Adoration 03

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As I lie here with all these thoughts and memories, I realise two things: I need to pee and I am getting turned on again. I don’t need to touch myself to know that I am getting wet. I slide my middle finger between my labia and then bring up some of my juice to taste. I like it when I first wake up. It has a stronger, richer taste. I know he likes it too. He will sometimes dig his fingers into me and bring them out to suck on. I make him share it with me if it doesn’t break the flow of what he is doing to me.

But he is still asleep. I have a decision to make. Do I go for a pee? Do I lie here and wait for him to wake up? He is lying on his back, nestled against me. I can see from the repose of the covers that his penis is stiff. “Piss proud,” he calls it. He needs a pee too. I want to play with that erection, but not quite yet.

Taking hold of my newly-discovered confidence, and careful not to wake him, I slide surreptitiously from under the covers, stand up on the bed, one foot either side of him, and then gently kneel so that my genitals are over his mouth again, assuming the position be put me in yesterday in the bathroom. I rest back on my heels, hovering over his mouth. I feel a rush tingling through my body, and get goosebumps. I love seeing my sex lips so close to his. I can feel his breath. It is the anticipation of what is coming; and it is that feeling of power, that my body, focused through my genitals, is captivating, generative, nourishing, and an object of devotion. At this moment, I am a goddess. I hover above his mouth, overtaken by divinity. I am all women.

I gently stroke his face. His eyelids flutter and then open to see me looking down on him. In this moment of kırşehir escort his vulnerability, I feel a deep devotion to him. Even in my power and his helplessness, I feel only love and the desire for him to receive delight. Isn’t this the desire of God?

Bit by bit, I let go of my bladder control until a few drops of my urine drip onto his lips. I see his pupils go wide. He licks his lips and then opens his mouth for me. Last night, in my desperation to pee, my urine gushed out. I want more control this morning, not only because I don’t want pee all over the bed, but more because I want both of us to savour this giving and receiving, this nourishing him with my nectar. I want to take my time over it and savour the moment.

I hold his face with my hands, as I might hold a sacred chalice. I release a slow but steady flow and watch it fall into his waiting mouth. I listen to the hiss of liquid from my urethra, the sound like wine as it pours in his mouth. I smell my smell as the warmth of it rises to my nostrils. I’m fully in this moment. This is what I am doing. I’m filling his mouth with my urine, giving him my bodily fluid to drink. When his mouth is full, I tighten my pelvic floor and stop the flow. I watch and hear him swallow. He tenderly kisses my sex lips and then opens his mouth for more. We look into each other’s eyes as I fill his mouth again. I stop. He swallows. He opens. I say, “I love you,” and fill his mouth again, and again, and again…

In a way, the last mouthful is the sweetest. It is when I can relax fully and the last drops trickle into his mouth. I wait for my muscles to relax completely, knowing there will be a final involuntary squeeze escort kırşehir of urine, and I shiver a little as this happens.

I feel a sense of awe. I wonder if my vaginal sap has ever flowed so prodigally.

I pull my knee back and get off the bed. I throw back the covers so I can see him naked, his penis erect. I spend a long moment looking at him, and then I take him by the hand and encourage him to get out of bed. I lead him to the bathroom.

The sun is shining through the frosted glass of the window, lighting up the room with warm morning sunlight. There is a shimmering glow over every surface — the hard, white surfaces of the bathroom, and the soft, silky surface of our skin. The glow emanates from within each of us.

Still holding his hand, I back towards the toilet and I sit on the seat. His penis is about level with my breasts. I cup them in my hands. It is deeply comforting to hold my breasts like this. I like the way he looks at them, at my hands, at my nipples which ache for his mouth. I reach for his penis with one of my hands and pull him closer.

I used to be scared of his penis. I didn’t know what to make of it. I didn’t know what to do with it. Sometimes it was brazen and insistent, sometimes soft and furled. But as I learnt to enjoy my body through his enchantment with me, so I trusted that it was all right to reciprocate. I love the way the shaft can be so full and hard and yet the head stays soft and smooth, almost like velvet. I love when it is soft and I can hold it in my hand like a sleeping creature. I love the feeling as it swells with blood as it becomes erect, as the creature awakens. And I love the extra engorgement kırşehir escort bayan and hardness just before he cums.

This morning I want to dare something new. I hold his penis cupped in my hands, like a sacrament, and then I look into his eyes, asking, pleading for what I want. I know he can’t do this if he is too erect, so I wait patiently as he relaxes and focuses. I wait patiently, breathing, and looking at the little hole in the tip. After about a minute a small amount of urine spurts out and then he tenses. It runs onto my hands and dribbles onto my thighs. I open my thighs and it drips into the toilet bowl. I am excited, expectant, holding my breath. I want lots. I wait another minute and then the flow begins and grows until it is flooding out. It runs onto my hands, splashes between my breasts, runs down my belly, between my legs and underneath, tickling my clitoris and vulva and anus. I shiver with delight. It is warm and gorgeous and abundant.

I tenderly take hold of his penis and aim it so it splashes on my breasts and nipples, turning them hard. For a few seconds, I aim it back and forth between them.

There is something I want to do and yet I am afraid. What if I don’t like it? What if I am disgusted? But then I sense that his flow is waning and it is now or never. I lean forward and take the head of his penis into my mouth. It is beautifully soft on my tongue. His urine streams into my mouth. Do I like it? I don’t know. There isn’t time to form an answer. I just swallow.

Suddenly, I am overcome with exhilaration. It is strong and salty, and it is hot. But it is not its taste that thrills me. It is receiving him into my body, being overcome with his being and surrendering to him. It is yielding to the power that can bring forth what is within. I take his penis as deeply into my mouth as I can and keep swallowing until the well runs dry. I am a vessel being given its meaning.

My vagina is drenched with his urine and my juices. I feel exultant.

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