A Worthwhile Trade

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It was the first Saturday of the summer holidays, a stiflingly hot day. I was in the shed, fiddling with the diesel pump of the tractor. Dad and I had tackled the job early that morning, but after an hour he had left for town to fetch a couple of spare parts and pick up the mail. Mom and my two sisters were in the kitchen – I presumed – baking a cake, because my the elder of my two sisters was turning sixteen on the Monday.

The sound of hoofbeats made me look up towards the big door of the shed. Because the light was from behind, I could not immediately make out the colour, but as it came closer I recognized it as the dun mare of our neighbours, the Robertsons. I’ve seen Auntie Ruby riding it, but it was a slenderer figure the horse was carrying that morning.

‘Hi, Paul!’ the rider called, and then I guessed it must be Cindy.

We had been playmates in our preteens, but since grade 9 she has been attending a boarding school in the city. We did see one another once in a while, but with puberty an awkwardness had crept into the relationship, hence I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I replied, rather lamely, ‘Hi, Cindy!’

‘Whatsherdoing?’ she said, still atop the horse, which had come to a halt next to me.

‘Cleaning the fuel pump. How are you?’

She smiled. ‘A bit bored, I guess. Say, could you help me fix the right stirrup?’

‘Sure, girl.’ I had risen and held out my hand. She swung her right leg over the horse and gave me a brief glimpse of her bum. She was wearing a very short flair skirt and a halter-top, with her nipples etched like two buttons on the front. Boy o boy, she had filled out in the three years since we had last splashed together in their swimming pool! Now the top was hugging those curves very, very closely, which were threatening to pop out on the side any minute! Her spindly legs had also meanwhile assumed extremely nubile proportions. I followed them up to the top where a pair of purple panties briefly showed when she swung her right leg over. Of course I had sprung an instant boner and my cock wanted to pop out of the rugger pants I was wearing. I now desperately wanted to do a laying on of hands, so I started scheming!

She took my hand rather belatedly, but not in greeting. Instead, she stepped closer and gave me a peck on the cheek. Pleasant – intoxicating – fragrance! For a moment I thought of putting my arm around her waist and kissing her properly, but the moment passed. We walked, still touching hands, around the horse to inspect the stirrup.

‘What’s the matter?’ I couldn’t see anything wrong with it.

‘It doesn’t feel right,’ she answered, rather lamely.

I was half a head taller than she, and she had her eyes cast down, so I could not read her thoughts, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I slipped my arm around her waist and pulled her close. I noticed the smile – she always had a lovely smile – even though she now tried to hide it. Then she turned into me and almanbahis we kissed. The first one was pretty dry and unexciting, but then she wet her lips and parted them slightly for the next one. There was passion in that! I pulled her still closer to me and I noticed the smile broadening when she felt my boner against her tummy. At the same time her breasts were burning holes in my bare chest. O god, I was creaming myself already!

The second kiss had left us both short of breath. She stepped back and smiled, now rather wickedly, while tapping my cock with her index finger.

‘I felt that!’ she said and screwed up her face.

I grinned lecherously and challenged her with, ‘The question is, did you like it?’

She didn’t reply in words, but started laughing, and I joined her, embracing her again and pressing my boner still harder against her tummy. Cindy glanced over my shoulder and saw the ladder leading up to the loft.

‘What’s up there?’

‘Some hay, I guess, and lots of junk in the far corner. Why?’

She burst out laughing and ran towards the ladder. At the foot of the ladder she stopped and said, ‘A farmer should make hay while the sun shines! Are you coming?’

Of course I was ‘coming’, both ways!

She was halfway up the ladder when I started on the first rung, but missed the second one completely because my eyes were riveted on her two lusciously shaped thighs and her buns. Most of her ass was bare, so I understood the panties were really a tanga. Well, I fumbled my way to the top, where Cindy was waiting, now fanning her pussy with her short skirt to let me know she was hot. When I stepped free of the ladder, she turned and fled towards the deep pile of hay, where she flopped down on her back, again fanning herself with her skirt, smirking at me.

I joined her in the hay and we resumed kissing, but now our hands were wandering freely over each other’s bodies. I started by fondling her bum and pulled her close so that my iron would be close to her furnace. She enjoyed that, and started rubbing her mons against my cock. My hands next found her boobs: the nipples were already hard. She pulled up the halter top to bare her tits and said, ‘You can kiss me there! O Jesus, this is so nice!’ She started rubbing her pussy against my cock and I sensed that she was also climaxing. When it came, she clasped her legs around mine and screamed as she rode the crest of the wave for a full ten, fifteen seconds, while I offloaded in my briefs.

We relaxed after that, satiated for the nonce. I gasped, ‘God, Cindy, you are hot!’

‘Did you shoot your bolt? Show me your cock!’ she asked with a lascivious look in her eyes.

I proudly slipped down the pants and the briefs. My cock was still drooling cum and the briefs were soaked. She picked that up and smelled it, exclaiming, ‘God Almighty, that was a good cumshot!’

I put my hand under her skirt and found the tanga soaking wet. She did not offer any resistance when almanbahis giriş I used both hands to pull it down. It smelled pure pussy and it excited us both. I started fingering her pussy and she gripped my boner.

‘You’ve done this before?’ I ventured.

‘Yeah, in the cinema. And you?’

‘Do you know the limerick about that?’

She shook her head, so I rattled it off. It was my dad’s favourite:

‘The modern cinematic emporium

Is not just a super sensorium

But a highly effectual


Mutual masturbatorium.’

She laughed and shook a finger at me. ‘It’s very naughty, but it’s nice; if you did it once, you want to do it twice.’

‘You want to do it again?’

She grinned. ‘Maybe… Have you ever had a blowjob?’

I laughed. ‘No chance!’

‘Can I try?’

‘Can I lick your pussy then?’

‘At the same time?’

‘Yup. It’s called sixty-nine.’

‘That sounds like fucking good fun,’ she said, and straddled me, now dressed only in the skimpy skirt, her ass in my face and my prick in her mouth.

O Jesus, this was heaven! She was working the shaft with her hand while licking the bulb of my boner, and meanwhile she was rubbing her mons against my chin with my tongue working in her little heaven. I tried to stem the tide in my loins, but Cindy would not have it! She started to climax and squirted pussy juice all over my face, now jerking furiously on my cock till it exploded in her mouth and over her face.

She rolled off me and turned around, lying down next to me. She was lasciviously beautiful! She kissed me again. ‘God’s truth, Paul, you make me so fucking randy. For two ticks I’d fuck you, you know!’

I stared open-mouthed at her. ‘Have you done it?’


‘Yes, have you fucked?’

‘Only mock, with our clothes on, and standing up.’

‘Would you really fuck me, Cindy?’

‘I’d love to, Paul! Mom has put me on the Pill now, but for the first month I still have to use effies, but where are you going to get Frenchies on a Saturday?’

‘I know where my dad keeps his!’

‘Jesus, Paul! O my god, I’d love to. I’ve tasted your prick, and I want it inside me! Please!’

‘Give me a sec!’ Dad kept a gross of the stuff in the tool cupboard in the shed, so I nipped down the ladder and rushed back to Cindy with a packet of three. I noticed the time: quarter to twelve.

‘We’d better get going,’ I said, ”cause my dad may come back anytime.’ I was stretching it a bit, of course, because I was so fucking randy for her.

Cindy deftly opened the packet, extracted a tube, then rolled it down my shaft. ‘I’ve done this with boys in the cinema, Paul,’ she explained. ‘Now lube it a bit with your spittle.’ With that, she spread her legs and I straddled her.

‘O my god, I’m going to get fucked at last!’ she gasped.

I felt so stupid because I couldn’t find the little fuck hole, but then Cindy lifted her arse and guided my rod inti paradise. almanbahis giriş It was ecstatic, slipping and sliding into that hot little pussy, so eager to get fucked! I didn’t even feel her virgin – the only sign later was the spot of blood on the FL – and then I was up to the hilt in her. We fucked! It was glorious! We bounced and squirmed as we fucked and Cindy was laughing now!

‘Fuck me! Fuck me, Paul! I always wanted you to fuck me first! What a glorious pole you have. Fuck my cunt!’

I was just as excited! ‘I’m fucking your cunt, Cindy! I’m fucking you! Jesus, I’m cumming. I’m going to shoot my bolt!’

‘Fuck faster, Paul. Fast, fast now. There it is, the big wave is cumming. Oooooh…. I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Ooooh God, I’m cumming! I’m getting fucked at last!’

We went over the top at virtually the same moment – I’m still amazed that we managed to orgasm together on our very first fuck!

We lay panting in each other’s arms for about five minutes, then she said, ‘I’ll have to go now, Paul, but I want your briefs as a souvenir.’

‘Then I’ll keep your panties, all right?’

She smiled. ‘Fair exchange. When are we going to use the other condoms?’

‘Where can we meet?’

‘Our swimming pool! Come and spend the day with us tomorrow, if that would be alright with you and your parents.’

‘Oh, dad fucks around a bit, and I suspect mom occasionally has a lover. I was born four months after they got married, you know.’

‘Naughty, naughty! So fucking around is in your blood. That’s fine by me. I plan to get laid far and wide and as often as possible. Okay, bring your bathing suit so that we can take a dip. I had planned to fuck you sometime over the holidays, as soon as I was safe, but Jesus, Paul, you got me so hot I could not hold it in any longer! Thanks for a splendiferous fuck! See you tomorrow at the pool, and bring a gross!’

Nothing could keep me back on the Sunday! We are not church people, nor are Cindy’s folks, so I went over shortly after breakfast. It was a lovely day for splashing in the pool, which necessitated applying suntan lotion to each other’s bodies. I was wearing a Speedo and she was totally overdressed in a string bikini. Jesus, man! I could run my hand all over that beautiful body, and had her hands all over me. I caressed and kissed those boobs while my fingers did some walking in her pussy, because finger-fucking her was a huge turn-on for both of us. Cindy and I fucked in the pool – quite a sensation, that, being completely naked by then, with the water swirling around us because we fucked next to the water inlet from the filter system. We next screwed doggystyle on the lawn, then in the pool house, but after lunch we fucked in her room because it was too hot outside.

Early Monday morning mom confronted me in my room. ‘I’ve been looking all over for your blue striped briefs, Paul. They’re not in the drawer and they’re not in the wash.’

I didn’t know what to say, so I just gulped and looked away.

‘I see…’ She tilted her head slightly and added, ‘I guess they must have metamorphosed into the smelly purple panties I found in your drawer…’

‘Jesus, Mom!’

She smiled as she turned away. ‘I trust it was a worthwhile trade…’

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