Across the Rooftops Ch. 01

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Ewan McStrawn opened his eyes. Already light was streaming through the gap in the curtains. Bright light, bright clear light. Another beautiful day. Unsurprising given where he was living and the time of year. Here on Priapus, one of the larger Greek islands in the long summer the sun always shone and the skies were always a Greek blue.

Stretching in or rather on his bed, he marvelled at the contrast with Scotland. As it had been all through the night it was far too hot to sleep with anything over him or, certainly, anything on. His long lean body stretched away from him down the bed complete with morning erection. He turned and downed the remains of his glass of water set by his bed. Always wise to drink plenty given how much he sweated. Sweating through the night, or not, there was still the need to empty his bladder in the morning.

He was alone in the bed.

Rising he padded bare foot across the tiles to the shower room. From long experience trying to depress his morning erection down towards the pan was a difficult task and it was so much easier to turn on the shower and step into the tepid water. Not so much bracing as cooling. Ewan reached for the soap and as he washed, he let himself go. For most men the very act of erection caused their foreskins to retract leaving their urethral openings free to release whatsoever fluid they chose to expel. Ewan’s foreskin was different and exceptionally long. At school even his friends, and being boys not quick to talk about others’ equipment, had commented on the seemingly thin fleshy tube at the front of his ‘cock,’ an extra inch or so’s extension to the normal thing. He had always had to be very careful to pull it right back to expose his knob else he was likely to get splattered all over his shorts or trousers when he did a wee. Anything but a thin stream of wee would be the dramatic result.

Even erect his knob stayed covered until the skin was rolled back and so weeing erect was equally dangerous to weeing when soft. Caught in the folds of the foreskin the jet of wee would not so much jet as splatter everywhere. Within the shower Ewan did not need to worry. It was actually rather pleasant feeling the hot wee pushing out of his folds. In the shower it mattered not one jot where it went. Of course he pulled back when washing and soaping his ‘willy,’ doing it even whilst still urinating and feeling the hotness of his wee in his hand. It was a lot hotter than the shower water.

Freshened and newly washed, he stepped out of the shower barely bothering to run a towel over his body. In the heat of the early morning the water would evaporate very, very quickly.

Ewan was not on holiday. He had come to Greece to work, though it was as close to a holiday as work could be. It was such a pleasure to be in such a beautiful and hot land. He loved the country, the people and the food. It would have been nice to have shared it with someone else but he was, at the time, without a ‘significant other.’ His last relationship had ended and that was, in many ways, why he was there. It had been best to get away and do something different. Not that the break-up had been acrimonious. It had been mutual. She had gone her way and he his – he to Greece in fact.

One of the many delights was to be able to sit on the roof of the house he had rented, a flat roof with enclosing parapet, and enjoy a mug of tea and then breakfast in the open air before setting to work. So different from the breakfast table in his flat back in Edinburgh – a fine city, but it did rain a lot – which did rather dampen things together with all the depressing news of the morning newspaper.

Ewan climbed the stone spiral and stepped out through the door onto his roof. Already the sun was bright even if casting long shadows from being still low in the sky. It was a pleasingly private roof top, particularly given the low parapet. The privacy was just as well as he did not bother about trousers, shorts or pants. Had anyone been looking from one of the few rooftops sufficiently high to see beyond the parapet they would have observed he was inappropriately undressed. It was Greece after all. They would have observed his ‘todger’ swinging, indeed would have been drawn to it by the mass of ginger curls behind. His was not the dark colouring of the Greek but the orange of the Celt. His prepuce, long and tapering would, no doubt, have caught the eye. To an Ancient Greek it would have had a pleasingly modest effect, most definitely obscuring the rude glans, but to the modern eye would perhaps look unusual.

Ewan settled himself in a chair he had long ago brought up the stairs and looked around him. It was not quite bright enough for dark glasses and his American baseball cap, but it would not be long before he needed to don those. It was fairly peaceful. He could hear a few cars down in the streets but otherwise it was birdsong and some sound of boats in the harbour. The white of the painted concrete parapet surrounded him and, over it, the roofscape of much of the town was set almanbahis adres out below him. It was a pretty sight. A good looking town and he enjoyed following the roofs of the houses with his eye and knowing the snaking roads they bordered. He knew the whole town and could follow it from above, know which shops were where, the location of the tavernas. It was a good place.

A shame indeed not having someone to share the delight. It was a trifle lonely but Ewan was not terribly worried by that. It was somewhat his choice to have a time alone. All the same a bit of female companionship would be nice. Perhaps for a meal in a tavern or… well, yes indeed, ‘or.’ His thoughts drifted to the holidaying couple he had noticed a few times in the street though, unsurprisingly, his thoughts were rather more on the girl. Leggy and blond, seemingly with a preference for lightweight dresses. No doubt cool in the heat. Nice to see the white or pink cotton ending half way down her thigh. He had to be careful not to look too closely as he had passed them a few times in the street, enough to say ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon.’ Careful because of course he had been looking at her cleavage. They were just breasts of course and he could see plenty of those if he went to the right beach where a lot of women went topless. But there was something about the half stolen glimpse which drew the eye. He doubted he was alone. Half the men nearby had probably done the same thing.

It would have been good to have seen more, of course, or better still helped her husband or boyfriend undo the buttons at the back of the dress. Had they asked – but how were they to know to ask – he could have taken them to perfect secluded little bays where they could have swum and picnicked all day, almost certainly alone. They could have had a perfect day, a memorable day perhaps the best of their holiday, and, really, would it have been much of a payment by way of thanks to have let him watch their love making on the sand and in the sea and perhaps let him have his own turn between the girl’s long thighs or between her rather full lips? What would it have mattered? The freedom and pleasure so good, of a day of sand, sea and sex with a good chilled bottle of wine thrown in for good measure and freshly baked Daktyla. What would it have mattered if he had joined in for a day? Would the man not have liked to have seen his wife or girlfriend penetrated by another man, would he not have enjoyed seeing her lips around a different penis – playing the voyeur? Would the man, and indeed the woman, not have enjoyed the fun of having and seeing one penis in her vagina and one in her mouth at the same time? A bit of swopping around in the sunshine? Wet, swollen, fine male organs.

Ewan smiled, took a sip of tea, and thought how improbable that would be. It was not what people did. He stood and looked around again. He had always had a hope that he might see someone like himself naked on the rooftops. His space might be pretty private but that did not mean other roof tops were private. Yet all he had seen was middle aged or elderly women hanging out the washing and very much clothed. He was not at all averse to seeing, instead, young women naked, hanging out the washing or anything else, indeed his thoughts before breakfast often went that way. It was not exactly unpleasant to lean back in his chair as the sun beat down hot upon him and ‘beat’ himself off, given he had no woman to do it for him.

It was no different that morning. No one to be seen on any of the roof tops. Ewan turned and walked between the supports for the big water tank on the roof. It was a rather enclosed space and afforded a view the other way across the town. His patience was finally rewarded. To his surprise there was another person out on a rooftop. Not that close, but as distinct as anything in the clear morning light. Not just a figure but a naked figure, not some man like him but a woman, not some older woman but a young woman – in fact the leggy blond girl whose blouse he had looked down a few times. It was not now a matter of looking down a blouse and seeing a valley and the adjacent soft and curvy mounding indicating, but only partly revealing, two breasts but, instead, the two items entire. Pleasingly full, nipples on display and jiggling a bit as she engaged in the prosaic task of, yes, hanging out washing. A delightful stretching and bodily movement. There was evidently no dye at all involved in her hair colour unless, that is, she dyed rather more than the hair on her head. Her legs were, he knew, long but he could now see where they came together.

It is a nice thing to wank but it is really good to feel a spontaneous erection. And Ewan immediately had one of those. A spontaneous erection as hard as he had been when he had awoken that morning. It was the full engorgement, not another millilitre of blood could have been pumped into his penis without a significant rise in blood pressure! The girl was lovely, even hanging out the washing. Ewan almanbahis adresi found the sight erotically pleasing. He would like to have been there with her making a nuisance of himself.

She clearly had more washing to hang and was not going to move from the roof any time soon. Ewan made his decision, turned and ran across his rooftop to retrieve his binoculars from down below. Across the roof, down the stairs and then back up again all with an erection bobbing around. The young woman had not gone, indeed was bending for another towel as he returned. As she straightened he focused in. Ewan was unworried about being seen. He was in shade and would be invisible to the girl even if she looked in his direction. She would not see the tall man she had met in the street, naked, grinning and pointing a pair of binoculars at her. She would not see the voyeur with the erection.

Pleasant to examine a naked girl at leisure and in detail. Ewan saw rather a lot. Her bending to pick up yet more washing was a bonus – he saw her hairy pudenda and her anus. An intimate view in the lenses of his binoculars, no doubt normally reserved for her husband or boyfriend and, indeed, her doctor. Of course, Ewan was by now holding the binoculars in one hand and was busy with his other. His long foreskin was being slid.

“Well I…” he said, out loud. Absorbed in examining the girl in detail he had not seen the man come onto the roof but there, in close up, was clearly the, or at least a man, as the bit he was seeing of the new arrival was clearly male, given it was an organ resembling a sausage with a couple of dangly things. It was a nice enough cock but was rather obscuring the girl! Uncircumcised like his own but even flaccid the foreskin was a little retracted letting the pink knob peep through.

“Whoa!” The penis was on the move before his very eyes. Ewan had never seen another man erect before: he was seeing it now! It was rather interesting – a different view from watching his own. Up it came with the foreskin peeling right back. Not as straight as his own, indeed it curved forwards. Rather the wrong way he thought.

Ewan dropped the binoculars down and looked at the whole scene. The man had arrived and was clearly being as much nuisance as Ewan had imagined himself being.

A girl with clothes pegs in her hands and damp washing probably does not want a man’s hand patting her bottom – still less nipping a clothes peg on one of her nipples! He heard the squeak from where he was and wanked pretty enthusiastically as the girl chased the man around the roof top. Frankly it was the most erotic thing Ewan had seen without being involved. A girl with boobs a-bouncing chasing a naked and erect man with his cock bouncing up and down as well. Ewan thought it would be rather nice to be chased as well. The idea of running around the roof with the girl chasing him, as erect as the man, was rather appealing. It was exciting seeing them. He imagined both the man and he running and being chased.

Such an unexpected reversal of normal roles – not that he had ever seen a naked and erect man chasing a naked girl around a roof top, which was the more normal idea. What was she going to do if she caught him? Spank him? Ewan rather liked the idea of being bent over next to the man, both their erect penises pointing, and have the girl spank them in turn. Would she perhaps clip a clothes peg to their penises in retaliation? An easier thing to do with his. There was plenty of spare foreskin even when erect – unless she pulled it back and clipped the peg to the knob, pinching it. Ouch!

He imagined her saying, ‘that’s better,” as the two of them stood there with a clothes peg apiece attached to their closed foreskins and their bottoms smarting. Nice to imagine her then taking pity upon them…

But no spanking, no more clothes pegs. Instead, across the rooftops Ewan saw them fall about laughing and then the girl’s hand reached out.

Ewan began to wank again. Another new experience – watching a girl wank a man. Such a sweet scene. He lifted the binoculars and watched the clasping hand at work on the penis. So exciting to watch. They thought themselves unobserved yet in the shadow he was watching them being intimate and getting a real thrill from it. Lowering the binoculars he watched the man’s hand move to rest on the girl’s pubic mound. Was perhaps his finger already feeling into her crack?

It was more than he had hoped for. He had hoped and imagined, and had looked out every morning in that hope, seeing someone worth seeing naked on a rooftop. Enough to enjoy a pleasurable stare and perhaps imagine things as he masturbated, but seeing a couple engaged in sexual activity – and on a comparatively nearby roof, perhaps even sexual intercourse? No, he had not hoped for that.

Yet that seemed to be exactly where the couple appeared to be going. Intercourse on the roof of one’s house but, of course, in the past before air conditioning and electric fans that was exactly where sexual almanbahis adres intercourse would have taken place. Rather than sleeping in the stuffy and hot house, Greek couples would have come up onto the roof at night and slept out in the open in the cooler air. Perhaps one might have caught a glimpse by moonlight of naked neighbours, though discretion would no doubt have been very much the thing, but how many couples must have smiled at each other and, perhaps been inspired, by the sounds of intercourse coming clear from neighbouring roofs in the still limpid air of a Mediterranean night? Sounds of whispered endearments, sucking, squelching sounds, groans and even suddenly muffled cries of pleasure. Perhaps even the opportunity to stand in moonshadow and watch interesting activities revealed out in the moonlight. Elderly neighbours able to watch newly married couples, perhaps they had even attended the weddings, engaged sexually. Old men with erections in hands wanking to the pretty sight of young love.

Less likely, perhaps, but the variety of human sexual experience, it seemed to Ewan, rather suggested it might have happened somewhere in the Greek islands or on the mainland, if not actually in the town he was staying in, might neighbours treat the night differently from the day. Naked men, naked women crossing from rooftop to rooftop, perhaps laying down plank bridges, all to meet on one rooftop. A press of naked bodies bumping into each other – and more. The night too dark to make out who it was you were touching or perhaps fondling. Was that press of ample breasts against your skin Ka Matsoukas, your neighbour two doors down that you had always fancied, ample and delightful or quite a different lady? Is that hard penis suddenly bumping against your own erection Ko? Bernardakis the bearded fishermen you hardly know or Keandre Diamandopoulos your old friend? Could the delightful woman you are fucking really be young Ka Paraskevopoulou you have known since a girl?

Ewan was willing the girl to suck the man’s erection. What a thing to see. Her pretty lips absorbing a nicely erected cock. His fingers moved on his own, similarly, nicely erected cock at the thought pulling the foreskin right back and imagining the lips of the girl sliding over his knob. How nice to be on the rooftop with them and the girl’s lips moving from the man’s erection to his own, swopping backwards and forwards.

But Ewan was, after all, to be disappointed, the girl carefully removed the man’s hand from her sex and moved to finish hanging out the washing. A good enough sight and, indeed, strangely sexual to see the man handing the wet towels and things to her whilst still erect. Ewan smiled at the incongruity, but he liked it. A normal domestic scene involving hanging out washing but with the participants naked and the man sporting what was, in Ewan’s opinion, a very fine erection even if it curve rather the wrong way and one that did not seem to be going away.

The hanging done, Ewan watched a real embrace, their arms around each other and (so nice seen closely through binoculars) the man’s penis pushed up against the girl’s curls and stomach. In the binocular’s image he could see the man was slightly rubbing his knob against the girl. Ewan would have liked to be there too. His own knob rubbing against the girl, tickled by her curls, stroking against the smooth skin of her tummy. Two rubbing cocks side by side perhaps.

Perhaps, thought Ewan, she might pull herself up with her arms around his neck and impale herself. Ewan liked the idea of the couple like that with the man walking around the rooftop as he fucked the girl. But no. The couple headed for the door to their stairs, the man following the girl with jutting out intent and, indeed, the girl reached behind her and tugged the man after her, pulling on his handle – clearly they were heading for the bedroom. Undoubtedly before the girl went out to do her shopping or whatever were her day’s plans, the man’s rather nice cock would spurt within her. Ewan thought it would actually have been rather pleasing to have seen, instead of intercourse, the girl just beating the man off and letting his semen spurt. Nice to have seen on the rooftop. Again, Ewan had not seen another man do that. Would very much have enjoyed watching her fingers making the man come – in detail, through the lenses of the binoculars. He might well have joined the man, his own penis sharing in the spurting but in the shadows of his own roof..

Ewan put down the binoculars and stared at the now empty doorway across the rooftops. Down below the girl might already be sucking the man in the privacy of their bedroom. Such a shame they had not done that in the clear early morning light for him to see. He was cross that had not happened and annoyed he had not brought himself to a nice conclusion whilst watching them embracing. But he had not known the ‘show’ was about to end; had not wanted to ‘waste’ his semen too early and not enjoy the ‘show’ whilst at the peak of sexual excitement. Boy was he worked up! His penis was rock hard and vertical and, really quite on the edge, Ewan stepped back into the light away from his hiding place and walked back across his rooftop towards his chair intent on reaching a conclusion there – a nice and ample conclusion. Fuck!!

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