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It was a nice sunny day, not too warm but comfortable. I had been working all morning on a computer that just wasn’t doing what it should when I received a phone call from a lady. Her computer was playing up and could I look at it. I told her sure and took her address down, not too far from me. I told her I would be over in an hour.

When I arrived at her house I was surprised, it was very large with well laid out lawns with shrubs and trees. Nice flowers in the front and down the drive. I went up and rang the doorbell. A lady answered, she was about 25 and had brown eyes, but that was all I could tell as she was wearing a scarf, she was Arabic. Aisha smiled when she saw me and said I must be the computer man. I entered the house and left my shoes at the front door with the others. She guided me inside and showed me where her computer was. It was a fairly new one and had a burner and surprisingly a webcam and scanner.

It didn’t take me long to work out what the problem was, and while I was working Aisha brought me a coffee and a cake and left me to finish. After I had it done I checked the hard drive to see how much space she had left on it, she had lots left, then browsed through the directories being a nosy stickybeak. I just couldn’t help it the webcam had me intrigued. Before I found anything Aisha came back and asked how it was going. I closed explorer and ran scandisk telling her it was all fixed and that I was just running a disk checking program to make sure that was fine.

That was when I got my biggest shock,

“Have you seen the pictures on my computer?” she asked.

“No” I answered honestly ” I hadn’t got that far”.

“Ah, at least your honest” She said laughing.

Just then the scan disk program finished and I told her all was fine.

“Good now if you go to the “my pictures” directory while I am doing something I am sure you will like it” She said looking deeply at me.

I was puzzled, why would a Moslem woman, who are normally very shy, be directing me to her directory of pictures. I would have expected her husband or mother to be here when I came and certainly not expect to be shown any pictures.

Full of curiosity I browsed to the directory and sat stunned. Here she was in pictures that showed her slowly stripping for the camera, then naked, then masturbating, using toys. Under all those clothes she had the body of a goddess. Not a single hair on any part of her body, beautiful breasts with hard brown nipples and big lips that just begged to be sucked. I was mesmerised by it all. There was a movie there so I clicked on it. The music started first, the belly dancing music and then Aisha came into view, slowly dancing şerifali escort rotating her stomach. Then as she smiled at the camera she removed items of clothing till she was completely naked, dancing faster and faster as the music sped up.

I heard a noise behind me and looked around to see Aisha standing behind me smiling.

“You like?” she said.

“Yes I do, but why have you shown me? I would not normally expect any woman to show me this let alone…”

“An Arabic women?” she asked. “I hope your not one of these prejudiced pigs” she said

“No, but I know about your religion” I replied.

“My husband and I are separated so he is no longer of any consequence” she replied ” but if your not interested or don’t like me then don’t worry”

“You are magnificent,” I said ” But …”

“Why?” she enquired, ” your honest and trustworthy, you said you hadn’t looked in my hard drive at my pictures yet, which means you were going to and didn’t lie about it. I have had one lover, my husband, he was older than me but very selfish. He only thought of himself. I have been well taught to look after the man but I want a man to look after me. He was also, um how shall I put it, not built to please a woman..” she laughed a bit.

“Dance for me like in the movie please then I will show you how I can please you”.

She told me to wait and went out, after 5 minutes she came back in the same harem costume and put some music on. She slowly started to belly dance. She rotated her stomach and danced over to me leaning over me and pushing her breasts in my face. She smelt like heaven and had me aroused as soon as she started. Slowly she started to remove her clothes. When she just had some material around her waist she danced over and motioned for me to hold the end, I did that and she moved away and started to turn, as she did the material unravelled exposing her legs and arse. I could not wait to lie her back and eat her, I wondered if she would let me play with her beautiful arse, if she would enjoy me eating her, if she sucked cock, if she had even been fucked in the arse, but most of all I was hard in anticipation.

Once she was naked she danced over swinging her hips and smiling, I put my hands on her hips and she danced while I rubbed her then I leant forward and kissed her stomach and ran my tongue around her navel. I held her arse, which was flawless, and slowly licked my way up to her breasts. Her nipples were pointy and hard and her breasts were taught. I licked all around them and took one nipple in my mouth and gently sucked, she stopped dancing and stood there with her fingers running through my hair and sighed. I ran my suadiye escort teeth over her nipple and felt it harden even more then I moved my hand around from her arse to her pussy and gently ran my fingers over her smooth mound. Her hips moved with my fingers, gently back and forth showing me how aroused she was. I opened her lips and slid my fingers gently inside her, feeling how wet she was for the first time. I felt her clit poking well out from its hood asking to be licked.

“Come” she beckoned.

I followed her upstairs into a large bedroom with a king sized bed. She turned and kissed me, her mouth open and her tongue in my mouth, we duelled tongues and I sucked on hers rubbing her back and arse gently. She stepped back and undid my shirt and threw it down then she knelt and undid my trousers, pulled my socks off and then my pants and under pants down and away. My dick didn’t hit her in the face only because I was so hard and when she looked at it she smiled. She took me in her soft hand and started to stroke me, licking the pre cum from the tip, then she slowly worked my cock into her mouth, sucking and licking me as I held her head in my hands and enjoyed the sensation. I pulled her head off and told her I was supposed to be pleasing her, at which she smiled.

I moved her over to the bed and we lay down together, wrapped in each other’s arms tongues in each other mouths. I broke the kiss and started to kiss and lick her neck and throat while I teased her nipples, pulling then gently and rolling then in my fingers. I slowly licked down to her breasts, then ran my tongue all around then slowly working in to the centre, and the nipples. When I got to the nipple I flicked it with my tongue and felt Aisha jerk, she was very excited and her hips were moving on their own and groans were issuing from her lips. I moved my hands down and started to rub her thighs gently and softly and she spread her legs wide open for me. Sucked and licked her nipples while I worked into her pussy. I opened her up and run my fingers straight down the centre of her pussy feeling her wetness gush out. I teased her and rubbed her clit and lips. Then I slowly started to lick down to her pussy, over her stomach as she flinched. When she realised what I was doing she told me no.

“Trust me Aisha, you will love this,” I told her.

She lay back and closed her eyes, saying nothing. I licked down to her and ran my tongue over her engorged lips and clit. I sucked her lips into my mouth and flicked her clit with my tongue. I slid two fingers into her tight opening and she moaned and humped on my fingers. I sucked her lips and then ran my tongue straight up and down her ümraniye escort them finally circling her clit. All of a sudden she yelled and her hips started to pump and thrust, her first orgasm. It lasted for a minute then subsided, then she started again and came once more. After three I moved back up and looked her in the eyes and she smiled.

“Now what can I do for you my lover?” She said laughingly.

She kissed me and licked her juices off my face, her hand was on my hard cock gently pumping me. She sat up and moved her head down to my cock and took it in her mouth, working it right in till I was down her throat, she was just amazing as she didn’t gag at all as most women do when they try to take me right in. She worked me in and out of her mouth while she was on her knees her arse in the air. I reached over and played with her pussy, her lips hanging open and her juice dripping. I took some juice and rubbed it over her arse working it around her hole. She kept sucking my cock then looked up at me and smiled.

“I said anything for you and if you want me there you can have me” she said’ but I want to feel this big thing inside my other place first.”

“Did you mean anything?” I asked.

“Of course” she replied.

“Then that’s a dick you have in your hand or a cock,” I told her “and I am going to fuck your cunt and your arse, now repeat that.”

“You are going to fuck my cunt and my arse with your big huge cock,” she said laughing

She moved around and knelt over me guiding my cock into her as she kissed me. Her cunt was tight and wet and warm and felt wonderful. She groaned as she slid down on me, “Oh fuck me,” she said. Slowly working her hips she worked herself up to another orgasm as I sucked her nipples. I was so close to coming so many times but I was lucky to hold off. She then got off me and knelt down offering her arse to me. I knelt behind her and worked my finger into her arse with her juices, she was rubbing herself as I got her well lubed ready for me cock. I moved in and rubbed my cock all over her cunt, getting it wet then I slid it into her cunt surprising her, I stroked her a few times then slid out and slowly started to work my cock into her arse. She just opened for me and I slid in deep, then she pushed back to take more of me.

“Oh yes fuck my arse with your big cock please” she panted out.

I grabbed her hips and started to pump in and out, working with her rhythm harder and deeper. I could feel my cum boiling up and she was reaching a peak. I buried myself deep just as she came again and I felt my cock spurt into her as I pumped and pumped and pumped, so much cum. I was out of breath and panting as my load emptied into her.

We lay there regaining our senses, in each other’s arms.

She sat up on one arm and smiled at me saying, “so can I book you again next week for my next computer lesson, I think I will need a lot. I think next week I will concentrate on oral lessons.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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