After the Hard Times Ch. 02-03

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This is an ongoing story, for background you may want to read the first chapter. The story is fiction and involves incestuous relationships.

All characters are aged eighteen or older.


Chapter 2

Carol Ann and her husband had been adventuresome in their love making. At least as far as they knew how to be. When they were first married both had been naïve, but men talk, as do women; both before and after marriage. It was from talking to others that they learned about sex. That’s how it was in those days. John had always heard about women sucking men’s cocks, but he couldn’t conceive of the woman he loved doing such a thing. He felt he would be using her for his own carnal pleasures if he asked her to suck him without being able to do something for her in return. It was only after he had heard of men eating a woman’s pussy that he realized that both could be satisfied that way.

John, once he learned about eating pussy, became fascinated by the thought of doing so. It was in the early years of their marriage; Jack was not born yet. He loved Carol Ann and wanted to please her in any way he could. It was always a pleasure for him when she would climax.

Carol Ann heard things too. Like the stories young boys told, the tales she heard may, or may not, have been true. As a young girl her closest friend had been Trudy. There were other girls too that Carol Ann still saw at church or at social events. The stories then had a romantic theme. As the women matured and married their confidences became more like ‘how to’ sessions. Those sessions weren’t as common as men’s; nor as crude. They were usually quite intimate sharings between two, or maybe three, women friends.

So it was that when John kissed his way down Carol Ann’s body one night, after their weekly bath, that she did not object. She sensed what was about to happen. She opened her thighs to him and caressed his head as he ate her pussy and drank her juices. She came beautifully from his licking and sucking and knew she would want more.

He turned so that they were face to sex. She turned her head to see his hard cock before her eyes. She knew what he wanted, but was hesitant, more because of inexperience than reluctance. It was when an intense orgasm tore through her body that her lips parted and slid over his throbbing hardness.

It became almost a ritual with them; oral sex on bath nights. Other times too, but especially then. Both looked forward to it. It was on such a night, filled with orgasmic joy, that Jack was conceived.

She had passed her experience on to her friend Trudy, but no one else.

Now it was time to teach Jack. To show him the joy of mutually licking and sucking. The question was how to go about it.


After lunch Carol Ann had dipped hot water into a wash basin and they had washed the sweat from their bodies. Their private parts too. Carol Ann had lovingly washed Jack’s cock then her own pussy. She had wiped his cum and her juices where they had spread through her bush and upper thighs. Her panties had contained most of it, they were soaked. Naked, they went to the bedroom together.

The windows were open to a pleasant fall day. They held each other and kissed with kisses that became hotter each time their lips met.

“There is more, Jack. Much more to loving. Do you want to learn?”

Jack too had heard talk among adolescent boys and young men. Probably not as much as his father had, though. Jack had to quit school when the hard times came. He didn’t get to associate with boys his age much after that. He had only vague ideas of what ‘more, much more’ might mean. For his mother, however, he would learn. She was his love, he would do anything for her.

“I’ll show you something I used to do for your father,” She told him. Her voice was husky with desire. “And something he used to do for me.”

She fondled his hard cock as she slid down along his body. She wet her lips with a sense of anticipation as they parted to take his throbbing cock into her wet mouth.

She let her tongue slide over, and around his glans. She pressed her lips around the hard shaft and her tongue worked its magic. Her head bobbed as she showed him how she would give him a blow job.

Carol Ann would have loved to suck him until he came. Her aim, however was to teach him. To initiate him into the wonderful world of oral sex. She lifted her head from his cock. She slid back along his body until they were face to face again; until their lips were locked in a mindless wet kiss.

“Your father would do the same for me,” she told him. “I enjoyed it very much.”

The thought that his mother would enjoy his eating her pussy was enough to break down any adverse thoughts Jack might have had about going down on her. In fact he didn’t have any thoughts at all about it. He had only ever heard brief mention about such things. So when his mother gently urged him toward her spread thighs he went willingly. With a little uncertainty about what he was to do, Eskişehir Escort but willing to please her.

He contemplated her pussy. He had not looked at it before. Yes, he had seen her naked, but had never gazed directly at her. Her scents invaded his senses, the musk of her arousal. He found it exciting and erotic, his body responded with an overall sense of desire. Shivers ran through him. Blood pounded in his already rock hard dick.

“Kiss me there,” he heard her say in sultry tones.

He let his lips touch the lips of his mother’s cunt. He tasted the juices that flowed from her, like nectar they were. Instinctively his tongue licked at the savory essences.

Her hand caressed his head showing her love, her pleasure. She needed to instruct him. The basics now, the finer points could come in time.

“Use your tongue,” he heard her say. “Push your tongue into me. Just like you do with your finger.”

He had learned how to arouse her by fondling her pussy; how his fingers could make her juices flow. He let his tongue slide between the lips of her pussy. A thrill ran up his spine when he heard her pleased gasp.

It was at that moment that Jack discovered a truth about himself. He liked what he was doing, More than liked, he relished it. He pushed his face into the hot, wet folds of his mother’s pussy and his tongue lapped at the succulent inner lips. Amateurishly perhaps, but enthusiastically.

His enthusiasm brought her quickly to an intense orgasm. She clutched him, with her hands in his hair, her thighs clasping his head, her heels pressing on his back.

He licked and sucked at her savory pussy. He rubbed his face in her juices. It was as if he was in heaven as she responded to him.

She gently pushed him away. There would be more, much more, later. She brought his face to hers for a kiss. Her tongue probed, his responded, she tasted herself. She tasted traces of the cum he had left in her that morning.

She showed him how they could please each other, how to sixty-nine. He came in her mouth as they licked and sucked and ate each other. She had cum and cum yet again when she felt him ready to pour his cum into her eager mouth.

They kissed hungrily afterward tasting each other’s juices, their cum. There was more that day. She taught him how to suck her clit. She sat on his face and rubbed her juices over him. She taught him how to fuck her face. She let him see his cum in her open mouth. He watched, entranced, as she rolled the creamy goodness around her mouth with her tongue. It was an erotic sight to him and aroused him even more.

She sat in a chair as he knelt between her thighs and buried his face in her hot, wet cunt; as her juices flowed onto his face and ran down his chin onto his bare chest.

He sat in the chair while she knelt and sucked his rock hard cock. She kissed him with her mouth full of cum and let it slide into his willing mouth.

At last replete, they held each other and drifted into a restful sleep.

They woke elated, both of them. It was as if they had made a great discovery.

They hardly fucked over the next few days. They practiced eating and sucking each other, learning what the other liked. Carol Ann let her fingers play in the crack of Jack’s ass. He found it delightful and tried the same with her. She already knew she liked it. That was why she showed him. She taught him more. How to find a little spot inside her pussy that would send her to heaven when he touched it.

The chores got done, but not much else. Carol Ann, when she dressed at all. Wore only a dress over her bare body, or maybe a slip. Jack seemed to like her in a slip. Sometimes, often in fact, she would feel her juices seeping from her pussy to run onto her thighs. Jack had an almost constant hard on, except for those times just after his mother had sucked him to an orgasm.

She put on her only pair of silk stockings with her only garter belt along with the heels she wore to church. They showed off her legs and butt. She displayed herself to him turning to give him an all-around view. The bare cheeks of her ass were enticing. The wild tangle of her bush was framed deliciously by the garter straps. Jack needed to go down on her. He had no choice. His body was tingling with lust as she sat on the side of the bed and opened her thighs to him. He buried his face in the hot folds of his mother’s pussy. Her hands pressed his head into her heat. Her thighs clasped him firmly. As he ate her she rubbed the silk encased thighs against the flesh of his face, his shoulders, his back. Her heels kicked at his spine as she came with cries of “Don’t stop.” He found, in the feel of the silk against his flesh another wonderful sensation. One he knew he would want more of, much more.

Friday came. They bathed together that evening. They ate each other afterwards. They would be going to town the next day. Carol Ann resolved to buy a couple more pairs of silk stockings. She would see if she could find a garter Eskişehir Escort Bayan belt too. The one she had was quite plain. She was excited by the effect the belt and hosiery had on Jack. She wanted more of it. Not just for Jack, for herself too.


The next day they ran into Trudy at one of the stores. She had come to town to get a roast from the freezer plant and do her shopping. Trudy and Carol Ann chatted like the old friends they were. Both said they should get together more often now that times were a little better.

Carol Ann took the money from her cream and eggs, and a little more she had saved, to visit the lady’s emporium. Trudy said she needed a few things too, they went together. Jack wandered over to the Ford dealer’s to look at new pickups. Another decent crop year and they might be able to afford one. They needed one now, but had to make the old one last a little longer.

Carol Ann and Trudy browsed the selection at the lady’s emporium. Trudy made note of the fact that her friend was picking out sexy items, she recalled the sigh that Carol Ann had made at the dance while watching her son. It all served to reinforce the observation Emily had made about the scents of loving in their house. Trudy had no doubts about her friend’s relationship with her son. Trudy, too, was buying sexy things, not just for herself, for Emily also. She thought they would be nice to wear when Carol Ann and Jack came to dinner.

Trudy took the opportunity to talk to her friend. “I think Emily is interested in your Jack,” she said in a confidential tone.

“That’s interesting,” Carol Ann responded.

“She didn’t say she was, but she did ask me what I thought of him.” Trudy went on. “They seemed to hit it off at the dance.”

“They did, didn’t they,” Carol Ann’s mind was racing. Her first instinct was to fend off any challenge to her relationship with Jack, but she thought her way past that attitude.

“When you come to dinner tomorrow maybe we should be sure to give them a chance to be alone.” Said Trudy.

“That might be a good idea,” Carol Ann said with a smile.

The ladies paid for their purchases and left the store together. They found Jack and Roger talking about pickups. Both had arrived some minutes earlier to wait for the ladies.

Roger knew what was planned for the following evening, but gave no clue of it in his conversation with Jack. Actually Roger liked Jack, and Carol Ann too. He thought both would be good additions to their family.

Carol Ann and Jack might have had lunch at the restaurant, as they had on other weeks, and maybe gone to a movie, but Carol Ann wanted to get home with her purchases. She could hardly wait to show them off to Jack.

Trudy and Roger spent a little more time in town before they too headed home. The ride home in their pickup was noisy and conversation difficult. But when they got home she made them a cup of coffee while Roger unloaded their purchases.

“You know, Dear,” Trudy said to Roger when they were seated. Emily had joined them. “I never thought about making love with women before you and Emily showed me how exciting it could be. Now I’m starting to look forward to bringing Carol Ann and Jack into our family.”

“We all are,” Roger said with a laugh. “I hope they are willing.”

All three smiled at each other. They clasped hands across the table. “We have a little time before dinner,” Emily said. They stood and headed to the bedroom together.


Carol Ann told Jack to leave her alone for a few minutes, that she had a surprise for him. In the bedroom she stripped her clothes off. She quickly put on a new lacy red bra. She checked herself in the mirror and was delighted to see that it lifted her breasts, made them look almost young, and molded them to show a nice cleavage. Her silk hosiery was next and the garter belt. That too was lacy and matched the bra. New shoes too, with three inch heels, red. Not something to wear to church. These were bedroom shoes. She wished she were not so gaunt, that she had more curves and bulges where they counted. The outfit and heels helped though. She looked much better than she had in years she thought.

She put her robe over her new outfit. She thought that she would get a new robe when they could afford it. She had seen several at the emporium, in catalogs too. She had already spent more than they could really afford, but it was for Jack, that made it okay. Well, really for both of them. The new sexy outfit was already making her wet.

The new outfit did little to hide the fact that Carol Ann was still almost scrawny. It did, however, detract attention from her careworn look. It made her feel good about herself, sexy and ready for love. She was the only woman Jack had ever seen naked. To him she was beautiful.

He was waiting in the kitchen when he heard the click of her heels approaching. He saw the red shoes on her feet as she came near and knew there would be more to delight Escort Eskişehir him. He shifted the chair so that he faced her more directly. She opened her robe as she stood in front of him. He saw her bra encased tits first. He had never seen them so lovely. Her bush drew his gaze lower. Her pubes, the tops of her hosiery clad thighs. They were so lovely, so enticing. She let the robe slide from her shoulders and fall to the floor. She turned to show him her ass, her legs, emphasized now, shaped by her new heels.

She came close to him, to stand astraddle his legs as he sat on the kitchen chair. She pushed her bare pussy towards him. His arms grasped her, his hands on the cheeks of her ass. He rubbed his face on her mons, on the raspy, wild hair of her pubes. He inhaled her scent, fragrant with the musk of desire.

She stepped back and held out her hand to him. She led him to the bedroom. No words were spoken, none were needed. They worked together to get his clothes off. Frequent hot kisses delayed things somewhat.

He ate her first. As she sat on the edge of the bed he knelt to lick at the juices flowing from her hot pussy. His tongue licked at the succulent flesh of her inner pussy. He probed her tunnel, he sucked her clit. She came and came again. Her flowing juices coated his face and dribbled onto his chest.

Her legs clasped him. Her stocking clad thighs held him close. Her hands caressed his head, loving him as he sent thrills through her body.

“Fuck me now,” he heard her say. A word he didn’t know she knew. A word that sent more thrills through his body when she used it.

He stood his throbbing cock ready. She lay back on the bed her thighs parted lewdly, her arms raised to him. She sighed as she guided him into her greedy cunt. She was so ready, so hot. His eating her had done that to her, but she had been so hot even before that. She loved it all from him, she wanted it all.

She cried out again. “Fuck me,”

Again her words sent thrills through his body. He thrust into her, hard and deep. She responded, thrusting her hips to meet his. Flesh on flesh their bodies met.

Orgasms sang in her body, in every cell, in her pussy; wild, intense cummings. She held him tight, her legs clasped him. She pulled her tits from her bra and fed them to him. They kissed wildly, wet, mindless.

Her orgasms, her cries drove him to cum. He felt the creamy seed surge from his balls to flood his mother’s pussy. They came together, glorious mutual orgasms that left each sublimely satisfied.

Not for long though. They laid together in each other’s arms. It wasn’t long before Carol Ann felt desire creeping into her body again. Until her pussy felt empty again, needing to be filled.

She fondled his cock. He sucked at her tits. His cock started to stiffen. She turned to take it between her lips. To let her mouth slide over him. She sucked him hard again. She felt the blood throbbing into his hard shaft. She felt his heat.

He sucked her in turn. He pulled her to him, her wet pussy. His tongue licked at her, his lips sucked. He could taste his cum, delightfully blended with the juices of her lust.

She wanted him, she wanted him inside her, filling her, fucking her; she wanted him to eat her. She wanted to feel his hard cock in her mouth, she wanted to feel him cum; in her mouth, in her cunt. All of it, she wanted all of it. She lifted her head from his cock and pushed him away from her cunt, onto his back. She straddled him. She impaled her hot pussy on his rock hard cock.

She leaned forward to feed him her tits, to kiss, to let her clit slide on the hardness of his cock; to make her cum.

Her orgasms inspired him. His hands on her hips lifted her from his cock. He brought her to his face, to lick at her hot and flowing cunt. For her to rub her juices on his face. To savor the feel of his tongue and lips. To rub her pussy over him, over the bare flesh of his chest and belly as she returned to his waiting cock.

They fucked long and hard. She had drained him once, he lasted long, until he came. Came with a surge, with more cum; more than she thought he could have in him. With repeated cries of “Oh my God.” He filled her pussy again. She met his orgasm with one of her own when she felt his hot seed gush into her belly.

They were satiated, beautifully fulfilled. They rested.

They had skipped lunch. Hunger woke Carol Ann, it was almost supper time. She got up, put on a robe, stuffed her boobs back into her bra and went to the kitchen to make them sandwiches.

She went back to the bedroom to get Jack. She handed him his bathrobe and told him to come to eat. After dinner she made coffee, there was something she had to talk to him about.

“Jack, we need to talk about something, something serious.”

“Ok, Mom,” Jack’s reply sounded a little uneasy.

“Jack, I think Emily is interested in you. Her mother told me she thinks so. When we’re at their place tomorrow you might want to get her alone for a while, just to find out if she is.”

“Mom,” Jack sounded shocked. “I don’t want anyone but you.”

“Jack, you need to think about things. I’m a lot older than you. You’ll need a wife to have children with. You could do worse than Emily. There’s the farm to think about too,” she continued.

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