A Titillating Tale Ch. 10

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We were naked on our camping pads in our empty living room. Billie, my little sexpot of a wife, was straddling me with my cock buried in her tight little puss. She was slowly ‘posting’ as she rode me, her delightful inner muscles clenching and releasing me.

With her forehead pressed to mine, she was smiling as she said, “Do you realize we’ve had an open marriage for over a year now?”

The sensations I was feeling, as we made delicious slow love, made it hard to shift my thought process. Cupping her delectable bottom and feeling her warm breasts tickle my chest as her nipples danced on my skin made a coherent answer next to impossible.

Clearing my mind for a brief moment, I was able to mumble, “… yeah…”

Giggling softly, Billie kissed me, nuzzled my face and neck, and gently whispered in my ear, “Does it feel that good?”

The little nymph would clench her pussy muscles and slowly pull upward. Just before I slipped out of her she’d pause, using those same wonderfully toned muscles she’d somehow pulse, sending a deliciously wicked sensation around the head of my cock.

I had to grit my teeth to keep from coming, she would then relax and slid back down, grinding her pubis against mine. Her breath was warm and moist as she traced my ear with her tongue. She paused her actions and just held me.

Clutching each other, we allowed the building magnitude of feelings to subside. As we regained control we slowly started up, once again. I could feel the head of my cock nudge up against her cervix and slip by as I went deeper. Billie loved it slow and deep.

Pulling back a little I looked into her face, her eyes were soft, she wore a small loving smile, there was a light blush in her cheeks. Both of us were filmed in a light sweat. Our crotches were making wet, obscene noises and releasing the spicy scent of raw sex.

She closed her eyes and bucked, snapping forward and burying her face in the curve between my neck and shoulder. Emitting a small, guttural squeak she bucked again. Clamping down on me tightly, I erupted with her. Our orgasms were almost brutal.

Hanging on to each other we rode it out. As our breathing returned to normal, I softly asked her, “What did you say earlier…? Something about our marriage?”

Snickering gently, she said, “You asshole… I said, do you realize we’ve had an open marriage for over a year now?”

“Oh… I was…huh… I was distracted… Yeah, it was last year, during the spring semester of your junior year when we opened our marriage. Yoouu… went a bit wild, didn’t you?”

Giggling and wiggling, “Oh, fuuucck, yeah, I did! I was cock happy for a while.”

“Yeah… I’ll say you were. You’ve… calmed down this semester.”

“This whole school year… I’ve been just too busy and my degree is far more important than fucking a bunch of guys… and… now, with your new duty station, I get to see you almost every weekend… I… I don’t feel so lonely anymore.”

Pulling her down to me so I could kiss her, I said, “You… you felt abandoned when I went back in the service… didn’t you?”

Ever so softly, she answered, “… yes… intellectually, I knew it was for the best, but emotionally…? … I was very lonely and… yes… I did feel abandoned…”

I kissed her; I kissed her eyes, her ears and her neck. I could taste her, her special flavor, her perspiration; I could smell her lovely, arousing scent. I, also, hurt… I hurt knowing I caused her pain; it hurts me to cause her any kind of pain.

I asked her, “Do you think we would have opened our marriage if I’d stayed here?”

She thought for a moment and said, “Not immediately, but eventually… you know I get turned on when I model. Eventually, I would have… well; I would have allowed one of the guys to… to fuck me… I… I would have given…”

“Is that the reason you went to the beach house party?”

Softly, barely audible, “… yeah… it was one of the reasons… I… I knew I’d probably get fucked…” even softer, “and… I wanted it… I was so lonely and… and horny…”

“And that’s what happened… you managed to get fucked, several times…”

“… yeah… yeah, I did…” And even softer, “… I enjoyed it, too… probably, too, much.”

Tracing my fingers down her back I cupped her butt. Since we were still… joined… I started to slowly move. Billie placed her head on my shoulder as we resumed making love.

As I moved in her, I whispered, “So… are you going to be a good girl tomorrow?”

She giggled and said, “Fuck no! I plan on being… very, and I do mean, very… wicked tomorrow at the pool party. And… I have a very special surprise for you.”

This pool party was an unofficial graduation party for the art, drama and music department and was for graduating students and their dates only. It would, also, probably be the last time Billie’s very special group of friends would see her

Her group of friends consisted of Thomas, Steve, James, Leigh and Amanda. We had never met Thomas’ lezbiyen porno fiancée or Steve’s date but had been assured they were like-minded, especially when it came to sex.

Rolling her over, I put her in the good old fashion missionary position. Billie locked her legs over mine and wrapped her arms around my back. I had one hand cupping the back of her head and the other under her butt. We made slow, sensual, gentle love.

We have always made love. There are times when we make love it becomes extra special. This was one of those times. All of our senses were in play. I could taste, smell, feel, hear and even see her essence. Our physical and emotional feelings were fully engaged.

As I slid and pushed into her I felt as if my whole being was trying to enter her. I couldn’t get close enough or get enough of her. Billie was giving as much as I was, if not more. I was invading her and she was receptive, taking me. We were consuming each other.

I came first. I plunged in as deep as I could and Billie opened herself as much as she could, to accept me. As I erupted, she held me tightly in her and softly murmured her love in my ear. She started with a deep tremble, a shudder.

Her trembling became jerks, which evolved into bucks as her orgasm claimed her. With soft yelps, grunts and groans she enveloped me, taking me as hers. We held each other, an animal with four legs, four arms and two heads, merged into one sweaty mass.

Lifting my head I looked down at her. We pressed our foreheads and noses together and… giggled… we giggled like school kids. Our giggles subsided as we kissed, snuggled and wiggled against each other, holding, touching, caressing and loving.

Eventually, Billie looked around and said, “Ahh fuck… I forgot a towel.”

Smiling at her, I said, “It’s all right… the wet spot’s on your side this time.” Laughing we went and showered.

On Saturday morning we were excited about the party. I asked her, “What cha planning on wearing?”

With a perplexed look, she said, “Nothing… I plan on being naked the whole time.”

“Are you planning on riding over there naked?”

“Fuck! I forgot about that! Well… I’ve got my running shorts and a halter top… or…”

Interrupting her, “Want one of my tee shirts?”

A slow smile broke across her face, “Hmmm… if the only thing I was wearing was one of your tee shirts… it would be soooo naughty! That’s what I’ll do.”

We arrived just after the party had officially started and got naked immediately. As we entered the party room we saw Amanda standing across the room near the bar.

What a lovely sight! She was as nude as we were! Apparently, she had been the only one nude until we arrived. There were a number of guys surrounding her, little did they know.

Amanda saw us and started heading over to where we stood. Her long blonde hair was hanging free and appeared to float around her face. Her full breasts bobbed gently as she walked. Her nipples stood at attention. She had her blue eyes focused on us.

My cock was stirring. I knew she was gay, but what a sight! When she got to us she hugged Billie in close. Two beautiful nude women hugging each other definitely had my blood pumping and my cock lengthening.

She turned to me and put one arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. Her other hand dropped to my cock and she gently starting stroking me! Amanda looked ever so mischievous as she said, “I see you’re glad to see me.”

Blushing, I said, “Huuh, sorry Amanda… but… you’re just so beautiful!”

Amanda laughed and told me, “Well… I would have been insulted if I hadn’t gotten you turned on. I may be gay… but I do like to be desirable to both sexes. Would you guys, please, come with me…?”

We followed her into one of the bedrooms. She closed the door for privacy and climbed up onto the bed. She indicated Billie should sit on one side of her and I should sit on the other.

Looking at me, she told us, “I’ve never let myself get as close to another person as I have with Billie. She is someone who is very special. You take care of her; you hear me?”

Amanda then said, “Billie… kind of rescued me at the mall one day.”

Billie had told me what had happened: Billie had been at the mall and saw a group of bozos hassling Amanda. She could tell Amanda was getting stressed and upset. She was trying hard not to show it.

So Billie went over and slipped her arm around Amanda and said, “So there you are honey,” and laid a deep kiss on Amanda as if they were lovers. The cretins muttered some obscenities, but they left.

Amanda said, “I was getting pretty upset… but Billie was such a dear!” Giggling she added, “She even caressed one of my breasts when she kissed me! It blew those thug’s minds! After that, Billie and I became close friends… nothing sexual, mind you.”

Looking at me, Billie told me, “We use to eat lunch together after life drawing classes. Amanda gave me an insight into what it was like liseli porno being gay in a small southern town. Its pretty hard… people can be so nasty, so cruel…”

“But…” Amanda said, “that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because every once in a while I feel the need to have a hard cock in my pussy… and, Billie has volunteered your services… and… I must admit… from what I’m seeing… I’m intrigued.”

Billie had a shit-eating grin, “Surprise sweetheart! You’ll need to thank Leigh for helping make this possible, too.”

“What did Leigh have to do with it?” I asked.

Placing her head on my chest Amanda started running her fingers up and down my stomach. She said, “Leigh was very enthusiastic when she told me how you could fuck. She says you are very well endowed, but more importantly, you know how to use it.”

Snickering, Billie added, “Yep… Leigh sold your ass to Amanda as the best fuck she’d ever had… so, you’d better be able to come across!”

Laughing, embarrassed and with a little pride I started caressing Amanda. She kissed and lightly tongued my nipples. Hello! She definitely had my attention!

With a soft whisper, she said, “I can hear and feel your heart beating. Relax, let me…”

Interrupting, I asked her, “What would you like me to do… I’m a little lost here…”

Billie shushed me, saying, “Let her set the pace; she knows what she wants.”

Amanda started to trace small circles on my stomach with her fingernail. As she did, she scooted down lower on my torso. I then felt her fingernail tentatively nudge my cock. She then lightly started to trace her finger up and down my shaft.

I looked at Billie and she motioned for me to lie still and not say or do anything. Amanda then slid down and nuzzled her nose through my pubic hair and inhaled. She then rubbed my hard cock across her lips and her cheek.

Turning to Billie, she said, “You’re right, honey, it does smell nice.” She then kissed its head.

Amanda stroked my dick and balls for a few minutes and she seemed to relish the feel against her face. She took the head into her mouth and started sucking me. She then licked the sides.

Billie once again motioned for me not to move or say anything. She was as mesmerized as I was by what was taking place. Amanda was very good at giving head.

As Amanda stroked me, she took her other hand and started to rub herself. She had her eyes closed as she worked two fingers into her pussy. She was lost in her own sensual world.

Sitting up and looking me straight in the eye, she whispered, “Please… don’t touch me… just… lay still…” She straddled me; she placed the head of my cock at her entrance and taking a deep breath she relaxed and let her weight impale herself on my cock.

When I was in her to the hilt Amanda just sat still for a minute, adjusting to the intrusion. Her eyes were closed. Then she started to move up and down. As she became used to having a cock inside her she started to rock back and forth, adding a little figure eight.

She slowly built herself up to a climax and let it roll throughout her body. Amanda shook and gasped for breath. She then lay down on my chest. Her breasts were soft and warm; I could feel her nipples lightly digging in to my skin.

Her pussy muscles were clutching and releasing my shaft in gentle spasms. I was barely holding onto my load. She pushed up a little and looked me in the eyes.

She whispered to me, “Go ahead. Shoot it in me. I want to feel it! Please… put your arms around me, hold me and shoot it deep into me!” She then leaned down and kissed me, hard. I held her tight, shoved my cock in as deep as I could and blew my wad.

When we were finished the three of us cuddled. My cock was still in her as we held each other. I pulled Amanda closer to me and told her, “Amanda, I’m speechless, thank you.”

She lightly laughed, “No… thank you…. Thank both of you! Do you know…? I told Billie I’d be willing to fuck you just so I could have sex with her?”

The three of us cuddled closer, I said, “Yeah… she told me about her experience with you at the pool party.”

“I didn’t want to just fuck you today so I could have Billie… I wanted a man to make love to me and… and I figured you’d be kind, gentle and patient… and you were.”

Billie and I held her. After a while she sat up and said, “Thank you…” Laughing she added, “This was great… it felt wonderful and… Leigh was right! But… don’t expect me to switch back to men. Now… let’s not forget the party.”

The three of us slipped out of the bedroom. No one was paying attention, so there were not any questioning looks.

Billie told Amanda, “This is our secret, and no one needs to know unless you decide to tell them.”

Hugging her, she whispered, “Thank you.”

We returned to the party, which was just starting to pick up. No one else had gotten nude yet. I asked Billie, “What’s your plan?”

With a humongous smile, she said, mature porno “I’m gonna fuck Thomas, Steve and James.”

“Individually or in a gangbang?”

Still smiling, she simply said, “Yes…” Then added, “But I want to do you last, I want all of them to see how you make love to me and how you can make me cum.”

“Ahhh, sloppy seconds, huh?”

Giggling, the horny little thing said, “It’ll be far more than seconds; probably more like sixths… each of them will probably fuck me a couple of times… will that be okay?”

Laughing, I told the little nymph, “Have fun… I’ll take care of their dates.”

As I went to get us some bottled water, Billie went over to say hello to Thomas.

When I returned Billie stood in a very special way, talking to Thomas. She stood with her hands clasped behind her back. Her weight was on one leg; the foot of her other leg was turned slightly inward.

She had slightly arched her back and pushed her breasts forward and up. As she spoke, she would allow her nipple to lightly brush his arm. It was supposedly done in all innocence. The little minx has often done this to me and to others; it is very titillating.

Billie had decided to give all three of her fuck buddies a graduation gift, some pussy. Since it would probably be the last time she’d ever be able to fuck them, she wanted it to be extra special.

While Billie was teasing Thomas, a slender athletic looking blonde walked up. She was very pretty and was wearing a next to non-existent bikini. She had small breasts, a flat hard stomach and a graceful arch to her long neck.

This exotic animal said, “You must be Billie!” Her smile and green cat eyes were engaging.

Billie smiled and said, “That’s me… and you are…?”

This amazing creature hooked her arm into Thomas’ arm. She then introduced herself, “I’m Jennifer, Thomas’ fiancée!”

Billie leaped up onto her toes and hugged her tightly. She exclaimed, “At last, I get to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you!!”

Jennifer hugged her back and told her, “And I’ve… heard all about you, too!”

Billie waved me over and introduced me to Jennifer. Thomas had told us she was a professional ballet dancer with one of the better companies. Since she traveled so much they had opened their relationship, too. They just hadn’t gotten married.

Jennifer was relieved when Thomas had told her about Billie, especially when she found out Billie was happily married. Jennifer had been worried about some hussy trying to steal him.

Billie looked a little shy when she said to Jennifer, “I was planning on giving him a graduation fuck, but you may not want me to do that.”

Jennifer laughed and said, “Go for it! I hope he has something left to give you! I’ll just sit here and… entertain your husband. Does he have anything left… to give me?”

I looked at this beautiful gazelle and thought, “Oh, hell, yeah! I’ve got something left!”

We followed Thomas and Jennifer back to a cabana that was set up near the pool. Jennifer was very fair skinned and would have burned if we had stayed by the pool.

As we moved into the cabana Billie told Thomas, “Off with the shirt and shorts. You’re not going to be needing then with what we’re going to be doing.”

Laughing, Jennifer took his clothes and put them into her beach bag. Thomas and Billie took off naked, hand-in-hand, laughing and skipping across the pool deck. They headed first to the dance floor and then to a bedroom for his graduation fuck.

Jennifer reached into her beach bag and handed me some moisturizer. She asked, “Would you please spread this on my back?”

I sat down on the lounger and pulled her in between my legs. Before she sat down I untied the little bows on the sides of her bikini bottoms and removed them. She gasped, looked around at me and then laughed.

Jennifer sat down between my legs. I untied and removed her top. She had small breasts and amazing nipples. Her delightful pubic mound was waxed completely smooth. Her ass was small, round and smoothly muscled.

I pulled her back against me and started spreading the moisturizer on her shoulders. I worked down her arms and then across her chest. I worked the lotion into her small breasts and then down her breathtaking dancer’s stomach.

As I worked across her lower abdomen she began softly moaning. I skipped her pubic mound and started working on her upper legs. She started squirming in delight.

I spread the lotion up between her thighs to her sweet junction. I spread her thighs wide and using both hands, I gently cupped her pussy while spreading the moisturizer.

Jennifer asked me in a moan, “What… oh, that feels good… what are you doing to me?”

I told her, “I’m getting you ready to be fucked.” She turned slightly so she could kiss me. Her right hand found my hard on and started stroking it.

I started to gently finger fuck her. I moved one hand up and pinched a nipple. A tremor ran through her, she told me to keep pinching and pulling her nipples. She was twisting and wiggling lost in the pleasurable erotic feelings I was lavishing on her.

Jennifer stood up, straddled my legs and guided me to her entrance. She sat back down and took me in to the hilt. Her back was still to me in a reverse cowgirl position.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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