Alex and Anna: Anna’s Bar Mishap

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Anna sat her desk, mindlessly reading another book review of yet another book she had no interest in reading, let alone buying, for the library. She thought she would love a library job and successfully completed her master’s degree two short years ago. Unfortunately, the monotony started to get to her. Either she read books she did not enjoy, or there was not enough time in the day to read the books she really wanted to. On this particular day, she daydreamed of what she would do if she could do anything she wanted.

It struck her instantly.

She wanted to write. A novel, that is.

It is something she had pondered in her youth of pursuing, but the thought of an unreliable income drove her nuts. She craved stability, especially because she had been raised without a father and her mother suffered unemployment at random intervals of Anna’s young life. It marked her for life.

Unfortunately, she did not know what to write about. She had enjoyed dabbling in some romance in her late teens and early twenties, but now it sounded like baby stuff. Anna craved something more intense, more lasting, and in more ways than one: not short stories, but a novel, and not romance, but erotica. The last thing she wanted was to rip off books she had read and re-read until the spines broke. She needed inspiration, and desperately. Anna texted her husband Alex to let him know her change of plans that night: she would not be going home directly. Instead, she told him of her supposed grocery store stop. She would actually stop there, if only to purchase duplicate goods of what lay in their kitchen already and to hold up her story. But in the back of her mind, she knew she would go to a seedy bar that lay across town, someplace that no one she knew would see her and rat her out to Alex. Secrecy is a must with a mission like this to accomplish.

The rest of her day passed slowly like molasses being seeped from trees in winter. Every time she looked at the clock, it seemed as though only seconds had passed. Finally, the hour hand reached the seven and the minute hand reached the 12. Escape!

Luckily, Anna kept a spare change of clothes in the car, and even more luckily (as though she were on a hot streak in Vegas) they were left over from the last girls’ night out. Which had been in Vegas. She climbed in the backseat (thank God for dark windows) and shimmied out of her work pants and into her black sequined mini skirt. Her plain black t-shirt would have to do, but digging her hands around the seat, she found her triple-D bra, as she liked to call it. “Guaranteed to add two cup sizes!” it had claimed. And by golly, that advertisement did not lie. She quickly shucked off her shirt and bra and replaced it with triple-D, adjusted the girls, and put on her shirt again. The shirt stretched to its limits over the bra; it became so sheer, Anna’s cleavage could be seen through the shirt.

What a sight I am, she thought to herself. Alex would kill me if he saw me out like this!

Thankfully, Alex would certainly not be out that night. It was his night for dog duty and poop-scooping. Nothing would interrupt her plan.

Anna climbed between the driver and passenger seats and situated herself behind the wheel of the Behemoth. She felt like she drove a monster truck whenever she took the Suburban out. But Alex had insisted they buy it; Dewey, their purebred Corgi, needed the space to run around in when they took road trips, Alex said. Anna saddled up and sped away to the Martini Glass, a seedy, but not scary, bar best known for their burlesque dancers. Its name came from the Dita von Teese-esque act the dancers put on every night.

The parking lot lay half-empty when she arrived. Disappointed by the turn out, but not unfazed, she exited from the Behemoth. She slowly sauntered to the wood door, accentuating the sway of her hips enough to draw some cat calls from men smoking outside.

Good, she thought to herself. I haven’t lost it.

When she entered the bar, she subtly removed her ring and slipped it into her purse. There was no need to foul up some potential flirting to draw upon later while she worked on her book.

She slid up to the bar and mounted one of the bar stools. The stage lay directly behind her, a perfect viewing opportunity for later.

The barkeep approached her. “What will it be tonight?”

“Just a vodka cran, thanks.”

“Want to start a tab?”

Anna nodded a yes.

The bartender provided her with the requested drink and turned to serve the man who sat next to her. While she drank, she caught a sly side glance of this sexy stranger. Dark hair, chiseled jaw, blue eyes made of water from Hawaii. And just the tiniest hint of a 5 o’clock shadow. What woman wouldn’t want him?

The bartender brought Sexy Stranger his drink. Condensation had already started to drip down the side of her glass, creating a damp circle on the white napkin. Something of Anna’s also grew damp by the second.

Playing coy, she raked her nails up and down the glass and averted her eyes from Sexy Stranger. She knew he wanted to talk to her, so she let avrupa yakası escort him make the first move. She stole another look at him when he drank his beer, his Adam’s apple prominent and moving with each slow swallow. He set his mug down.

“New here?” he queried Anna without moving to look at her. Instead of looking directly at her, he stared straight ahead into the mirror hanging over the back of the bar. His eyes went to his beer, and then his beer to his lips.

“Yeah, first time. But I hear the show is amazing.”

The mug went down with a solid thud. “You’ve heard right.”

Anna stuck out her hand awkwardly. “A…bby.”

“Mike,” he replied and took her hand in his.

He has the softest hands I’ve ever felt, Anna thought.

“You must be a regular, then?” she asked.

Mike took another sip of beer, finishing off the glass. He motioned for a second beer. “Yeah, my regular Thursday night hang out, I guess. It’s my number one go-to spot to pick up hot ladies named Abby.”

Anna couldn’t help but roll her eyes to herself, but politely laughed at Mike’s joke. “There must be a lot of Abby’s in the world,” she jabbed.

Mike smirked at her, but his stare remained intense. Anna knew at that moment that he had not joked about picking up hot ladies on Thursday nights. She also realized that meant he intended to pick her up, and that was much farther than she wanted to go for this experiment. Instead, she played along, and would continue to until she felt she had enough information.

Done in the name of research, she told herself.

His hand moved to her thigh, caressing and squeezing the soft spot right above her knee. “Can I buy you another?”

“Yeah,” Anna said. She hadn’t even realized she’d finished off her drink.

Mike continued to stare at her, his eyes boring holes into her own, as though he searched for some sort of truth in them. Anna blushed from the attention and averted her eyes elsewhere, thankful the bar’s dimness would not give away her embarrassment. She had grown accustomed to Alex’s attention, his imploring brown eyes and their deep conversations about the goals in life. This new interest she didn’t quite know how to deal with.

Suddenly, the emcee entered the stage. Some stray individuals clapped, but the bar remained mostly quiet.

“Thank you for coming out tonight to the Martini Glass!” his voice boomed. Anna recognized him as their bartender. “Tonight we feature Candy, a dancer straight from the Strip! Please welcome her with a round of applause!”

More stray claps sounded in the bar and quickly died out. Old, 50s style music began playing, and the thick, burgundy velvet curtain rose. The gold tassels hanging from the edge of the curtain swung lazily in the air.

“Hey! Big spen-der!” the loudspeakers boomed.

A woman, scantily clad in flesh-colored lingerie, danced onto the stage. Her black boa moved rhythmically around her in time to the music. Candy went around the martini glass, partially full of what is to be assumed to be vodka, but surely only water. An oversized plastic green olive floated in the glass. She shook her stuff around the glass again before climbing the chair next to it and then getting in the glass. All the men hollered then. Candy picked up the olive, leaned back in the glass, and splashed the vodka-water liquid onto her chest from the hole in the olive. The liquid rivulated down her body in steady streams before merging with the rest of it in the glass. She spun around in the glasses, stopped, and put one heel up so side of the giant martini glass rested between the heel and the rest of her shoe. Candy lifted herself up on one leg, posed for a second, and then repeated the olive show before spinning around in the glass again. Each pose showed off her amazing body, and everyone shouted during each one.

Anna felt and then watched Mike’s hand climb higher up on her thigh. She waited for his movement to stop, but he didn’t. His hand turned to fingers grazing, higher and higher they moved until they reached her waist and then went around to her other side, drawing her closer to him. She looked at him, eyes wide with alarm, but trying desperately to mask it as interest and eagerness to find out what he’d do next.

Mike took her head in his hand, drew her lips towards his, and a split second before they touched, Anna whispered, “I’m married.” Mike kissed her anyway.

Anna pushed back against him, breaking their kiss and embrace.

“I said ‘I’m married.’ Why didn’t you stop?” she spat out furiously.

He shrugged. “You didn’t seem interested in stopping before. Why would I then?”

She rolled her eyes, half to him and half to herself. How could she ever tell Alex what she did?

“I’m going,” she huffed to the bartender who had witnessed the entire interaction.

He tallied her tab and exchanged the money wordlessly and without passing judgment on her or Mike. She knew then that he had seen this before with Mike.

Anna grabbed the money and tottled out of the bar as fast as her bakırköy escort heels let her. She scrambled into the Behemoth and slammed the door behind her.

How did I let it go that way? she asked herself.

Furious with her actions and lack of foresight into the situation, Anna started to cry. Alex had been the only man she had ever kissed and now that had been tainted by this ill-conceived excursion. How could she ever tell him? Alex would be crushed. But she knew she had to do it.

She slowly drove back home and didn’t bother stopping at the store. What use was it when she would blow her own cover? No reason to keep up the charade.

Anna turned into the driveway and slowly climbed out of their Suburban. She opened the door leading into the house and Dewey greeted her by trying to jump up on her, his little furry butt wagging away (since he had no tail). If he had a tail, she knew it would be wagging all the time.

“Hey babe!” Alex’s voice called from kitchen. “You hungry?”

“Uh, yeah,” she replied, her voice filled with sorrow.

“Everything okay?” He popped his head around the corner and saw her standing in the entryway, shoulders slumped. Instantly, he knew everything was certainly not peachy. “What’s wrong, Anna?” he asked while walking over to her.

“Oh, Alex!” she wailed. She burst into uncontrollable sobbing.

“What, what is it?” He took her in his arms and held her tightly.

“I messed up, I messed up big,” she sniffed into his shoulder.

He wordlessly led her to the couch and sat her down. “Tell me what happened.”

“Well, you know how I liked to write, right?” she choked out.

“Yeah, you said a couple months ago you wanted to get back in to that.”

“And today I thought to myself ‘Go big or go home.’ So I decided to go big and write a novel.”

“That’s great, honey. So what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing’s wrong with that,” Anna moaned. “But I decided to write an erotic novel and thought that I needed some inspiration…some sexspriation, if you will.”

He chuckled quietly at this.

She continued on. “So I went to that one bar, have you heard of the Martini Glass? I wanted to see a burlesque show and maybe do some flirting with a stranger, something to inspire me.”

Alex’s hug weakened a little.

“And I met this guy, his name was Mike. We didn’t talk much or anything, and then Candy came on…”

“Who’s Candy?” Alex interjected.

“One of the dancers. And while we were watching her, his hand went to my leg, and he kept touching me, and then pulled me in for a kiss, but right before we kissed, I told him I was married, but he still…” Anna broke down sobbing.

“Is that all that happened?”

“Yes,” she pouted. She felt terrible about it.

“Don’t worry about it. Next time, instead of trying to get strangers to pick you up, how about we pick up each other? Pretend to be strangers. Get our flirt on.”

Anna leaned back from Alex’s embrace. “Really?” she asked.

Her tear-stained face almost broke his heart. “Yes. Really.”

“Okay,” she snuffed. “And yeah, I could really go for some food.”

Alex brought Anna a hot plate of food and she ate it quickly. She hadn’t had time to eat between work and her misguided rendezvous at the Martini Glass. She finished eating and leaned back against the couch with Alex’s arm around her shoulder.

“Thanks so much, love,” she said to his armpit.

“No problem, babe,” he said while stroking her hair lovingly. The curls grazed through his fingers before falling to her shoulders.

“You know…this whole snafu tonight still got me hot. That burlesque dancer was…whoa!”


“You wouldn’t believe it! Candy’s body was rock hard and ripped to perfection, but not in a gross way like those bodybuilder ladies’.”

“How about this: Why don’t we plan our pick-up date for tomorrow night? I know you really want to get started on your novel and I don’t want you looking to strangers for sexspiration, as you called it.”

“I could go for some sexspiration now,” she replied and climbed into his lap. Her fingers wove through his hair lightly before linking behind his neck. She pulled his head towards her and kissed him. The kisses started out softly, but within moments were hard and passionate. Their tongues played against each other, touching and caressing. Anna turned her mouth into an O and Alex plunged his tongue into it furiously, making him impossibly hard between them. He pulled back and moved her body up and latched his mouth onto her neck and sucked hard. Anna moaned and ground herself onto his cock, trying desperately to eek out some pleasure for her screaming clit.

Moving his hands under her shirt, he slid them up against her ribcage along her smooth skin. His fingers wandered around to her back finding the clasp on her bra. Deftly, he unhooked it and pulled it down a little and moved his hands to her breasts. Cupping them, he squeezed them softly and played with the areole, scraping his nails against them in a spiral until beşiktaş escort they reached the nipple where he gave them a stout tug before spiraling out again.

Anna broke their fevered embrace long enough to ditch her shirt and bra and return to his hungry mouth. Her lips sucked his softly and then she bit them lightly, eliciting the smallest groan from Alex. His hands moved quicker, deftly until she started humping rhythmically against him, her head buried in the crux between his neck and shoulder. Knowing what would turn him to overdrive, she moved her head up and started licking his ear. Her mouth enveloped his lobe, sucking on it ever so lightly. She turned her attention to the conch of the ear, moving her tongue slowly up the outside of it before playing in the inner folds. Alex shuddered under her, his cock a raging, pulsing mass that could not go ignored any longer.

Anna rose and pulled on Alex’s arm to encourage him to get up. “Come to bed,” she whispered, her need pushing most coherent thought out of her head. He followed her, trailing behind and staring at her butt the entire time, imagining it freed from that damn skirt.

Arriving at their bed, she hastily removed the last of her clothes before turning her attention to him. He hadn’t moved an inch towards taking off his own clothes and had watched her strip instead. His eyes were glued to her body. “Need some help there?” she asked coyly.

She stepped closer to him and felt his rock hard cock poking at her stomach while she reached to his sides and grabbed the hem of his shirt and took it off of him. Her fingers wound through his thick chest hair, making their way to his sensitive nipples and plucked at them. His cock jumped at the feeling. It ached to be released.

Her hands trailed downward to his belt buckle and unhinged it before releasing the button on his jeans. Slowly she reached lower to his zipper and grasped it in her fingers. The sound of it unzipping was the only noise heard in the room, aside from their unsteady breathing. Lower and lower it went. The vibration from the zipper sent shock waves directly to his cock. Alex clenched his fists as a way to maintain control, but it was a fight he was slowly losing. Finally, the zip reached the end of its tether. Anna stretched her arms around him and started working the jeans off of his hips, making sure his boxers went with them. They fell to the floor in a puddle, his cock pointing skyward with precum leaking out of its tip.

Together, they moved onto the bed, their legs intertwining in an effort to get their sexes closer together. Alex ended up on his back with Anna straddling his stomach. She leaned over him and kissed him hard and hungrily, their kisses immediately deep and wanting. Her fingers played over his chest and returned to his nipples, pulling at them gently and drawing circles around them. His cock steadily pulsed, the kissing and the nipple play almost too much for it. It begged for attention.

Anna pulled away and scooted back, pushing his cock down, before moving back so far and then back up to push it pointing towards Alex’s head. Her soaked snatch spread her juice all over his cock, melding with his own precum. She humped him like that slowly, her fingers tracing softly along the crease where his stomach and thighs met.

“Babe…” Alex choked out. He tried to move under her and slip his cock into her, but she lifted up. “What…?” Confusion was written all over his face, but immediately disappeared when he saw her turn around and face his feet. She held his stiff rod underneath her, pointing to her waiting hole. Slowly, so slowly it made his head spin and took all the effort he could muster to not pull her down onto him, she lowered herself. Inch by inch he disappeared into her, her pussy devouring his cock, until he filled her up entirely. She stayed there and squeezed her walls around him.

“Ohhh…” he moaned. He loved the feel of her when she did that, her pussy so tight around him he could barely contain himself and not blow his load. “Do that again.” She squeezed again, as hard as she could this time, and stayed taunt while she lifted off of him and bore back down. When she rested this time with him fully encased in her, she rubbed her clit furiously, her walls contracting around him. She stopped short.

“Did you just get harder?” she said over her shoulder.

Alex had had enough of this teasing. He moved up, forcing her forward on the bed and into a kneeling position. His hands gripped her hips tightly and he thrust into her hard and fast. She leaned her chest down onto the bed and reached between her legs, circling her clit before sliding her fingers against it quickly. Her orgasm had started to crest, but she bit her lip to hold it off. She wanted to cum with her husband. Alex’s thrusting picked up speed and she knew he was close. She started humping back against him while he thrust forward, creating a delicious friction between them.

Alex started to grunt, his breathing become ragged. His back arched and he pumped into her one last time and held himself as deep inside her as possible, his ass cheeks clenched with the effort. Anna returned her attention to her own throbbing clit and came immediately, her walls bearing down on Alex’s prick to an almost unbearable pressure. He fought to stay buried in her until his own orgasm finished, her pussy pulling more cum from his already emptied balls.

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