Adult Situations Ch. 05-06

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Chapter 5 — A Turn in the Road

I had a text from Trish asking whether she could ‘bring a friend she worked with’ to dinner at the house — Ross’s house. She said they’d pick up pizzas and salads on the way home and that swimming was part of the plan for the early evening.

I’d been thinking of the obligation my father and I had as hosts to Trish and Crystal, especially if we wanted them around for a long time. I know I did, but for some reason, I’d never had that discussion with him.

My response to Trish’s request was “Sure. The more the merrier. Mi casa, es su casa. You live there; of course, you can bring guests whenever you want. We love you.”

Trish and her friend had to work until six, and it was seven by the time they reached the house with pizzas and several bags of prepackaged salads ready to eat. They also had a grocery bag full of other tidbits — cheese, crackers, hummus, and some peanut butter pretzel bits, and then breakfast kinds of food.

That was when I met Darlene or Dar. There must be some age-old truth in the adage, ‘Birds of a feather stick together’. Dar was stunning, even in her hospital scrubs. Further, she had the same buoyant and uplifting personality that Crystal and Trish did.

As the four of us laid out the dinner meal along the kitchen counter, I sized up Dar. She was Trish’s height, had long blonde hair that was held back with a red ribbon forming a lazy pony tail partway down her back. Further, she was stacked as best I could judge in her light blue scrubs. She had more of a rack that Trish or Crystal, and I hoped I’d see more when they donned bikinis for their after-dinner swim.

Trish explained that Dar was her BFF along with her sister. They’d become RN’s together at the same college a few years earlier, been roommates then, and had even taken some trips together when they took time off. They giggled about some secrets they shared about their last trip to Key West that apparently, I discerned, had some sexual content to it.

We lingered over dinner at the outside table getting to know each other. Of course, I also learned some things about Trish and indirectly Crystal. There was a bit of catch-up between the two of them as they traded news of different friends that they stayed in touch with. There was also some idea generation about taking a next trip someplace fun. I learned that although they worked together, they often didn’t have ‘gossip time’.

Eventually, Trish announced, “Swim time. Come on, Dar… and you handsome males. We expect you to come in and protect us from sharks.”

Ross reacted, “Sharks? In my pool? I’m the one you should worry about.”

I did my double-take at my father’s flirtatious remark and started to get pool ready by doffing my t-shirt on a nearby chair. I’d changed from my office clothes to a swim suit when I got ‘home’ earlier. Ross was doing the same.

Trish peeled her scrubs off, leaving her in panties and a bra. The bra disappeared quickly, a point that surprised me since Dar was there.

But I then realized that Dar had, by then, also stripped off all of her clothes — scrubs, bra, and panties. She was not only stunning; she was spectacular as a naked nymph. I’m sure I started to pant and that my tongue was lolling out the side of my mouth. I know I gasped in amazement under my breath.

Trish said to Dar, “The stairs are this way.” There was no mention of the nudity or what might happen after their swim. They held hands and walked towards the other part of the pool. Dar rubbed her breasts now free of the restrictive bra. I got harder than rebar.

Ross and I looked at each other wondering whether to completely strip or not. I decided that skinny-dip was the answer. I shed my bathing suit, and with a growing hard-on, went to the deep end and dove into the pool.

Dar and Trish swam around. A naked Ross tossed some of the pool noodles into the water. They each claimed one after a couple of laps and started to bob around in the water talking about their work day and how pleasant the pool was.

I tried to not be the least bit presumptuous about what the arc of the evening would be. Ross was also being entirely neutral. Just because we were all naked didn’t mean we’d all have sex. We were in a nice conversation circle with him talking about the joy about having the pool that he had rediscovered since Trish and Crystal had moved in.

While I didn’t presume where the rest of the evening would go, I was in conflict.

First, the past couple of nights Ross and I had made mad, passionate love to Trish, turning her from a rational being into a naked mound of warm, pulsating, and orgasming mush that was both leaking cum and also covered in the excess fluids. We’d been creative and wanton in our sex acts and we each loved it.

Second, I felt some guilt that Crystal had lost out on the sexual acts that we’d been rendering to her older sister, and that Trish had done with us. She also would arrive home esmer gaziantep escort the next evening at the end of long and busy week of flights all over the country. She’d said more than once that she wanted to have an inordinate amount of sex to make up for what she was missing. We’d never said anything about exclusivity, even with Trish, yet Trish had brought her siren friend into our midst.

Third, that seductress friend was only four feet from me, standing in shallow water, with a set of the most magnificent set of breasts I’d ever seen. Sure, Crystal and Trish had great breasts, too, but theirs were half the size of Dar’s. They were all great tits, but Dar’s kind of commanded attention the way they shimmied and shook, even when she was standing still.

Fourth, I had the feeling, standing naked as we all were, that sex was on the docket for the immediate future. I felt conflicted about doing that with Trish present, and certainly with Crystal absent. I felt my ethical dilemma was making my brain smoke.

Trish came over to me and rubbed her breasts against my chest as she kissed me. She raised one leg in front of me until she trapped my floating dong against my groin and then she rubbed. She must have been reading my mind, because she whispered, “Crystal will be glad about what’s about to happen. Just go with the flow tonight. Dar is very nice and loves all of us; Crystal, too. Dar already likes you and Ross, a lot; and she wants both of you. There won’t be a problem, I promise.”

The next kiss came with her tongue down my throat and her hand grasping my rapidly hardening cock. I wondered how I could even get harder.

Trish broke off and half-floated, half-walked over to Ross to repeat the communication.

I was left looking at Dar. She was looking at me and smiling coyly. She came up to me, poked into my chest with those magnificent tits, and kissed me. She said, “Trish told me about the two of you men and Crystal and her, and then about how you and Ross made love to her this week. I pleaded with her to bring me over.”

I wasn’t sure where the next thought came from, but I said, “You’re too pretty not to have a boyfriend.”

“I do, actually. We consider ourselves married and we have an open relationship or open marriage, if you prefer. He’s also away this week and next on business in Brazil. He told me to have a good time while he was away and then to tell him all about it when he got home. You’ll meet him sometime; we don’t keep secrets about this kind of stuff.”

“And you’ve done this before?”

Dar nodded, “Not too often and not recently.”

I smiled at her and we kissed again. This time it was Dar that trapped my inflated cock between our bodies as we started to make out. I think our saliva was made to mix well together. She tasted good. Some of the time we just let our tongues dance with each other with no kissing.

The rest of her also tasted good after I sat her on the side of the pool, nudged her legs apart, and went down on her. Dar leaned back and watched me.

“Oh, fuck, Dave. You really know what you’re doing.”

I laughed to myself about her comment. While I wasn’t a virgin when I met Crystal and Trish, I was not experienced in sexual ways. On the other hand, I had watched about a zillion hours of porn and I guess I paid attention to some of the more subtle techniques the better actors demonstrated on video.

I let Dar see me extend my tongue just before I thrust as much of it as I could into her body. I added fingers in the next part of the act, turning my hand so they curled up towards her front coming in behind her clit. As I rubbed, I leaned in and sucked on the fluids and her clitoris, holding on as her whole lower body twisted and writhed to get away from me and then to get more intense contact with me.

Dar’s first orgasm came only a moment later. I was afraid the shriek that she made might have alerted the neighbors, the police in the city, or even the state troopers at the capital two hundred miles away. Her legs slammed together trapping my head and the fingers inside her. Her legs and lower body pulsed as the orgasm finally and slowly released its grip on her.

Dar hopped off the side of the pool back into the water and plastered her body against me. Those magnificent breasts were smushed lovingly against my chest and this time I could feel her aroused nipples trying to bore little holes in my chest. Very sexy.

Dar kissed me like this was her last opportunity before the apocalypse suddenly destroyed the planet. As our tongues danced, Dar held my cock and rubbed the head against the top of her slit.

I suggested, “Let’s get out and be together on one of the chaises.” I already had a favorite chaise on Ross’s patio. It was comfortable and could easily accommodate two people, especially when they were fucking up a small hurricane. That’s what Dar and I were doing about sixty seconds later.

Dar gaziantep esmer escort had leaned back, spread her legs, and invited me into that space so we could kiss and make love at the same time.

Ten feet away, Ross and Trish were also fucking. She was riding his trim frame with renewed enthusiasm, and I did think that some of her arousal came from watching her best friend fuck with me. I caught her look and even got a wink.

Darlene shrieked again as we came, our pulsing together also highlighting the moment. I listened for the sirens, but none were heard.

We cuddled together, cooing and kissing one another.

Eventually, I asked, “So, tell me about your open marriage.”

“Not married but serious and long-term, so it’s an open relationship. Some people know the term ‘open marriage’ better; that’s why I used the term. Fundamentally, Greg and I are in a loving relationship, but want each other to experience other people so that we learn, grow, and continue our evolutionary experiences. We allow those experiences external to our relationship to take any form, even a further loving relationship that may be sexual. Greg and I have been together five years, and we’ve both have other people that we also love. I just added you to my A-list.” A kiss followed.

“I’m honored,” I told her between kisses.

Trish suddenly appeared and sat on the side of the chaise with us. She said to Darlene, “If you want the full experience, you should go and make love with Ross. He’s almost recovered from our lovemaking and I have him juiced up about you.” She giggled.

Dar looked at me and I chuckled, “You don’t need my permission. I’m also biased. I think you should go and do it. We seem to be sharing girlfriends right at the moment and… besides, you and I and Trish and Crystal all apparently have an open relationship.”

That earned me a kiss as Dar took her dripping cunt and hustled across the patio to the chaise when my father sat. She plopped down beside him, and the two of them started to whisper and then were kissing with wandering hands.

Trish inhaled my cock before I could blink further. She hummed slightly for a bit as she did. Soon enough, she pulled off and said in a low tone, “You taste of Darlene and I love that taste. It’s part of what we discovered about each other.”

Trish’s remark confirmed what I’d come to realize about Trish, and I assumed about Crystal and Darlene. They were each bisexual to some extent. They played well with either team. I’d seen Trish and Crystal interact the previous weekend, and discovered first hand that I liked F-F porn. I almost had the feeling they were holding back because they didn’t know us well enough. They didn’t want to out-slut their new boyfriends.

I teased, “We both enjoy how Dar tastes and responds to a good pussy licking. I’d like to see you clean her up after Ross and she finish.”

Trish looked pleased with the suggestion and showed it by way of a devilish grin. She also looked pleased that I was hard again. She spooned against my front, opened her legs, and inserted my cock into her pussy. I drove the rest into her once I had the head seated just right. We also made out. I could also hold both her breasts and feel those wonderful nipples etching into my palms.

I eventually said to Trish as we watched Dar and Ross, “No jealousy?”

She shook her head. “Oh, none. Crystal won’t have any either. Dar is the same way, and so is her boyfriend Greg. We deal differently with situations that would normally be met with jealousy; with compersion.”


“We feel empathy with the other person’s state of happiness, joy, arousal, or whatever, when they are enjoying another person or situation. You make love with Dar. Instead of getting jealous and flying into a rage at you and her, I experience joy at seeing the two of you together, especially when you both are having peak experiences. I allow myself to get turned on by it. You two were hot together.”

“That’s kind of unusual,” I commented.

“It is. Most people have compersive emotions with their children, but they lose the reaction as they apply it to other adults or people close to them. We see our child experiencing joy at something, and we feel glad. Our mate finds somebody interesting that they want to explore in depth, even sexually, and most mates fly into a jealous rage. It doesn’t have to be that way. Much of jealousy is a learned emotion. You can unlearn it.”

“I love the concept. I’ve felt it when each of you were being romantic and sexual with my father. I felt so glad that he has somebody like you to share his life with. I know that you turn him on, but so does Crystal and I guess, seeing him with her, so does Darlene.”

“You’re not jealous that he’s fucking somebody that you just fucked?”

I chuckled, “No. I kind of worry about him getting squicked about having my sloppy seconds. That’s partly why I suggested you gaziantep esmer escort bayan might want to do something erotic with Dar after they’re through making love.”

I felt a flutter of Trish’s pussy around my cock. It wasn’t an orgasm, just… a flutter. She said, “I already had the thought. I love to eat cum from pussies.”

“You’re bisexual?”

“Kind of. I favor being with guys, but… girls don’t exactly turn me off. I’ve eaten cum from Darlene’s fuck hole before. Greg almost blew a gasket watching the two of us; he was very aroused and talked about it for weeks.”

I jerked my cock into her quim. “Details, please.”

“I was over at her place one night, and Greg was home. He fucked the two of us, and I cleaned up his girlfriend, even as he was leaving another load in me. She did me a little later. He watched and stroked his cock. Is that detailed enough for you.”

I kissed her. “Fine. I just wanted a few more facts should I ever find the need to masturbate again.” I laughed.

Of course, I wanted a lot more details, but I restrained myself from getting too nitty-gritty about somebody else’s sex life. I also didn’t want to pry too hard into Trish or Crystal’s past, lest I rile her up or seem like too much of pervert.

Trish whispered to me, “I’ve fucked Greg a lot. Dar is usually around, but not always. He’s a good friend and a stud of a guy, like you. I love fucking with him. It’s a little different with you… and Ross.”


“Well, I kind of love you and we make love by fucking. That applies to Ross, too — especially to him as far as I’m concerned. Things are kind of turned around from how Greg and I do it. He’s more of a friend-with-benefits.”

I didn’t comment, I just kissed her again and made sure my cock was buried as deep inside her warm and wonderfully wet vagina as I could get it given our spoon position.

Trish must have decided to tease me. She said, “Ah, yes, more details. Well, I went to Dar and Greg’s apartment for dinner one night. I brought some wine, he had a joint, and we got a buzz going before dinner.

“Greg is a hunk of man, and he was flirtatious with me and his girlfriend. Pretty soon, we were allowing him to fondle our tits through our clothing. Dar decided she wanted skin-on-skin, so she took her top off, and so did I. Soon enough, we were all naked, and we were taking turns giving Greg blowjobs. He was in some kind of heaven, of course.

“Dar then sat on his lap impaled on his cock. Up to that point, I’d been with Dar alone before, but not with Greg. I started to lick the two of them, swiping from his balls up his cock, and along Dar’s slit right past her clitoris. I brought Dar to a climax that way. She got off and told me to get Greg’s cock inside me.

“So, I mounted Greg after she moved, and did just that. Dar looked so pleased that I had started to fuck her boyfriend. Greg seemed to be in seventh heaven; he loved having his cock in a new pussy. We fucked for a long time and made out, and then he about blasted me into space when he came inside me. After we cooled down, Dar ate Greg’s cum from inside me and I returned the favor. Greg got hard again just watching us.

“That was about three years ago, not long after she moved in with him. Since then, we’ve gotten together about once a month as a threesome. I guess I can tell you that Crystal has been there with me, too.”

I said, “Ping. Pong. Zippiddy Do. Ouch. Good.”

Trish said, “What’s that mean?”

I chuckled, “You just made me run through a whole bunch of emotions in the span of a few seconds. First, I was bouncing around about how I should feel about you fucking with Greg and Dar, and then you told me this was an ongoing situation, and then that Crystal was involved, too. So, I got jealous, but then I applied your concept of compersion.”

“How’re you now?”

“Glad that you’re happy, and that Crystal also got to enjoy the hot sexual situation with Greg, Dar, and you.”

“Good choice as to a place to land emotionally. Crystal loves you. If anything, she also feels Greg is a friend-with-benefits.”

Trish and I pumped into each other, and as we did, I got to imagine her with another man — a handsome, stud of a guy, with rippling muscles and a cock that deserves to be in a porn film. I added Crystal in the mental movie that I was showing myself, and had her also getting fucked to her total enjoyment. This was very hot.

Soon enough, I blasted my second load of the night into Trish. She expressed her joy at the event and we made out some more.

Dar and my father were also enjoying some post-coital romance. They looked sexy together, especially with Dar pushing her generous tits against his tanned frame.

Trish moved around on me. She giggled to me in private, “Well, time for me to get to work.”

She moved into position next to the other chaise, and I watched her start to eat out Darlene. A few minutes later, I watched Darlene return the favor. Ross and I were ready for another round after a few minutes of that sapphic display of lust.

Chapter 6 – Insatiable

“Don’t you dare move.”

Crystal’s tone made me laugh. She’d come ‘home’ from the airport, from her last flight of the week, and she’d been naked and horny in seconds after the front door shut. Well, she’d probably been horny all week.

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