Alison Furse Rejuvenated Ch. 6

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Chapter 6 Alison’s Friends Indulge


Isabel Crompton awoke and for a few moments could not think where she was. Then the memories flooded back and Isabel was unsure as to whether she should be astonished, appalled and mortified or satisfied, satiated and smug. Her husband Edward was still fast asleep in the other king-size bed.Hmm, she thought, he would be annoyed, angry, unbelieving and dismissive. She decided not to mention it.

In a way he was to blame. Mentioning to him that over the past few weeks James Fontwell and Alison Furse were seeing rather more of each other, than one would have expected if he was just handling her investments. Isabel had suggested that James was probably handling more than those. She ventured that when Alison had told Edward that James had given her total satisfaction, it probably meant that James had invested something in her. Edward had become annoyed, told her not to be so crude, at her time of life, 78 yrs of age she should know better. Alison and James were past that bursa eskort bayan sort of thing. “Good God woman.” He had said, “Use your common sense. Like us, both would have given up on sex years ago.”

Isabel had thought to herself that he had proved to be past it, but she had often dreamed of enjoying making love again. Now this!

They had flown to Amsterdam from Manchester, Edward had a controlling interest in a small brewery and the large Dutch firm of Amstel had made enquiries concerning taking over the firm of ‘Hobson’s Choice Ales and Stout’ Brewery of Fallowfield.

Rooms had been reserved for them in the ‘Queen Wilhelmina’ and Isabel was gratified to find it was a suite of rooms.

They had arrived in Amsterdam in the late afternoon and the meetings were to be held later in the day. Isabel was to be taken around the town.

The previous evening, after a late dinner, Edward had suggested an early night and proceeded up to their rooms at 10.30. Isabel had lain awake for what seemed hours, Edward was snoring and nothing appeared to stop him. bursa merkez escort Recalling that there was a television in the sitting room Isabel had decided to find a film to help tire her. After moving through various channels she came across a film that she knew she ought to immediately have switched off. A film absolutely unavailable in the UK where the ante-pornography laws made it illegal to show anything other than what could only be classed as soft porn where the genitals were certainly not shown.

Isabel was fixated on the screen, she had read somewhere that visual pornography did nothing for women. Well, she thought to herself, I am fascinated. To her disappointment the film came to a close and advertisements appeared. Not wanting to face the snores of her husband she waited to see what would happen next.

Another film started and the dialogue was in German. Isabel had enough to realise that the two women in the car were driving home from shopping and one invited the other in for coffee. The one offering the coffee told her bursa sınırsız escort bayan friend that her husbands nephew was staying with her and his friend but the two youths would, in all probability be out. The two women entered the house with their packages which they took through to the kitchen. Music and conversation could be heard from the lounge and it was obviously a TV programme.

The aunt, pushed open a hatch between kitchen and living room and was about to call out when she realised that the two young men were watching a sex video and each had his hard penis in his hand. She quickly motioned to her friend to look. The boys were exceptionally well endowed which apparently excited the women as they quickly removed their own clothing and just wearing stockings suspenders panties and high heeled pumps, they walked into the living room to the obvious surprise of the youths. Each woman then took an aroused boy and went through every facet of heterosexual sex including each having both boys.

When the film finished, Isabel realised that she had been engaged in something she had not even thought of never mind engaged in for years. She was playing with herself and to her utter joy she gave herself an orgasm. On returning to the bedroom Edward was still asleep but his snoring had dissipated enough for Isabel to fall into slumbers where she enjoyed an erotic dream centred on James and Alison!!

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