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Your hands come around me from behind to squeeze my ever growing and sensitive breasts. My nipples react immediately and are very obvious through my thin dress. In my second trimester it has become more comfortable to wear loose flowing dresses that fall to just above my knees.

Your hands continue to explore my body as you run them over the swell of my belly, down my hips and thighs, and up under my dress. You rub your hands all over my stomach in a sensual and reverent massage. I can feel that you are getting hard as you press yourself against my bottom and caress my front. I press my ass back against your hardness to encourage you.

“You like that, baby girl?” You ask me.

“Mmmm,” I moan, letting you know that your touch is arousing me.

In response, you slip your hands into the front of my panties to feel my slick, smooth, hairless pussy. I am soaking wet and hot for you already.

“Turn around and kneel if front of me,” You instruct me.

I obey your command and you raise Kartal Yabancı Escort my arms and remove my dress over my head. I am wearing nothing but tiny, pink silk panties now as I kneel in front of you. You immediately take your rock hard cock from your pants and place the head against my lips.

“Grab your ankles and open your mouth,” You command as you push the head of your cock against my lips.

Obediently, I do as you say. This position leaves my mouth vulnerable to your advances and causes my swelling breasts to thrust out and up.

“That’s my good little slut,” You praise me as you gather my hair in your hands and begin to fuck my mouth, shallowly at first and then with increasing depth.

As you go deeper, you cause me to gag on your stiff length. Reaching the back of my throat, you hold my head in place for a moment and then pull out to allow me to breathe again. Slick ropes of my saliva coat your beautiful cock. After I catch my breath again, you thrust Kartal Yeni Escort back into my mouth.

You watch my swollen tits bounce with each drive. The erotic vision of fertile goddess supplicated at your feet is not lost on you. The knowledge that you planted the seeds as you control and fuck my mouth is almost more than you can take, so you pull from my mouth.

“I want to come in My pussy,” you tell me. “Present my pussy to Me, my little whore.”

Taking my hand, you help me to my feet. I walk a few steps towards the couch and stop. I slide my panties over my hips, down my legs and step out of them. I immediately kneel at the end of the couch and place my elbows and head down on the cushions. My pink swollen pussy and ass are exposed, just for You, only for You.

You waste no time in bringing the swollen head of your cock up against my wet and waiting cunt. Grabbing my hips, you plunge deep inside of me.

“Oh, Master, yes!” I cry out as you begin to thrust.

As Kartal Masaj Salonu your fuck my hot, tight little pussy you run your hands down my hips and around my distended, pregnant belly. You caress my belly and then move your hands to my engorged breasts. My nipples are extremely sensitive and I cry out and moan loudly as you pinch and pull on them.

“Cum for me now, baby girl,” You tell me as you shallowly thrust your cock into the entrance of my pussy and put pressure on my g-spot with the head.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” I begin to pant as I approach orgasm. I am out of control now with the pleasure you are giving me and you feel the walls of my cunt contract around your cock in spasms of pleasure.

You are not far behind as you penetrate me deeply again, taking me like an animal now, thrusting faster and faster as you hold my hips in place and impale me over and over again on your dick.

“Uhhhh, yeah, take it all,” You tell me as your body goes stiff, you throw your head back in ecstasy, and empty your seed into Your vessel.

We are both depleted and exhausted. You stand, take my hand, help me to my feet and lead me to our bed where you lay me down facing away from you so you can spoon me. You caress my belly and breasts lovingly as we fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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