Addie’s Debt Pt. 03

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Dillion Harper

The car ride home from the park was long. Not just because it was literally a 50 mile drive, but because Addie was silently coming to the realization that she had crossed a barrier with Lucas she never thought possible. In her height of passion, Addie had willingly given her own brother a blowjob while she listened to an anonymous couple have sex right next to her. Although she couldn’t see anything, she recalled the sensorial experience in it’s entirety. The scent of the restroom and the mustiness of cock, pussy, and sex. She remembered the feel of Lucas’ balls in her hand as she held him in place, so she could maintain some control over the incestuous act. She remembered the taste of him inside of her mouth. She remembered the sounds of sex all around her. Lucas panting and breathing heavily as she sucked him, the couple’s whispering encouragements to each other as their bodies collided over and over again, and the occasional car that drove past the park.

She was overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions; was it wrong that she felt guilty for enjoying what happened? Was it wrong that she did what she did? Lucas had wanted to cum in her mouth after the couple left, but she denied him. She didn’t want to but, if the inevitable ever happened and she did bring him to orgasm, was it wrong that she didn’t want that moment to happen in a dirty public restroom? Was it wrong she was warming up to the idea of it even happening at all?

For the rest of the day, the two spent time in their respective bedrooms. They hardly spoke over dinner, Addie making the excuse to her parents that she was tired from their day out. This was a true statement, but in reality she just wanted her solitude so the thought of Lucas and his cock wouldn’t be on the forefront of her mind constantly. After dinner, she let herself get swept away with music; her smartphone playlists providing the relief she needed to slip into dream-land.

The next morning, Addie got up early. She put on a pot of coffee and was making bacon and eggs when her parents left for the day. They would be visiting some old friends and it would be nightfall before they would be back. Playfully slapping her father’s hand for stealing a piece of bacon, she wished them safe travels and finished making the food.

Lucas appeared a short time later, and was pleasantly surprised to see breakfast made for him. Bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee was much more fancy than what he usually made for himself.

“This is a nice surprise, sis. Thanks.” as he ate his bacon.

“You’re welcome.” as the two ate.

Once Addie was done with her food, she slid her phone over to Lucas.

“There is some new stuff you can use on there.”

Perking up, Lucas thanked her and put the phone in his pocket.

“Can you… do it here?” Addie asked.

“Do what here?”

Addie bit her lip. “I mean when you look at it and then choose what we can use. I know you’re in control of all that, but I think I should have some say in it. I mean, it’s my site so I think it should be like a joint thing.”

Lucas nodded. “I mean… yeah… if you’re okay with us looking together.”

“Not really, but… like… I know what happened when I was there, so I can help tell you about things, or what things worked and what didn’t, you know? I mean… do I WANT to do this with you? Not really, but you’ve seen me naked so many times now I need to be okay with you looking at me… with me there… do you get what I mean?”

“I do… well… let me get my laptop then. Be right back.”

Lucas promptly re-appeared with his laptop and hooked her phone up to it to download the content.

“Holy shit, Addie. Another woman? Awesome….” his voice trailing off as he looked through the pictures.

Addie blushed and nodded. “Yes. It wasn’t planned but… well it happened. She didn’t want her face in any shots so she took most of the footage. I held the camera when she shaved me, but she…”

“She shaved you??” Lucas said, interrupting her, smiling and scanning the files for footage of that.

“Yes. It was weird, Lucas. She had this role-play idea all planned out. She… well… I agreed… to act like I was her niece… and she was my… aunt… all night. She even gave me panties to wear that had her niece’s name on them.”

Lucas’ eyes widened and his mouth opened as he listened to his sister tell him about her incestuous role-play. He shifted in his seat, and that’s when Addie saw his cock battling the cloth around it.

“Take your cock out, Lucas. Let me see what this does to you.”

Lucas pulled his shorts over his cock, nestling the elastic under his balls. He was rock hard.

“Mmmm, you boys are so quick to turn on…” she said playfully, sipping her coffee, staring as his cock as is stood to attention.

“This is all amazing, Addie. Did you really stick your tongue in her ass?” as Lucas watched the video Meghan took of Addie crawling toward her and licking both of her holes.

“Yep, several times actually. In that scene, and then when she had me tied to tekirdağ escort the bed.”

Lucas hand started to go for his cock.

“No. No touching yourself, Lucas. Not while we do this.” Addie teased. “New rule.”

Addie felt pretty proud of herself. If she could torment her brother by denying him relief, then she was all for it. Addie had to remind him again of the no touching rule when he saw the photos of the big strap-on cock that Meghan lodged in her ass. Lucas played along.

“So I figure the shaving can be a separate thing, you know? Like a smaller post, but the rest of it can be a pretty big video. I’m not sure if you want to keep the whole Samantha and the incest part of it or if you can creatively just edit that out. What do you think?”

“Yeah… I like your ideas. We’ll just edit it to be like an ‘old vs. young’ lesbian encounter. It’s going to be hot, Addie. Good job for thinking to record it.”

“Old vs. young?” Addie asked.

“It’s a niche. When you have a much older person and a younger person together. Whoever she is, she has a pretty nice body for her age. Do you know her?”

Addie smiled and finished her coffee.

“Not really. I don’t even know if the name she gave me was real. But, she has my number so there might another… what was the word you used… ‘encounter’?” she said, giggling.

They both laughed and finished up the details. The experience left Addie wanting attention again, but she didn’t feel comfortable yet having sex with Lucas.

“So, what about you Lucas? Does that see any action besides your hand?” Addie said looking at his cock, trying to lighten the mood.

“… and your mouth.” Lucas retorted.

“Touche… you know what I am asking though. Do you have a girlfriend or any friends with benefits or anything?”

Lucas shook his head. “Not really. I don’t get out much and besides… if I am honest, I can’t last as long as all the guys in porn I see. A girl would laugh me out of the bedroom.”

Addie was genuinely shocked. “You’re comparing yourself to a male porn star? Lucas, as a movie editor you know that no guy in porn lasts 30 minutes, right? Most of the porn you see is all edited, male-orientated, bullshit. She sucks his cock for a LOT longer than he halfheartedly licks her pussy… then he fucks her in five positions, lasting as long as he wants to… then suddenly she orgasms just from taking his load on her face? Taking it in her ass with no lube? It’s fake, Lucas. In reality, it’s all about the foreplay, communication, and how you use that… not how long you last.”

This time, Lucas was blushing. Addie had never talked so openly about sex before. Addie got an idea, and she initiated it before she backed out.

“Come with me….” she said… circling his balls with her hand and motioning him to stand. Lucas’ mouth hung open as his sister brazenly touched him and motioned him to follow. As Addie left the kitchen, she turned to make sure he was still following, as they both went upstairs and she led him into the bathroom.

Turning on the shower, she closed the door.

“Sex is good, Lucas, but what gets a girl going and will keep them coming back for more is a guy who is sensual, attentive, and listens to what she likes. Someone who loves and appreciates every inch of her; not just her tits, pussy and ass.”

“Okay….” was all Lucas could say, dumbfounded at what was about to happen.

Addie undressed and got into the shower. “Come on…. join me…”

Lucas quickly complied and joined her in the large shower. Addie faced her brother and as the water hit both of their naked bodies, she put her arms up and around his neck.

“No sex, Lucas. We’re going to explore and be sensual and attentive, okay? Fingers, lips, and tongue only… ” as she stepped into him and pressed herself against him as kissed him on the lips. Addie, sensing he hadn’t had much experience, fully expected her brother to be clumsy. And he was. She took her time and the two began kissing, with Lucas following her lead. As she felt his arms holding her behind her lower back, she could feel his hard member pressing against the pussy. She deliberately ignored it, and his small hip gyrations, and focused her attention on the kiss.

“Very good… now watch and learn. I’ll go first and then you’ll do the same. Now put your hands behind your head and keep them together.”

Addie turned and got a washcloth and soap, deliberately bending over to make sure her ass touched his straining cock. He gasped as she pressed her body against his, forcing his shaft upright between her cheeks as she seductively moved her ass up and down.

She started to lather her brother’s body, starting at his neck and working her way down, making delicate circles over his skin. After washing his arms, she lathered up his chest and then went down on her knees. She took her time washing his legs, making sure her face and cheeks brushed his cock, using her cheeks to playfully push it from side to side. She opened her mouth tekirdağ escort bayan and stuck out her tongue, letting the head of his cock rest on it as she looked up at him and smiled. She gently sucked on the head before letting it fall out as she ran her lips down the side of his shaft before taking almost all of it into her mouth again. Slowly sucking and teasing before she let it pop out of her mouth again. Lucas gasped at her touch as she held his cock up and against his chest as she teased his balls with her mouth, sucking them individually into her mouth before soaping up her hands and washing his impressive package.

“Turn around….”

Addie stood, making sure she was close enough so that her breasts traced their way up the back of him from his thighs, to his his ass, and finally his back as she washed him again. When she got down to his ass, she lathered up her hand and let her fingers glide between his cheeks, finding and massaging his back hole. Lucas jumped and was about to protest, before Addie whispered that it was okay, and to get lost in the sensations. Addie had no intention of fingering him, but found some pleasure in making sure she pressed two fingers against his asshole, creating a pressure similar to a cock pressing there ready to fuck him.

She lathered up his ass cheeks and reached between his legs to again massage his balls and play with his cock. She playfully bit his butt as she turned him back around, she stood close and started applying shampoo to his hair to wash it. She gently massaged his scalp before taking the shower-head and washing all the soap from his body.

“Your turn.. remember… sensual and attentive.”

“Okay…” he said nervously. “Turn around for me, sis, and hands on your head, just the same.”

Addie smiled and turned her back. She thought he would want her front first to feel her up, but then thought that he might want her to face away so he could get comfortable touching a woman without her eyes staring back at him.

He started to shampoo her hair, trying to emulate the scalp massage and to work the shampoo into every inch of every strand. Taking the time to make sure no water got in her eyes, he washed the lather out of her hair and soaped up the washcloth. He took his time soaping up her neck and shoulders. He scrubbed her back a little harder than she wanted, but he became more gentle when he heard her sigh at the roughness. She never dropped her hands and stayed perfectly still, even as he knelt behind her and spread her ass cheeks to look at her rosebud. Addie knew it was probably the first time he had ever taken the time to really look at a woman’s body up close. Closing her eyes, she was impressed with the delicate kisses on her ass, but didn’t expect to feel his lips against her back hole as he spread her and worshiped her there. She arched her back and stuck her ass out, inviting him to continue as she let her mouth hang open, feeling a soft tongue explore her.

Lucas was in heaven. Here he was kneeling in the shower tonguing his sister’s ass. He got lost in the moment and almost started to touch his cock before realizing he was supposed to be washing her, and giving her his full attention. He finished washing her legs, planting kisses on her ass before taking her hips and motioning for her to turn to face him.

Addie looked down at her brother with a huge smile on her face. Here he was, being sensual and not at all acting like the chauvinistic porn actors he probably imagined himself copying. As she felt the washcloth lather her legs, she saw his cock was rock hard and knew it was only a matter of time until he turned his attention to her now-aching pussy.

Lucas watched and marveled at her pussy while he washed her legs. Perfectly shaved, it was calling out to him to sample it. He looked up at her for her approval and seeing a nod, nestled his nose on her public mound as he stuck his tongue out. They moaned in unison his tongue pressed between her lips and quickly found her nub.

“That’s my clit… be gentle and tease it….” she said, seeing him pull back to look.

Putting his tongue back, he felt it and traced it’s shape. It was hard… like an erect nipple. He flicked it with the tip of his tongue, swirled around it, and sucked it into his mouth, motivated by Addie’s breathing and gasping. Addie wanted desperately to clutch his head and force him to stay there, but she stood obediently with her hands behind her head and let him explore.

He stopped teasing her suddenly, leaving her gasping and wanting more, and was a little harsh with the washcloth against her hard, blood-filled clit, which made her jump. She felt his fingers against her ass, working soap between her cheeks but, like a good boy, didn’t penetrate her. Kissing her pussy once more, he rose and continued soaping Addie’s tummy, and then took a long while massaging her breasts, leaning in to flick her erect nipples and suck on them. Then, unexpectedly, he kissed her again. Passionately. His cock pressing against her slit between escort tekirdağ her legs, and his fingers delicately rolling her nipples. Addie stood there, kissing her brother. She desperately wanted to be fucked. She needed a hard cock filling her pussy, but didn’t want to go there with Lucas.

Thinking quickly… “That is what a girl wants, Lucas. Exactly how a girl wants you to worship her. And if you do an awesome job like that, you may well find the girl then wants to to this…” motioning him to turn away from her again. Addie reached around and took his cock into her hand again. “I bet you want to cum, don’t you?”

“Yes… you have no idea, Addie. It’s been days…”

“Days?” Addie looked up at him. “You didn’t cum last night?”

“No… I wanted to save myself.” Addie smiled. That was sweet of him. She reached for the soap and lathered her hand and jerked his cock harder. Urging him to cum, she knew he wouldn’t last long.

“Cum, Lucas. Cum for your big sister as she jerks your big cock…”

And he did. Addie smiled wide as she watched rope after rope of cum hit the tiled wall of the shower. Lucas groaned as she milked every last drop from him, and Addie felt him go weak at the knees from his release. She kissed his back as he came down from his high, silently wishing she could have felt that cum shoot inside of her. It looked so delicious dripping down the tiles. Addie reached to turn off the water, and stepped out of the shower. As she turned to look at him as she dried herself, he looked at her inquisitively.

“You didn’t want me to make you cum too?”

Addie lied. “No. This was about you, and showing you that good sex doesn’t just have to be about penetrating and fucking all the time. You can have just as much fun exploring, teasing, and making your partner feel special.” she said. “You did good, Lucas. You’ll do fine when you finally go out there and sweep some girl off her feet.” Scooping up her clothes, she left he bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Lucas stood there, finally stepping out of the shower in shock.

Addie peeked her head back in as he was drying himself.

“Hey… you’ll want to wash those tiles down before Mum and Dad come home.” she had a devious smile on her face as she left him to clean up after them.

“Oh… yeah…. for sure…” was all he could muster as she headed for her room and closed the door. Feeling the tension for the rest of the afternoon, Addie decided to head back to the city that evening. She gave Lucas a long, sensual kiss as she left.

“Hey.” looking at her brother. “I want you to go out there and start meeting girls.”

She put her finger over his mouth quickly, sensing he was going to protest. “I know you’re into me, Lucas. I know it, but you need to be with other girls too… I mean… if you need me to say it, I give you permission… I won’t be upset, and… ” looking away sheepishly, “it might be kind of hot to watch you if you have that camera set up when you do it, you know?”

Lucas grinned. “Yeah, I get it. For sure.”

Addie tried to lighten the mood again. “Make it a challenge from me. ‘Get your dick sucked by a random girl.’, okay?” she playfully wrote on his chest with her finger.

“Speaking of challenges, what envelope did you open?” Lucas asked.

“No underwear for a day.”

“Sweet. Sis… I know the card says you choose the day, but I want you to do it the next day you’re at work. All day. At work. No bra. No panties. No pantyhose.”

Addie shook her head and bit her lower lip. “I have a big meeting that day, so I’ll do it ano…”

“The next day you’re at work. That’s an order.” Lucas interrupted as he hugged her hard. Addie submissively nodded and headed back home.

A few days had passed since Addie had seduced her own brother in the shower. She had refrained from bringing herself to orgasm, either by his hand or her own, and she was growing desperate for a good cum. It just didn’t “feel” right to use a toy or her own fingers, and she certainly wasn’t looking for Lucas to help her there. Yes, she had given him a hand-job and he had turned her on immensely in the shower, but letting him inside of her was not something she wanted… yet.

Addie dressed for her ‘No underwear for a day’ challenge. She chose her outfit carefully as she had been honest with Lucas. She did have a pretty important meeting today, so she had to cover up. She chose a white blouse, to go with a matching business suit; a one-button jacket and pencil skirt. Foregoing any kind of pantyhose or tights, she wore some calf-length black boots to complete the look.

As she arrived at her job, she parked in the underground parking garage. It was generally a quiet area. Going to the trunk to get her bags, she put her phone on the ground, face-up. She set the camera to record and stood either side of it, as it recorded ‘upskirt’ video of her pussy as she opened the trunk lid and bent inside. Then, looking around, she hiked the pencil skirt up to her hips and squatted down, putting her bare pussy and ass within inches of the lens. She quickly pulled her skirt over her ass again, and froze in place as the squeal of tires scared her. A car zoomed past her and pulled into a parking spot further down. If only the driver realized he or she had just passed Addie recording her pussy in public.

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