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“I’m just saying, he’s too old for my baby,” Cecile stated, staring at her best friend, Angela.

“Anastacia is not a baby. She’s 21, for Christ’s sake. And so what if he’s a few years older than her. A mature man can help her…”

“Can take advantage of her…. All my baby knows is sports and her school work. She’s not into men like that. He’s going to hurt my baby…”

“You don’t even know the man…”

“I know men!” Cecile stated firmly. “All of them are just alike. They all think with their dicks and not their hearts.”
“That’s not fair, besides, she just met him…what…three weeks ago when she was home. All they’ve been doing is talking on the phone.”

“She chases me off the phone to answer his calls,” Cecile said, exasperated. “He’s the first person she talks to in the morning, and the last at night.”

Angela chuckled. “You’re going to have to let go…cut her navel string one day, Cecile. You should be happy that she’s finally getting a taste of love.”

“That’s not love,” Cecile snarled. “That man wants to fuck my baby and then he’s going to leave her high and dry. He’s going to hurt my baby’s heart.”

“How you know he’s not Mr. Right?”

“Mr. Right Now,” Cecile scowled.

“I think you are being too hard on the man. Besides, give him time to show who he really is. If he’s a dog, in time, it’ll come out. A dog can’t hide forever.”

“That’s just it, Angela, we don’t have any time. He wants to take her on a cruise when she comes home for summer break.”

“That’s so nice,” Angela swooned.

“She comes home in a week.”

“I know you’re a concerned mother, but don’t do anything that will cause Anastacia to be mad at you.”

“I’m going to do what I have to do to make sure this dog doesn’t hurt my baby.”

“Be careful, Cecile. Very careful. This shit could backfire on your ass and ruin the realtionship you two have.”

“This is a grown ass man I’m trying to protect her from. He’s nothing but an old dog trying to take advantage of my baby. And I’m not going to let that happen!”

* * *

“Coming out to the club ain’t nothing like it used to be, bro,” Jerome said to his younger brother, Mikey, as they waited for the parking valet to bring Jerome’s Maxima. “I remember when I coulda come to the club and pick, choose and refuse hos.”

“You ain’t lying, bro. All I come out for now is to get my drink on and unwind after busting my ass all week,” Mikey explained.

“I feel you,” Jerome said as the valet stopped in front of him. He tipped the valet and jumped behind the wheel.

Mikey jumped in the passenger’s seat. “That’s why I always pick up one a my lil tricks, get her some weed, something to eat, and take her to a hotel til I come back from the club.”

Jerome laughed as he pulled off. “And what do you do if you find something in the club?”

“Go fuck! Then go to the hotel and fuck again,” Mikey stated like it should have been obvious.

Jerome started laughing. “You always fucking with hos that live with their man.”

“Them the best ones. Let someone else deal with them hos problems. I fuck. That’s what I do. Them some nice hos that I fuck, but hos have too much drama when involved in relationships.”

“So, what you saying is that it’s stress free and less drama when you the other man?”

“Hell yeah! See you wouldn’t understand ’cause you have all them hos feeling like you’re their man…”

“But I don’t have no drama.” Jerome laughed.

“See, you be fucking with them good girls. The professional women. I ain’t gonna lie, bro, you run your hos…”

The sound of Jerome’s ringing phone stopped Mikey midspeech. Jerome checked his caller ID. “Anastcia’s mom! What the fuck?”

“Anastacia? That tall, fine ass chick that plays volleyball for UCON? The one you met in the club about three weeks ago?”

“Yeah. Wife to be.” Jerome grinned.

“What the hell you doing with her mother’s cell phone number, bro? More importantly, what her mother doing calling you at three forty five in the morning? Booty call?”

“Shut up!” Jerome said, pressing the green icon. “Hello?”

“Hello? Where are you?” a female voice asked.

It wasn’t Anastacia for sure. The woman sounded a little older. “On my way home?” Jerome answered tentatively.

“I thought you were taking me to get something to eat?” she asked, sounding disappointed.

She sounded a little tipsy too.

Jerome stifled a laugh as he looked across to his brother who was making fuck faces and humping motions in the passenger seat. “May I ask who you want to speak to?”

“Who is this?” she asked, sounding alarmed. “Is this Jermaine?”

“No, I’m sorry you must have dialed the wrong number.”

“Who is this? Your number is programmed into my phone,” she demanded.

“This is Jerome. I’m a friend of Anastacia’s…”

“Anastacia’s friend? What your number doing program in my phone?” she asked with a little attitude.

“Is this her mother?”

“Yes, it is!”

“I met her when she was home three weeks ago. She had your phone… I think her phone had gotten stolen…”

“Oh yeah, I remember now,” she chuckled, sounding a bit at ease. “I’m sorry for calling you at this hour…”

“That’s quite alright…”

“I was trying to call a friend of mine. He was supposed to take me for something to eat, but he disappeared on my as…listen to me, I’m telling you all my business. Alcohol just loosens my tongue. I’m sorry for calling you.”

“That’s okay. It was nice talking to you,” Jerome said, chuckling.

“Please don’t tell Anastacia…she hates when I go out for drinks.”

“It’ll be out little secret,” Jerome said, chuckling.
“Promise?” she cooed.

“I promise.”

“Thank you,” she said. “Okay. Drive safely.”

“You too,” Jerome said. “Bye.”

“Byyyyyye,” she sang, ending the call.

Mikey laughed. “That was a booty call. Mama want some.”

“You crazy, bro. Besides, her mama don’t know me.”

“Mama fine?” Mikey asked with a raised brow.

“I don’t know. I’ve never met the woman. She sounds sexy as hell, though.”

“If her daughter takes after her, she probably is fine,” Mikey said as he fired up a joint. He hit it and passed it over.

Jerome cranked up the volume as he got on I-95 North. He took a hit of the joint and passed it back. “You know what, I’m going home. I don’t feel like being bothered with none a my hos tonight. She done got me thinking about Anastacia. And this weed only ga make me hungry. I’ll drop myself off and you can take my ride.”

“My car already by the hotel. Why can’t you just drop me off?” Mikey asked as he took out a napkin from his wallet. He unrolled it and took out half a blue pill and threw it in his mouth. Then he chugged the remainder of the water that he had brought out of the club.

“Because I don’t feel like passing home to drop you off. Just drop me and carry the car.”

Five minutes later, Jerome pulled in front of their house, pressed the button for the garage door and hopped out. It wasn’t until he was inside and upstairs getting undressed that he remembered his cell phone. He had left it in the Max.

Three minutes later, Mikey stared at his brother’s ringing phone. Anastacia’s mom. What the fuck does she want now? I’m not answering that shit, he thought as he headed on a collision course for the hotel. The phone stopped ringing, then started up again. Mikey ignored it again. The third time it rung, he answered it. It has to be an emergency. “Hello?”

“Are you home already,” the female asked.


“Well why weren’t you answering the phone? You making a booty call or something?”

“No,” Mikey said, then took a pull on the joint, laughing because she didn’t know it wasn’t Jerome she was talking to.

“Are you smoking?”

She sounded intrigued rather than repugnant, so he said, “Mmmm-hmmm.”

Her voice became soft and sounded sexy. “I called to ask a favor…”

“What kind of favor?” Mikey asked.

“Well my friend izmit rus escort had to run home to his nagging ass wife, and I’m hungry. But I don’t want to sit in IHOP by myself, not at this hour. Why don’t you join me? My treat.”

“Which IHOP are you at?”
“I’m not there yet. I was calling to see if you’d meet me first.”

“Which one are you going to?”

“I live in Sawgrass…there’s one right off of University.”

“I know where it is. I’m about five minutes away.”

“Alright. I’ll meet you there. What are you driving?” she asked.

“A black Nissan Maxima. You?”

“I’m in a burgundy Jaguar XK.”

“Niiiice,” Mikey sang. “I’ll be in the parking lot when you get there.”

“Don’t smoke it all before I get there,” she purred.

Mikey hung up the phone and laughed. If mama fine, I’m damn sure gonna try and fuck. Especially if she trying to get her smoke on.

Seven minutes later, Mikey watched as the burgundy XK pulled in at the IHOP. She pulled right next to him, shut off the engine and got out. From what he could see over the roof of the car, Mama was pretty as fuck. And young looking. When she walked around the back of the car and he got a good look at her body, his dick started getting hard. “Damn, Mama fine as fuck!” Voluptuous. Now I know why she didn’t want to go into IHOP by herself. Anywhere she go, she’ll get all kinds of unwanted attention. Especially in the skirt and top she’s wearing. Her outfit wasn’t revealing or slutty or anything; it was classy and tasteful, but emphasized everything she had.

Mikey took a hit and leaned over and opened the passenger door for her. Her smile lit up the interior.

“Oh that smells wonderful,” she said as she hopped in and closed the door behind her. “I haven’t smoked since college,” she said, taking the offered joint.

“I plan on stopping when I get my MBA.” Mikey chuckled.

She took a long draw.

“You might want to take it easy with that,” Mikey said a second too late.

She started coughing, but she refused to pass the joint. She held it as she eyed him over. She took another hit, pulling a little easier this time. She kicked off her slingbacks and twisted sideways to face him. She caught his eyes locked onto her cleavage and smiled. She brought the joint up to her lips and took another pull. The weed had her feeling good. And the wine she had drank earlier had made her extremely horny. She knew she could get any man she wanted, so this was going to be fun. And easy. I’ll expose the dog and save Anastacia from a broken heart.

She ran her fingers playfully over her collarbone, then down between her breasts.

Mikey’s dick stiffened. The blue pill was in full effect. Either he was going to fuck mama, or he had to get to the hotel to Shelley Ann. “So you gonna let me hit that?” Mikey asked.

“You’re not shy at all, are you?” She blushed. “You sure you can handle me?” she asked, leaning forward and rubbing the inside of his thigh.

“I was referring to the joint, but since you brought it up,” he said, making his dick jump in his pants, “I’m sure I can handle whatever challenges I’m presented with.” Their eyes locked. “My question is, can you?”

Her hand slid from his thigh to his throbbing dick. “Mmmmm, this is nice,” she swooned.

“You can take it out to get a better feel of it. Underneath all this cloth really doesn’t do it any justice. It really is a work of art,” Mikey boasted.

She accepted his challenge without a moment’s hesitation. She unzipped his pants and took it out. Ten inches of throbbing black meat. “Oh, God. This is…we need to go someplace. Anyplace,” she said as she skinned the foreskin back, leaned over and started kissing and licking his head.

“Ohhh shittttt!!! Where do you want to go?” Mikey barely got out as his eyes threatened to roll back into his head.

“Anywhere,” she mumbled as she kissed and licked and flicked her tongue around his head greedily.

Mikey leaned the seat back until he was almost lying flat. He hit the joint one more time as she got more enthusiastic with her tongue. He knew he wasn’t going to come from a blowjob, but it felt too fucking good to stop her.

He reached over and started caressing her ass. Damn! Her ass was so soft, it made him whimper. He wanted to get up in her, but he couldn’t do that in the Maxima. And he definitely couldn’t do it in IHOP’s parking lot. He couldn’t take her to a hotel, because he didn’t have enough cash for that. And he didn’t want to go to her place, because he didn’t know if he could do that, nor what her relationship status was. The only place he could take her is home. “What about your car?” Mikey asked.

She didn’t stop to answer. She flailed her hand as if she didn’t care about that.

Fuck it, he thought and fired up the Maxima. He positioned his hand so that he could steer over her as she continued to feverishly work his dick. She was sucking; he was caressing and fondling her breasts, and every part of her that he could touch.

Both of them were making all the appropriate noises as he raced home.

When he pulled into the garage and shut down the engine, she finally raised her head from his lap. She kissed him like a possessed woman. Hungrily. Greedily.

Mikey’s dick ached to get up in her. “Let’s go,” he said as the garage door finished rolling down and the automatic light flicked off. They got out the Maxima, and as he stood at the front waiting for her to come around to him, he really got a good look at her. She didn’t seem a day over thirty five. As young as he was, he was confident that he was gonna kill her sexy old ass with dick.

Lust was oozing from her face. She grabbed his hand and pulled him tightly against her body. They were about the same height, so everything lined up. Their lips smashed against each others. Wisps of pleasurable moans escaped her lips as their tongues darted back and forth in each other’s mouth.

Mikey’s hands fumbled with the zipper of her skirt. He got it unfastened, then got a firm grip on her cheeks. He picked her up as if she weighed nothing, spun her around and placed her on the top of the hot hood.

She swooned in surprise, wrapped her sculptured legs around his waist and pulled him right into her so that his dick was rubbing her the right way.

His hands fumbled with her skirt until he had it up and out of the way. Both of them fumbled with his belt and pants and underwear until nothing was between them except her sodden underwear which she savagely pulled to the side so that his raw head could glide up and down between her blood engorged lips.

She was grinding desperately against his hot, throbbing head now. Her pussy was hot and wet and aching to feel that throbbing mass of meat. Gripping his hips, she pulled him forward, plunging his rock-hard ten inches into her. She shut her eyes and screamed as his dick stretched and filled her to the brim. She hadn’t felt pain and pleasure like that since she lost her virginity. She was trying to get use to the feeling, but he didn’t give her time. He started moving that big dick around inside of her. It was hot and hard. Fire coursed through her body. Then there was the additional heat beneath her ass. She found the more she gyrated her ass up and into his deep punishing strokes, the less she felt the heat beneath her ass.

This was the first woman over thirty that Mikey has ever had the pleasure of fucking, so he had something to prove. He was fucking her like he had all mankind riding on his performance. His strokes were bringing out all the appropriate noises and fuck-faces that he got out of younger women, so he knew he was beating that pussy up good. That was all the boost his ego needed.

He picked her completely up off the hood and slowed down to his wicked winding.

“Awwwwwww fuuuuuck, baby! Sssssss!”

“You like that,” he asked.

“Mmmm-hmmmm,” she mumbled as he guided her hips into a slow rocking motion that made her clit rub against his muscular pelvis.

She started nibbling his lip. “Oh God, yeah. That feels good.”

“I want izmit escort you to cum for me before we go inside,” he muttered against her sweet lips.

“You don’t have to worry about…about…” Her whimpering got cut short as tiny jolts of lightning struck all through her causing her body to spasm involuntarily. “0h God, I’m cumming.” Her pace quickened and her entire body vibrated as her orgasm resonated through her.

Mikey felt good taking her inside. Now he was going to take her upstairs and put a proper fucking on her sexy old ass. He continued stroking her until her orgasm subsided, then he walked toward the door, stirring the pot as he went. He told her to reach behind her and turn the knob. She got the door opened without any problem.

The door opened directly into the kitchen, and as they were passing the refrigerator, she stopped him. “Grab something cold to drink.”

Without losing rhythm, he stopped. She opened the fridge, leaned in a bit, and pulled out two bottles of water. He bumped the door closed and started for the stairs.

Going up the stairs was a bit more difficult. Unsteadily, they made their way up bumping into the wall and railing. She was giggling. They slipped and fell. She started laughing, and he covered her mouth quickly as he landed on top of her. Her legs found their way around his waist and she locked both arms around his neck. They kissed passionately as he stroked down into her. She started grunting and humping up to meet his strokes. He felt his head slamming against the gristle at the very back of her pussy. His head felt as if it was curving and going into another portion of her pussy. Each time his head bounced against the gristle, her body convulsed. She bit his tongue as he sped up his thrusts to see if he could get one long convulsion.

He got it as she came a second time right there on the stairway.

Her legs unfolded from around his waist as he withdrew about eight of the ten inches he had inside her, using only two inches to grind around the front portion of her sweet pussy.

She started humping on it and adjusting her hips so that she was angled properly. Then she asked for a little more.

He gave her about an inch more.

“Ah, fuck yeah! Right there!” she growled as she kept his mushroom head rocking against the spongy area at the top of her pussy. “Fuck!” she hissed. “What are you trying to do to me?”

“What every woman wants a man to do to them: satisfy them…and then some,” Mikey replied, turning it up a notch.

“You…you sure are doing that,” she whimpered. “Ohh God! This dick too damn sweet….ooooooeeeeeee. I’m coming again, baby. Fuck meeeeeeee!”

Mikey readily complied. Fuck her and then some.

Once she caught her breath, Mikey decided it was best to take her into his room before they woke Jerome up.

Hmmm. That wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

He took her into his room and closed his bedroom door. She started undressing him as they made their way to the bed. She took charge now. She stood him up at the edge of the bed and stripped him.

After making him step out of his pants and socks –his shoes had gotten discarded somewhere between the kitchen and the stairs– she kissed her way up his inner thighs, then sucked and licked their sweet mixture of juices of his sack and then moved up his shaft. She pushed him onto the bed, and as she crawled up and over him, she let her hands roam up his muscular thighs, up his washboard stomach, all the way up to his chiseled chest. She leaned down and kissed him as she mounted that throbbing ten inches of glistening dick. When she raised up, his mouth latched onto her nipple as his hands kneaded her breast. She slipped his bulging head between her sodden lips and lowered herself until she was filled to the brim. She positioned her knees on either side of him, leaned back and smiled down at him as she started gyrating her hips. She rode him like only an experienced woman could. She got so into it that the mattress started sliding off the boxspring.

About four delicious minutes later, she exploded. Again.

Panting and glistening with sweat, she spun around into a reverse cowgirl and started riding that stiff ten inches again. With his palms spanking her ass and his skillful fingers harrassing her swollen clit, it didn’t take but a few minutes for her to build up to another sheet-tugging, earth-shattering orgasm.

She was totally exhausted, now.

Mikey wasn’t though. He flipped her onto her back and threw her legs over his shoulders. She was too weak to do anything but accept the sweet, punishing strokes that took her to another orgasm.

As she floated down from her orgasmic high, he flipped her onto her stomach. Oh shit! This my position right here. Oohhhh shit this…this Gawddammmn…this some good dick. Each stroke was replenishing her energy. She got up on her knees, and much to her delight, he pounded her mercilessly until her knees got weak and she fell flat on her stomach. He didn’t miss a stroke. He fell right on top of her and continued to methodically fuck her toward ecstasy.

It was obvious to her that her pleasure was his pleasure. She couldn’t say that for too many men. And he was properly equipped to give her pleasure. She couldn’t say that about too many men, either. His dick had every nerve ending in her pussy tingling. It felt too good for her to tell him to stop or even slow down, but she was truly afraid to cum again. She didn’t know if she could handle another orgasm without pulling out her own hair. And then there was the damn soft sheet. It was like a soft, smooth tongue on her clit helping his stiff dick to coax another orgasm out of her. The impending orgasm was too sweet to avoid or even forestall.

Fuck it! Dick like this is few and far in between. I’ma take all he has to give.

She started throwing her hips up at him. Enthusiastically. She was determined to take his young ass with her this time, though. She started working her inner muscles and immediately felt him yeilding to her muscle control. She started working him over proper. Giving as good as she was getting.

A few minutes later, both of them grunting and panting, came to a noisy climax. They moaned and groaned and strained and stroked each other until their orgasms peaked and ebbed. Then they collapsed.

She must have dozed off, because she suddenly found herself blindfolded and tied to the bed with silk ties. She wasn’t afraid; she was tied loosely and could get her hands free if she wanted. But, she didn’t want to get free. The things his lips and tongue were doing to her felt refreshing and rejuvenating. Before she knew it, she was begging for him to fill her pussy up again with that hunk of throbbing meat.

He obliged her.

This time he wasn’t fucking her. He was more tender and passionate this time, which was good. He was giving her the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde loving. She couldn’t believe the stamina that he had. She couldn’t believe that she could come so many times and still want more. He gave her all she wanted. He gave her so much, she was afraid for Anastacia. Any man putting this much good loving on one woman would make her go against her own mother for him. This the kind of dick that make a women forsake all others. She admitted to herself that she was already trying to figure out how she could get some more of his good loving and he wasn’t even finished with her yet.

Fuck! What the hell have I gotten myself into?

One week later, Cecile said to her daughter, “Anastacia, I don’t think you’re thinking this through. He’s too old for you…”

“Where did you get that from? He’s only a few years older than me. He’s not like the guys my age, Mom. He’s mature,” Anastacia argued.

“He’s experienced….”

Angela shook her head and came to her best friend’s assistance. “Anastacia, baby, we’re just concerned that this older man is going to hurt you…”

“But you two have never met him, so how can y’all judge him? I tell you what, why don’t I call him and let y’all meet him.”

Cecile looked at Angela as Anastacia pulled out her cell phone. She didn’t want kocaeli escort to spoil this weekend, but the sooner Anastacia realized that this Jerome isn’t nothing but a dog looking to take advantage of her, the better.

Angela looked worried as she stared at Cecile. She wasn’t so sure about this, either.

Anastacia avoided both their eyes as she brought the phone up to her ear. Both women watched in horror as she spoke to Jerome. Unfortunately, they could only hear one side of the conversation. Both of them prayed that he was busy and couldn’t make it. They listened intently.

“Hello, Jerome…where are you?” She nodded, then her face lit up as she smiled. “Good. Swing by Boca Mall. Me, my mom and godmother are heading to TGIF. Why don’t you meet us…uh-huh. He’s your brother…of course you can bring him along. The more the merrier.” She giggled. “Okay. I can’t wait to see you either. Bye,” she cooed, blushing as she ended the call. She smiled at her mother and godmother. “He’s on 95, two exits north of here. He’s bringing his brother. He’s older than me too, but a little closer to my age,” she teased.

A few minutes after they were seated, Anastacia interrupted her mother’s spiel. “Here they are now!” Anastacia bounced up from the booth waving excitedly at the two young men.

Cecile cast a wary glance at Angela. “This is going to be awkward. Not to mention ugly.”

“Tell me about it,” Angela mumbled, trying to keep the nervousness from showing on her face.

Both women kept smiles plastered on their faces as they watched both young men weave their way toward their booth. They didn’t fail to notice the heads of other women swivelling to watch the two handsome young men, either.

“Here comes the young dick slinger that wants to take advantage of my precious baby girl,” Cecile mumbled under her breath.

Angela grunted in agreement. “That dick of his is just leading the way over here,” she mumbled back, then got kicked under the table by Cecile.

“The one in back looks just as dangerous. They’re brothers, so they’re both probably similarly equipped.”

“Stop,” Angela mumbled. “You trying to get me wet?” They both watched as Anastacia hugged and kissed the first young man on the cheek. She had an arm around him and turned to them bubbling. “Micheal, meet my mother and godmother, Cecile and Angela…”

Both women’s mouth fell as Mikey looked at them just as shocked. “This is your mother?” he asked, pointing at Cecile.

“We look alike, don’t we?” Anastacia gushed, leaning into Jerome and wrapping her arms lovingly around him.

“And your godmother?” Mikey asked for clarification.

Everyone composed themself. Quickly.

Mikey laughed and nodded before answering Anastacia. So I hadn’t fucked her mother. Mama finer than her godmother, though. Mmm-mmm-mmm! I damn sure want to hit mama now that I done blessed my eyes on her fine ass. Damn!

Mikey snapped out of his musings quickly. “Like sisters, rather than mother and daughter,” he said to Anastacia. He turned back to Angela and Cecile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Cecile,” he said, shaking her hand. He turned to Angela, who was blushing. “It’s a pleasure to see you again, Angela. And learn your name.”

Angela shook his hand, relieved and slightly embarrassed. “It’s good to see you again, too, Micheal,” she said, stressing his name.

Anastacia, who had been planting a kiss on Jerome’s lips, turned around and asked, “You two know each other?”

Angela glanced nervously at Cecile, then to Mikey, then back at Anastacia. “I…we…”

Mikey chuckled. “We met in IHOP’s parking lot the other night. We were there to get rid of our late night cravings,” Mikey said mischievously. “Very interesting night,” he chuckled.

Cecile and Angela nodded and smiled.

“What a coincidence,” Anastacia gushed. “This is Jerome,” she bubbled, pulling him closer to her. “Jerome, meet my mother, Cecile, and my godmother, Angela.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Cecile, or should I call you Mom?” he said, shaking her extended hand. He held her gaze and smiled.

Cecile chuckled. “Cecile will do just fine. I’m too young and fine to be anyone’s mother,” she joked.

“You’re right about that,” Mikey agreed, causing Cecile to blush.

Jerome turned to Angela. “It feels as if I know you already, Angela. I’ve heard so much about you,” he said, shaking her hands and giving her a telling smile.


After an entertaining and enjoyable lunch, Angela and Cecile sat in Cecile’s burgundy Jaguar XK and watched as Anastacia kissed Jerome on the lips. “Ain’t no saving her,” Angela said. “She’s already in love…and he probably hasn’t even put the dick on her yet. And the older brother seems smoother and much more refined than the younger brother. If that translates over to the bedroom, she’s in for a hell of a treat. One thing for sure, she’s not going to be shortchanged sexually.”

Cecile looked over and smiled. “Well, you experienced the younger brother and he rocked your world. I still don’t believe you talked me out of messing with Jerome, but you went ahead and did it…” Cecile paused, shook her head and chuckled, “…only you ended up seducing the wrong brother. And from the way you described it, it was worth it. And it turned out all good in the end.”

What Angela hadn’t told Cecile was that she thought they had ran a train on her ass. She still wasn’t sure, but before the blindfold, Mikey had fucked her raw dog and came in her; with the blindfold on, he had made love to her using a condom. The dick had felt the same –the bodies, too– but why would he have decided to wrap up then? It would have been too late. Mikey was Dr. Jekyl and Jerome was Mr. Hyde.

“Well the good thing about it is now you don’t have to feel guilty about pretending to be me, and for fucking your godchild’s man. And you’re free to get more of that young dick that you can’t stop thinking about.”

“I haven’t thought about that dick since that night.”

Cecile looked at her and hooted. Then she frilled her lips and asked, “So what you’re saying is that you’re not going to fuck him again? Let me know, now,” Cecile chimed, pulling out her phone, already scrolling for Jerome’s cell phone number. “It’s obvious those two can keep a secret. Both of them knew what you were trying to do and they probably think, no, now they’re assuming that I was in on it since you had my car and phone. They could have busted us, but they didn’t. Why didn’t they? Only conclusion I can come to is so that Mikey could hit that again,” Cecile said pointing over at Angela’s lap. “They ain’t slick. You neither. You want that young dick again…”

“Okay, damnit! I’m not saying I wouldn’t let Mikey hit it again, but I don’t care if you get you a lil taste. In fact, I highly recommend that you get him to take you to his place, blindfold and tie you up to his bed, so you can experience that Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde loving,” Angela suggested, and laughed.

“I sure as hell could use some of that,” Cecile said, resting her cell phone in her lap. “Remember what we use to say in college…”

“…Ain’t no fun if your girl can’t get none,” they both sang together, then started laughing.


Driving out of the parking lot, Jerome and Mikey laughed and slapped high-fives. “That went rather well,” Jerome said.

“I want to do Cecile,” Mikey said. “You saw the way she was looking at me while we ate? She heard about the dick I put on her girl, you can believe that!” Mikey boasted.

“Yeah, I’m quite sure she bragged about what happened to her after she woke up rather than what happened before she went to sleep,” Jerome chuckled.

“In your dreams!” Mikey said, laughing. “It would have been nice if it had been Anastacia’s mother, bro…she’s fine as fuck. I’ll marry that cougar. But if it had been Cecile, you would have gotten to fuck mother and daughter. How many people can say they did that? But don’t worry, Cecile’s going to call. You better just hope you’re home when I blindfold her sexy ass.”

Both of them laughed. They stared at each other, then said in unison, “Ain’t no fun if my bro can’t get none!”

** More Jerome and Mikey coming soon. Full length novel, “Bahamain Brothers.” Stay tuned……

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