Aaron Loves to Watch Ch. 02

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I saw her smile, and then I peeked back at him. “Would you like your schlong to slip into my pussy, Aaron?” I pondered, leaning towards him.

He swallowed and licked his lips for a moment. “May I kiss you first, Rachel?”

I brought my lips right to his and lied right on top of him. My hands slithered over onto his shoulders as his palms found their way to my lower back. My boobs pressed onto his chest and I noticed his rod rubbing on my stomach.

He had his eyes closed for the time being, and I saw that Evette’s fingers found their way over onto her pussy lips. “Oh, kiss my girlfriend now just after you splattered my face, you sexy young man. Wow, you have a nice cock to suck, Aaron. I’m your step sister, and I just took a massive dose of your seed. I loved doing it for you and having her watch the whole time too. I certainly hope you like kissing her, but don’t be afraid to let your dick into her slit. I know you’ll like it, but make sure you don’t let your seed loose in her. I like my girlfriend’s breasts just the way they are; I don’t need them to get bigger.”

His lips slowly came off mine. “And I’m not ready for parenthood yet. May I make love to you now, Rachel?” he asked, switching our positions.

“Are you sure you don’t want to lose your virginity to her?”

“Yes, I’m sure, you are more beautiful than her.”

My hand immediately slapped his ass. “You are supposed to be horny, but sweet.”

That didn’t stop him from looking down, reaching for his schlong and aligning it with my pussy.

Once he had the head sliding on my lips, he peeked back at me. “I’m sorry, Rachel.”

I leaned up and kissed him once. “Don’t worry, neither of us is gonna judge you, Aaron. Just let your johnson slide right into my cherry and make love to me. Although, as she said, don’t cum inside me,” I advised him, sliding my palms over to his lower back.

“Okay,” he muttered, bowing up.

He peeked back down at his junk, but failed to move it just yet. He just continued to rub the head across my lips back and forth numerous times.

“You are breathing slowly and delaying what you want,” she pointed out, wrapping her arms around him. “You allowed me to suck your cock, so let her feel it inside her slit. If you love me, then do it. Even though it is your first time, I know you’ll satisfy her.”

“Hey, don’t oversell it, you might leave him disappointed.”

She let go of him and lied down with me. “You are lucky I love you,” she mentioned before she kissed me.

We made out with him watching quite closely. My left hand landed on Evette’s right tit, and I squeezed it for her.

“Hello, I’m looking to get laid over here.”

Our lips disconnected and we glanced at him. “Sorry, Aaron,” she mentioned, leaning away from me. “Fuck her then, and quit stalling.”

His eyes went to mine, and he grabbed onto his wood again.

I waited for a moment. “Come on, quit biting your bottom lip and have sex with me already. My pussy is starting to get dry, so you better have your dick take a dip in there soon, or it won’t be lubed up. Don’t you want my juice all over your member?”

He stayed silent for a moment but peeked at me. “May I kiss one more time, Rachel?”

I delivered my lips right to his and kissed him for over a minute.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the whole situation. ‘If Aaron just told me he wanted one or both of us, I would have invited him in immediately. Even if he just wanted to have sex with her, I would have allowed it. Too bad, we could have turned him into a sex freak by now. Maybe in the next life,’ I thought before my lips jumped off his. “Now fuck me, you’ve teased us long enough,” I ordered him, prior to lying back down.

He slathered his lips one more time as he examined both of us for a moment.

“Quit eyeballing our tits and fuck me, Aaron!”

“Fine!” he yelped, sliding his rod right into me.

I saw her hand land on her pussy, and she began masturbating. His mouth just opened up, but he couldn’t seem to start making love to me just yet.

“Come on; you want this, Aaron, so begin thrusting your junk already. She is a sexy chick that wants to feel it sliding in and out of her slit, so do it for her. You made us both want it, so the least you can do is make this a reality.”

“Fuck, I have to cum already.”

“Pull out and shoot her melons, Aaron.”

He managed to get it out on time and lean up onto his knees, but he couldn’t grab on his pecker. “Oh, fuck,” he moaned, shooting out his first stream.

“Oh, you missed her,” Evette laughed.

I saw him shed a couple of tears as he couldn’t seem to snatch it and aim towards me. He let out a few more shots of his load on the floor, but after he had finished, he covered his face with both hands.

“Don’t worry,” I said, arching her back towards him. “It was your first time, so there is not shame in cumming too early,” I made clear before I tugged down his hands.

I grabbed onto his rod with my right hand and placed my left at the base. I found myself escort jiggling around a bit as I stroked his cock quickly.

“Do you have any more cum you can give my boobs? I wanted you to drench them, Aaron, so will you do it for me, pretty please?”

“Sure, Rachel. I’m sorry I couldn’t make sure I came on you,” he sobbed, shaking all around.

“Don’t worry, Aaron. No one is upset here, but you just robbed me of the best sign of affection. We can teach you, and we’ll turn you into a sex fiend. You’ll be able to satisfy both of us without even trying,” I explained before scrubbing his schlong even faster. “Does that sound okay?” I question through my teeth.

He covered his face again, and the top half of his body started moving back and forth. I just had to laugh a bit as I saw him losing it. Evette brought her other hand to my butt and caressed it even as it was jiggling a bit too.

“I bullshit you not, Aaron, when it comes to sex, you will have to bring your ‘A’ game. Before you start wooing a woman you want to be with, you’ll have to sharpen your skills. It won’t be easy, but with our help, you’ll get through it. Just don’t try to come between us though, she is mine,” I explained before I kissed him.

“I understand.”

“Me too, hussy,” she giggled, prior to swatting me ass.

“We’re a kinky couple, dude, so don’t judge us either.”

“I won’t.”

She rose up to my knees and began kissing us all over the sides of our faces and shoulders. My hand was going fast, and I had Aaron vibrating so much that it seemed like he would have to explode at any second. Even as he fought the urge to hold his load, he managed to keep eye contact with me.

“Oh, you filthy young man, you are getting acquainted with your step sister and her girlfriend sexually. I may just to spank you after we’re all done. You won’t be getting any presents from Santa this year, you naughty boy,” Evette whispered.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum now, Rachel.”

My eyes went to his wood.

My hand stopped moving suddenly, and I angled it up a bit. “Cover me with your seed, Aaron,” I commanded him before I kissed him.

After the first shot had splattered my stomach, I tipped it up, so my tits got wet too, and then his third stream flew all the way up to my face.

“Yes, get my face again, Aaron.”

He fulfilled my request and gave me all the cum he could spare. “Holy shit, you two are unbelievable,” he moaned before he collapsed.

Evette checked out my cum soaked body for a moment, and then I felt my juice coming out. “Fuck, I love you, Evette. You are nuts just like me, and I love that,” she moaned, shimmering around nonstop.

A moment later, she attacked me and took me down. “That was so hot,” she muttered before I kissed me.

“I know you’d like it.”

We made out for a couple of minutes as he just lied there. A few tears even surfaced on my face, and we both wrapped our arms around each other.

“Fuck me; you two are amazing, to say the least. You are an excellent step-sister, Evette.”

My lips mutually came off hers. “Evette knows, Aaron. I also know you mean well, but you are disturbing the moment,” I pointed out with my eyes staying on hers.

“Sorry. Thanks for the sex, but I’ll go now.”

“No,” she said, peeking at him. “I want you to stay here,” she mentioned before I got up and went to her dresser.

She pulled out her top drawer, grabbed something and hid in my her hand. “I love you, Rachel,” she told me, grabbing both of my hands with her other one. “I don’t need a cock or any other pussy, I just want you,” she stated before I opened her hand.

I looked at it and covered my mouth. “Are you sure? We’re only in college now, and we both still have most of our lives ahead of us.”

“Yes, so, Rachel Crumald, will you marry me? Bear in mind, at the ceremony; my step-brother won’t be jacking it.”

“Yes, Evette.”

She slid the ring onto my finger and kissed me. We both wrapped our arms around each other and kept our lips together too.

‘Fuck me, I did two huge things tonight,’ I thought before our lips parted again. “If anyone asks, we weren’t naked and Aaron wasn’t here when you asked,” I sobbed.

“I understand, I think we should celebrate now,” she cried, shedding even more tears.

“Did you have anything in mind?”

“Yes,” she replied before she grabbed some lube.

She put more on the dildo and came over to him. “Would you like to give her cherry another shot now?”

He nodded as his eyes widened.

“Good,” she said before she snagged his hand.

She grabbed mine too and brought us both to the bed. “Don’t afraid, Aaron, we can pleasure this sensuous chick together,” she mentioned before she smooched his cheek. “You are cute,” she complimented him, prior to lying down on the bed.

“You want to stick that in the back door, don’t you?” I pondered, slowly getting on top of her, with my back to her chest.

“Well, you are already in position, so yes,” she replied, aligning the dildo with my asshole.

It eskort slowly went in, roughly three-quarters of the way in, and I closed my eyes. “Son of a bitch, every time you stick it back in that hole, I feel my body clench up again,” I moaned, quivering a bit.

“You like it, you can admit it to your fiancée and step brother,” she whispered, bringing her hands to my thighs. “She has one more hole you can fill, Aaron. That hard dick should work. So, why don’t you give her a shot now?”

“Do you promise you won’t judge me?”

“I’m naked here waiting for you now, Aaron. So stick that dick inside me already,” I ordered him, waving my fingers.

He slowly made his way to us and grabbed onto his rod. “Holy shit,” he whispered before he got on top of me. “I just want to make you feel good now, just what you two did for me.”

I kissed him. “Then let your schlong inside me.”

“Okay,” he said before letting his member slip right into my pussy. “Holy shit, your slit feels wonderful on my dick Rachel,” he moaned, slanting his head up.

“Good, but don’t let your seed loose inside me though, my other half wouldn’t like it, Aaron. Before you have to shoot, start thrusting your pecker and keep your eyes on mine too,” I explained before I placed my palms on his shoulders.

“May I cum on you when the time comes?”

“Yes, of course, horny man. Now make love to me.”

Suddenly, I felt his member slowly sliding in and out of my cherry. He managed to keep eye contact, and his hands came up to my forearms. He couldn’t apply any pressure to them, but he licked his lips and kept his load secured for a few minutes.

Evette also got the dildo to slide in and out of my asshole too lazily, so my emotional and physical pleasures were skyrocketing. I had no choice, but to shed tears of my own. He failed to halt his pleasuring as he saw them, he just kept making love to me.

With every passing thrust from them, my body tingled, and I felt to be pushed more towards my limits. I was already shedding tears, but I knew in due time I’d be crying.

As time went on, he began moving slightly faster. “I still haven’t cum yet, Evette, are you happy about that?”

“Yes, but don’t hold out forever. I want that cum to drench my fiancée’s breasts, chest, and stomach. Won’t you be a good step-brother and do that for me again? I want it so bad after I proposed to her, so make it happen.”

“I’ll do anything for you, Evette.”

“Only because you love me, right?”


After another moment, I turned my head to her, and she looked right back at me. We didn’t speak a word, but our eyes said everything. She still made sure the dildo slid in and out of my asshole, but kept her eyes right on mine.

‘Nothing or no one could replace this chick; she is priceless.’

She placed one kiss hand on my cheek. “We should invite another woman in the bedroom some time, don’t you think?”

“I believe we have some wedding planning to get through before we start thinking about getting another third party in here. I do love that idea though, we could share a pussy, or you could devour mine as I eat another one.”

“We haven’t even got a woman in mind yet, but you are planning on eating her cherry alone?”

“I also said we could share, whining bitch.”

Our lips floated together, and she stopped her thrusting. Aaron failed to stop for the time being, but it was still pleasurable. Between his wood going all the way into my slit, the dildo buried in my asshole and her lips on mine, I felt to be on the top of the world.

I brought my left hand to her face, and the other made it’s way to him. Suddenly, my fingers found their way into his mouth. He sucked on them slightly and licked them too. After I had been making out with her for a moment, I felt him shaking around a little bit.

‘He is losing it now; I’m gonna get his cum all over me soon. I just know it, but I’m sure he’ll be a frequent guest in here. We’d love to have a cock around to suck occasionally. Maybe they can even take their step-sibling relationship to new heights. It never hurts to have someone else who loves you dearly around. He could even be a sperm donor for one of us in the future,’ I thought before peeking at him. ‘No, I’m getting ahead of myself now. He is family, so that might be weird.’

“I’ve never seen two women make out before, but you two do it, I feel sexual juices bubbling all throughout my body. Both of you are like sexual drugs, but the side effects are impressive. Fuck me, Rachel, I’ll do anything to get in this bedroom with you again. I do mean anything because you are both ravishing. If I could just have sex with you two for the rest of my life, I’d be thrilled. Although, I certainly wouldn’t want to rain on your lesbian marriage, but please, let me come in now and then.”

We kept making out even after he stopped talking. We also continued to rub one another’s face too, as we just felt to be in the moment. The emotional spike caused by the proposal, so almost nothing could disturb us.

‘I feel eskort bayan my soul connected to hers like they are getting welded together more and more every time our lips move again.’

“It is coming now, ladies,” he moaned, evicting his member.

Our lips dismantled, and we both glanced at him, stroking his manhood.

“Give my fiancée all of that white goodness, Aaron,” she said, placing her hands on my pussy.

My eyes stayed right on his dick, and we both jiggled around somewhat in anticipation for what was coming in just mere seconds.

“I love you and your slit, but I do miss waiting for the guy to shoot,” she whispered, rubbing my lips down there.

His seed abruptly bolted out of his rod and got our faces. I just closed my eyes, and I heard us both laughing for twenty seconds as we felt him shoot his load all over my body. I wasn’t sure how much seed he ejected onto me, but he had me covered in it by the time he wrapped up his orgasm.

“Wow, Aaron, you have a sweet cum cannon there. She is submerged in your cum now, you must love her,” she praised him, rubbing in his stuff on my breasts.

“Yes, I love you so much, Evette,” he whispered, climbing up on top of me. “Maybe you too, Rachel.”

She brought her hands back, and he pasted his lips on mine. So I was in the middle of the two hot and sexy pieces of candy, and I couldn’t think of a better place to be. I encased my arms around him and held him tight.

‘Wow, I never knew this side of him, but maybe we just unleashed it. He was just a virgin watching us only an hour ago. I like him better this way, so I would certainly hope he stays like this. Sweet and eager to please, there is nothing wrong with that. I can’t believe he lied on top of me with all of that fresh cum splattered all over me, so he does love me.’

After a full five minutes, his lips separated from mine. “I’m sorry I spied on you two. I certainly didn’t want to upset either of you, but you both just make me so horny. I couldn’t resist, but to hide and watch you two.”

“Don’t worry about it; we’ve already forgiven you, Aaron. There is no reason to be sorry; it is not like you were recording us. You were just watching and wanking, that’s nothing to be ashamed of,” I assured him before I kissed him.

He licked his lips for a few seconds as eye contact remained intact. “Could we have sex again, pretty please?” he asked, pulling out, and getting off the bed.

I put my hands out, and he quickly took them.

He helped me up off the bed, but I stayed close to him. “Yes, but not tonight. You got more than a taste of sex from us, but you shouldn’t overload yourself. You just started doing it, but just like with everything else, you have to do it in moderation. I promise, all three of us will be fucking in this room again, but right now, I need some alone time with my fiancée. Remember: don’t tell anyone about tonight, understand?”


“What do you understand?”

“I got a taste of sex with you two, I have to do it in moderation, and you promised that all three of us will have sex again after tonight. You haven’t specified when though, when can we do it again? I really want to do it with you two again, step sis,” he let us know, peeking at her.

“We know,” she pointed out, coming behind me and wrapping her arms around me. “How about next Saturday? Can you survive for one-hundred and sixty-two hours?”

He stayed silent for a moment and squeezed my hands somewhat. “Would it be okay if I jacked off thinking of you two?”

“Yes, we encourage you two in fact, but remember…”

“Don’t overdo it?”

“Yes,” I answered before I pulled him to us.

We both enveloped our arms around him and held him for a moment. We let go of him and then he grabbed his clothes. He put his right leg into his pajama bottoms.

“No, you can keep those off. Our parents are sleeping, and we’d still love to see your hard cock dangling around,” she mentioned before blowing him a kiss.

He licked his lips for a few seconds. “Evette, this meant everything to me. You are seriously the best step-sister ever, and you have a beautiful fiancée too.”

She slowly made her way over to him and took his hands in hers. “I know what it meant to you, Aaron. I certainly would have had her kick your ass when she opened the door if you didn’t love me,” she explained before she kissed him. “You’ve been a great step brother to me too, that makes you priceless in my eyes.”

“Now go start masturbating, I’m sure you still have some cum left. So do it a few times and go to sleep. Feel free to dream about us though, and you can shoot your load inside us there. You can’t get us pregnant in your dreams,” I explained before I blew him a kiss too.

He blew us a kiss and walked out into the hallway.

She immediately came to me and kissed me. “I know it is going on two in the morning now, but I must physically demonstrate how strong my feelings are for your answer to my proposal,” she warned me before she pushed me onto the bed. “Prepare to be pleasured beyond your wildest dreams, Rachel,” she cautioned me before getting down on her knees and wrapping around my legs. “Now I have a lifetime to perfect my craft of eating your pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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