Aged to Perfection Ch. 2

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Synopsis of Chapter 1 – In chapter 1, our protagonists, 33-year-old John and 57-year-old Margie, got chummy when John paid Margie and her husband a visit. In fact John and Margie got so chummy, they spent most of the night fucking in the spare bedroom while Margie’s husband was passed out in the next room.

We continue our story…

* * * * *

The early afternoon sun streaming through the open curtains forced me awake. I peered at the clock radio on the nightstand. 1:30. I had slipped out of Margie’s condo and around the corner into mine just about sunrise and had collapsed on my bed. I’d been sleeping for almost 8 hours, but felt I could sleep for 8 more. After Margie and I made love the first time, we had slept for an hour or so. Then I had been able to get it up twice more before I left. Damn, I was exhausted. I got up, stumbled to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. As I looked into the mirror I discovered Margie had left claw marks on my back and shoulders and a bite mark on my chest that was turning the color of fresh liver. Lucky for me I wasn’t due to see Heather, my steady girl friend, until next week.

After I finished brushing my teeth I headed for the kitchen and brewed up a pot of coffee. As I sat at the counter sipping my coffee and clearing the cobwebs from my brain, I sensed that something was out of place in the kitchen. I scanned the room and spotted a small bud vase with a single rose in it, and an oversize envelope leaning against the vase, sitting next to the sink. I retrieved the envelope and opened it. Inside was one of those greetings cards with mushy verse inscribed on the inside. I flipped it open, skipped the maudlin sentiment and read the handwritten note at the bottom:

Last night was great. Hope you think so too. Let’s do it again real soon. Call me if you read this before 4:30.


Ain’t this a pip, I thought. She had let herself in with the pass key and left the card and the flower while I was asleep.

I called Margie at the property manager’s office. She picked up on the second ring. “Hello?”

“Hi there, sweet Casibom thing. Whatcha doing?” I asked.

“Sitting here bored to tears. Why aren’t you at work?”

I explained that I was a consultant and that aside from an occasional overnight trip to visit a client, I worked at home. “Just got up. I’m having some coffee. Oh, by the way, thanks for the card and the flower.”

“My pleasure. So, do you think last night was great?”

“You bet I do. I want some more.”

“Me too. What are you gonna do the rest of the afternoon?”

“I’m beat. You wore me out last night. I’m gonna go back to bed and sleep some more.”

Margie giggled. “Mind if I join you?”

“I’d like that,” I replied.

“OK. I hafta show a condo at 2:30. After that I’ll close the office and pop up to your place.”

“C Ya then,” I said.

I went into the living room, flopped on the couch, rolled onto my back, and quickly dozed off. It seemed I had just fallen asleep when I was awakened by a warm, wet sensation in my crotch area. It was a hot August afternoon and I was sleeping in the buff. Margie had let herself in, knelt down beside the couch, and was concentrating on giving me a first rate blowjob. The warm, wet sensation was my dick sliding down her throat. I started to sit up, but Margie pushed me back. “Lay back and enjoy this,” she mumbled, in between slurps. After she got me good and lathered up, she stroked my cock with one hand while she sucked my balls. I had never felt anything that good before. I was hard as a rock. I knew if she kept this up much longer I was gonna bust a nut for sure. I wanted some more of her hot, sweet pussy, and told her so. “Don’t make me cum. Save a little bit, baby. I wanna fuck.”

Margie sat up and grinned at me. “Me too,” she said.

I stood up walked toward the front door. “I’ll lock up. You get us a couple of cold ones,” I told her.

“You’re on,” Margie said, and headed for the kitchen.

As I headed back to the living room Margie met me in the dining room. She had two beers in her hand and set them on the table. She Casibom Giriş wrapped her arms around my waist, pressed up against me, and gave me a wet, sloppy kiss. She was still wearing her business dress and I told her to get naked. She untangled herself, stepped out of her heels, turned her back to me and said, “Unzip me, hun.”

I did as she asked, and she pulled the dress over her head and dropped it at her feet. Next, she took off her bra, letting those pendulous pancake tits swing free. Finally, she hooked her thumbs under the waist of her tight fitting panties and wiggled them over her ample hips down to her ankles and stepped out of them. As she did so, I stared at her plump figure shimmying with the effort. She might appear matronly in a dress I thought, but Margie looks downright nasty with her clothes off. By now I was stiff as a board and she saw it.

She moved toward me and grabbed my cock. We locked in a tight embrace and kissed. I played with the cheeks of Margie’s ass while she stroked my cock and rubbed her crotch against my thigh. I slid a hand into her thick, dark bush, and felt that she was wet. Margie wrapped one leg around the back of my thigh, ground her cunt against my leg, and moaned softly in my ear. I grabbed her by the ass and lifted her off the floor. Margie wrapped her legs around my waist and whispered in my ear, “I want you right now.”

I carried her to the dining room table and sat her on the edge. Margie spread her legs and I slipped the head of my dick inside her. Even though she was wet and juicy, her pussy was tight and it was slow going penetrating her. I still found it hard to believe that a 57-year-old woman who’d had 3 kids could be this tight. I worked my cock from side, back and forth in short, slow strokes until I got it all the way in. Margie wrapped her legs around my waist tighter and we swapped tongues. She gripped me tightly with her legs, and clasped her arms around my neck. We stared into each other’s eyes and started fucking. Margie’s pussy got wetter and she started to loosen up. She reclined on her back on the table. As she did so I leaned into her and increased the depth and intensity of my strokes. In a couple of minutes we were in that real comfortable groove. We were really getting into it. Fucking, giggling, and just plain having fun.

Margie smiled up at me and said, “Honey, I’ve been wanting to feel your cock inside me since I woke up this morning.”

“And I’ve been dreaming about getting in your pants all day,” I said.

“You fit inside me like we were made for each other,” Margie said.

“Just like a hand in a glove,” I replied.

By now we were getting comfortable with each other and we were less nervous than last night. As a result, we could concentrate on our lovemaking and enjoy how nice it felt.

As I slid my cock in and out of her, I told Margie, “Nice not to have to worry about your hubby walking in on us.”

“Yeah, and he’s gone to LA overnight, so we got all evening to play, if you want.”

“I want.”

By now I was driving deep and hard. Margie was working her pussy like a pro, rolling her round, wide ass from side on the table as I slammed into her. Her slightly paunchy belly and her titties quivered with the force of each stroke. We were both so hot that we were ready to cum in an instant. I thrust myself as deep inside Margie as I could, arched my back, gasped loudly, and shot a wad inside her, cumming in a series of spasms. Margie squealed and howled and dug her heels into my ass. She clamped her pussy tight as a vise and tossed her hips back and forth. I looked down at her and saw her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. She tossed her head from side to side, grasped me tightly with her legs one last time, then went limp. We stayed locked together like that for quite awhile, Margie lying on the table, me standing over her with my cock still inside her, both of us spent, panting, and savoring the after glow of our furious mating.

Eventually I pulled out, leaving a wet trail on the edge of the table. Margie stood up and we walked arm in arm to the bedroom and slipped into bed. Cum began running out of Margie’s pussy and onto the sheets, leaving a huge wet spot, but we didn’t care. We had the whole evening to ourselves. We dozed off, dreaming of the fun we’d have later that night.

To Be Continued…

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