After Gym Worship

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You just returned home from the gym, and called me into the living room. Your body is glistening with sweat; you have a glow about you. You tell me to get over here and clean your armpits with my tongue. I take my time with each one; thoroughly tonguing each one, sucking every last bit of sweat and removing every bit of scent there is. I don’t want to anger my Goddess by doing a poor job. After inspection you command me to kneel. I comply immediately and you tell me to take off your shoes and then your socks with my mouth. I can taste the sweat already. Once your socks are off, you ask me which one I’d like to clean first? My reply is easy: whichever my Goddess prefers. You pat me on the cheek and tell me what a good, obedient boy I am. I blush and say thank you Goddess.

Taking a seat you offer up.your right foot and just point to it. Without skipping a beat I take all 5 of your toes into my salivating and eager mouth. Getting right between each toe with my strong tongue, removing the sweat and grime between each toe. Feeling satisfied with the job I’ve done, I move to the rest of your foot and begin lapping at your sole and heel. At your bequest I move happily over to your left foot and repeat. Noticing my tongue is dry you stop me for a moment and tell my to open my mouth. You grab me by the cheeks and slowly release a glob of your wonderful spit into my mouth. You let it dribble a foot above, so at one point the end is still on your lips as it touches my awaiting tongue and just for a moment our mouths are connected. You repeat this two more times, give me a quick slap and tell me to get back to work.

After I’ve finished up with your left foot you stand in front of me. I’m still on my knees, now with your sweaty crotch in my face. You ask if I can smell your sweaty pussy through your yoga pants directly in front of me? “Of course I can Goddess, your aroma has me bursa escort in a trance.”

“Good boy, now bury your nose in my pussy and sniff deeply and see how hard your Goddess worked out for you.” Of course I comply within seconds. Burying my nose deeply and taking the loudest sniffs I can to please my Goddess. I tell you how amazing your scent is and how lucky I am to be where I am. You pull me away and you tell me you’re glad I realize that I’m lucky, but remind me that pussy is not for me.

You turn around and now I’m faced with the apple of my eye. The thing I live and die for : your breathtaking bottom. ( Pardon the pun, couldn’t help it) You ask if I can tell you skipped a few showers this week, knowing you’d be having me there in your living room kneeling before your alter, my place of worship. “Yes Goddess, I’m so glad you did. Your smell is intoxicating. I wish I could bottle it and breathe it in whenever I needed a fix.”

“Good slave boy, now get in there!” As you say this I feel your hand on the back of my head pushing me deep into your yoga pants covered booty. The smell has me locked in a trance, I’d literally do anything you’d ask of me at this point, but you knew that already. You already had me wrapped around your fingers the second we met. After a few minutes of my aroma therapy, you tell me to remove your pants without using my hands. Of course I’m up to the challenge, my big lips make it easy to grab your waistband without risking biting my Goddess.

Soon as I fully remove your sweat soacked pants, I’m presented with another beautiful sight. You’re wearing the thong I saw you wearing earlier in the week. You ask me if it looks familiar, without hesitation I say yes. “Good, you’re paying attention. I’ve been wearing this all week and I’ve been waiting for this moment, now remove it.” Soon I have your precious thong by your bursa escort bayan ankles and you command me to pick it up and take a whiff. I comply and breathe in so deeply I don’t ever think I’ll smell anything else. You ask if I like it, I of course tell you that I love it and will savor every second of it. You should me the stained crotch and tell me to stick out my tongue. You begin wiping it across my tongue and I can taste all the flavors of the week. I’m in ecstasy. You now have the ass part of the thong in your hand and your bring it up to my nose and ask if I can smell that. I nod almost in a trance, with my tongue still out like a lost pup.

You place it right in my open mouth on my tongue and tell me to close my mouth and suck it. I follow your orders to a T. I can taste the tart but wonderful flavors your ass has to offer and now my cock is literally dripping onto the floor. When you’re satisfied I’ve had enough of the appetizers you present to me the main course, which has been swaying right in front of my face the whole time. You ask me if I’m ready and all I can say is that I’ve never been more ready for anything in my entire life. You tell me to start right beneath your ass cheeks in order to get up the sweat the falls down your wonderful bottom. I begin there and once I can’t taste the familiar salty taste I crave I star working my way up to your cheeks.

First the right and then the left. I even hit the small of your back, as it still glistens with sweat and my greedy little tongue wants it all. You tell me I now have permission to lick up and down your deep crevice, but tell me not to touch your hole yet, you want me to savor this. I of course follow.your orders, I wouldn’t want to displease my Goddess, not when I’m so close to my goal. As my face enters your crack, you let out a rumbling fart that penetrates the silence and vibrates escort bursa against my face. You laugh and tell me to breathe deeply. You tell me you’ve been holding that in this entire time just waiting for this moment. I inhale every bit of it hoping for more, but I know my task so I get back to work cleaning your crack and staying just far enough from your pungent asshole. Soon your satisfied with my service to your crack, you kneel on the chair in front of you and spread your cheeks open for me to have easy access to my alter. You demand I get my filthy tongue against your chocolate starfish right now, as I connect my tongue to your asshole I feel it expand and I’m hit with another loud fart, this one sounding more wet with my tongue pressed against it. You laugh again and ask me if I’m enjoying your presents.

“Of course I am my Goddess, if I could, this would be the only air that I breathe.” You call me a good boy and grab the back of my head again and hold my face to your ass while I get back to work and clean it for you. I’m not sure how much time passes, could have been 10 minutes, could have been 3 hours, but eventually you tell me you’ve had enough and it’s time for a proper shower. You commend me for my service and say what a fine job I’ve done. I look down at my aching cock and ask if I may relieve myself as a reward. You look lost in thought for a second, and you use your foot to lightly lift my aching balls. You look me deeply into my eyes and give me an ultimatum : you can cum and be locked up for two months, or you can try your luck again tomorrow? Knowing you tomorrow’s ultimatum will be worse, but I don’t know if I can make it two months so I say I’ll wait until tomorrow. You pat me on the head and say what a good boy I am. Before you run off to the shower, you grab my head one last time and bury my face between Your cheeks for one last airy but potent fart. You giggle as you switch your hips back and forth keeping me mesmerized as you slip off into the shower. I pick up your panties again bring them to my nose, inhale deeply, and the stuff then into my mouth. I know you’ll want them clean by the time you return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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