quickly becoming slick. Ball of my thumb rubbing against her anus. Still playing with her clit, rubbing in tiny circles, then roll it between finger and thumb, gently squeeze it, tap it, constantly teasing. All those nerve endings tingling, multiple sensations, she squirms against the attentions of both hands, squeezing her buttocks together and pushing against my fingers, rocking her hips; head tipped slightly to one side she’s muttering to herself ‘don’tstopdon’tstopdon’tstop’ words blurring into one starting as a whisper then, as the sensations start to overwhelm her, steadily increasing in volume.

My fingers get faster and faster, fingertips strumming across that hard little button, other fingers thrusting in and out of her flooded pussy, walls swollen and impossibly tight, rubbing hard against the puckered hole of her anus; my hand, her arse and inner thighs soaked.

The sensations build and build, nerve endings go into overload……and burst!

She cums! Hard!

She’s shaking uncontrollably, fingers curled together pressing down on the marble surface; up on her toes, elbows and knees locked, legs rigid, thighs trapping my hand, she catches her breath then gives a long drawn out wail. My fingers begin to slow and eventually stop, rest against her burning labia. The wail tails off, gasping breath, the shaking continues then becomes a heavy shiver passing through her in waves; she slowly comes down, muscles begin to relax and then, just as she starts to calm, my left middle finger flicks across her clit and at the same time I slide my right fingers in and out of her pussy, just once; and that, in her hypersensitive state, is all it takes, she falls off the teetering edge, another crashing orgasm tumbles through her; she spasms, stiffens and then collapses back against my right arm.

I press against her, supporting her as she shakes and shudders; she’s incapable of supporting herself, joints like jelly, head hanging forward, rolling from side to side.

Just that one big one this time, no waves, and before long her senses once again recover and she starts to mutter ‘ohmygodohmygod’.

My left arm is now round her tummy, right hand still between her thighs holding her against my body; she recovers enough to take her own weight, shakily standing, as she does I slide my hand from between her wet thighs; my palm is full of her cum, I rub it across the underside of my hard cock, around the swollen glans and back across the top, liberally covering myself in her.

I step in behind her, bend my knees slightly and, taking my cock in my hand, I push between her thighs. Taking hold of her hips I press up against her, my hips pressing against her still red bum. I pull my hips back and then slowly thrust back in, cock lubricated even more against her wet inner thighs, rubbing against the slick lips of her labia, cock squeezing between her thighs, as my cock saws along her pussy lips they open and wrap around the sides of my hard flesh, I saviour the delicious wet heat of her pussy as I slide backwards and forwards.

As her senses continue to return she begins to feel my presence and looks down to see my cock head appear from between her thighs, gives a soft groan, as I pull back and thrust forward again I lean to her ear, nibble her earlobe through her soft hair and whisper ‘touch it’, tentatively she reaches down with one hand and, as my cock slides into view, she touches the very end with her fingertips, her breathing once again quickens, ‘stroke it’, her fingers trace the shape, around the glans, underneath, across the tip, watching bursa sınırsız escort a string of pre-cum stretch from her finger, over the top, her other hand joins the first, explores,

‘What does it feel like?’


I slide back, a cry of protest as her fingers try to follow; thrust back and her fingers catch it again, her head twisting as she watches.

I reach round to gently pull her hands away and place them back on the work surface. Pull my hips back and, taking hold of my cock, again bend my knees and stroke the head against her, up and down between the lips, against her clit; rubbing down I tease against the entrance and ease forward just a little, her breath is already becoming ragged, pushing down against me, trying to get me into her, I push back against her, so tight; push, she’s shaking, still pushing back against me, I ease off, rub against her again, lubricate my cock even more, ‘please don’t stop’ she implores, back and push against her again, this time I sink into her, just the head but she shudders into another, smaller, rippling orgasm.

A hand on each of her hips I start to move, tiny thrusts to ease myself in. She leans on her hands, head forward, long hair hanging down. Her pussy is so tight but her wetness means there is no longer any resistance, I can feel every contour every bump and indentation, exquisite!

After an age of slow thrusting, of exploring her depths, my hips touch the firm round buttocks that still have a tingling heat in them, I grind against her, corkscrewing my cock inside her, never felt a pussy so tight.

I touch my mouth to her ear, whisper ‘you ok?’

She gasps ‘Oh God yes!’, groans, another shudder.

I pull back, almost all the way, just the head still inside, one long thrust back into her, she rises onto her toes, takes a hard breath, I gently pull back on her hips until she settles back, ease out, then in, smooth strokes; every so often I grind against her and, as she becomes used to the rhythm, she starts to push back against me, she sinks forward onto her elbows. What a sight; my hips grinding against her gorgeous arse, her narrow waist, long long back covered in a swathe of black hair. Pull out push in, every now and then a couple of hard fast thrusts, my hips slapping against her arse, I feel another shudder rippling through her bum, the walls of her pussy swelling and, if it’s possible, gripping me even more, she’s moaning and each time I thrust into her there’s a slight grunt.

A tingling behind my balls, getting closer. Faster, hard, pounding into her hot wet pussy, her head is almost touching the worktop, my hips continually slapping against her arse, her groans become cries, both of us now dripping with sweat, pounding into her. Then, just as the tingling becomes a burning heat and I start to lose my rhythm, her cries become another long wail, she stretches tight as a bow and cums hard, pussy floods and grips me in a vice, tripping me beyond control and, with one last arse slapping thrust, I explode!

Pulsing into her, control’s now gone, gasping breath, knees shaking, shuddering as much as she, one long stream of cum, several smaller ones then, one more slow thrust, pushing in as far as I can, her hot depths squeezing every drop from me.

I sink onto her back, my face between her shoulder blades: can feel the fast beats of her heart, her arms are stretched out to the side fingers splayed, head to one side, panting, shivering, damp hair plastered to her face.

Her breathing settles, heart rate subsides, I kiss her just below her ear, push myself upright and step back. My shrinking cock slips from her; she sighs. I lean down at her side, lay my head on the cold marble top and look at her, her eyes come into focus, I smile and she smiles weakly back;

‘OK?’ I whisper

‘Am I OK? My God, that was…….wow!’ She replies in a very shaky, rather breathless voice.

I smile ‘Come on’ push myself up onto my elbows, my hands, stand upright, she copies me. I get her a glass of water and she gulps it down, get her another.

Taking her hand I lead her out of the kitchen…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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