After So Long Ch. 03

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Fifteen minutes went by and the two lovers finally stopped kissing each other. Drew was still inside Stephanie’s body though. The movie was long finished and the menu was repeating itself annoyingly.

“So much for the movie, eh?” Stephanie chuckled. The movement shook another drop off cum off the end of his soft penis and it dripped unnoticed into her very fertile vagina. Her eyes lit up. “Hey! Do you know what we should do?”

“What?” He asked, curious. She began to gently run her toes up and down the backs of his leg.

“Have a shower together!” She said with a smile. “I’ve always wanted to do that with you!”

He smiled back.


“Seriously? Do you want to? Right now?”

“Yes! Let’s go!” he replied, giving her one more kiss. He pushed himself up, sliding his soft dick out of her. Before her pussy lips closed, he caught a glimpse of his cum on the bottom as he stood up. They grabbed their clothes and the two of them walked naked up the stairs.

The dropped the clothes on the bathroom floor and Drew turned on the shower as she took out her hair tie. Her long, straight brown hair flowed over her shoulders. He watched Stephanie step into the tub, staring at her big, gorgeous ass before he followed her. She stepped into the spray and turned around, water cascading over her full-figured body. He watched the water drip down over her beautiful breasts. Her hair clung to her scalp as she brushed the water out of her eyes. She smiled at him and stepped out of the way, allowing him to get into the shower. When he turned around to face her, he was surprised to see that she had already lathered soap in her hands and was reaching for his soft manhood. Her well-manicured hand stroked his soft organ, getting soap all over his dick and balls.

Stephanie felt him respond in her hand a little and she smiled.

“Rinse off.” She said, quietly. When Drew turned around she soaped his ass and back. He turned back to face her, his still soft penis now clean of all soap.

He watched Stephanie slowly sink to her knees right there in the tub, her beautiful dark eyes locked on his manhood. She leaned forward and he felt her breath on his cock. Her cheek moved his penis to the side and it rested there as she kissed his balls softly. She then turned and, without using her hands, slipped his member into her mouth. He immediately grew semi-hard and she ran her sexy lips down to his head and then back up to his base. With that one stroke, he grew to full hardness in her mouth.

Stephanie reached up with her hand and cupped his balls as she ran her full lips up and down his pole, slowly. She looked up at him with her dark eyes, his cock poking at her cheek. She began bobbing her head back and forth on his rod, poking her throat with it again and again, still looking at him.

‘Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!’ the sucking noises could be heard over the sound of the shower spraying off his back as Stephanie sucked on his cock. He cupped the back of her head as she ran her lips up and down his shaft. Her hand still cupped his balls as she gobbled his manhood over and over. She was a pro and her sexy lips went all the way down to his base before going back up. She pulled him out of her mouth and gave him a brief smile before licking up his shaft with her long tongue. She licked him again and then gave his head a kiss before standing up before him and putting her arms around his neck. She smiled at him and tilted her chin up, looking for a kiss. He kissed her softly but she held him in place and kissed him again, and then a third time.

The two lovers opened their mouths as one and shot their tongue out. His hands slid down her body and locked onto her plump ass cheeks, squeezing them as he rubbed his tongue against hers. Drew then broke the kiss and grabbed the soap, quickly lathering up his hands. He placed his hands on Stephanie’s large breasts, soaping them up all over, running his palms back and forth across her erect nipples while she stood passively before him. He ran his hands over her beautiful belly, soaping her up before reaching underneath her and cupping her wonderful pussy. He could feel her hot, swollen pussy lips as well as her little clit ring as he rubbed her gently. He gave her full lips a little kiss before pulling back.

“Rinse off.” It was his turn to give the orders. Stephanie chuckled and squeezed by him, standing in the spray. He then let her squeeze back around him and he roughly grabbed her and pushed back against the wall at the back of the shower. His mouth was on hers and he kissed her passionately. She was conscious of his hard member pressing against her belly as she felt his tongue snake into his mouth. She pushed her own tongue eagerly into his mouth, exploring it thoroughly as she pressed her body against him.

Drew ran his hands down the wet skin of Stephanie’s back until he latched onto her soft, chubby bum. He squeezed it, sucking on her tongue at the same time. He suddenly broke the kiss and put almanbahis şikayet his lips on her neck, passionately sucking her skin. He began kissing down her chest, raising a large breast up as he ran his lips down the slope. He wrapped his mouth around a hard nipple, sucking it gently as he lashed his tongue back and forth across it. He felt her hands run through his hair as he slowly sunk to his knees, kissing down her round belly. Stephanie placed a foot on the side of the tub, giving herself to him as he kissed the bottom of her belly.

He kissed the top of her slit and she gasped when he nudged her clit. Bending his head lower, he sucked the skin off her soft, fleshy inner thigh. He kissed higher up her thigh, sucking her skin into his mouth roughly. He kissed the very top of her leg just beside her cleanly-shaven pussy. He was barely able to get his tongue on her slit and he licked it, tasting her nectar.

“Ohhhhh…” Stephanie moaned as the shower sprayed on his legs. Her hand held the back of his head as he wiggled his tongue against her swollen lips, teasing the tip around her clit ring. He breathed in her intoxicating scent as he sucked her delicious juices. He put his hands on either side of her belly and began kissing all over the bottom of it, worshipping every inch of her. He teased his tongue into her belly button before kissing back down to her pussy. He sucked the top of it into his mouth and lapped at her clit and she writhed against him. He tried ducking lower to get more of her lips into his mouth but was unable to access it. He looked up at her.

“Turn around.” He ordered with a smile. She smiled down at him, her dimple showing, and she moved to comply. She turned around and bent over, giving him her big, beautiful ass. Her plump cheeks spread a bit and he put his hands on them to spread them wider. He was about to bury his face in her ass and suck on her pussy when he saw her tiny little asshole. Heart pounding, he grabbed the soap from the side of the tub and lathered it in his hands. He ran a hand, as well as the soap, up and down the crack of her ass, rubbing his finger around her rim on the way by.

“Oooooh!” Stephanie purred with a giggle. He put the soap down and rinsed off his hands, gathering water. He ran both hands up and down her crack, letting the water drip down it and rinse off all the soap before again spreading her big ass cheeks. Her tiny hole was glistening with water. He leaned forward and stuck out his tongue, gently wiggling it back and forth over her asshole. He heard her sigh and pulled his face back, quickly giving each of her ass cheeks a big kiss. He kissed her again, this time inside the crack of her bum. He then stuck out his tongue and slowly ran the tip around the rim of her asshole. He poked the tip just inside her back door and she raised a foot and placed it on the edge of the tub, completely giving herself to him.

Drew slowly ran his tongue around the rim of Stephanie’s anus again, circling it a second time and then a third. He poked his tongue just inside her anal passage and wiggled it up and down. He then lapped over her asshole over and over, sliding his fingers into her crack. He placed the tip of his middle finger on either side of her asshole and he spread it open.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned as he watched her tiny hole open up a little. After wiggling his tongue back and forth across the entrance again, he slowly pushed his tongue inside. This time he was able to shove it very far. His tongue was buried in Stephanie’s asshole and he wiggled it up and down in there while she squirmed in front of him.

“Ohhhh gawd Drew fuck my ass.” Stephanie begged in an erotic voice. He tried shoving his tongue even further up her anus, ignoring her request. He wiggled it up and down before pulling it out. He gave her asshole a kiss and then started circling it with his tongue again. Her ass was buzzing like crazy – she was dying for anal sex! She felt his tongue push back inside her backdoor, and then out, and then in again. She couldn’t take anymore!

“Fuck my ass, baby!” Stephanie breathed, still bent over passively in the shower.

He gave her asshole two more kisses before finally standing up behind her, holding his hard cock. He ran the fat head of his dick down the crack of her big, beautiful ass and it brushed over her anus. He continued downwards, however, until he reached the warm, moist lips of her pussy. She bent over further, giving herself to him as he probed at her cunt with his rigid tool. He lifted upwards and he felt the petals of her steamy treasure open up and just barely allow his head to enter.

“Ohhhh…” Stephanie moaned as she felt her vagina stretch open for her new lover.

Drew was only able to squeeze an inch of himself inside her and he gripped the soft sides of her bum and forced a second inch into her. She grunted, her pussy clamping onto his thickness. He pulled back a little and then thrust upwards, this time sliding nearly his entire cock almanbahis canlı casino into her warmth.

“OHHH! YES!” Stephanie cried, her tight pussy nearly gripping every inch of his penis. He pulled back a little and then slid up into her hot cunt all the way. She purred, still bent over in front of him, pressing her chubby ass back against his groin. He kept himself inside her as the shower sprayed on the back of his legs. His hands spread her cheeks apart and he was able to again see her backdoor hole. He placed the tip of his middle finger against her entrance and squeezed it into her, easily getting it into the first knuckle.

“Ohhhh yes baby…” Stephanie breathed, closing her eyes. His cock felt wonderful in her body and his finger only added to it.

Drew pushed his middle finger to the second knuckle and then slid it most of the way out of her asshole. He could see the bottom of his fingernail emerge from the tiny little hole. He pushed it back in, this time as far as it would go and she moaned again. She was ready. He pulled his finger right out of her anus and then slowly eased his penis out of her vagina. It emerged, coated with her juices as well as his own cum that he shot in there earlier. He placed the head of his member against the entrance to Stephanie’s asshole. He pushed forward, but there was resistance. He pushed harder, but her tiny hole wouldn’t give. Grabbing his cock, he wiggled it up and down against Stephanie’s asshole, centering it a little better.

He pushed again and this time her anus opened up and allowed his thick head to squeeze inside. Stephanie arched her head back.

“UNH!” she moaned. She could feel her butt stretching wide for him. He sunk into her a little more and she sighed, wincing.

Drew got a third of his penis up her big, gorgeous ass before easing it back out of her. He watched part of his mushroom head emerge from her little entrance before thrusting forward again, this time he got a little more than half of his manhood inside her tight anal tunnel.

“UNGH, fuck…” Stephanie grunted. “Deeper, hunny.”

He pulled most of his cock out of her before sliding it back into her, this time he didn’t stop until every inch of him was inside her bum.

“Ohhhhh gawd yesss…” Stephanie moaned erotically. She loved anal sex!

He held himself against Stephanie’s plump, sexy bum. He looked down at her big cheeks and the way they were pressing against his groin. He couldn’t believe he was in Stephanie’s asshole! Stephanie! He pressed himself harder against her, burying his entire dick in her asshole. He cherished everything about the moment. His eyes went from the back of her head where her hair was wet and plastered to her scalp, down the wet skin of her back to where her body widened at her hips. Her big, plump cheeks were flush against him. He ran his hands up the smooth, moist skin of her sides, reaching around underneath her and cupping her big, hanging breasts. Her hard nipples poked the palms of his hands. But most of all, he cherished the sensation of every inch of his penis being squeezed by her asshole. Around the base of his dick, it was especially tight as the rim of her anus squeezed him like a vice.

Drew pulled back, watching the base of his penis emerge from Stephanie’s tiny asshole between her round cheeks. Her rim pulled outward a little, but pushed back in when he thrust forward again. She groaned when he was back inside her all the way. He began sliding his member halfway out of her ass and then back into it, over and over again.

‘Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!’ the slapping noises were loud as he smacked against her big cheeks again and again, causing them to ripple with each impact. Stephanie’s tight rim was tightly gliding along his thick shaft when he pulled out and again when he pushed in. He squeezed her tits passionately as he fucked he up the ass. The shower was still spraying off the back of his legs as he started fucking her faster.

“UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!” Stephanie’s moans were getting very loud as her ass felt pure pleasure, getting filled up again and again. Drew’s balls were slapping against her sensitive slit, sending bolts of pleasure up her body and she could feel an orgasm starting to rise. “Harder, baby, harder!” she whined, starting to ram her big ass back against him.

Her anus seemed to squeeze his cock even more tightly and his hands released her boobs to grab onto her soft waist. He began fucking her up the ass as hard as he could, smacking against it over and over. Stephanie’s cheeks were rippling with every impact. ‘Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!’

“OHHHH…GAWD!!” Stephanie cried out, cumming. All of her muscles tensed up and she could feel her vagina and anus pulsating. Drew’s hard dick was poking so deep into her asshole and the way his balls were smacking her pussy made her orgasm that much more intense. “UNNNNGH!” she grunted, wincing as she tried to regain control. He was relentless though, pounding his rigid pole into almanbahis casino her bum again and again. She half collapsed forward, but he was holding her up with his strong hands.

Drew could feel the spray of the shower start to cool on his legs so he knew they would have to get out. He wanted to take her to his bed anyway. He slowly pulled his stiff penis out of Stephanie’s asshole, watching it emerge from her rim and he saw her tiny hole grow quickly smaller. He turned around and shut off the shower as Stephanie stood up.

“Oh my gawd…” she moaned, smiling as she turned to him. “That was awesome, eh?” she chuckled, holding her arms up. He went to her and she wrapped her arms around his neck, standing on her toes for a kiss. Drew ran his hands down her back and latched onto her plump ass cheeks, squeezing them as his lips found hers. Their lips smacked over and over as they gave each other little pecks. She opened her mouth and sent her tongue into his. He rubbed his tongue against hers before sliding it into her mouth.

Stephanie was conscious of his hard dick pressed against her belly and a wave of lust went through her. She wanted him back in her. She wanted to feel his penis shoot more cum inside her. Still kissing him, she slid the curtain aside and even managed to take a step out of the tub before breaking the kiss. She grabbed two towels and handed him one as he stepped out. They quickly toweled off, big smiles on their faces before he impatiently took her by the hand and led her across the hall to the bedroom that he shared with his wife. His cock was still standing at full attention.

Her heart was pounding as she approached the big bed. Her pussy was buzzing nonstop. She turned to him, her wet hair sticking to her back. Drew gently pushed her back onto the bed and she quickly slid her feet towards her body and opened her legs. Her treasure was his to do with as he pleased.

Drew stared at the beautiful sight before him. Between two chubby, sexy thighs was Stephanie’s cleanly shaven pussy. The dark pink lips were swollen and quivering, pressed invitingly together. She had a little clit ring at the top of her gorgeous slit. She was looking at him with her captivating eyes and her chest was heaving as her breathing deepened. He knelt on the bed at her feet, gently picking one up in both hands and raising it to his lips. He kissed her foot right on the top and she gave him a smile, flashing her dimple. He kissed the top of her foot over and over, slowly making his way to toes. His eyes trailed down from her face to her large, heaving tits as he kissed the tip of her big toe. His eyes trailed down her round belly as he kissed each of her toes right down to her little one. He kissed back towards her big one again as his eyes locked onto her beautiful, wet slit.

Stephanie watched Drew suck her big toe into his mouth and then she looked down at the way his thick, stiff cock was standing straight up in the air. She raised her other foot and placed the bottom of it on his manhood. She slowly caressed her toes up and down his rigid organ as he pulled her toe out of his mouth and began kissing along her instep.

Her foot felt really nice on his penis and he began kissing her instep with more frequency. He got back up to her toes again and this time he sucked her two biggest ones into his mouth. He then pulled them out and grabbed her other foot so that he had one in each hand. He brought them both up to his face and began kissing back and forth between her two insteps. He then let them both go and ducked his head between her thighs. He kissed the inside of her fleshy thigh, breathing in the strong scent of her pussy. He kissed higher up her leg, sucking her skin into his mouth

Stephanie’s heart pounded as she watched her lover kiss even higher up her leg. She didn’t think her vagina had ever tingled so much. He was pushing the backs of her legs and she obediently raised them until her knees were nearly against her chest. Now she was completely at his mercy, her feet on either side of his head.

Drew kissed her ass cheek and then again closer to her pussy. He kissed the other side. He could see her asshole just underneath her quivering slit. He gently kissed the skin between her bum and her slit and then he kissed it again. He then kissed her right over her anus and he heard her suck in her breath. He then kissed the petals of her vagina, getting her nectar on his lips, which he promptly licked off. Slowly, worshipping, he kissed Stephanie’s slit a second time and then a third, each one higher than the last. He sucked her clit into his mouth and teased over it with his tongue briefly before releasing it. She gasped and bucked into his face.

He slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy lips up to the top, gathering her delicious juices and nudging her clitoris again. He pushed his tongue inside her warm pussy, getting it in her body as far as it would go before wiggling it up and down. He pulled her nectar into his mouth, and possibly some of his own, and drank her. Placing his hands on the back of her legs near her bum, he sucked the lips of Stephanie’s pussy into his mouth, pulling them from her body as far as they would stretch. He ran his tongue up and down them, keeping them trapped.

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