A Weekend Away

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This is a submission made to my SIR. HE told me to go and be a whore and then report to HIM. the lower-case letters are intentional. its a boy’s way of showing respect to his SIR. i hope you enjoy.

i went to a really nice place. 2 floors, lots of rooms. the second floor is the “hotel”. larger rooms with private baths. i stayed on the first floor. cheaper and i did not need a private bathroom. it was nice to cruise on the 2nd floor-all carpeted. there is an outdoor an indoor pool, a beachlike area, a whirlpool, 2 saunas, steamroom, exercise area.

i arrived around 5 and left about 2 today. i slept a few times during the night. i guess i had about 15 or 16 hours of cruising/sex time. as you will see from the events below, i worked hard to be a slut cocksucker.

1. the first man i met was in the steamroom. when i saw him he was hard. he was middle ages and somewhat hairy. i sucked his long cock-not especially thick. he shot a nice load on my chest.

2. in the video room on the 2nd floor there was a nice looking black man. i started sucking him and he did not get hard. i left.

3. i went to the sauna and the was a black man that i learned was 26 y.o. i had seen him befire as he was being massaged by an older man. as he left i told him i would love to show him what a good massage was like. i did and that was all that we did.

4. the next man was fun. we met in the steamroom and made out a bit there. i sucked his cock. it was nice and thick. he was a larger bearish man. as i sucked him i thought of how much you would have enjoyed him. we went to his room where amasya escort we continued the steamroom fun. we kissed and i sucked. he shot a nice load on his stomach. i shot a huge load on his chest.

5. i walked around the 2nd floor. one of the room has a sling and 2 sets of bunk beds. there was a smaller hairy man playing with his cock as he watched the video. i licked his nipples and then dropped to my knees. he had a nice thick cock that was fun to suck. we moved to the bunk bed area. i sucked in a few positions-on my knees, sitting on the bed, laying down while he fucked my face. after awhile another man came in and the man i was doing started sucking the new guy. i started fingering the new guy’s ass. he handed me a condom. i did not fuck him but started seriously finger fucking him. as he was beinf sucked he was getting into my fingering his hole.this went on for several minutes. he shot a huge load on the floor.

6. a bit later i saw the first man in in the video room. i sucked him for a few and then left.

7. the next man was in the room next to mine. he was tall and hairy. he had a very long very thick cock. i had a hard time fitting it in my mouth. he loved his nipples played with hard. i had a good time sucking him for a nice long time. he shot a nice load that landed on his chest. i kneeled and he played with my balls. and i shot another nice load on his chest.

8. in the sauna i saw a very tall, very hung black man. i sucked him as best that i could-really long and thick-my hand barely went around the cock. i sucked escort amasya him for about 10 minutes and he left.

9. in the sauna there was another tall black man, a very nice long cock. he loved being kissed and licked. i did that and sucked his cock. after a while it got too hot for me and i left the sauna (more about this man later).

10. saw the same man (#9) in the locker room. started to use my tongue on him. he had a beautiful ass. we went back to my room where i licked his body from head to toe more than once. i licked his clean ass crack and rimmed his hole. he moan liked a man in heat. i laid my cock in his crack and humped away. i shot my third load in his ass crack. we made out a bit more and he left. (more to come about him later).

11. the man across the hall from my room was laying with the door open and his cock sticking straight up. i sucked him for a few minutes and them left.

12. in the video room there was a nice hairy man stroking his cock. i started to suck him and he said he wanted to fuck my ass-nope. i continued sucking and we were joined by another man. the first man told me to suck the new man. i did and man 1 started to lightly slap my ass. they left together.

13. later in the video room black man form #9 was sitting there stroking. i started the kiss and feel tecnique again and we were joined my an older hung, very, very , very thick cock. the black guy started sucking him. after a bit thick man wanted to know if i wanted fucked. i said no-but asked the black man if he wanted fucked. we went to amasya escort bayan hung man’s room and the hung man sucked the black man like nothing i had ever see. they were really enjoying it. the hung man leaned over and started stroking my cock. i shot another nice load. i laid and watched them for awhile and then left them to finish.

14. back in the steamroom there was a nice looking guy in his 20’s. i sucked his cock for about 10 minutes, then left.

15. in the steamroom again there was a tall hairy man in the window stroking his cock. it was a nice position since he could be seen in the sauna as well. i sucked him for about 10 minutes and left.

16. laying in the video room an older man started sucking me. a bearish man sat beside me. the older man left and i started sucking the bear. he had a nice thick cock-though not long. he played with my nipples and my cock-i shot a nice load on his stomach.

17. i went into the room with the sling and there was a good looking, well built hairy man leaning against the sling. i approached him and started sucking his nice thick cock. we did this for awhile and then he positioned him in the sling. i rimmed his ass while he stroked. i started finger fucking him and took over sucking him. this went on for a good while as his moans increased. he shot a nice large on his chest.

18. the final scene started in the sauna. a long haired younger guy stared playing with his cock. i started sucking and told me he licked his nipples played with-hard. we went back to my room and kissed and made out. i worked his nipples and spanked his ass. he loved the pain. i worked his nipples and spanked him for a good while. he started sucking my cock and i lasted for a good while. eventually i shot a nice load in his mouth.

in addition to the above. i was able to view men stroking on their own, men sucking, men fucking…all very hot..

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