Ailis is Sold to His Lordship Ch. 02

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When she got to the kitchen, the tub was gone, but Lara took a pail of warm water and told Ailis to stand over it so that she could rewash her now that she was shaved and clean. Ailis was beyond modesty at this point and knew that she and Lara were to be closer than friends if they were to go through these things together, so she warmed to the idea of having another female to share the experience overall.

As Lara cleaned Ali off she finally got to have a good look at the beauty his Lordship had paid so handsomely to own. She was no more than 5’4″ but was perfectly formed everywhere. Firm full breasts with small pink areola and budding nipples, flat trim tummy leading to a perfectly sculpted pair of tightly nestled cunt lips, and slender shapely legs. Her high round bottom sloped upwards from a dimpled lower back, up a strong, muscled back. Her face was innocent and open, surrounded by dark flowing wavy hair, and deep green eyes set within long lashes… all of it covered with flawless milky skin. She was definitely a prize worth having, even without lineage. She would be happy Lara hoped, and in turn make his Lordship happy as well.

Lara finished cleaning Ailis and told her to lie on the fur rug in front of the fireplace to dry, and that she would join her in a minute. Ali did as she was told. She was beginning to trust her and had formed an attachment to the girl already in her distress.

Lara laid beside Ali and looked at her body in the firelight, “Ailis, you will be happy here, I promise. And you will like what his Lordship offers you in this new life.”

Ailis looked up at the young girl leaning over her, and half-smiled, “I know. I am not really sure what I am to do here, and this beginning has left me a little afraid, but I am willing to keep trying.”

“That’s good pet,” Lara said. “It will get so much easier now, honestly, you’ll look back and realize it as the start of something truly pleasurable.”

Ali closed her eyes and Lara began to caress her naked body. She didn’t bother to open her eyes, her trust for Lara complete, she knew she would do whatever she wanted her to do. “Ailis pet, open your thighs a bit for me, there is something else his Lordship has asked me to take care of before he revisits tonight.”

Ailis obeyed her new friend, knowing she would never hurt her, and was pleasantly surprised to feel Lara’s soft fingers tracing a line down her stomach and up one thigh, then down the other, over and over. The sensation was lovely and giving Ali chills all over her body. Something that didn’t go unnoticed by Lara, who leaned in and kissed one of the girl’s erect nipples lightly. Her pink tongue came out and rolled the growing bud around its surface, then her teeth clamped down firmly enough to elicit a shocked, “OH” from Ali, before it turned into a soft moan of pleasure instead “Mmm, Lara, that feels very nice.”

Lara blew air over the moist nipple and watched in awe as it hardened and grew, “Oh, they’re fantastic,” she said quietly, taking the nipple back into her hot mouth.

Ali was moaning and arching her back to get Lara to keep sucking her breast, while Lara was refocusing her movement on reaching Ali’s pussy. As her fingers crept along the side of the girl’s open thigh, Lara looked up long enough to see the moisture that had coated the skin between her legs glistening in the firelight. She moaned and took Ailis’ nipple back into her mouth, licking and biting until the girl was fully distracted from Lara’s fingers beginning to probe the outer lips of her girlish cunt.

When Lara finally made contact with Ali’s very wet hole, she moaned loudly and parted her thighs even further to allow Lara to move her hand deeply into her soaked pussy. Lara was very careful Kartal Escort not to stick her fingers into Ailis though, his Lordship wanted her intact for himself. But Lara was allowed to do anything else she liked.

As Lara’s fingers began moving up Ali’s slit, parting her small, wet lips and moving toward her clit, Ailis began to pant and beg, “Oh Lara, please, please help me, it’s burning inside me, I feel like I’m on fire.”

“That’s normal pet, it feels wonderful doesn’t it?” the older girl said as she brushed against Ali’s completely erect and swollen clit. When her hips lifted off the ground, Lara was ready to move forward a bit more with her.

“I’m going to move now Ali, but I promise, you will like what happens next very very much,” Lara said.

“Don’t leave me,” Ailis sighed.

Lara reassured her, “I’m not leaving pet, just moving to another part of your body. You’ll see. There’s a good girl… spread your legs apart for me, hold them up in the air, and then let them fall as far apart as you can still holding them up, okay?”

“Yes Lara, whatever you want me to do,” Ailis said breathlessly while lifting her legs high and spreading them very far apart, almost in a straddle, yet still held off the ground, with Lara guiding them into the position she wanted them in.

Lara kneeled between Ali’s spread-eagle thighs, the firelight casting a rosy warm glow over her glistening, open and hairless pussy. Lara was practically drooling, her cunt looked so edible.

Lara slowly lowered her lips to within an inch of Ali’s clit and blew gently on the engorged button. When her thighs shuddered from their upright position in response, Lara flicked out her tongue and caught the poor girl’s swollen, sensitive nub perfectly with the tip of her tongue.

“OH, ooooh” Ailis cried, feeling Lara’s sucking lips close in around her. Her hips bucked and her legs shook and spread further out.

Lara placed her hands on the insides of Ali’s thighs to hold them perfectly apart so she could dig in more fiercely to the feast before her. She inhaled deeply of the sweet perfume of her young charge before dipping her tongue into the thick liquid flowing from her tightly closed virgin cunt.

“Mmmm,” Lara moaned, her tongue pushing into Ailis’ little box, drawing out her juices and drinking them in. “Ali, you taste like mulberries, fresh and brand new.” Lara was very grateful that Macleod was allowing her to do this to his new pet.

Her fingers now moved from the girl’s thighs, but her lips stayed firmly glued to her cunt. Tongue swirling around inside her little hole, then up between her swollen lips to the pleasure button she could barely wait to push, she moved her hands towards Ali’s pussy and ass with a plan in mind to take the girl over the edge, but not yet she thought. Perhaps she could push her a bit further in this one session than she thought possible at first.

Ailis was writhing and begging Lara to help her, barely coherent or knowing what was going on, her moans and screams becoming a constant chain of music to Lara’s ears. The older girl knew the pleasure she was giving Ali, and she was happy it was well received.

“OH, Lara, Lara please, help me,”she cried, her hands grasping at Lara’s head, legs trembling uncontrollably, eyes unfocused and breathing heavy and panting, “Oh please Lara, I’m falling so far, please, it hurts to hold it in.”

It was good that the girl was already instinctively holding herself back from an orgasm without even knowing it. She was going to prove a worthy purchase after all for his Lordship.

“That’s wonderful love, just a bit longer and then you will be allowed to let it go,” Lara promised. “But for now you Kartal Escort Bayan must hold on.”

Lara stood up and removed her clothing as well. Ailis was doing so well, she thought it was a good time to simply go the entire distance now and save some effort for the girl in the process. She was so far over the edge, she was ready and willing to do whatever she was told now.

“You may bend your legs now Ali, and relax a moment,” Lara pulled back from between her thighs and allowed Ailis to relax her legs. She was planning to have the girl’s cunt straddled over her face to give her ample access to her treasures, while allowing Ailis to experience tasting another girl’s pussy for the first time at her own pace as well.

“Sit up pet,” Lara said, laying down where Ailis had been laying. “Now I want you to stand over my head, and then kneel down so that one knee is on each side of my head near my ears. Then I want you to put your hands on the floor between my open thighs. Whenever you feel the urge, you may lick or play with my cunt too. In fact, if you like, when I do something to you, you may do the same thing to me.”

Ailis was very nervous, but her system was so revved up that she would have done anything Lara told her to do, and so she nodded her agreement and scrambled to take her place over the other beautiful naked girl. She had time to notice that Lara was equally gorgeous, and had a fresh, clean, hairless pussy as well, before the older girl had her hands on Ali’s cunt, parting her lips and using her fingers to draw the juice from her.

Lara wrapped her arms around Ali’s legs and placed one hand on each of her thighs, pulling the girl’s cunt down to her mouth, sticking her tongue into her hole repeatedly, moaning, and sucking on her now throbbing clit.

“OH GOD,” Ailis cried out, diving down between Lara’s open thighs and tasting her sweet, juicy pussy for the first time. Her moans were buried in Lara’s cunt, her tongue giving the older girl an equal lashing, as her hips bucked under Ali’s eager mouth.

Lara simply dug deeper into her tasty cunt with each sensation washing over her, and moaned as she sucked thickly on the young virgin’s clit, feeling it swell even larger in her mouth. Ali was grinding her hips against her face, and with her hands still wrapped around Ali’s ass, she held open her lips a bit and slid her tongue up and down the smooth slit.

“Nnnmm,” Lara moaned, the vibration causing Ali’s thighs to shudder. Lara smiled when she felt it, gently dipped her finger into Ailis’ pussy and rubbed the juice on her asshole while pulling the girl’s cunt back onto her hungry mouth.

Ailis screamed loudly, and then moaned continuously, while Lara pulled her open ass close enough to flick her tongue at the tight hole and cover it in saliva. Moving down again to focus on Ailis’ cunt, Lara pushed the first knuckle of her middle finger into Ali’s virgin asshole and the girl moaned more deeply into Lara’s now dripping cunt.

Lara was very close to her orgasm, but she wanted to get Ailis over the edge first and so began in earnest to do what she knew would cause the virgin to cum all over her face.

“I’m going to make you cum now Ali, it’s okay to let go if you feel like you need to now,” Lara said.

Ailis only nodded her head and kept moaning into Lara’s pussy, so Lara turned her attention back to pushing her to full orgasm. Keeping her knuckle lodged in her tight little ass, she once again pulled Ali’s cunt to within inches of her mouth, but this time she used her free hand to hold open the girl’s lips, and focused only on gently lapping at her exposed clit with a firm, hard tongue in one moment, alternating with flicking it sharply Escort Kartal in another. Lapping, flicking, lapping, flicking.

In a matter of moments, Ailis’ juices began to flow like a stream from her parted thighs and her body was trembling all over. Lara clasped onto her clit hard with her lips and sucked and flicked it with her tongue at the same time.

Ailis sat upright at once, her hips grinding wildly into Lara’s face, “OH, I’m cumming, oh God, OH!”

Lara kept her sucking and flicking going until Ailis went back to work on her pussy. When she felt her stop convulsing, she let go and gave the girl instructions on how to suck and lick her to the same orgasm, and within moments, Ailis was drinking up Lara’s juices too.

The girls collapsed next to each other, satiated, but full of a curious energy, and with a gleam in their eyes. Lara got up first and went to heat the water to wash them. The night was over for her, but Ailis had a long time ahead of her to go and Lara wanted to make sure she was clean and ready for more within the hour.

“Come Ailis, I’ll wash you for his Lordship’s arrival,” Lara said, and went to fetch the water.

It was near 7PM when his Lordship entered the house and Lara excused herself and left, hugging Ali and promising to see her again soon before she left. Ali was strangely nervous now around him and did not understand why, but her apprehension grew when he walked over to where she sat and sat right next to her.

She had on a long silk embroidered gown. It was more luxurious than anything she had ever owned and it felt heavenly against her skin. Macleod noticed her apprehension though, and asked if she were alright.

“Yes,” she replied, “though I am still unsure of what you want from me here.”

“You will learn about that quite shortly Ali” he replied. “You enjoyed your time with Lara I hope?”

Her blush did not go unnoticed, and he moved quickly ahead, “Ah, good. I’m glad, then there will be no need for delay.” Ali thought he was going to leave, but he took her by the hand as he said, “Follow me Ali.”

She did so quietly, and with a bit of hesitation, but his hand on hers pulled her forward ever so slightly, making hesitation impossible. He walked through the kitchen with her, and into the root cellar, and she wondered where he was going, when he opened a door that she didn’t see before that had been carved into the wall of the root cellar.

She pulled back again, but he tugged on her hand and brought her through the dark passage with him. She was huddled against him and could not see clearly where they were going, but he knew his way and took each turn easily. It seemed to Ailis that they went slightly downhill but her senses were so tense she couldn’t think clearly.

Finally he stopped in front of a door and turned a key in a lock. The room opened into a cavernous area lit only by candlelight chandeliers and floor candelabras. It was draped in rich fabrics and heavily padded rugs and furs lined the floors. When Ali saw what hung in the center of the room, as well as the equipment on the walls and floors, she tried to get away. What had she done? She couldn’t do it.

“My Lord,” she stammered, “I am sorry, I cannot, please, let me go back to my parents, I will work in your house the rest of my days doing any hard labor you ask, please my Lord I beg of you.” She was almost in tears, but Macleod had waited years for her and he was not going to give in. Not even an inch.

“No Ali. You are mine now. I have bought and paid for you. And I will be gentle with you, but you will obey me, and do everything that I tell you or you will be punished, severely. Is that clear?” he whispered quietly to her.

The girl looked down at the ground, realizing there was nothing she could do now, that she must submit or be punished somehow. And although she didn’t readily understand what His Lordship could mean by punishment, she could not believe it would be worse than what she imagined her fate to be if she went quietly in that room.

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