After the Repair Man Leaves

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Ted and Patti went upstairs to get ready to go out to dinner. They loved taking showers together, soaping each other up. “Yeah baby, I like the way that feels,” Ted moaned looking at Patti while she washed him off. Standing on tip-toe she licked his right nipple, teasing him, flicking her tongue across it.

“Mmmm,” she moaned gently sucking his nipple into her hot mouth, teasing his other nipple with her fingers, pinching it.

“I loved walking in and seeing you sucking that big black cock.” he told her, putting his hands in her wet hair. “Watching him holding your head while he fucked your hot mouth.”

Patti continued playing with Ted’s nipples, going from one to the other, teasing them. Reaching down with one hand she found his hard cock, stroking him she pulled back and he let go of her hair. She looked up at him, “I’m such a naughty wife.” she said sinking to her knees in the shower. “Just your wife-slut.”

“Oh yes you are that, for sure baby.” he said looking down at her, fuck he needed her mouth on his cock. He needed to fuck her mouth and her pussy.

Patti flicked her tongue across the head of his dick. She heard him gasp at her touch.

“Fuck yeah baby, do it.” he said putting his hands back into her hair. “Did you like that big black dick fucking you, hmmm?”

Patti had other plans for her husband tonight, slowly licking her way down to his balls, she took one into her hot, wet mouth and gently sucked on it. She was so horny and she needed to get fucked again. It was just one of those days for her, she couldn’t get enough.

Fuck, she was driving him crazy, Ted thought as Patti continued to suck his balls one at a time. “Baby girl, suck my cock now,” he moaned wanting to feel his cock in her mouth, feel her making love to his dick.

“Not yet.” she said letting his balls slip from her mouth, “I’m going to make this last.” she said spreading his ass cheeks apart and licking him lower, flicking her tongue across that sensitive spot between his balls and ass hole. She felt him gripping her hair that much tighter, she knew he loved when she did this.

“Damn, do you know what you are doing to me?” he asked as he felt her teasing his ass hole with her tongue. She licked his hole, making him groan.

Patti knew exactly what she was doing, she was being a tease, she wanted to get him so hot and horny and worked up that by the time they got home he couldn’t stand it. She kept this up for several minutes, teasing his ass hole and then licking his balls.

Glancing up at him she licked her way from his ass, to his balls and finally licking up the shaft of his cock. “Mmmm, pre-cum,” she whispered licking the precum dribbling down his shaft. She knew she was driving him crazy with lust, she was being naughty.

“Fuck baby, I need you.” he groaned wanting her to take his throbbing cock into her mouth. “Oh you are being a tease.” he said, looking down he watched her take the head of his cock into her mouth, flicking the tip of her tongue across the sensitive underside. “Yeah, just like that.”

Holding onto Ted’s hips to steady herself, Patti sucked his cock. Tasting precum, in and out she sucked his member, hearing his sighs of pleasure. She could be such a naughty girl when she wanted to be.

“Just like that, don’t stop.” he told her fucking her mouth, watching her sucking him off.

She was moaning and whimpering taking him as deep as she could, she loved being a tease, driving him crazy. Her nipples were so hard and her pussy was getting wet.

“Suck me baby, I’m so close,” he said fucking her mouth, he wanted to fill her mouth with his cum. “Yeah, suck my cock.”

Being a bad girl Patti sucked him, felt him fucking her mouth, just the way she loved for him to do.

Damn, he needed to cum so bad, he couldn’t stand it. Holding her down he fucked her mouth, when she suddenly pulled away from him and looked up at him. “Why did you stop?” he asked in disbelief.

“I’m being a tease,” she told him standing up and turning the shower off.

“Fuck,” he groaned reaching for his cock. He would jack off if he had too, he needed to cum that bad.

“Nope,” she told him pulling his hand away from his dick. “I’m going to make you wait.” she said stepping out of the shower. “I’m going to get dressed, and you’d better still have a hard on when I get back,” she said turning and walking away.

“Shit!” he said watching her walk away, damn he needed to cum. Sighing he decided to do as she asked, he knew she was planning something. Turning the shower back on he rinsed off.

Thirty minutes later Ted sat in the family room waiting for Patti to come back down stairs. For some reason she didn’t want him to see her just yet. Shaking his head he had to smile at himself. She sure did keep things interesting, he never had to be worried about getting bored. Walking over to the stairs he called up to her, “Did you get lost up there?”

“Nope, be right down,” she called to him, looking at herself in the full length mirror in the guest room. She liked what she saw, kadıköy escort she had on a skin tight, black leather and lace teddy, it showed off her tits. To go with the leather and lace, she had on black stockings and garter belt that showed off her legs. She wiggled into the leather skirt that hugged her body. She wanted to surprise him tonight.

“I hope I don’t fall off of my shoes,” she said to herself sitting down on the bed and slipping her black heels on. Satisfied she was ready she checked her makeup again.

Ted stood at the foot of the stairs and waited for his wife, he had been good and hadn’t jacked off after she had left the bathroom earlier. Oh, he had wanted too, but he had to wonder what she had in mind tonight. Just that thought had kept him hard, and aroused.

“I’m ready.”

Ted looked up and she was slowly walking down the stairs, “Jesus,” was all he could whisper looking at her, “damn baby,” he said when she got to the bottom of the stairs. He just looked at her, she was in black leather and lace, and heels.

“You like?” she asked turning around in front of him.

“Yes,” he said looking at her, “So this is why you got dressed in the other room?”

“Yep, wanted to knock your socks off.” she told him walking past him, making sure he got a good look at her short skirt.

“Well, you did honey, you did.”

“Let’s go to dinner I’m starved.” she said glancing back at him.

“Don’t you think you’ll need your coat?” he asked, reaching for it.

“No, I don’t think so.” she said with a sly smile walking out of the front door.

Walking up behind her he grabbed her leather clad ass, and gave her a squeeze.

“Like what you see?”

“You know I do,” he said feeling his cock throb, he wanted to take her here and now. “I need you baby,” he said helping her into the car, reaching for her tit.

“Later,” she said with a smile, closing the door.

Driving to dinner, Ted reached over and slid his hand under her skirt.

“Uh-uh” she said removing his hand, “Not yet.”

“You are being a tease tonight aren’t you?”

She didn’t respond she just smiled, she knew it was getting to him. Not letting him touch her. Reaching over she rubbed her hand over his hard cock.

“You are driving me crazy, you know this don’t you.” he told her, wanting to pull over and make her bring him off. He knew she had something planned and he would just go with it.


She teased him all the way across town, rubbing his cock through his pants, slipping her hand under her skirt.

“Well we’re here,” he commented turning into the parking lot of the restaurant, he parked and went around and helped her out of the car. Walking toward the restaurant he grabbed her ass again.

“Not yet,” she said looking at him, she knew it wasn’t fair to tease him this way. She was just in a wicked mood tonight.

Making sure he walked behind her so nobody could see he had a raging hard on, they were taken to their table.

They had to pass the bar on the way in, he noticed a few men looking at his wife. He put his arm across her shoulders to let them know she was taken. He felt very jealous, knowing how good she looked and that men were looking at her. It usually didn’t bother him, but tonight it did.

Patti insisted that they sit on the same side of the table, after ordering some wine and dinner they sat there and made small talk.

Trying to make small talk wasn’t easy, Ted kept glancing at her lace covered tits. “Darling, pay backs are a bitch.” he whispered to her, slipping his hand under the table and running it up her leg.

“I know,” she said leaning over she rubbed her hand across his crotch, feeling how hard his cock was. “Don’t you want to fuck me,” she whispered to him.

“Screw dinner, lets go home.”

“Nope,” she said giving his cock a squeeze, “I’ll be right back, I have to go to the little girls room.”

Ted watched her slowly walk across the restaurant, he noticed those other men watching her too.

“Can I get you anything else?” the waitress asked bringing the wine to the table.

“No, no we’re fine.” he said thinking he’d be fine once he could get his rocks off.

Patti walked into the ladies room and giggled to herself, she was being such a tease with Ted tonight. She felt a little bit bad about it. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. She had noticed when they had passed the bar several men looking at her and how he had put his arm around her, holding her tight. A few minutes later she was headed back to their table.

“Did you miss me?”

“Of course I missed you,” he said pouring her a glass of wine, “just so you know your ass is mine later.” he whispered as she sat back down.

“Oh really?” she said with a sly smile as the waitress brought their dinner. “Just my ass?”

“Well maybe more than your ass, if your a good girl.”

They were just finishing dinner when Ted noticed there was a man sitting at the bar that kept kağıthane escort turning around and looking at them. The man finally got up and walked over toward their table. Ted knew this guy was already tipsy, just by the way he walked.

“Say, how much are you paying her an hour buddy?” the guy asked walking up to the table.

“She’s my wife.” Ted answered glaring at the man. He didn’t mind men giving his wife complements, but this guy must have thought she was a hooker.

“Oh really, cause she looks like she might be working.” the guy said looking her up and down, staring at her tits. “How much do you charge honey?”

“Why don’t you just go back to the bar and join your friends.” Patti said not wanting any trouble.

“Okay, okay I just wanted to know if she was workin'” the guy said, “sorry didn’t mean to ummm…”

“Come on Frank,” a man said walking over to him, “Sorry he’s had a little too much to drink.”

“It’s okay really.” Patti said looking at Ted, “It’s my fault for wearing this outfit.”

“Let’s go Frank, time for you to sober up.” the man said leading his friend back across the room.

“I’m sorry honey,” she said embarrassed, “I didn’t even think about what people would think of what I had on.” she wanted to crawl under the table she felt so bad.

“It’s alright honey, he’s just drunk.”

“That guy thought I was a hooker,”

“Well you do look very hot and sexy in that outfit.” he told her leaning over and kissing her. “And just think you belong to me and they can’t have you.”

“Are you angry with me?”

“You know I’m not, I haven’t been this horny since we first met.” he said looking at her lace covered tits, he could barely make out her erect nipples.

“I just wanted to look good for my handsome, sexy husband,” she told him reaching for his hand and slipping it under her skirt. Glancing around nobody was paying them any attention. “Don’t you want this?” she asked putting his hand on her shaved pussy.

Ted felt her very wet pussy and decided they could skip dessert, “No panties,” he slipped two fingers up inside of her he heard her gasp. “Nice and wet baby.” he felt her spread her legs wider for him.

“Ohhh, yeah.” she moaned quietly, felt him finger fucking her pussy.

“That’s all for now.” he said pulling his fingers from her slit, “let’s go home.”

“What? No dessert honey?”

“We’ll have dessert at home.” he said motioning the waitress over, she gave them their check and they left.

Driving home Patti reached for Ted’s hand that he had felt her up with, bringing his hand to her lips she could smell her pussy juice on his fingers. She took his fingers into her mouth and tasted herself.

“Taste good?” he asked her, feeling his cock throb just from her sucking on his fingers.

“Oh yeah,”

“I’d better slow down before we get a ticket,” he commented noticing he was speeding.

Once they got home she locked the door behind them, “Why don’t you relax and I’ll be right back,” she told him standing on tip toe and kissing him.

Going upstairs Patti made sure the bedroom was at a comfortable temperature, she took a large bath towel and laid it on the bed. Lighting candles and putting on some relaxing music on the stereo. Getting the toys out of the bedside table and the lube and massage oil she was ready.

“Alright little lady,” Ted said from the doorway, “You have teased me enough tonight.”

“Have I?” she asked innocently, knowing she was driving him mad with desire.

“You know you have,” he told her. He walked over to her and reaching around her unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor.

Patti stepped out of the skirt, and stood there in her black leather and lace teddy, her stockings and heels. She didn’t know if he was angry at her for teasing him the way she did.

“You are mine tonight, anything I want to do.” he said, “Undress me now.”

She unbuttoned his shirt, reaching for his nipples, he grabbed her hands and held them to her sides.

“Nope,” he told her, waiting for her to finish undressing him. “Just undress me.”

When he was naked he pushed her to her knees, “Suck me,” he ordered her forcing his cock into her mouth. Reaching behind her he held her head up so she could take his cock as deep as she could. “Yeah, that’s it,” he moaned looking down at his wife sucking him. “You were dressed like a slut tonight weren’t you?” he asked, he didn’t mind her dressing that way once in awhile. He was surprised he hadn’t stood up and knocked that guy out at the restaurant.

Licking her lips she licked his cock from the base to the tip, taking the head of his cock into her mouth. In and out she took his throbbing cock, tasting precum.

“Suck me.” he said looking down at her, putting his hands in her hair he let her make love to his cock. “This is why you wanted to know if I’d like you in black lace and leather, hmmm.” he tilted his head back and just savored the sensations she was giving kartal escort him. “Make love to my dick baby girl,”

“Mmmm,” she moaned around his cock in her mouth, she loved to lick and suck his cock. Loved how it tasted in her mouth, feeling how hard she could make him. She slowly let his cock slip out of her mouth. “I love sucking your cock baby,”

“Oh I know you do, don’t stop.”

Ted pushed her down lower so that she could lick his balls, groaning he felt her lick his balls one after the other. He wanted to cum so bad, but he wanted to enjoy this. He thought back to earlier that day when she had teased him at work and he finally had to go sit out in the car and jack off. He could picture her on this bed, with her legs spread. He imagined what she looked like fucking herself with that black dildo and that pink butt plug in her tight ass hole. “Aww, yeah suck me,” he ordered her.

He had loved walking in and seeing her on her knees sucking the repair man, then watched as she took the repair man’s big black cock in her tight pussy.

Patti did as she was told she licked his balls, taking them into her mouth one at a time, while slowly stroking his cock. His cock was slick with precum, it dribbled down the shaft of his dick, down to his balls, she licked it up, loving how it tasted.

“What a naughty wife you were tonight, that man at the restaurant thought you were for sale.” he said looking down at her, grasping her hair tight in his hand.

All she could do was nod, she knew now never to wear that outfit out in public again.

Ted reached down and pulled her to her feet, lying down on the bed he motioned her to join him. “Don’t stop.” he told her as she got onto the bed between his spread legs.

He lay there with his eyes closed, felt her licking his balls again.

Glancing up Patti licked him lower. Teasing that spot between his balls and his ass, she knew he liked when she did that. He spread his legs for her. She was getting so turned on, she needed to service him.

“Yes, oh yeah lick me there,” he moaned when she flicked her tongue across his ass hole. She did know just how to make him feel good, make him want to explode.

Patti took her time, licking and sucking his ass, fucking him with her tongue. Reaching for the flavored lube she massages it across his hole.

“That feels nice baby girl,”

Making sure he was nice and slick she slowly slid her finger inside of his ass. Looking up at him, she watched the expression on his face.

“Fuck, yes.” he groaned loudly when she gently fucked his ass with her finger. “Oh my god, feels good.”

Patti continued to fuck his ass with her finger, while licking his balls at the same time. She wanted to make him feel the best that she could.

“More honey, please?” he begged her, reaching for his cock he stroked himself.

Adding another finger she fucked him, in and out deeper and deeper.

“Fuck,” he thought, he didn’t want to cum, not yet. Looking down he saw her reach for the small dildo. He knew what she was going to do with it. But he knew if he asked her to stop she would.

She pulled her fingers out of his ass and poured the lube all over the small dildo, being very gentle she pushed the head inside of his tight hole.

“Damn,” he groaned loudly getting used to the feeling of the head of that dildo opening his ass.

She looked up at him, making sure she wasn’t hurting him. “Doesn’t this feel good honey, having something in your ass?”

“Yes, you can go a little deeper.”

She fucked him until he felt like he was going to cum, he had to ask her to stop. “Am I hurting you?” she asked gently taking the dildo out of his ass. Moving up she took his throbbing cock back into her mouth.

Ted groaned, she was making him feel so good. He wanted it to last longer. “Come ere'” he tells her reaching for her and pulling her up next to him. He kissed her passionately, pushing his tongue into her mouth, holding her tightly.

Patti was so turned on, she needed to fuck him, make him cum. She wanted to feel his cum shooting into her pussy.

“Lie back,” he ordered her, making her lie down on the bed. “You have been nothing but a tease all night.” he said getting between her legs, spreading her legs wide he laid down.

“Punish me.”

“Oh I plan on it.” he tells her, leaning down he licked her slit.

Patti gasped when he licked her pussy, she loved when he ate her out. Just the thought of his tongue licking her pussy made her wet. “Yes baby, I was so bad today.”

“You taste so good,” he whispered spreading her pussy open for him. Thinking of the repair man’s big black cock spreading her pussy wide made his cock throb. Watching earlier he wasn’t sure she was going to be able to take that monster black dick. She took it, and he knew she loved it. Putting her legs on his shoulders opened her up just that much more for him. Even after 36 years she still had a tight pussy, not as tight as when they first met but still tight.

“Yes, baby yes,” she whimpered when he pushed two fingers inside of her, she loved to have her pussy filled. In and out he finger fucked her, she was jerking and moaning.

Ted was going to give her a little taste of what she had given him earlier. Reaching for the lube he poured it over her tight pink ass hole. Gently rubbing it in he continued to lick her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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