Against All Odds (Raquel’s Story)

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This is a story I wrote maybe five… six… seven years ago. I put completed stories on here because I know how much I hate reading stories on here that I get emotionally invested in, and the writers never finish the freakin’ story. UGH! Anyways, this is about “Kris” and “Raquel” and the characters are based on a former friend and a musician that she has a massive crush on. They are, of course, well over the age of 18. When she read it before the dissolution of our friendship, she loved it, so I hope that some of you do too.

Gentle Breezes



I was driving to the airport as the conversation with my mom and my brother ran through my head. They screamed, they cried, they tried to throw guilt trips at me, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was almost 33, but I’d never been in a real relationship, and I was a virgin. What kind of life could I make for myself in the cramped confines of a small apartment in Dothan, AL? Answers anybody? Yeah, that’s what I thought, so I packed as they yelled and tried everything to keep me at home.

“What about the cats?” Asked my mother. “They’re gonna miss you!”

“What about the rent and bills?” Screamed my brother, “You know we can’t make it without your help!”

“What about your meds?” From my mom.

“What about your FAMILY?” From my brother.

“You need help! You’re just like your father!” Screamed my mom.

Finally, I’d just had enough and yelled, “YEAH, AND NOW I KNOW WHY HE LEFT!!”

I hate crying. The tears stung my damn eyes, and I couldn’t fucking see. Then it started to rain. Fucking lovely! Thank God I was at the airport. I told them where they’d find their damn car, and I filled it with gas so they could get it home. I made up my mind that was the last obligated responsibility I would take on for them.

They were strong enough to make it on their own, and if they decided to sink instead of swim, it was their own damn fault. I have to go out and find myself. I have to find out who I am and stop living for everybody else. All things to all people? Not any damn more, I’m not. So, it was just me, and my cat, Onyx.

On the plane, I let my mind wonder what life would be like in New Hampshire. My sister, April, said that I was welcome to stay with her, and she’d leave me the key under the mat. Lucky girl, she has a date with the man of her dreams. I joked for her to tell Kris I said hi if she sees him. She told me that she would. Thank God she knew it wasn’t a joke.

The plane had an unexpected layover in Birmingham. They said there were thunderstorms with possible funnel clouds moving in. There was just no way to get above it safely. Damn. Just my luck.

I was sitting in the airport nibbling on some fries with my bags and my cat beside me when I looked up and saw him. He was as big as life and gorgeous as always. Kris Banks walked in, and he was on his phone. Kris was a bass player, producer of music and television commercials, tour manager, and professional pervert … a “provert”, if you will.

He wore a black dress shirt tucked into black pleated slacks, black shiny shoes, and his long blonde hair was in a neat tail down his back. He had on dark glasses, and held a black leather duffel bag. A gold watch and bracelet accented his left wrist along with a couple rings.

I’d met him before, but this was different. We weren’t backstage after a show surrounded by attention-hungry fans. This was in an airport during a layover of God knows how long. He hung up his phone and looked right at me. Our eyes collided, and my heart about stopped. Would he remember me? I watched him as recognition seemed to take over his gaze and he walked over to my table.

“Hey, baby!” He greeted me with a smile. He took my hands and pulled me into a very tight hug. A tight hug that felt wonderful, and seemed to make all my heartache melt away.

“Hi, Kris,” I said as I hugged him back.

He kissed my lips and gestured for me to sit back down as he sat next to me. “What are you doing here?” He asked me.

“I’m here on a layover. I was on my way to New Hampshire, but they say a storm’s moving in, so all flights are canceled.”

“My home turf? Really? You on vacay, or what?” He asked.

“I’m actually making a new home for myself up there. My sister, April, said I could stay with her until I get my own place. I found a job as a paid apprentice at a tattoo shop up there, so my cat and I are heading on out.”

He nodded slowly, thoughtfully, “Well, looks like we’re both stuck out here until the storm passes. I was actually gonna go to a hotel before all the rooms in town are taken. You’re welcome to come with me,” he offered.

I thought I’d politely decline, though my mind screamed at me to shut the hell up. “No, that’s okay,” I said. “I don’t want to be any trouble.”

“Are you sure?” He asked, “This airport’s gonna be pretty crowded and uncomfortable after a while. Anybody will tell ya, being around a bunch of pissed off people stuck in an airport isn’t very comforting, Casibom and your cat’s gonna get pretty antsy in that carrier,” He said, looking down at Onyx, who really was starting to look more than a little agitated.

“Well…” I stalled. I was still kind of apprehensive, but my brain was screaming, ‘GO!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?’

“Offer going once,” Kris playfully said, “Going twice,” he said with a grin.

“Let’s go!” I said jumping up, grabbing the carrier and my bags.

Kris kinda laughed and helped me lug my things to his rented black PT Cruiser.

The rain was harder there than it was in Ft. Lauderdale, where I’m originally from. I was looking out of the window, lost deep in thought as Kris drove us to the hotel. I kinda chided myself for being like this. Here I was in a nice car with the man I love, and I’m almost in tears, thinking about my family and what was said as I was leaving. I guess I was feeling a bit guilty.

I started to feel like I was in the wrong, but April told me quite a few times that making a life for myself is not wrong. That it’s normal to go out and find a life when you’re grown. Hell, my mom did. So, why do I feel like the bad guy? Thankfully, Kris has insight and his voice broke into my thoughts.

“Smile, Sweet Thing. It can’t be that bad, can it?” He said to me as he found a parking spot at The Westin Birmingham which was only a few miles away.

I looked over at him as if for the first time, “What? Oh! I’m sorry, Kris, I just have a lot on my mind, that’s all.”

Kris walked around and opened my door for me, and got out the cat carrier and a couple bags, which I thought was really sweet. I took the rest, and he led me inside. “We’ll talk about it when we get to our room,” he said. “It’s already reserved, so all we have to do is go on up, and the manager will be there with my keycard.”

We walked inside the luxury hotel, and I was struck by just how beautiful it was inside. Everywhere you looked, you could tell that the place was built for the elite who could afford it, and I was anything but! We avoided the overcrowded entrance lobby and went on a private elevator straight to the top floor. True to his word, a manager was there with Kris’ key. He welcomed us to the hotel and said that we should be pretty safe from the storm. He also said that he hoped Kris and his “wife” would have a nice stay. Kris didn’t correct him at all. He just smiled and told him “Thank you.” He must have seen the blush in my cheeks because he laughed a little when he looked at me.

“I didn’t correct him because I thought the sentiment was sweet,” He said, reading the curious look in my eyes. “It obviously means we look good together,” he told me with a wink.

I smiled at that, “Thank you, Kris.” I said, “That’s about the nicest thing I’ve heard all day,” I told him as I let Onyx out of the carrier. Thankfully, there was a small room for pets in the suite with a litter freshener and a little bed for him to sleep in. There was even complimentary cat food! I really couldn’t believe that, but Onnie was happy.

Kris took my hand and led me to the couch. We listened to the wind whipping around outside which caused the rain to beat against the window like wild tribal drums. I briefly thought that Trey and April would like that, and smiled a little to myself.

“So, tell me what was on your mind a little while ago,” Kris said after we listened to the rain and wind for a while.

I sighed and told him the whole story. He held me and wiped my tears when I cried, and was a sweet and gentle shoulder to cry on. I’m not sure how long it took me to get it all out, but he listened patiently and thoughtfully the whole time.

“Well,” he said when I was done, “April’s right. You do have a right to live your life and find yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. You’re not selfish or evil for doing what every other young person on this damn planet does when they grow up. It’s like a rite of passage to move out on your own, find your own life, and make your own way. It’s just life. That’s just the way it is, whether they like it or admit to it or not,” he told me.

“Then, why do I feel like such a bad person? Like I left behind my responsibility when I walked out of that apartment?” I asked him as more tears fell.

Kris wiped my tears again, and cupped my face gently in his soft, warm hands, “Because they tried to drill it into your head that moving away is okay for everybody, except you. You were their bread and butter, and they didn’t want to lose that. When you broke that chain and walked out that door, they felt themselves losing that stranglehold they obviously had on you your whole life. When you left home for a month, they were still able to twist that rope around your neck. They used every ploy they could until it gently pulled you back home. Am I making any sense?” He asked.

I was only able to nod as I thought of the conversations I had with my mom that month I stayed with April.

“Now, I know you said you were kind Casibom Giriş of afraid of the neighborhood where April lived. It wasn’t the best or safest place on earth, but she made it out of there okay, did she not?”

I nodded again, “I was homesick too, though, Kris. I missed my cats, I missed my mom and brother, and I did get to see you for the first time,” I reasoned.

“All good things, I admit,” he said, “But it also kept you snared into a trap, and you were miserable, sick, and hurt. You became more of a crutch. You had so much on your shoulders, that the only time you really had to yourself was when you got your tattoos. They became your escape and reward. Am I right?” He said staring deep into my eyes.

I felt my heart sink when he mentioned my tattoos, “You hate my tattoos, don’t you? You think I have too many,” I said, almost starting to cry again.

He shook his head, “Slow down, slow down. I didn’t say that, and you’re missing my point. My point is… okay, when I was young and still at home, I escaped with my music. Ever since I first picked up a bass or sat at the soundboards, music became my specialty and my art. If I didn’t play my own, I let someone else lay their art on me. Are you following me so far?” He asked me.

I nodded in understanding, “I escaped with my tattoos. When I wasn’t making my own, I let someone else… I let them lay their art on me,” I said slowly.

Kris nodded, “Exactly! You escaped through your art, and the art of others, because your body and your drawings were all you really had to call your own, yes?”

“Yeah,” I said, “…and with every sting of the needle, I felt a release. A sense of freedom I just couldn’t get at home, at work, or even on the computer with April, no matter how hard I tried,” I told him.

“Now,” Kris said, “you have a chance to share your art, your life, and even your body with somebody else, and you shouldn’t let anybody get in your way. It’s gonna hurt for a while, I won’t lie, it will hurt. But when you find your place in this world, you won’t be able to regret it, and you will see that this was the best thing you ever did… for you.”

“But, will my family ever accept it? Will they ever accept me again?” I asked him, the pain evident in my voice.

“I don’t know, baby. I can’t say if they will or won’t,” he said. “I can say that if they love you, and I mean really, truly, honestly deep down within their hearts and souls love you, they will accept you back into their lives.”

“And if they don’t?” I asked.

He sighed softly and pulled me close, “If they don’t, you’ll have me and April.”

“Really?” I said, “You’ll still be around?”

“I plan on being there for as long as you want me,” he assured me.

Kris held me for quite a long time, and we talked about his life on the road, and what New Hampshire would be like. He called up room service, and we shared a nice dinner. We almost forgot about the storms and possible tornadoes that were raging outside until the power briefly went out. There were generators, but Kris decided to keep everything but the a/c off. It was okay because even Kris said it added a bit of romance to the atmosphere. I let him lead me to the bedroom after we put the dirty dinner dishes out for the staff to pick up. Kris found and lit some candles, and I got a little nervous when I caught a glimpse of the bed in the dim candlelight.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” Kris said to me as he unbuttoned his shirt. “Wanna join me?” He asked with a wink.

My jaw dropped slightly, but I pulled myself together. “Uh, no, I’ll just wait,” I said.

“You sure?” He asked a little teasingly, “We’ll conserve water, and we both get hot water by sharing,” he said.

It made sense, but I shook my head again. I cursed my shyness, because I’d have liked nothing more than to share a shower with that man, but something wouldn’t let me.

“I’ll be right out then, baby,” he told me. “I’ll leave you some hot water.” Then he took off his shirt and disappeared into the bathroom with one of the candles.

I sat on the bed looking out of the patio doors at the trees blow wildly in the almost hurricane force winds. The rain came down almost like a waterfall falling from the sky. I loved weather like this, but all I could really think about was Kris’s naked body in that warm shower. Then I heard him. Was he? Ohmigod, he moaned! That was not a moan of relief, that moan was sexual! My eyes instantly rolled at the sound and I bit my bottom lip.

My breathing quickened, and I licked my lips. I stood slowly and walked ever-so-slowly to the bathroom door. I heard him breathing kinda fast, and he let out another soft groan. I couldn’t resist opening the door. Through the clear shower doors, I saw him slowly stroking himself. His right hand was braced on the wall, and his left leg was bent at the knee.

The water cascaded over him as he slowly stroked his hardened length. Before I could catch myself, before I fully knew what I was doing, I was naked and in the shower Casibom Yeni Giriş with him. It was like a pull. I couldn’t stop myself at all, but he actually drew me in. He paused and looked back slightly, so he knew that I was there.

I pressed my naked body to his back so he could feel me, and I felt him shudder at the physical contact. I wrapped my arms around his lean waist, and moved his hands. I purred as I slid my hands all over his wet, taut stomach, and I lightly pressed my cheek to his long, wet hair that was slicked down his back. Slowly, I slid my hands down and gripped his hard length in my right hand.

I felt myself opening up, and my heart pounded against his back. My left hand was lightly massaging his left inner thigh as I slowly stroked his rigid cock. He felt so good in my hands, so right. I’d never been so turned on as I stroked and squeezed slightly. He rocked his hips slowly into my hand and whispered for me to go a little faster. I turned him around and pressed him to the shower wall. I wanted to see him when he came.

I stroked him faster, licking my lips as I watched the pleasure on his face. His cock grew a little longer and a little harder as I manipulated him to orgasm. It was beautiful. The strong jet of his orgasm shot strongly into the air. His head was back and he was braced against the wall as he slowly rocked his hips back and forth. His eyes were slightly hooded, and his lips were curled in a wicked snarl as I drew out the pleasure by stroking his still throbbing length.

Wordlessly, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. He had the softest, sweetest lips that tasted faintly like the strawberry wine we had at dinner. I wrapped my arms around him and relished the closeness. I couldn’t believe this wasn’t a dream, but this was better than any dream I’d ever had of him.

We got out of the shower together, and he took one of the fluffy hotel towels and tenderly dried me off. He dried off every inch of my body, and I could tell he wanted to do more, but he somehow restrained himself. He got another clean towel to wrap around me, and used the one he dried me with to wrap around his waist, then he took my hand and led me back to the bedroom, holding the candle.

He sat me on the bed, then grabbed up his duffel bag. He told me that he was looking for a shirt for me to wear. He knew that I had my own clothes, but it almost felt like he was searching for one of his to give to me as a lover’s gesture. When he slowly gave me the shirt, he noticed that I was looking down. I took his hand instead of the shirt and slowly glided my fingers in his palm.

“Is something wrong, baby?” Kris asked me.

“No,” I said. “Not at all. It’s just that…” I sighed as I took both his hands in mine, gazing at them palm up.

“Just that what, babe?” He asked me.

I stood and slipped his soft, silky shirt on, and let the towel drop as I buttoned it on. “I’ve just always loved your hands. They’re so big and strong. So warm, and soft. I just love your hands,” I told him as I looked up at him, leaning against a wall.

He sat on the bed and looked at his hands, turning them a bit as if studying them for the first time. “What? These old things?” He asked and wriggled his fingers a little.

That simple gesture did something to me. I couldn’t speak, but only watched his fingers. Kris noticed that I was turned on, so he decided to try something. He licked the first two fingers of his left hand and started to move them in a come here gesture. I licked my lips and watched as if mesmerized.

He thrust his fingers slightly and twisted them a little as if thrusting them inside me. I was vaguely aware of my rocking hips, but I couldn’t stop, nor could I look away. He licked his fingers again and watched me as I lifted the shirt so he could see that I was cleanly shaven, and I spread my legs.

“You like that, baby?” He asked me. “Does that feel good?”

I could only moan in reply. He was encouraged when his name escaped in a purr from my lightly swollen lips.

“I love how you moan my name, lady. Do it again. Rock that tight little pussy like a bad girl,” he cooed in a deep, husky voice as he moved his middle and ring fingers in a manner as if massaging my clit.

I was powerless to what he did to me. I felt myself throbbing, but I let the power of those wicked fingers have their way with my mind.

“You wanna cum, don’t you?” He asked, “I see how wet your pussy is. Your clit’s throbbing too. I can see that from here. Let yourself cum, baby. Do it for me.”

Keep in mind, I never touched myself, and neither did he, but every stroke and thrust of his moist fingers on the air made me moan and roll my hips. I could swear that I felt it. He flicked his middle finger quickly, and I “felt” him tickling my clit. Suddenly, the shirt was off and pooled around my feet as I rocked my hips and massaged my breasts. I was powerless under his seductive spell. I threw my head back and gave in to a hot orgasm.

Again, he never touched me, and I never touched myself, but I came so hard, that I almost went to my knees. When I opened my eyes, Kris was standing in front of me. He took my hands and pulled me to the bed. As he sat down, I instinctively sat in his lap facing him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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