A Trip Full of Discoveries

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Author’s comment:

Hey there! I wrote this story in a phase when I was still trying to figure out whether I preferred to write “full” stories, with an introduction to the characters, some back story that lets you meet the players before getting to the action, or a more “direct” approach, like the one you’re about to read. This one was a little experiment I wrote some months back, and I figured I’d share it here anyways. Please let me know what are your thoughts! Do you prefer more complete stories, or would you rather dive right in the intimacy?

Either way, here’s the story of a young man on his first trip abroad all alone, where he’ll be making a very interesting encounter and learn a thing or two in bed; his innocence will give in to the harsh ways of the more experienced folk he will meet.

I don’t yet know if this story will have a continuation, I guess I’ll decide once I get some feedback on it, so be sure to let me know what you think!


All the characters of this story are fictional and over 18 years old.


As the hot water was running through my hair, the soothing sound of the drops hitting the shower tray was getting to my head, I was melting under the moist warmth. I heard the sound of the common bathroom door, and saw the shadow of someone entering the other shower, which was right in front of mine; then, after a few moments, I heard the water start to run, but never heard the curtain closing. In fact, as soon as I peeked, I saw the figure of a tall and muscular man as he was getting his hands soapy, then started to wash his arms, chest, abs, then he brushed his crotch, giving a few tugs to his dick — which was definitely longer than mine.

As I watched his hands running on his skin, I started to absentmindedly mimic the same movements on the same body parts, even though my shower was done already; he was now facing the shower head, washing his back, his buttocks, his ass crack and legs. He turned around once again, and it was then that I noticed: it was the same big guy that I saw before, out of my room; short brown hair, very broad and defined jaw, and the same eyes — oh shit, he was looking straight at me. I couldn’t stop staring though, I was almost hypnotized, I’d stopped moving, but he was still touching his body, rinsing his skin.

After some moments that felt like an eternity, he turned around to shut off the water: I was finally able to look away, and decided to hide back fully behind the curtain. I must have seemed a creep, staring at him through a crevice as he was taking a shower — what was I thinking…

And then, as I was facing the wall behind, I heard the sound of my curtain open, and my heart skipped a beat; I turned around slowly, speechless and with a stunned look on my face, as the same man from before was now standing right in front of me, towering over me, fully naked in his glorious body.

“If you’re going to enjoy a good show, at least you should invite me too” he said, with a deep voice, staring right into my eyes.

I didn’t know what to say. “I — I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… ehm, disturb your shower, I wasn’t really looking, I was just” I started saying, as he noticed my growing erection, and, with a tough look on his face, he covered my mouth with his hand, turned me around, pushed me against the wall with his body, and started to brush his skin against mine. I was shocked, I felt his muscles pressing against my back, my cock was now hard and pressing against the wall; with his other hand, he spread my legs apart, got some soap and started to scrub it between my cheeks, right on my puckering hole.

He whispered to my ear: “This is what you get for being a bad boy; now you’ll need to be cleaned up a bit, so that we can have some fun later, alright?”

I felt a shiver running though my body, I nodded with my head, as my mouth was still covered; it was all happening so fast, and I was so aroused that I would have obliged to anything, letting his hands touch my weak spots, letting myself be defenseless. After soaping my hole for good, I felt his fingers start to push, but I was still tense, so I couldn’t really relax my ass: he pushed with more force, as I let out a moan, then he started to pull apart his fingers, prying my hole open, forcing more of his knuckles in, as long whimpers were escaping my mouth, even if covered.

“You like that boy, don’t you? Is that what you wanted all along?” he growled to my ear, as I was incoherently nodding and moaning more and more loudly.

His fingers were pushing farther in, as I felt their cold touch deeper inside my ass, forcing my hole open, until his hand was right between my ass cheeks, the last knuckles fully inside: I felt his fingers beginning to move in a circular way, then bending and poking around my insides. I closed my eyes, whimpering and moaning, as he opened up my ass as I’d never felt before, in such an experienced and meticulous manner I güvenilir bahis would later be still shocked by.

“Mhhh that’s right, your little hole needs a stretch for later, but I think I know what you’ll like” he whispered huskily, as his fingers started brushing and then pushing right onto my prostate, making me jolt up and almost scream through his fingers in pleasure, as he started chuckling

“Ohh I guess we found the magic button, didn’t we? Do you like it boy? Huh?” he groaned, as he turned my head to face his: he was sporting a wide grin, his hair soaked, as water was still running on our bodies, the sound of the shower hopefully covering that of my screams.

He kept scrubbing my prostate, as his fingers pushed in and out of my hole, sending me to heaven, driving me absolutely crazy. When he added another finger, my eyes opened wide again, my hole getting stretched once more, as he forced his way in, then going back and forth.

“Now you stay right here boy, and you don’t move — I’ll be right back for you, ok?” he said right to my ear, waiting for me to nod before pulling his fingers out and going out of the shower.

As the warmth of his body was gone, now the water streaming down the shower felt colder, and my poor little asshole felt strained and a little sore, but the pleasure he’d given had definitely been worth it. A moment later he was back inside:

“I have a little something for you, boy; you’ve gotta promise me you’ll keep it until tonight, alright?” he growled, as I said “Yeah please”, obeying to whatever he wanted me to do, still turned around and pressed against the wall.

“Here we go, baby boy” he said, as he put down the soap on the little grill on the wall, and as I felt again pushing on my hole; this time though, it wasn’t his fingers, it was something colder and… bigger, with a rounded shape. It just didn’t want to fit, it was a bit too big, my muscles weren’t giving in to the pressure: “Oh look, it doesn’t want to go in — looks like it needs some help” he said.

He sticked right in another couple of his fingers, stretching the walls of my hole apart, then started pushing in that object with more force, and this time it was beginning to make its way inside, as my ass was getting stretched more that I was accustomed to. I was moaning loud for the pain, as I wasn’t used to it, but I couldn’t stop him, I felt like I had to comply; plus, he was forcing its way into me, and I couldn’t clench my ass around it, or it would’ve become even worse.

As he pushed in, the pain grew as the size of the object, and it seemed like it would never stop: at some point, I felt like the size was shrinking slightly, as it was pushing deeper and deeper, and finally it seemed like it had been pushed in fully, at which point I stopped moaning, and finally turned around to face the mysterious muscled dude.

“Good boy, you made it all fit: it’s perfect for you!” he said, smirking, then tapping gently the object inside of me, which made me jerk and shudder.

“Hahaha, it looks like it’s touching the right spots… That’s good… Now you can go boy, I’m waiting for you outside my room tonight, after dinner. Don’t be late, or I will have to punish you for that” he said with his husky voice, slapping my ass and then leaving the shower, drying up and getting dressed. I was completely stunned, speechless. I was left under the running shower, with some big object inside my ass, the hardest erection of my life and an unexpected appointment. I reached back with my hand, and felt a shape coming out of my hole, that filled my ass crack and kept what must have been a butt plug tugged right in.

My ass felt stuffed, it was a pleasurable sensation after all, and it was keeping my erection pumping, it was a constant arousal. I shut off the shower, went outside of the shower, and found the bathroom empty. It was shared with two rooms after all, so there could have only been me and him in here. I began drying off and dressing back up, still with a hard boner, fighting it in order to hide it in the underpants. When I was done, I started to head back to my room, and it was then that I noticed that with every step, the butt plug was sending jolts of pleasure throughout my whole body, making it impossible not to think about it constantly.

I entered my room, looked at the clock, and assessed it was about time to have dinner: since I was on a tight budget, and the hostel was offering public dinners (for all those sleeping in the rooms) for cheap, I decided that would be the better idea. I got ready for dinner, finished unpacking some of the stuff that was still in the bags, closed the room behind me and walked towards the cafeteria, feeling blissful shudders at every step. As I entered the cafeteria, I headed towards an empty table for two, started sitting down and then felt a blinding and delightful shiver going from my anus all the way up my back: the butt plug was designed to hit your prostate as you türkçe bahis sat down, which meant it was definitely going to be an interesting dinner.

As I recovered from the stunning jolt of pleasure, I looked around the room and noticed the mysterious jock from before, staring at me with a playful smirk: he winked, then got back to his dinner. He had planned this all along, he knew I would be eating in the hostel cafeteria and chose this plug just for this. I didn’t know whether to be mad or in love with it, but I was definitely surprised. Eating dinner wasn’t too bad, even though every time I moved slightly on the chair, I couldn’t hold a whimper.

After dinner, I started heading back upstairs, when I felt a hand drop on my shoulder, and turn me around:

“Be in front of my room in 10 minutes. Don’t be late, we have a long night ahead of us” the young stud said; then, after making sure no one around was looking in our direction, he turned me around again, so that he was behind me, and put his hand on my ass, his fingers right along my filled ass crack. He got a hold of the handle, and rotated the whole plug around, so that the handle was once again between my cheeks, sending waves of pleasure through my ass and guts, making me moan;

“See you later, boy” he said, winking. He left, heading upstairs too. I was stunned, once again. That guy kept me by my balls, and I couldn’t help but love it. I followed, went back to my room, took my brush and toothpaste, went into the common bathroom and brushed my teeth; when I got back to my room, it had been almost 10 minutes, so I decided to start going towards his room. I had butterflies in my stomach, I was definitely tense, but I wanted this too; I’d never felt as aroused in my whole 22 years of life.

I was facing his door, with still a bit of uncertainty in my mind. I knocked. I heard steps, coming my way. The door opened, revealing his face again, beautifully wet brown hair, emerald green eyes, imposing jaw. His wonderful body was uncovered, he wasn’t wearing any shirt, just his shorts, and I couldn’t help but remain mouth agape in front of that muscles build: his pecs were marvelous, and he didn’t have a six pack, he had eight fucking abs perfectly defined, a very thin trail of hair heading towards the crotch.

“Checking me out again, boy? You’d better come in if you want to take a closer look” he said huskily, as I nodded, walking inside his room. It was the same as mine, just mirrored;

“Do you want something to drink? Some water, juice, anything?” he gently asked, with his charming voice.

“Yes, a glass of water, thank you” I replied.

He brought me a glass of water, I drank it and put it down on a coffee table.

“Now, little man… Since you’ve been very good, you were right on time, and you kept your little secret plug all evening, I think you deserve a reward…” he said, grabbing my arms, and leading me towards his bed. He pushed me gently on the bed, so that I was on my knees, my butt exposed, my arms stretched above my head, my face down on the sheets. He grabbed my pants, yanked them down, revealing my ass, with the butt plug still inside, the handle filling the ass crack. My hard cock finally had a relief, it was able to breath and extend freely.

“Good boy, you’re wearing it perfectly; I knew the size was spot on. Did you enjoy it?” he asked, clutching the handle and pushing it deeper inside, pressing right on my prostate, snatching a loud moan right out from inside me.

“Ha-ha, I knew you’d love it.” He growled, twisting on the plug, then gently pulling it out, stretching my hole once again, as I was whimpering and mumbling in pleasure.

When the broadest part of the plug was out, I immediately felt empty, a cold sensation in my ass, as I let out a moan in relief;

“Oh don’t worry, I won’t be leaving you hanging like that, baby boy…” he whispered to my ear, giving me goosebumps. The plug wasn’t even fully out yet, that he pushed it back in, slowly stretching my pucker, filling me up again. I let out a long moan, feeling the warm plug inside my ass. When he had pushed it back in fully, he gave it another twist, and began pulling it out again, making me feel the huge bump of the plug press against the muscles of my anus again and again.

I could feel his warm breath on my back, as he kept pushing and pulling the plug in my ass, having full control over my pleasure, meticulously moving and twisting to open me up more and more. I could feel my anus was now stretched, the plug was taking less force and pressure to enter and come out, even if his skill in handling it made me discover new weak and pleasurable spots inside of me I didn’t know.

“Mhhh I think you might be ready now, boy…” he said, giving one last deep push to the plug, that made it hit the prostate right with its tip, almost sending me over the edge, and making me whimper and moan. He chuckled, then pulled the plug out completely, leaving my hole güvenilir bahis siteleri exposed, empty, still agape from all the stretching. Feeling the cold sensation of the air, I tried clenching my anus to close it, but realized I couldn’t: I felt the muscle try to shut completely, but it was just too relaxed and massaged that it wouldn’t, and it just stayed slightly open.

“Hahaha, can’t even close your butt now, can you?” he growled to my ear, kissing me on my cheek, and then sticking two fingers inside of my mouth, pressing on my tongue, flicking it around, making me suck on them. After a couple moments he pulled them out, retreated behind me and began to massage the outer skin along my ass crack, circling and rubbing around my gaping hole. He pushed in, breaching without any resistance, and started tapping and brushing around inside my ass, widening the muscle open, flicking the fingers, pulling them out and sliding them back in.

“I can tell you’re enjoying that, huh?” he said, before pushing the fingers deep inside and searching for the prostate: he found it immediately, and started pushing forcefully on it, massaging it vigorously, making me whine in pleasure, jolting at his every touch.

“Oh my god yes, that’s amazing” I mumbled, as he giggled, sticking another finger inside, and pushing them deeper, to the last knuckle, still pressing against my weak pleasure spot.

I was moaning against the sheets, my ass up in the air, a muscled guy I still didn’t know the name of had three fingers inside of my butt and was giving me the time of my life; after long moments of this seemingly eternal massage, he pulled out his fingers, my hole still slightly gaping, and I felt the warmth of his breath go away. I was still so charmed and enchanted by what he’d done I couldn’t move, I just stayed there waiting for him to come back. I heard the noises of plastic objects, and his steps around the room.

“Now the fun is about to begin, boy… I’m sure you’ll like this” he whispered, still giving me goosebumps with his husky and deep voice. I nodded and moaned in submission.

I heard him open up a tube, presumably lube, and soft scrubbing noises. Then, I felt a cold pressure against my anus, which didn’t encounter any resistance, since all the stretching he’d done to me had bested all my defenses. I felt the “head” of an object breach my asshole, then push inside deeper and deeper: there were a couple of noticeable bumps, but it wasn’t as wide as the plug he’d sticked into me before. He kept thrusting in, and the length of that thing seemed to never stop; my ass was filled like it never had before, so deep I didn’t even know was possible. When I finally felt some sort of handle against my cheeks, I knew it had ended, and I felt so stuffed and violated, my dick was incredibly hard, I was dazed by my own arousal.

He groaned positively, then he started to pull the dildo out, then relentlessly shove it back in, making the “smaller” bumps feel like they were much bigger, stimulating my hole each time he pushed or pulled. I was moaning uncontrollably, my unrestrained voice probably heard in the neighboring rooms, but I didn’t really care, I was having the craziest time. He was forcefully fucking my ass with a dildo, opening up the depths of my butt, driving me crazy with blissful sensations.

“Let’s change things up a bit” he said, as he stopped thrusting the dildo, turned it upside down, and started shoving it inside again: this way, since the first time it pushed it, it hit my prostate at just the right angle, making me almost scream in pleasure; and every time the dildo would leave and enter again, it would hit the same spot again and again.

“Oh — my — fucking — god!” I muttered, as volleys of cum started bursting from my cock, covering the sheets below me; as soon as he noticed, he rammed in the dildo one more time, with such force that I screamed, jolting away from it, still completely dumbstruck by the experience, getting such an orgasm milked out of my prostate.

“Mhhh yes, that was hot, boy… I think that you’re ready for me now” he said growling, but I didn’t get his words, as I was still stunned.

He pulled the dildo out, spit into my hole, sticked a couple of fingers to smudge the spit and lube around, then whipped out his dick — that I still hadn’t seen in its fully erect glory. He shoved it in with a single thrust, without a warning, that still wouldn’t have prepared me to his girth and length. I moaned in pain, as the muscles of my ass were stretched once more, even more than before, feeling the warm manhood of that hot guy filling me up. He leaned down on top of me, started touching all over my body with his hands, as he thrusted in and out of my ass, which was still tight compared to his dick.

“Ahh fuck! Go slow, fuck! It’s too much!” I yelled, as he kept ramming his cock inside me, opening me up even faster than before, my hole starting to feel slightly numb from all the friction and pressure; his balls hitting mine at every shove, giving me discomfort and pleasure at the same time. The walls of my ass started to feel sore and tired, but he didn’t care, he just had to satisfy his instinctive needs of release.

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