A Witch and Her Broomstick

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Linda opened the door to her forest cabin, rested her broomstick against the wall and hung her pointy hat on a hook before wearily walking over to the bed and slumping down onto it. It had been a long day and she knew just what she needed to calm down and relax. She opened the draw to her bedside table and tipped the contents onto her bed. It contained her extensive collection of sex toys. As she pored over long thin dildos shaped after elven dicks and shorter thicker ones that resembled the genitalia of the dwarven folk, she looked up to see her broomstick, still leaned against the wall, and thought of something that she was surprised had never occurred to her before. She clicked her fingers and the broomstick rose off the floor and glided over to her. She leaned back against her pillows, spread her legs and lifted her skirt (she didn’t wear panties)

She clicked her fingers again and the broom slowly pushed itself against her wet pussy lips, she pulled them apart slightly and encouraged the broom. It started to slowly, rhythmically push it’s smooth, polished handle in and out of her. Linda felt her pussy clench a little and she felt her juices run out, down her arse cheeks and collect around her arsehole. She closed her eyes and started to squeeze her large breasts and pull at her nipples through her loose shirt, she never wore a bra either. After a few minutes, she commanded the broom to speed up and she gasped as it ploughed deeper into her soaked snatch. Her tits were smacking her in the face every time the broom thrust into her and eventually they burst out of the top of her shirt. She giggled to herself, she was being so naughty! She squeezed her tits hard as she came and she screamed in ecstasy, the broom seemed to know exactly how she wanted to be fucked.

Outside in the woods someone was watching.

Jamie was a hired assassin, the best in the business, and someone wanted the witch, Linda, dead and they had hired her to do it. From on top of a hill Jamie was searching the landscape for the witch’s cabin. When she finally saw it she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the witch getting ploughed by her own broom. Jamie blushed and took a little look over her shoulders, even though knew she was the only one around, before she snuck in for a closer look. Something in her breeches started pendik escort to throb and grow…

As Linda slowly came down from her orgasm she clicked her fingers and the broom slowly came to a halt. This time she wanted to do the fucking. She took off her skirt and walked over to her potions cupboard and bent over, she beckoned the broom and it positioned itself just behind her, close to her dripping twat. She moved back onto the broom and forward again as she tested the position, she beckoned the broom closer and proceeded to slam herself back onto it and cried out as the end of broom pushed against her cervix. She watched between her legs as the broom made a slight lump in her belly as she thrust against it and moaned as she closed her eyes and carried on fucking the broom.

Just outside Jamie was transfixed, despite the fact that she had never been into girls as much as guys which was strange, considering what she was hiding between her legs. At least she was hiding it until it made its way out of her trousers and she had started absentmindedly stroking it. Jamie had been born with both a vagina and a penis so her parents left her in the gutter. She would have died had it not been for a kindly old lady who took her in. Over that 20 years her cock had grown so much that when fully erect it almost reached her small round tits, when soft though she could keep it hidden in her baggy trousers, despite it still being a good seven inches long and not exactly thin.

As she got closer to orgasm Linda slammed herself against the broom harder, once, twice and on the third a blast of girlcum splattered against her legs and soaked the floor. She tried to scream but no sound escaped her lips as her legs buckled and she fell to her knees, still cumming, pulsing squirts of cum flooded the already soaked floor as she lay there barely conscious with the broom slowly moving in and out of her pussy.

The door to the little woodland cottage slowly creaked open and Jamie entered. She took a moment to gaze down at the beautiful blonde girl laying in a pool of her own cum and felt her member grow a little bit more as it pulsed with the beat of her heart.

She turned the witch onto her back and gasped as she saw, close up, the huge soft breasts as they hung over Linda’s chest, not too saggy but not the unnatural escort pendik stiffness that you saw on the rich ladies with their breast enlargements. They were perfect. Jamie lifted Linda up by her legs until their hips were level and the witch was laying on the very top of her back, Jamie could just about see Linda’s face over the top of her tits, they were almost smothering her in this position.

Jamie’s cock throbbed.

Linda eyes slowly started to open and then widened as she looked from Jamie’s face to her long thick cock and back again. Jamie didn’t know if she was more scared of the intruder or the giant cock that was threatening to pound her into next month. Then Linda grinned and pulled her arse cheeks apart as far as they would go. Jamie, slightly taken aback, grinned mischievously and slowly pushed her throbbing erection against Linda’s puckered arsehole. As Jamie’s bellend slowly opened the witch’s tight butthole Linda moaned with impatience and a shudder went through her body as the cock head popped in. Linda hadn’t put anything bigger than a finger in her arse before now and Jamie’s monster cock was more like an eggplant in thickness, she wanted more but was glad Jamie was taking it slow. Once Jamie had fit all she could into Linda’s anal cavity, which still left a good three inches of cock outside Linda’s arsehole, she started to pull back, when her dick popped out of the witches arse a dribble of precum left the tip and coated it.

That was what Jamie was waiting for, after a quick rub against Linda’s less tight arsehole to lube it up, she thrust hard, making Linda gasp and her tits smack her in the face with a satisfying slap that made Jamie want to fuck Linda’s arse even harder. Jamie humped Linda for what seemed like an eternity before her cock swelled up to almost twice its original size. Linda’s eyes widened and her pussy clenched as she felt Jamie cum inside her with what felt like gallons of hot semen. The last thing she saw as she squirted all over herself and Jamie was her stomach swell like a balloon before the cock pulsed again and she was lost in a white world of pure euphoria.

Linda woke up to a flaccid, but still very large, cock slapping her in the face. Jamie led her to her bed where she lay, weak from all the fucking, until Jamie climbed on top of her and started pendik escort bayan to lick her pussy juices from her cunny and the surrounding areas. Linda looked properly at Jamie’s dick for the first time and noticed that she had a pussy too, eager to get revenge for Jamie filling her stomach up with her cum she jammed her tongue in as deep as she could get it and started to eat her out, this caused Jamie’s whole body to shudder and a whimper escaped her lips. Linda glanced at her, grinned and went to town. It didn’t take long for Jamie’s pussy to start dripping and not long after that it was gushing and Jamie let out a howl as her hips rocked and her pussy erupted girlcum all over Linda’s eager face, but Linda wasn’t done yet.

As Jamie still convulsed from her powerful orgasm Linda flipped her over and sat directly on her face, she looked into Jamie’s eyes over her still swollen stomach and pushed it in, sending all Jamie’s cum out of her arse and directly into her mouth. Jamie coughed and spluttered but there was still more to come. Once it was mostly gone Linda suddenly felt sorry, looking at Jamie’s watery eyes and face covered in her own cum, so she moved down towards Jamie’s cock and sucked it into her mouth, as it grew she tried to keep as much of it as possible inside, she forced her face onto it until most of it was inside her mouth and the rest was down her throat, she gagged and felt saliva escape her mouth. She kept moving the monstrous member in and out of her throat watching Jamie’s rolling eyes through her watering ones until she felt the cock start to grow, remembering what happened last time she started to pull away but Jamie had other plans.

With an evil grin, she grabbed Linda’s head from behind and slammed her face onto the throbbing shaft. As it reached its peak Linda tried desperately to pull away but then it emptied and her cheeks swelled up like balloons until they couldn’t take anymore and the rest of the cum found its way down her throat or out of her nose, some of it dribbled out of the corners of her mouth. Once it had pumped as much semen as possible into Linda it started to shrink allowing her to pull back, she coughed and spluttered, sending cum everywhere. Once she had coughed the last of it up out of her lungs she slid up to Jamie and kissed her long and hard before they both passed out, covered in each other’s juices.

Jamie woke to feel something smooth and hard pushing against her butt, she just noticed the broom handle before it disappeared up her arse…

Next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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