All Grown Up Christmas Ch. 01

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All Grown Up Christmas

Yuletide and Sleigh Bed Rides

Before leaving for her freshman year at college, Kelly had fallen in love with Dan, her sister Jenny’s husband. Jealousy led her to hide cameras in Dan & Jenny’s room, to record and watch their passionate lovemaking for months. When Jenny had to fly cross-country for business, Kelly revealed her secrets, and seduced Dan. For three weeks, the two of them engaged in joyfully erotic play, until Jenny, blissfully unaware Kelly was borrowing her husband, came home, and Kelly left for college.

Kelly and Jenny had always loved the holidays in the old mansion. Their mom, and now Jenny, always selected a huge fir the took two full days to bring in and decorate. The proud tree with its big ornaments and strings of lights, bows in the full branches, dominated the living room That had been done over the previous weekend, just Jenny and her husband, her mainly doing all the climbing on the ladder, while he handed her ornaments and lights The sisters shared a love of the Yuletide, but Jenny didn’t know about Kelly’s other love, her husband Dan.

Dan’s leg had healed up well from his fall in August, and the limp was nearly gone as his bones had knitted perfectly. He didn’t need the cane anymore, much to Jenny’s relief, but she had banned him from any heavy lifting or heavy exercise until the doctor gave him a final examination in January. The house was ready for the family to arrive in three days for Christmas Eve. It was already Tuesday, and Dan was down at the college picking Kelly up. Jenny would have gone, but there was still a lot to do, and she could catch up with her sister over decorating and baking.

Jenny’s long, dark hair was bound up in a scarf as she dusted. She thought they should really hire a maid, and planned to talk to Dan again about recruiting one to come clean once a month. An impressively large dust bunny fell off one of the shelves onto her nose, and she sneezed, immediately revising her future maid’s schedule to weekly.


Kelly climbed into Dan’s Dart after carefully arranging her suitcase and a couple of bags of gifts in the trunk. Her hug for Dan had been very chaste, belying the fact she would have loved to jump him right there, strip him naked and fuck him right in front of her dorm, the other students be damned. She felt the familiar twinge of butterflies, and she wondered what exactly would happen when they got home, and knew what she wanted. Who she wanted.

Dan had returned her hug almost indifferently, squeezing her against him with a perfunctory motion. They had spoken only twice since August, not wanting to give Jenny any reason to suspect her sister’s affections, or Dan’s infidelities with her. It was nearly five o’clock, minutes before sunset, and she found herself anticipating the drive back, wanting it to last a long time before she had to share him with her sister, his wife. She hadn’t even travelled back for Thanksgiving, but that had as much to do with her mid-term project as anything else.

They chatted about nothing important for about a third of the trip, then Kelly told him to stop the car, pull over into an nearly empty parking lot at the rest stop. He pulled into a stall on the other side of the Visitor Center, away from the road, and under a full pine tree. He looked at her for a moment, before she grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him to her. “Kiss me, my Danny.”

Their kiss was four months’ worth of pent-up passion and want, and she started panting, her desire roaring to life. It lasted for what seemed like hours, but was only a minute or two. “Fuck, baby, I wanted you take me into your arms and carry me back to the dorm and fuck me all night.”

“I’ve missed you too, my Kelly.” They continued to kiss, and she reached down between his legs, thrilled to feel his cock swelling. She stroked him through his pants, and he moaned with each pass of her fingers over his erection.

“Danny, next time you pick me up, wear a kilt!,” she hissed, only half-joking. She wanted him now. Fumbling with his trousers, she noted he hadn’t worn a belt, doubtless planning ahead for her affections. With a happy little noise, she freed him from the prison of his pants, and giggled when she noticed he had no boxers on, either. “Baby, I love opening this gift!”

He was ready for her, she saw. A glistening drop of pre-cum was at the very tip of his head, and she extended her tongue to gently brush it away. It was thin and sweet, and she savored it on her lips and tongue before swallowing it down, where she imagined it warmed her tummy, lighting her up from within.

She wanted him inside her, pounding her pussy just like they’d done almost the whole month of August, but the car was too small, and had no good angles, even in the back seat. Kelly was sure Danny would “settle” for her sucking his cock for now. Leaning further over, she took his head between her lips, sucking just the head, and letting her tongue play over the hole, hoping pendik escort for more pre-cum. Dan moaned, and she knew he was close already.

He felt her silky tongue caress the underside of his erection. “Oh, Kelly, you’re so fucking good, baby. God, I’ve been hard since leaving the house to get you… I’ve missed you, baby.” She could easily believe it; it felt like his hard-on had been waiting for months, not hours, and she wanted him now.

She kissed him on the mouth, and put her tongue between his lips for another brief French kiss. “I’m ready for you to cum, Danny,” she whispered just before taking him back into her mouth, sucking his cock with a hunger she hadn’t fulfilled in months. “Cum, baby,” she panted in between two thrusts, rubbing his hard dick, twisting it like a pepper shaker. “You so need this, Danny. Fill my mouth up. I need it too…,” she crooned, and started sucking him faster.

The feel of his velvety head between her lips, and over her tongue, made her gasp in desire, and she slowly let her head descend until the entirety of his cock filled her mouth, and let her hands wander down to his balls, where she caressed them. I love this!, she exulted. Kelly had missed it, too. She’d had a couple of brief liaisons during the Fall, supremely unsatisfying, and she had craved the feel of her Danny’s body against her naked breasts, his cock inside her pussy, and the wonderful, thick taste of his semen in her mouth and on her tongue. She moaned in sympathy, feeling his balls tense, ready to release under her fingertips.

After only a handful of thrusts, he cried out in release, and she felt her reward fountain into her mouth, filling her up, slaking her thirst for the time being. She swallowed every drop, and kept milking the last of it from his cock with her fingertips, while he collapsed back in the driver’s seat. It was as wonderful as the first time she had surprised him with a blowjob, and he felt his hand caressing her hair, not shoving her face into him, just stroking her lovingly as his orgasm subsided.

After checking that none of the semen had spilled on either of them, she sighed. “We should stop for coffee, babe, or a soda. Wouldn’t do for my sister to smell cum on my breath.” He agreed, and zipped his slacks up before they drove a couple of miles to a gas station, where she got a cinnamon hot chocolate, in honor of the season, and some peppermints. He bought a black coffee, and sipped it while they drove along.

“Baby, when was the last time you came?”

He turned and gave her a tired smile, then faced the road again. “About a week, but Jenny and I haven’t had sex in almost a month, the night after Thanksgiving.”

Kelly whistled quietly. “A whole month? Isn’t my sister treating you right? You couldn’t go two nights without it last summer, and two hours was a stretch in August.” She gave him a sultry chuckle. “What, babe, did she cut you off?”

His groan turned petulant and irritated. “She’s been busy since her promotion, and she’s still finding her pace with it. Lots of travel, too, so she’s only been home regularly since last week. She’s usually on the road three or four nights a week, so I’m eating a lot of microwave cuisine. The money’s been good for the household, though, and she wants to hire a maid to help out.”

Kelly pitched her voice low and sexy for him. “And what is the maid going to clean, baby? If you need anything cleaned off, I’ll take care of it if Jenny doesn’t. You know that.” She sipped her chocolate, and sighed. “I love you, my Danny. If you had told me, I would have called, and played with my pussy just for you.”

He squeezed her hand. “And I love you, my beautiful little fuckbunny.” It gave her a warm feeling inside to hear that term of endearment, and she couldn’t wait to do more when they got home.


The grounds had a light dusting of frost, and Kelly hoped it would be a White Christmas, as they had enjoyed a few times here over the years. The dregs of her hot chocolate were nearly gone, and she popped a peppermint into her mouth, and gave one to Dan also.

Jenny flung the door open. “Kelly!” The two sisters hugged and chattered away while Dan brought Kelly’s suitcase and gifts inside. Dinner was ready, and Jenny showed off the turkey and ham they would all be enjoying Friday and Saturday while the family gathered.

There would be lots of work to do between now and Christmas Eve, and Kelly felt relieved to be doing something usual and normal like preparing for the holiday. Mom and Dad, known to the outside world as Steve and Shelley, would get in Thursday night for a pre-Christmas Eve, or as Jenny called it, their Christmas Eve Eve dinner, just the five of them, at a restaurant in Roanoke. Dan had made their reservations a month ago, and was looking forward to their prime rib.

Two aunts and one uncle, along with most of their respective broods, would be there, although only her parents and Uncle Hal, a widower who was üsküdar escort only ten years older than Steve but looked twice his age, would be staying in the house. The rest had hotel rooms nearby, and would also arrive on Thursday, or early Friday morning for Christmas Eve proper.

Kelly helped make up three of the four bedrooms on the second floor; the fourth was the one with the fireman’s pole leading down into Dan’s study, a feature she had put to excellent use in August. She wanted the opportunity to use it, if it was needed, and knew anyone trying to sleep there would have a difficult time falling asleep with the noise coming up from below.

Uncle Hal, of course, would be nearest the guest bathroom, with her parents taking another, and the one between them was also kept ready just in case someone was too tired or had indulged in too much Christmas cheer to safely drive back to their rooms. All four of the rooms also had the same passages Kelly had arranged between her bedroom and the master, when the mansion was remodeled nearly five years ago. The passages were all against interior walls, and accessible through a hatch in the bathroom closet, under the lowest shelf in that closet, as well as a concealed panel in each bedroom’s closet.

Kelly hadn’t used any of those passages for over two years; only the one to the master had seen any use, when she took to spying on her sister and her husband after they bought the mansion. She admitted to herself she had a wonderfully perverted streak, both wide and long, and knew it would appeal to the right man, and in fact already had.

Anticipating sneaking in their bathroom to listen and watch, then after they had finished slipping back to her room and playing with herself, always made her heart skip a beat, and gave her a delicious thrill. It had inspired her to plant the cameras in the first place, and then to fall in love with and seduce her brother-in-law, although she wasn’t sure which had actually happened first.

Late Wednesday night, after Jenny and her Danny had fallen into an exhausted sleep, Kelly went into the guest bath on the second floor, and moved aside the hidden panel there. Disconnected by necessity and architecture from the single passage on the third floor, she had finagled their construction in secret, even from her parents who had once owned the house.

Holding a flashlight in one hand, she cleaned up the few cobwebs that had accumulated over two years of emptiness and neglect, and checked each secret door to make sure they all worked. It had crossed her mind to vacuum the passages, but that would be hard to explain, and besides they didn’t have a cord long enough. Chuckling to herself, she realized she could blame it on ghosts, but that would be a very thin excuse, and ultimately unsuccessful.

Finished with her self-appointed chore, Kelly wandered on her tiptoes back to her room through the darkened mansion. She stopped at Jenny and Dan’s door, ears keen for any sound, but she heard nothing. She had removed the cameras from their room the day before they dropped her off at the college, since her laptop wouldn’t be there to record anything, and the chances of discovery were higher if they remained.

Stripping off her sweaty and dusty clothes, she grabbed a nighty from her closet and felt the thrill as it fluttered down over her bare breasts and the rest of her lean body. She regarded the back of her closet, and knelt to look at the hidden panel with a pang of lust and loneliness. Jenny had kept her busy all day, and now, after clearing out the passages on the floor below, she was wiped out. Even so, she would have found time and energy for Danny if there had been any opportunity at all.

It sounded good at first to steal down the low passage and get a view of the two of them fucking, but she was pretty sure they weren’t doing anything more than sleeping, especially at three in the morning. That would be boring, and a little sad. She turned back to her bed, and slept deeply, her dreams populated with erotic scenes, in which she was both puppet master and subject of fantasies by faceless men, and a couple of women. She was still smiling when she woke up.

Her parents arrived Thursday afternoon, and Kelly took the opportunity to hide the pair of cameras again in Dan and Jenny’s room, one in their bathroom with a panoramic view of the shower and tub, and on a whim, one in the third bedroom on the second floor, just in case of random sex. After she helped get their luggage and four boxes of Christmas gifts out of their rental and upstairs, selecting the room she hadn’t inserted cameras in to set their things down in, Kelly went back to her room to check the feeds again, and saw they were recording.


They took both cars to dinner in Roanoke, an hour distant, and Kelly rode with her parents, while her sister and Dan took the BMW. Mom and Dad pried politely into her days on campus as a freshman, and gave unsolicited but nonetheless anadolu yakası escort appreciated advice. The subject turned to dating, and boys, and Kelly thanked her good fortune that neither of them thought themselves “cool” enough to hear about her sex life, which for obvious reasons she couldn’t go into.

Dinner in Roanoke was wonderful, and they all ate their fill. Her parents were enjoying their early retirement, and talked about the many road trips and two cruises they had gone on since last Christmas. Thankfully, it was decades past the time the family would have sat through the mandatory slide show their parents had doubtless endured as children.

On the way back, Jenny insisted on riding with her parents, and Kelly found herself alone in the BMW with Dan, which she pretended mildly upset her. Making a show of relenting in favor of Jenny’s wish to ride with them, her heart leapt at the chance to be alone with him.

She climbed into the front seat and buckled in. Dan slid into the driver’s seat, and they followed her parent’s car for a couple of miles, before inclining her head towards her and asking, “Would you care for a little side trip, Kelly?”

“Won’t they be…suspicious if we take too long to get back? We’re right behind them.” The idea of taking some time with Danny excited her, and she wanted him so badly. A light snow had started falling, and the thought of lying naked with him in front of a roaring fire made her wriggle in pleasure.

“No, they won’t. I mentioned we were going to pick up a couple of things at the store on the way back. A couple of things I’ve already hidden in the back from this afternoon.” He grinned sidelong at her. “Besides, I told Jenny I understood she would appreciate some time alone with her parents.”

Kelly nodded. They had finished pretty much all the preparations for Christmas Eve already, and just needed to get dinner started in the morning. That left time for her and her Danny. “Where are we going, babe?” She wished they were closer to her dorm room, but the building would be locked up for the break as of this evening.

“You’ll love it, my little fuckbunny.” He slowed down slightly, and they watched as the luxury sedan the others were in faded into the distance.

Forty-five minutes later, they turned off the highway, and headed up into the hills, coming to a stop at a small house, more of a bungalow. They were only twenty minutes away from the mansion, but it felt much further. The windows had a cheery glow of lights from the kitchen, and the curtains were all drawn. It looked like any other home ready to celebrate the next couple of days. Dan rolled the car into the open garage and shut the door, before they went in.

It was warm inside, the furnace turned up against the chill outside. It was a simple one-room cabin, fireplace in the center of one wall, firewood ready to be lit. Rustic wood paneling covered three of the walls, and there was a small kitchenette, partitioned off by a counter and stools. The refrigerator was straight from old times, an avocado shade once very popular, and it hummed quietly in the corner. A squared-off notch with a door was obviously the bathroom, and Kelly expected it would be small, but just large enough for her and Danny to shower in.

“Here we are, Kelly.” She gasped in romantic wonder, knowing this was their own hideaway from the family, and grabbed his scarf to pull his face down to hers. She kissed him and put her hands under his sweater, feeling his bare skin under her fingertips.

“We’re not staying the night, are we?” It would have been wonderful, but too suspicious even to her lust-addled mind, she realized. Still, she wanted to be naked with him in front of that roaring fire, feeling him inside her pussy, and the wonderful pussy-licking she had craved for months.

Dan shook his head. “Not tonight, Kelly. Private rental, and I rented this through the third, our own place to go and retreat if we need it. And I’m sure we’ll need it.”

Kelly’s hands withdrew from under his sweater. “So, we’re still waiting? It’s been four months, Danny. I want you now.” Her disappointment was palpable, even though she felt so ready to spend a day or two entwined with him, taking care of a hunger the Christmas feast tomorrow wouldn’t begin to satisfy.

Dan kissed her softly on her lips, and she opened her mouth for a long, deep kiss, which cured her immediate upset, and she felt herself beginning to respond, wanting to strip down right now and push his face down below her waist, make him spend an hour kissing and licking her, sucking on her clit, and sticking his tongue inside her pussy until she was worn out from cumming. “Danny, I need you now, baby. Now.” She was softly insistent, and put her hands now down his pants, running them over his ass, looking into his eyes.

She felt his cock swelling against her, and couldn’t wait any more. She unzipped her skirt and tossed it on the floor, then slipped her panties down to her ankles, and he was delighted to see she was still shaving her pussy bare for him. He pulled his own pants down to his thighs, his erection springing up as it was freed from its bonds. Kelly leaned away from him, bracing herself on the easy chair next to her, presenting her bottom and pussy to him. “Take me now, my Danny.”

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