All Piper’s Friends

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~Sari Shepard~

Elliot Gleason leaned on the gunwale of an unnamed tour boat as it approached a coral reef off Paradise Island in the Bahamas. He sat toward the bow in full sunlight as the boat chugged closer to the bright green water over the shallows. The forty-foot craft was carrying cruise ship passengers on a snorkeling adventure, but Elliot was having second thoughts as the tour guides set anchor. He had no fear of the water. Nor did he harbor undue trepidation of the creatures in it. He simply changed his mind about getting wet with so many new ideas filling his mind.

Life was new to him since Sabrina, his wife of almost thirty years, surprised him with a Dear John letter six months previous. Once the initial shock wore off, he realized the inherent freedom in being unattached. He didn’t want to stay single forever, but had come to see his present condition as a brief respite from the responsibility of a relationship. He came and went as he pleased, without having to answer for his whereabouts. No one told him what to watch on television, or complained if he had a second glass of bourbon. Moreover, there were surprisingly ample dating opportunities for men in their mid-fifties. In fact, Elliot chose the particular cruise he went on because a singles cruise was the last thing he needed. He wanted adventure and experience, not days at sea keeping a date log.

He had snorkeled coral reefs before. What he hadn’t done in a long time was lean back on a sunny day and watch people. He was an author by trade, and people provided fodder for his livelihood. Their herd-like mentalities and predictable mannerisms tendered new ideas for his re-stimulated creativity. He sat taking mental notes as they rolled their belongings in towels and piled their clothes.

“Okay shark bait,” called the tour guide in an islander’s accent. “No swim fins until you’re on the rear platform.”

Men, women, and children splashed into the water one by one. Some squealed while others laughed. One old man with a purple scar on his chest even complained that the water was cold. They swam off like a school of two-dozen fleshy fish—all but Elliot and one other passenger.

Ten feet across from him, a young woman of maybe twenty years with a petite, slender build had also remained aboard. Long black hair framed her full cheeks and pouty lips, highlighted by a dainty hooked nose. She took her deep blue eyes off her cell phone just long enough to drop her brow and shoot him an angry sneer.

“Is something wrong, sir?” asked Sergei, the captain, in a rich West Indies accent. “There’s time to join the group.”

“Nah,” replied Elliot, lowering his sunglasses to peer at the lanky young woman in a scant bikini.

She rolled her eyes and huffed, shaking her head as she tapped her screen with her thumbs.

“But sir,” the mocha-skinned captain persisted, “We don’t offer refunds for—”

“I’m not asking for one.”

“Sir, we ask all passengers to depart to deter theft.”

“Don’t bullshit me, Sergei. You stay on—” He stopped in mid-sentence, looking over to the youthful beauty. “Oh, I get it,” he acknowledged as Sergei walked under the canopy to the helm amidships. “I threw a wet blanket on your plans.”

“Bite me,” she mumbled, pushing her long, full hair behind her shoulder.

“For the record, I didn’t mean to. What’s your name?”

“Fuck off,” she snapped, standing up and bunching her towel.

“You should learn to roll with changes,” quipped Elliot. He turned to watch the swimmers as they split into groups over the bright shallow water.

Under the canopy, Sergei sat on a bench wearing only loose shorts—his arms outstretched on the backrest. As Elliot turned back to watch the swimmers, a thin, petite shadow cast over him from behind. He looked to see the nubile beauty standing to his side. “You coming or not?” she asked. “We’ll see who can roll with changes.”

Elliot scrunched his cheek. “Ya’ talked me into it,” he wise-cracked. “But I need to know what to call you.”

“Call me Piper,” she huffed, walking off. “And no more questions.”

“I can’t help it,” he replied, staring at her tantalizing wiggle as he scurried to catch up. “I’m a people person. So, how old are you, Piper?”

“Just old enough,” she griped, pointing to Sergei’s left. “Sit.”

As Elliot plopped down, she continued, “Let’s be clear. No hair pulling, no derogatory comments, and most of all, no anal. Got it?”

“I’m good,” chimed Elliot. “But Sergei looks a little confused. Derogatory comments are when you—”

“I wouldn’t think of it,” interrupted Sergei, thrusting off his shorts to reveal his sizeable prowess. “Elliot and I want you comfortable. Don’t we, Elliot?”

Elliot nodded as he surveyed the formidable phallus protruding from Sergei’s lap.

“Good,” sassed Piper, lifting her elbows as she unsnapped her bikini top.

Elliot gulped as she dropped it at his feet and stood before him. Her breasts were nominal in size at best, but their perky firmness kaynarca escort enhanced the youthful appeal of her fit torso. Her blue gaze shifted briefly to the crowd in the water, then honed in on his captive gape as she hooked her thumbs beneath the waistband of her bottoms and slid out of them. As thin as she was, her hips had a delightful feminine camber. A well-trimmed strip of curly brown sat above the cleft of her thighs—an oasis of inviting scruff below the soft, firm skin of her tight tummy.

A rush of warmth rushed to Elliot’s loins as he took in the sight. His heart pounded in his chest as he tugged off his shorts and kicked them aside. Her pouty lips almost broke a smile as she dropped to her knees between the men, grasping an engorged shaft in each hand. Elliot took in a deep breath as her lanky fingers wrapped the base of his aching pole. Stroking his length, she leaned away and plunged over Sergei’s lap to a contented groan.

Elliot peered on as her lips traveled over the brown skin of Sergei’s ardent staff. She hummed as it bulged beneath her right cheek. Opening her mouth, she licked down the length and teased his balls with her tongue, then stroked as she sucked his nuts into her mouth one at a time. With a flick of the tongue beneath his knob, she smiled and turned to Elliot.

Her eyes no longer stared with the dull gaze of self-absorbed youth. They sparkled with blowtorch brilliance as she leaned over his lap. The ends of her hair tickled his pelvis as her spry nipples poked his right thigh. He inhaled as she tightened her grip on his beating beam and touched her tongue to the underside of his bulb. Shooting a final piercing glint into his gape, she lowered her chin and dropped the moist warmth of her mouth over his girth. Staring at the wash of black hair waving over his lap, Elliot let out a resounding moan of approval.

Sergei slid onto his knees and pressed his rigid rod into place. Piper squealed as he rocked his hips forward, but an easy six inches remained between her buttocks and his bronze pelvis. She bobbed faster over Elliot’s offering as Sergei retreated and shimmed his hips, then mounted a burying charge.

Elliot’s jewels tingled as Piper sucked and stroked, humming to the beat of the meaty piston reaming her from behind. It seemed almost unlikely that so much manhood could find refuge in such a petite vessel as hers. Sergei’s thumbs almost touched as he grasped her waist. His fingers wrapped around her sides and disappeared beneath her belly. Each stroke of his meaty appendage rocked her forward as his furry pelvis bumped her buttocks. Piper hummed and squinted, tightening the clasp of her lips around Elliot’s girth as Sergei hastened his pace, packing her youthful pelvis with lustful cadence.

A bolt of bliss shot through Elliot’s conscience as the tingles in his length intensified. “I’m gonna come,” he moaned in a helpless whine.

Piper squealed and plunged deeper, signifying her intent to consume his offering. He cried out as his hilt began to twitch. She lolled her tongue beneath his engulfed head, sending him over the edge. His shaft thumped between her lips, followed by a procession of tingling pulses that heaved his viscous payload onto her twiddling tongue. He pounded his fists on the bench, trying not to scream out as his sac emptied down her gullet.

As Elliot’s heaving turret ran dry, Sergei grunted and thrust forward—eyes wide in carnal surrender. Piper gave a sweet coo as he inseminated her intimate chamber. She sang in rhythmic oscillations to the cadence of his transfer. But her eyes showed of disappointment as he let out a final groan.

Elliot knew why. He dropped to his knees and rolled her onto her back. She seemed confused at first. “I-I’m not looking for a lover,” she fumbled as he leaned over her.

“Me neither,” he replied, cradling her in a manly wrap.

She moaned as he kissed her breasts and sucked her right nipple, tweaking her left with his thumb and forefinger. Her thighs wiggled as he worked over her tight tummy and kissed just below her navel. The heat of her pelvis registered on his cheek as he circled her erect clitoris with his finger. She spread wide and let out an urgent squeak as her pelvis undulated, pushing a dribble of Sergei’s pearly concoction out of her glistening gash and onto the cleft of her buttocks.

“No time for a second helping,” urged Sergei. “Two swimmers are returning.”

“I’m not taking seconds,” replied Elliot, wrapping his elbows beneath her knees. “I’m taking care of Piper.”

Her breath smelled of sperm as she let out a crackly cry. Her lower lip trembled as her mouth formed a silent, “Thank you.”

Elliot offered a friendly smile as he rocked his hips forward, reaming her velvety inners with his re-stiffened plow. Her eyes opened wide as he buried his throbbing turret to the hilt, meshing their pubic hairs. Not since he was far too young to appreciate it had he been so tightly wrapped in the hug of a woman’s architecture. küçükyalı escort Sopping with the seed of another man’s blissful bounty, it offered zero friction as he reared back and broke into measure.

“Hurry,” complained Sergei. “They’ll be here soon.”

“No,” he replied, peering into Piper’s stunned gaze. “I gather that’s the problem… hurrying instead of satisfying. You go back and stall them. Just do it.”

Piper stared back mesmerized as he drove back and forth. “Come-come in me,” she pleaded.

“No time for that,” he whispered, stroking her forehead. “Let’s bring you there.”

Pulling her hand over her bush, he guided Piper’s middle finger to circle her gush button. She took over as he resumed his rhythm.

At the stern, Sergei greeted the returning swimmers. “How was your experience?” he asked.

As a man and woman both spoke at once, Piper began a long, low moan. The corners of her mouth dropped, but still she locked her gape on Elliot. As he tipped her pelvis and drove deep, her eyes closed. She raised her chin and screeched as her inners contracted, clasping the whole of his girth as a spray of thankful reward irrigated his pelvis. Her petite frame froze like a warm mannequin, allowing only her voice to squeak and her love passage to spasm as again she poured forth her delight.

Elliot couldn’t help himself. As her inners basted his beam with welcome, he cycled his hips, thrusting his ardent rod into the slick heat of her pelvic oven. An orgasmic pang overtook him, answering her deluge with several return volleys of delighted surprise. Piper’s brows dropped as she returned a wash of heavenly retaliation.

“We can’t just keep shooting at each other,” whispered Elliot, bursting a jet into her.

“Oh yes we can,” squealed Piper. Her eyes closed as she wailed and washed his balls again.

“Did someone scream?” asked a woman’s voice. “Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine,” insisted Sergei. “It’s just… a passenger got ill and had to stay aboard with… her father.”

“Well I need to get off this platform,” said the woman. “Please let me up.”

Piper kissed Elliot’s cheek, handing him his shorts. He smiled and grabbed her bikini and towel. “Come on,” he whispered.

Piper followed him as they crawled around the helm station and leaned on the bulkhead. They held back laughter as they hurriedly dressed, but Piper giggled aloud when the woman asked, “What’s this slippery spot? Is this where she got sick?”

“You didn’t clean it up very well,” griped her male companion.

Within an hour, the swimmers were back aboard and the boat was returning to the Port of Nassau. Piper snuggled up to Elliot and rested her cheek against his shoulder as a stiff breeze picked up. Passengers young and old either stared or fought not to as she rubbed his belly and thighs. “You’re pretty special,” she peeped, rubbing his chest.

“Shucks,” he jested in his best cowboy imitation. “Tweren’t nuthin’.”

“Don’t say that,” she urged in a soft whisper. “It was. I mean… I’ve… come before, but no one’s ever taken the time to make sure I did. Not like that anyway. No one ever went out of their way to please me… to the point of taking a risk and ordering a captain around.”

“You’ll meet someone who will.”

“I already did,” she sassed.

“Piper, I-I… “

“Don’t be silly. That’s not what I meant. But for the rest of the cruise… can I show you off to some friends?”

“How many are we talking about?”

“A baker’s dozen… from Salve Philomena. It’s an all-girl college.”

“When you say show off, what exactly do you mean?”

Piper brought her lips to his ear and whispered, “Get all the rest you can… and don’t waste your money on tours and day trips.”


That night after dinner, Elliot leaned on the rail of the Lido Deck as a warm wind rushed through his summery clothes. The three-quarter moon hung bright, casting a ghostly white shimmer over the expanse of the Caribbean. Piper’s image churned through his conscience. Whatever her reasoning, she had renewed something within him. Dating wasn’t hard, but he realized he had been breezing through it with little effort, letting the chips fall where they may. A nineteen-year-old girl had managed to bring out the best in him.

He doubted he would see her again, save for running into her aboard the ship. She was most likely just basking in the afterglow of erotic surprise when she spoke of showing him off. Still, he had found it hard to take a shower before dinner. Washing her scent off lent an air of finality to the event.

From his left, an all too familiar nasally voice sneered, “Well isn’t it a small world.”

Elliot cringed in a fleeting hope it was someone else, but it wasn’t. Sabrina slithered up to his side with her boyfriend Ross in tow—her third lover since she left him.

“Sabrina,” he muttered. “What a surprise.”

“You here with someone?” she asked, seeming to hide a note of sarcasm.

“Thought sancaktepe escort I’d just get some time away from the grind. Maybe get a few ideas for characters.”

“You won’t find them on the Lido Deck,” she snipped, pulling Ross’ arm over the shawl on her shoulders. “Look around. It’s full of couples. Unless you’re going to write one of those Sari Shepard type books, you might want to—”

“Elliot!” interrupted a sweet young voice. Piper bounded up and punched his arm. She showed off her sleek legs with a micro-denim skirt and sandals. A spaghetti-strap slinky top graced her torso as she snuggled up to his side. “I’m sorry I didn’t find you earlier,” she bubbled. “But I wanted you to meet Lindsay.”

Sabrina’s eyes grew wide as a thin beauty with long blonde hair approached in a flowing sundress hemmed just below the knee. Lindsay’s brown eyes gleamed in the ship’s lighting as she tendered a shy smile. “Piper told me you were a real nice guy,” she offered in a sing-song voice. “I thought maybe… if you weren’t busy… “

“Busy?” he squawked like a boy whose balls hadn’t yet dropped. “No… I was just—”

“Yay!” peeped Piper. “But I’m coming too!”

Elliot offered his elbows as Lindsay and Piper stepped up on each side. “My place or yours?” he asked.

“I have a cabin on the Veranda,” answered Lindsay as piper kissed his upper arm.

“The Veranda,” he repeated, watching Sabrina’s already pasty complexion wash to pure white. Ross hugged up to her, but she paid him no heed.

“Who was that?” asked Piper as they climbed down the stairs together.

“An old friend,” he answered.

Head after head turned as the trio strutted arm in arm, three abreast across the pool area. Elliot felt twenty again as he scampered up two flights of stairs to Lindsay’s cabin. She shot him a tantalizing grin as she opened the door. Piper pushed him from behind like a miniature bully. “Inside, handsome,” she ordered.

Lindsay pulled her earrings off and set them on the dresser. “I come from a wealthy family,” she said as if confessing. “In eighteen years on this earth, I’ve known only self-absorbed momma’s boys from the country club and over-the-top assholes who think my ass is there for their slapping pleasure. I almost didn’t come on this cruise because I figured it would be full of guys like that. I got this stateroom because I expected to be alone… a lot. Piper tells me you’re different.”

“W-well, I-I—”

“I didn’t say he was articulate,” sassed Piper, tossing her top off to reveal her perky breasts.

Elliot’s manhood thumped beneath his shorts as Lindsay dropped her sundress. She was an inch or so taller than Piper, with thin but shapely lips and angular features. Her breasts were ample—cambered above her full nipples and round below them. Her navel was adorned with a pearl set in stately gold. The dimples of her belly’s edge gave way to lean but capable hips. She stepped up and rested her thin forearms on his shoulders. “I hope you’re as different as Piper tells me you are,” she purred, dropping to her knees before his left thigh.

Piper dropped her skirt and knelt shoulder to shoulder with Lindsay, then thrust down Elliot’s shorts to free his bone-hard phallus. As the girls sat their buttocks on their heels, Piper took hold and pointed his pole toward Lindsay’s tantalizing smile.

Elliot held back a whimper as the second teenage tongue that day touched the dry skin of his bulb. Lindsay shifted her gaze upward, peering at him as she opened wide and enveloped his throbbing knob. Piper kissed Lindsay’s bulging cheek, then licked down Elliot’s shaft and flicked his balls. Lindsay joined her, sucking his left jewel as Piper’s tongue teased his sac. They both giggled as they flicked their way up his shaft and kissed with his tingling head between their open mouths.

A sense of surreal elation overtook him as he watched the two nubile beauties offer their wiles. He was a semi-popular author of drug-store novelettes, who’d never had the pleasure of coming in a girl’s mouth before that afternoon. Sabrina ascribed to the get it over with theory of sex for most of their thirty-year marriage. Most often, she’d take a bath afterward and claim the buzzing noise was her electric shaver. But tonight, four small, warm palms roamed his buttocks, thighs and chest. Black and blonde hair mixed and mingled before his loins as sensual squeals filled the comfortable cabin.

“I think I still taste you on him,” purred Lindsay.

“Better taste me to be sure,” squealed Piper. She popped up and bounded onto the bed like a gymnast, kicking off her sandals and tugging her panties down. She giggled as they dangled off her left foot.

Elliot snatched them with his left hand as he offered his right to Lindsay, helping her stand. Lindsay ruffled his hair as he stooped to drop her dainties. She kicked out of them and climbed between Piper’s wiggling thighs on her hands and knees. Moving like a man half his age, Elliot scampered onto his back and under Lindsay’s wiggling apex. With a sweet groan, she rocked her pelvis forward, presenting the scent of her youthful gash. His pulse raced to near palpitation as he dug his nose into the blonde scruff of her crown and circled her love button with his tongue.

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