Alice Ch. 05

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(As other have said, it’s best to start with the first chapter.)


18-year old Charlie slept soundly for most of that night, the night he had played truth or dare with Alice, who was a much more experienced 22. She had seemed to tease him relentlessly, showing him her perfect medium-small upcurved breasts, and then guiding him to feel her wetness under her sweatpants. But in the end she had been so generous, and had swallowed his needy cock whole, and had sucked him off, drinking down every last drop of what had seemed for a few seconds like an unending stream of lust and love for her.

As he slowly awakened with these memories, he was feeling both happy and guilty. She hadn’t let him please her the way she pleased him, mostly because he simply didn’t know how. But it was also because officially they were stepbrother and stepsister, even though they didn’t quite think of it that way, and they had to be very careful not to get caught by their parents.

Charlie hadn’t done anything more than kiss a woman before last night, but Alice was, in her own words, “sometimes slutty,” and she had taken pity on his lust for her. It was more than just a physical need on his side, because it was clear to both of them that he loved her. She loved him too, but in a somewhat different way.

She had explained to him her idea that some things in life were simultaneously good and bad, wonderful and awful, and that their relationship was one of them. But in spite of that she was going to try to give him some sexual experiences, as an act of love and generosity on her part—and also and because he was safe, available, and he did actually turn her on. But she’d already warned him that in the long they had no future together, and that she was likely to break his heart in the end.

But Charlie wasn’t worried about that at the moment, because for now he could still look forward to more lessons, because he was still really a virgin. He had seen from a only about five feet away, and had even felt briefly, her dark-haired vagina, which he’d found out last night could get amazingly wet. She’d also shown him she had an essence like something he’d never experienced before in his life. Her scent was musky, sweet, and very sexy. It seemed, like Alice herself, to be life-affirming.

What he really wanted to know though, as he sat up in bed, and marveled at his luck at having a stepsister like Alice, was how to make her feel as good as she had made him feel. She said if he was lucky she would teach him. But he was still vague about what exactly that might mean.

When he was a 10-year old boy, with only the slightest understanding of sex and love, he sometimes thought that once a couple had gotten together, and made love, that almost all the barriers between them fell away, and that there was an almost complete mutual understanding and oneness. After suffering through his parents’ divorce, that idea mostly became ashes, but bits of it still lived on in his mind, he realized.

For instance, he had also thought, until now, that if he ever had sex with Alice that suddenly he would know so much more of what to do, in bed and out of it. But he realized that he was almost as much in need of teaching now as he was before last night. How much skill, after all, did it take to receive a blow job?

It was 6 am on a Friday as these thoughts were running through his mind, and all was still dark and quiet in the house. He decided to go ahead and shower, and then start making the breakfast in bed that Alice had asked for last night, after she had sucked him off. He thought: small price to pay!

As he got out of the bathroom, he saw that Alice’s door was ajar, and he heard her moving around, but somehow he wasn’t quite ready to see her until he had her breakfast ready. He went into the kitchen, and found that his Mom and Stepdad were already there, happily chatting about their planned trip for that weekend. They finally asked after him, and went on in a very happy way about how well he and Alice were getting along, and how good they were at sharing the bathroom.

He blanched for a second, and then smiled and said how wonderful it was to have Alice and his Stepdad in the house. He meant the first at least twenty times more than the second, even though he did like his Stepdad Ted a lot.

Finally, his parents cleared out for work and he could start on Alice’s breakfast. He wracked his mind for ways he could make it different and better than her last breakfast in bed, and he finally thought of something. Going out into his Mom’s garden with the shears, he found a nearly perfect young pink rose, which he clipped. Putting it in a little vase with water, he knew he had the right start to her breakfast.

Since the last time he’d made her scrambled eggs, this time he did fried. They both liked them the same way: fully cooked at the top, but with a liquid yoke, and with little grated bits of melted white cheddar, and light sprinkling of salt and Mrs. Dash. His trick was that he put bursa escort bayan a lid on the frying pan with a few drops of water so the tops of the eggs would cook while leaving the yokes runny. He also made what he thought of as his patented oatmeal with butter, cinnamon, and raisins. But this time instead of brown sugar he added a little bit of real maple syrup. With buttered rye toast, grapefruit, and coffee with lots of milk like Alice liked, it looked pretty deluxe.

He carefully carried the tray to Alice’s room, and as he approached. he could smell from the fresh soap-scented steam from the opened bathroom door that she had already showered. She was in her bed with her bathrobe on, with her wet, wavy brownish-black hair draping down to just beneath her shoulders. Her suntanned freckles, light olive-colored skin, and welcoming smile made her look as beautiful as he’d ever seen her.

“Good morning,” she said, in her knowing way, “How are you doing?”

“Great,” he said, laughing a little, since she knew it was true, and added, “As requested, I’ve brought your breakfast,” and carefully leaned over to place the tray with its spread wooden legs over her lap.

She looked over the tray and spotted the rose.

“Charlie! How lovely,” she said in a more girlish voice than usual, and reached out for it with her tanned and slightly hairy arm. She put the beautiful pink layered rose slowly up to her face, and breathed in deeply.

“Mmmmmmm,” she said, with an almost guttural note. This was sometimes her way of appreciating everyday pleasures in an almost sexual way. “Have you smelled it?”

“No,” he said, with a morning-after smile to match hers.

“Here,” she said handing it to him, and then turning her attention to the food.

As Charlie inhaled the scent, he did feel like he was smelling a rose almost like it was for the first time. It was so sweet and sensual, and it reminded him a little of something.

“Did you know that flowers are the sexual organs of plants?” Alice said, slurping up a bite of runny egg.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “I did know that.” He paused, thinking, and then said, “And now that you mention it, it does remind me a little of something.”

“What?” Alice asked with a mouthful of food, thinking she might know the answer.

“It smells a little like ‘essence of Alice.'”

She laughed so hard she almost upset her tray, and then said, “You have a name for the smell of my pussy?”

He blushed, and said, “It just came to me last night.”

“Quite a lot came to you last night, you lucky dog.”

“Yes, thank you, Alice, I….”

“It’s okay, I enjoyed it,” she said, running her rye toast around her plate to soak up some egg yoke, and then munching it with clear pleasure.

“As you know, I’m officially an ovo-lacto vegetarian,” she said, glancing up at him, “but sometimes I also like man milk.” She glanced up again, and saw that he looked both bashful and happy. “Which, by the way, you had a lot of! How many times a day did you say you were wacking off?” As she said this, she attacked her grapefruit with her spoon. For a skinny person, Alice usually had a very good appetite.

“Well,” he said blushing, “for a few days it was more, but yesterday it was just once, in the morning, and then when I got home from work you were here and….”

“You had the luckiest night of your life,” she finished.

“Pretty much,” he said, and sat down on the edge of the bed.

And then, to his surprise, he screwed up his courage and asked: “how was it?”

“Ha!” She said, in the way she sometimes laughed, “You mean, how did it taste?”

“Yeah,” he said, looking down.

“Don’t get shy on me Charlie, it was almost like a new you asking me about something like that. Anyway, I’d say it was above average,” she said, thinking back, and as she swallowed her mouthful of egg in her imagination she turned into last night’s load of sperm.

“It was kind of like snot, a little salty and thick, but there was a very slight sweetness to it too. That was probably because you had pineapple that morning. What? Am I freaking you out again,” she said, noticing his weird expression, “It’s the truth!”

“Or,” she said, warming up to her theme, “maybe it was a little like egg yoke,” and she swirled her index finger around her plate, and brought it up yellowish to her mouth, and then licked and sucked on it enthusiastically. “Yum!” she said mischievously.

He laughed and at the same time stared at her in wonder, and said, “Alice, did anyone ever tell you that you’re funny and sexy at the same time.”

“Well, you just did! But yeah, a couple of other discerning people have mentioned it. You’re a rare breed, those who can truly appreciate me.”

“But you know,” she said, suddenly more serious, in one of her whiplash changes of subject and mood to which she was sometimes prone, “I’m really not usual in that way. Most women don’t like the taste of cum, and some simply can’t gorukle escort stand it. Don’t get the idea that most women like to swallow a load, because it’s just not true. Many will do it, as an act of love, sexiness, or kindness, but from what I’ve heard from my girlfriends it’s not like it’s something they look forward to. Often they do it for the bigger picture of what they are getting in the relationship. I’m weird in that I actually like the taste of my own snot, as well as cum. But as as you go through life don’t think that I’m typical.”

“I’ll never think that you’re typical,” he said. He meant it as a complement, but she seemed nonplussed, and more than that kind of in a hurry.

“Listen, Charlie, I know you’re all excited and you’re probably thinking of what we might do today, but you need to cool off. Remember: today’s my first day as the assistant manager of the bookstore. They fired an assistant manager a few days ago, which is part of how I got this job, but now I have to get up to speed immediately. I’ve got a bunch of papers with corporate rules and procedures to learn, and I’ve got some papers to sign, and I want to dress up and even put on some make-up, and the I need to make time for the bus—”

“I can drive you,” Charlie interrupted, trying to be helpful.

Alice had said in passing a couple of times that cars were one of the evils of the world. That was why she’d never learned to drive, and took public transportation whenever she could. He hoped that today she could see cars as good and bad.

“Actually, Charlie, that would be good. That would give me some more time. We can talk for while now. I really don’t mean to brush you off. I know last night was very important for you, and it was for me too. And I have to say, you were amazingly quiet considering that was your first blow job. I don’t think I can be that quiet,” she smiled, “and so we need to figure out some time when Mom and Dad aren’t home.”

“They’re still going to Big Sur this weekend.”

“Really? Wow, we’d have the whole house to ourselves for two days. That sounds good. We might have time to really explore some stuff.”

His eyes went slightly wide thinking about the mostly-to-him unknown stuff that they might explore.

“First though,” she said more slowly, and put her hand on his arm, looking at him thoughtfully, “are you really doing okay?”

“Of course. I just wish I could make you happy too.”

“Maybe you can,” Alice said, picking up her plate and leaning over to put it down on the carpeted floor for their little poodle Penny. As she leaned over, just like a few days ago when she did this, her robe opened, and her breasts started to become visible as the dog started lapping the plate. A few days ago, however, she was sometimes flashing him and pretending it hadn’t happened, or pretending she didn’t know, but that was over now, and when she saw him peeking she grinned as she sat up.

“Like the view?”

“Yeah,” he said, not bothering to apologize.

“I don’t think anybody has ever looked at me quite the way that you do. It can get a little annoying sometimes, but right now I’m enjoying it. Do you want to see my tits again? Just as long as you don’t get the idea that we’re going to do something right now.”

“Sure,” he said with a smile.

She moved to get out bed, but the tray was still in the way.

“Let me get that,” he said, and took it out of her bedroom and into the kitchen.

When he got back, true to her word, she was sitting up in bed nude. She was under the covers up to her waist. But her slightly weird outie belly button was visible, along with her amazing breasts, which curved up weightlessly to lovely pinkish-brown areolas with little nipples.

“Well, what should we talk about?” and she laughed, setting her tits to jiggling slightly, which she saw him watching with pleasure, “although honestly I don’t think your mind is going to be very focused.”

“I just want to know,” he said, breaking eye contact with her nipple-headlights to refocus on her brown eyes with tiger-yellow flecks, “how I can make you feel as good as you made me feel.”

“Have you thought of anything?” she said, slyly.

“Well, maybe, if we made love….?” he said, grasping at straws.

“I hope we can just have a good fuck instead,” she said bluntly. “Don’t get all sissy on me. But really, you probably do need to know more of the facts of life.”

“You mean, babies?” He said, mystified. But she couldn’t mean that, because of course he knew about that.

“You know, for a smart guy with such a high GPA, sometimes you’re pretty dense,” she said, sighing. And then she smiled patiently, and said, “You’re going to owe me big time, you realize, for like the rest of your life.”

“I think I already do,” he said, in a somber way.

“Yeah, okay. Here’s the deal. Most women don’t really orgasm when they’re being humped, or ‘making love,’ or ‘intercourse,’ or whatever you want bursa merkez escort bayan to call it. Don’t get me wrong: it’s enjoyable most of the time, and some women do get the big O sometimes—like myself—but most of the time a thoughtful lover needs to do something else.”

This was such a new piece of information that Charlie was at a loss for words.

“Don’t look worried, Charlie,” Alice said, almost wanting to laugh again at him because of his concerned expression, “this is a problem that has been solved. It’s really quite simple, but a surprising number of guys still haven’t figured it out: Just do to me something like what I did to you last night.”

Comprehension dawned on Charlie, and he smiled.

“You’ve heard the word, right?” she said.

“I think so,” he replied.

“Cunnilingus,” she said, and paused. “The very word helpfully says within it what needs to be done. And since you’ve had Latin, Charlie, I’ll let you say it.”

“It’s using the lingus or tongue on the….” he felt pathetic, but he still felt shy, and hesitated.

“Cunt,” she said, and smiled.

He smiled too, but didn’t know what to say next.

“Remember the other day, when I gave you a little look between my legs when we were playing with Penny, what you said?”

“I said it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.”

“And that gives me hope, Charlie. And not just for me, but for maybe the other women in your future too. If you’re very lucky, and if you play your cards right, you might get to have a very close encounter with my cunt. Does that sound exiting to you, or just weird, or…?” She trailed off, not actually knowing for sure what he might say, or what he felt and was thinking inside. In her experience, almost all straight men liked fucking and blow jobs, but not as many wanted to go down on a woman, and even fewer were skilled.

“It’s sounds exciting,” he said, but hesitated, for clearly this was something he was still getting his mind around, “but…”

“Go ahead, Charlie, you can be honest. But think about this: before last night did you really think about how good it would be for me to suck you off? And before last night, you hadn’t experienced the,” and then she slowed down and in her low, sultry voice, said “‘Essence of Alice.'” She raised her eyebrows.

And then, even though she was under the covers up to her waist, she very slowly and almost completely separated her legs, and as she did so he looked down and tried to imagine what her pussy looked like in that position under the covers.

“Your look is encouraging, Charlie, but right now I need to start getting ready for work…”

Charlie got off the bed, and was about to leave.

“You don’t need to leave,” she said. She straightened her legs, and then pulled back the covers, and got out of bed. Seeing his stare, she humored him and stood in front of him completely nude for a few seconds, with an ironic look on her face.

She was standing in a relaxed way, with her legs slightly apart, in what he knew from his AP Art History class was a contrapposto stance. He stared down at the black-haired triangle of her vagina in the middle her flared hips. As he looked he saw that in the upper part of her fur was just barely visible, but mostly hidden, a delicate little bit of flesh. His cock became rock hard, and blood began to flow to his face too.

“Maybe I should have had more of virgins along the way,” she said with a smile as she gently pushed him out of the way and walked toward her closet in a matter-of-fact way, “but as far as I know you’re my first. I was going to say it’s almost like you’ve never seen one before, but of course you haven’t.”

She efficiently got out a dark-patterned skirt, blouse, and black panty-hose, and then from her top drawer got some underwear and a black bra.

“Last look,” she said, as she turned to him so that he could watch her put on her undies. He watched her vagina vanish under black cotton, and suddenly he realized that there might be a theme to today’s outfit.

She rapidly put on the rest of it, and then said to him, “and now the last touch, which might surprise you, make-up,” and she strode out and into the bathroom.

He realized he still hadn’t had breakfast himself, and since the show seemed to be over he walked slowly back to the kitchen to eat his now cold, but still liquid in the middle fried egg, thinking about the word cunnilingus. The word indeed told him something, but not enough, and he had to confess to himself that it seemed both exciting and a little weird at the same time.

About thirty minutes later Alice came out into the living room where he was sitting, looking through his blu-ray collection and wondering what he might watch while she was at work.

“Ta da!” She said, and twirled around so that her long dark skirt flew up a bit, and then added: “What do you think.”

It was quite a transformation, from hippy chick into office professional, but one with a strong dash of dark Goth in her clothes and make-up. Her lipstick was dark red, and she had a bit of black eyeliner on too.

“Yowza!” he couldn’t help but say.

“Am I still your type?” She said, and threw him a little kiss from her lipsticked lips.

“I think so. But it’s almost like you’re a different person.”

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