All in Glory Ch. 02

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It had been days since I emptied my load into my brother. It was . . . the weirdest thing I’ve ever done. I would never have known my brother was gay. Bisexual, I might have thought. But when he told me later he had no interest in women at all . . . I mean, he also said he would be my fuck toy. Now, that was an offer I couldn’t pass up at a time like this when there were no women on the road.

It was the only time we had fucked so far, but over the last few days, I found myself wanting it again. That– and a nice, warm shower to wash the dirty deed away. I couldn’t deny that Damien’s tight asshole sliding on my cock was amazing, but then I also know that it’s wrong and. . . it doesn’t matter anymore.

There is no more government in America, nobody to tell us what we can and can’t do. . . That’s why we’ve been breaking into houses, killing animals and . . . also why we haven’t been saved yet.

Sometimes I feel like I will go to sleep and wake up the next morning to be told that it was either all a dream or that somebody would be on the way to save us. Of course, I know this is the life we will live. Just until we get to the other side of the country.

I wake up, huddled naked close to my brother. Last night was oddly cold so we had no choice but to cling to each other for warmth. As I woke up, it was much warmer than it had been the day before. I hadn’t realized he’d turned around at some point during the night and of course, I woke up with morning wood. My luck, it was shoved between his butt cheeks. My arm had ended up draped over his waist and in this spooning position . . . we had slept like we were lovers.

A chill would spark up and down my spine and neck as I began to move my hips, causing my cock to slide in between his crack. I felt his arm move and come to rest over my hand that was still on his abdomen. So he was awake after all . . .

“Jackson . . .” he said quietly.

“Damien . . .” I would respond in the same tone.

All of a sudden he would sit up and throw the blanket away from us. It landed on the floor and my morning wood was long and erect. A good thirteen inches stuck up in front of my brother, and his wide eyes took in my shaft. Before either of us spoke any words, his hand would wrap around my shaft and begin to stroke up and down, up and down . . . the skin-to-skin contact made me shudder.

“Damn,” Damien would say. “I never realized how fucking big you were . . .”

Chuckling, I my response was, “What, you didn’t notice I how filled nearly your entire asshole?”

Damien would lick his soft-looking lips, his head of brown hair moving slightly as he shook his hair away from his face. “Come on, brother. How couldn’t I have noticed?” His blue eyes were wide and alert and . . . very alluring.

I forced myself into a sitting position and slipped my hand behind his head, tangling my fingers in his hair. I pulled his face close to mine and pressed my lips to his. I was right; his lips were very soft . . . and very, very kissable.


My brother pressing his lips to mine caused a half pant to escape my lips. My own cock was hardening between my legs as bursa eve gelen eskort bayan I couldn’t even begin to explain how long I had been waiting for this. Letting my brother blow his load inside of me was the best choice I ever could have made in my life. I was awarded by being able to sleep naked next to him every night. I also didn’t have to look away when he was naked for any reason. I could openly cherish his cock and he wouldn’t stop me.

Of course, he only fucked me once. I didn’t try to push anything on him, mostly for the fact that he would definitely be able to knock me out if I pushed him too far. I was content with letting Jackson come to me, though. When he needed a tight hole to fuck . . . mine would be readily available.


After getting a fantastic handjob from Damien, we were on the road again. We were only looking for a house a few streets away– not that Damien knew that. He figured we were on the road again to get to the next town but . . . fuck. I was sure that the handjob would have held me over for a few days. Apparently not, though. My member was already throbbing in my pants and I wanted to bend him over right here in the middle of the road . . .

We found a safe house before long, and I insisted to Damien that we stay here.

“But the sun isn’t going down yet. Besides, should we really stay in the same town?”

He was looking up at me, his blue eyes searching my face to find out what was going on.

I take a step closer to him, my arms wrapping around him and my hands coming to rest on his ass. My fingers would squeeze his plump bottom and he would gasp and slump into my arms.

“We can definitely keep walking if you-“

“No!” he would half-shout “I-I’m good with staying at that house. It looks nice. Comfortable. Let’s go!”

He would dart out of my arms and nearly run towards the house. I trailed behind, my pants unzipped before I even stepped through the door.


We picked a damn good house. Whatever kinky bastards lived here, they had a lot of toys and lube. I didn’t think anything like this would last through the apocalypse. The house was pretty intact, though, and all the valuable additions? I was heavily considering making it our permanent base.

And why not? The yard behind the three-story building was rough, but with tender care, like our mother had taught us growing up, we could nurture it into being able to grow crops. The rich bastards that lived here had a nice supply of seeds in a kitchen cabinet– fuck, the entire house was still being held together nicely on the inside. While the outside of the yellow-tinged house was burned and rotting, all of the three floors, plus the basement and attic were still held together.

My erection hadn’t died down as we searched the house– even as hard and horny as I was, our safety was always first. When we decided it was safe enough, we went back up to the third floor, Damien always a few steps ahead of me, wiggling his ass in my face when he walked, and make our way to what we assumed was the master bedroom.

The sun was shining in bursa eskort bayanlar through the windows of the bedroom as Damien let himself fall onto the brown-colored sheets, a pristinely-white pillow behind his head. He was already naked as I approached, all of my clothes gone, too. As I got closer to the bed, Damien pretended to yawn and stretch his arms out, proceeding to roll onto his stomach. His juicy ass was exposed to me and it wasn’t long at all before I was over him, my fingers wet with my saliva, pressing into his tight little hole. He was moaning before I got my fingers down to the knuckle, and then it hit me–

I was playing with my brother. I mean, I was there, kneeling over him, as horny as a rabbit, but instead of slamming my cock inside of him, I was taking the time to play with him. Not because I had to or felt obligated to, but because I wanted to. Am I . . . bisexual?

I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind– I would figure out the answer to that later.

I pulled my fingers out of his asshole and used them instead to spread his ass cheeks, my tongue licking up and down his crack before plunging into his asshole.

“J-Jackson!” he would gasp out in response, his sphincter clenching around my tongue. I would bury it further inside of him and let it slide against his walls.

When I was done teasing his ass, I pulled my tongue out and grabbed a knock-off name-brand bottle of lubricant. I squirted a little into my palm and lathered my cock in it. It was fully extended, the whole length hard and ready to go. My tip pressed against his asshole, and like the first time, the tip popped right inside. This time, we let out a low moan together and my hands would clasp either side of his asshole before I slammed my length all the way inside.

“Oh, Jackson! Fuck, yes! Yes!” I could feel him squirming against me, my balls hanging barely against him. I fucked him slow at first, focusing on the way his muscles clenched around my shaft and the way he whined desperately when I had only my tip inside of him, teasing to pull out.

When I began to fuck him like he was a nice, wet cunt, at the point where I was able to hear every lewd sound from my cock sliding in and out of him . . . I felt something push against my own asshole.

A gasp escaped my lips and I stopped moving inside of Damien’s ass. I looked over my shoulder and another boy was there– a blond-haired boy who looked probably my age. He was just as naked as I was, pale as an angel, green-eyed . . . he offered me a smile and Damien finally turned to see somebody else here, too.

“Hi, fellas,” the blonde-haired boy said. “I’m Douglas . . . hope you don’t mind if I join ya.”

Before I could say anything, I felt the biggest, hardest thing I could have ever felt slam inside of my asshole. It was so hard and pushed in with so much force that it caused me to slam my cock back inside of Damien.

I had a cock inside of my ass.

How did he even get in here without either of us noticing?!

Do I even care?

As he fucked me, I fucked Damien. Whenever Douglas would slide his görükle escort bayanlar cock out of me, mine would slide out of Damien. Whenever Douglas slammed inside of me, I pumped inside of Damien. This stranger, I should have been freaking out against. I should have been concerned with where he came from, to begin with. But I just didn’t care.

I felt a hand press against my back and he slammed into my asshole as hard as he probably could have. We were all moaning at the time, groaning and grunting, making many different noises like the animals we were.

But after he put his hand on my back, he pulled out of me and his hands went to my hips.

Damien seemed to be happy for a third-wheel, just as I was.

Douglas pulled me back and also pulled his cock out of me.

“Can I get your names?”

I told him I was Jackson and that Damien . . . was my brother. His eyes seemed to widen for a few moments at learning that, but he would proceed to chuckle and tell us that he used to fuck his own brother before America got into this mess.

Douglas told us he knew of a position we might like. He brought me to sit on the bed, then proceeded to lay back. He put Damien on top of me, laying on me, his chest to my chest. We had spilled all of the toys on the floor beside us, and Douglas reached for one. It was an extremely long, double-ended dildo and I wasn’t sure what he planned to do with it. Before he did anything with it, he grabbed my cock and pressed it against Damien’s tight hole, edging me to slip it inside of him. When my cock popped inside of my brother, Damien’s whimper caused both of us to shiver in pleasure. I had no idea who this stranger was . . . but I like him.

Then I felt something pressing against my asshole. I would draw in a gasp but spread my legs for him, moving my feet so they were pressed flat against the bed, and I would let him shove one end of the dildo inside of my tight hole. It felt amazing sliding inside of me, and he moved the other so it was pressing against his own ass. When he pressed it inside of him, I felt it move inside me, and it felt fucking fantastic.

Then I felt something sliding against my cock inside of Damien . . . it was Douglas’?! Indeed, it was. There was a slight popping sound before Damien’s hot fucking asshole swallowed both of our cocks inside of him. All three of us moaned– Douglas and me because of having our asses filled as well as being able to feel our cocks against each others’ inside of Damien, and Damien because of having two big dicks inside of him. Douglas was only an inch or two shorter in length but he was still as great as ever. I finally understood why Damien was gay, though. It was loads of fun to have.

When Douglas began to move, so many other pieces in our position moved as well. Damien’s cock rubbed against me as Doug pounded inside and out of him, as well as he was causing the dildo to slide deep inside of my tight hole.

I never thought I would be the one on this end . . . then again, I also never expected another gay- or bi-boy to sneak in the room without us knowing!

Whatever, it wasn’t long before we all began to orgasm. When we pulled out of Damien, our cum leaked out in long drips as well, and Damien came all over my stomach. Douglas licked it off of me, and then I put my foot down.

Introductions needed to be made.




*Author’s note here at the end, is there anything specific y’all would like to see in Ch. 3? Let me know, thanks!

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